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TRON 2.0 Cheats

TRON 2.0 cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.

TRON 2.0 Passwords

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Tron 2.0
Hit ''t'' to enable the chat dialog, then type the code and hit enter.
PasswordWhat it does
mptearsAll weapons, full health and energy. Only gives weapons that are available in level.
mpkfaAll weapons, full health and energy
mphealthFull health
mpammoFull energy
mparmorfull armor
mpmapholeLevel Skip
mpgodGod Mode
mpposShow position
mpgunsAll guns
mprosebudSpawns a tiny silver briefcase
mpnextmissionskips the entire mission
Submitted by: meet32 on August 13, 2008

TRON 2.0 Cheats

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Infinite ammo
In single player mode press "T" to talk,and type in "mpammo" this gives you infinite energy for your weapons. Plus, on ALL your disk weapons, it gives your infinite disks, so you can throw one after another without having to wait for them to come back. NOTE: you still have to use the same amount of energy for everything else- it only works for your weapons. Blast away!
Submitted by: JaketheSnake on September 29, 2004
Misc. Cheats
In a single player game, press "T" to activate the chat mode, then enter the following codes. After entering the code press "enter" to activate it.

mphealth = max health.

mpammo = max energy.

mpkfa = wepons, health and energy.

mpmaphole = skip level.

mpgod = God mode. This code must be re-entered every time a new level begins.
Submitted by: Darksaber7 on September 04, 2003
More Cheat codes
As with the other codes, hit "T" to bring up chat and enter the following:

<b>mpguns</b> - get all weapons
<b>mptears</b> - get all the weapons that can be found on the level, full health, full energy. <b>mparmor</b> - max armor
<b>mppos</b> - toggle on screen display of position player position.
Submitted by: HhH on September 26, 2003
Third person view
As above press "T" then enter to activate this code.


This will put you into a "third person" view. It's rather useless because you can't do much, but it still works.
Submitted by: Darksaber7 on October 02, 2003
Unlock better Light Cycles
First you need to set up a profile to use in the game. After you do, in your "profile" folder in your Tron folder, edit that profile to look like this:

UnlockedLightCycleBikes0 = "LightCycleBlue_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes1 = "LightCycleBlue_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes2 = "LightCycleBlue_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes3 = "SuperCycle_Blue_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes4 = "SuperCycle_Blue_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes5 = "SuperCycle_Blue_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes6 = "LightCycleYellow_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes7 = "LightCycleYellow_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes8 = "LightCycleYellow_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes9 = "LightCycleRed_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes10 = "LightCycleRed_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes11 = "LightCycleRed_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes12 = "SuperCycle_Yellow_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes13 = "SuperCycle_Yellow_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes14 = "SuperCycle_Yellow_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes15 = "LightCycleGreen_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes16 = "LightCycleGreen_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes17 = "LightCycleGreen_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes18 = "SuperCycle_Green_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes19 = "SuperCycle_Green_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes20 = "SuperCycle_Green_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes21 = "LightCyclePurple_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes22 = "LightCyclePurple_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes23 = "LightCyclePurple_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes24 = "SuperCycle_Purple_1"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes25 = "SuperCycle_Purple_2"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes26 = "SuperCycle_Purple_3"
UnlockedLightCycleBikes27 = ""
UnlockedLightCycleBikes28 = ""
UnlockedLightCycleBikes29 = ""
UnlockedLightCycleBikes30 = ""
UnlockedLightCycleBikes31 = ""

The default path to this folder should be C/ Program Files/ Buena Vista/ TRON 2.0/ Profiles.

Please excuse over use of the word "Profile"...
Submitted by: Darksaber7 on September 29, 2003