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Toy Story 2 Cheats

Toy Story 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Jul 16 2000)

Cheat mode
At the first screen when Press Jump appears, type alakazam.

Infinite Lives
First give Mr. Potato Head his ear and get the cosmic shield. Then go to Al's Penthouse and run into the shield. Run to the fireplace and get the extra life inside. Exit the level and re-enter Al's Penthouse. You can then repeat the whole processto get the extra life as many times as you want.
submitted by steamboat_willie

Toy Story 2 Tips

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Getting onto a Roof
At the construction yard level at the place you found the boss (defeat him before you do this), there should be a path that extends from the thing more then the others. If you double-jump off this you should end up on the shack roof, from here you can get some coins.
Submitted by: Sarah on July 01, 2004