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Swapping class player for shit players

Start a new game and choose 4 players and and pick 4 best teams in the game and then when you start swapping bad players with good players but the players have to be in one of the team you picked at the start of the game and get all the good players in your team and send the bad players to there team.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Taha48 on August 19, 2005


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Get arseted by police

On the main screen type your names as Jack the Ripper and the police will question you on a murder investigation over a player and his family. Only works once !!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Verified by: wv95lj, drongcan Submitted by: anonymous on January 14, 2003

Personal Area

To Get the personal Area you enter PCDM then you will be able to get married have a child buy vehicles and houses I can't think of my game without it
Verified by: Konkrang Submitted by: EATMYSHORTS on May 30, 2003

Players pull mooney

Put managers name as monkey_kid and favourite club as aldershot. Start game,change formation to 4 3 3 attack save game immediateley arrange two friendlies with athletico madrid save game again and on second game watch full match and in 77th minute your left back will pull a mooney.(when i did it my player was sent off)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jon Smith on August 27, 2003