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Vans skate park rules

on story mode
in the hallway your skater tags on his spot then drop his board
onto the spot then enter vans park
do not get any gaps in vans park
or not to hit the power thing
high score free skate or 2 players
do not enter vans park
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: blake on February 02, 2013


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From the main menu, go to the options menu and select Cheat Codes. Enter the cheats exactly as spelled. After entering the cheat codes, toggle the cheats from the Game Options menu during gameplay.

Password ................Effect

grindXpert ~ Perfect grind balance
2wheels! ~ Perfect manual balance
h!tchar!de ~ Perfect skitch balance
2them00n ~ Moon Gravity
uronfire ~ Always Special

Verified by: foxofinfinety Submitted by: Reason on May 26, 2006