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L: Leonardo - M: Michaelangelo - D: Donatello - R: Raphael - S: Shredder

Alternate costume for Donatello -- LMSSL
Alternate costume for Leonardo -- MSRLR
Alternate costume for Michaelangelo -- MMMSL
Alternate costume for Raphael -- SMLSR
Attack power up for Donatello -- DRLDS
Attack power up for Leonardo -- LMLSD
Attack power up for Raphael -- RDSRL
Alternate attack sound effects -- SLSRS
Defense doubles for Donatello -- LRLDD
Defense doubles for Leonardo -- SSRSL
Defense doubles for Michaelangelo -- LSSDR
Defense doubles for Raphael -- DSRRS
Defense power up for Michaelangelo -- MSRMM
Master Splinter in story mode -- LDRSM
Playmates toy database -- LSDRM
Power up effects double for Donatello -- SDDLS
Power up effects double for Leonardo -- LDDRS
Power up effects double for Michaelangelo -- LMLMS
Power up effects double for Raphael -- DLDRS or LMMDR
Unlimited fire shurikens and all food is pizza for Michaelangelo -- MDMSL
Unlimited Shurikens for Leonardo -- SRRDM
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Q22 on January 22, 2005