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The Sims: Double Deluxe cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Cheats for the sims 2 double deluxe
PasswordWhat it does
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled trueThis cheat enables debug and test mode,and makes other cheats work
maxMotivesGives max all motives to entire family
motiveDecay offTurns off motives for family
motiveDecay onTurns on motives for family
floatProp tvVolume 0.0-1.0Changes the volume of television(0.5 is normal).NEED TO CHANGE CHANNEL TO CHEAT WORKING
roofSlopeAngle 15-75Changes the slope of roofing(45 is normal)
stretchSkeleton xStretches the selected sim(1.0 is normal)
MotherlodeGives 50,000 simoleons
KachingGives 1,000 simoleons
familyFundsChanges the funds of the family by the select amount. DON'T NEED
setHour 1-24Changes the time to the selected amount
slowMotion 0-8Changes the game speed (0 is normal,8 is slower)
aging offDisables the aging of sims
aging onEnables the aging of sims
moveObjects onAllows you to move objects can't be moved already
moveObjects offDisallows you to move objects can't be moved already
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSimsThis is the cheat makes you can invite more guests in parties.ENTER CHEAT IN NEIGHBORHOOD.
force_twinsThis allows your sim to have twins.
unlockcareerrewardsunlocks career rewards
help -alllist cheats
intprop censorgridsize 0this is to uncensor your sims i know it seems weird to do that but if you make youtube vids this might just help. oh and to censor it back typein the code a and put in the number 8.
boolProp snapObjects To Grid xxxxallows you to place objects outside house grid
moveobjects (on/off)allows you to move and delete things that couldnt regularly be deleted or moved
boolProp constrainFloorElevation falseallows you to change the elevation of the floor


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Easy Cheats
When you play sims instead of typing in the cheat hit the tab button and it will go through cheats for you.

Also type in help for a list of cheats.

Hope i heled
Easy Stats And Happiness
Save your game first unless you want to lose the stats that you have just increase.

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+C
2. Now type in "move_objects on" in the green box.(no quotations)
3. Go to buy mode and click on you sim and delete him.
4. Now when you return click on your sims face in the bottom bar. He will return with full bars.

Now you can study for a handfull of hours and then save otherwise you will lose your stats. Then just do it again. This makes gaining stats way easier.
Force Love between Neighbors. *Note. Will not force marrige*
Invite the person over using the phone. Then greet them and call them into the house. Pause the game. *make sure husband/wife and children are not home.* *If Neighbor will not come in, use move_objects on code and put them inside the house* Go into buy mode and delete all doors to outside. I had a swimming pool, so since it had thing around it that could only be outside, after I got them I made walls around it and made a indoor pool area. Anyway, since you deleted the doors, now both Sims are stuck there. I brought my child in, but let the guy die. Sims dont have to leave for work, just use the rosebud code. *not fully tested, but you can trap in a neighbor*
Have a garage door for your house
When you are in lot,enable cheat window pressing crtl+shift+c.Type in moveObjects on.Then,build walls(when in empty lot),or delete front and rear door(when in a unoccupied lot with house).When you have builded walls,go to miscellianous build objects,and select garage icon.Choose the garage door(change color if desired).Put the door in wall.You can put garage doors in house for rooms(bathroom,etc...).At end,you have a home not the same others,because you have garage doors.
How to have good grades or a good work day.
Before your Sims leave, buy a 'Justa Bath Tub' and have them take a bath.*if they are about to miss the ride, just use move_objects on to put a barrier infront of the car/bus.* When they get in, pausee the game and go to buy mode.Delete the tub they are in. When you come back, they will be gone. Click on their pic. and they will appear somewhere in the house, most-likley the bathroom. Then send them to there ride, and all the stats will be full-green except Room.* romove barrier infront of car.*
Tons of clothes
to get clothes that you want your sim to have (grim reaper,maid,robber) that you can't get normally, go to create a family, but before you type in a last name, do shift-n(not at the same time) and you will have all sorts of new clothes!
Unlimited Repairs
Have your Sim break something and have the repair man come. As he starts to leave, build a very small room around him, only big enough for him to stand. After two or so Sim days he will die and his ghost will be around to fix anything broken.


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all cheats 2 date

rosebud - $1000 Simoleons
route_balloons on/off - Basic tutorial on/off
sweep on/off - Shows ticks of the game
tile_info on/off - Show or hide tile info
log_mask - Set event logging mask
draw_all_frames on/off - Draw all frames on and off
history - Dumps family history file
edit_char - Open Create-A-Character screen
lot_size # - Change lot size to #
draw_floorable on/off - Floorable grid
draw_routes on/off - Selected person's path displayed
draw_origins - Draw colored dots at each person's origin
move_objects - Move any object
prepare_lot - Check and fix required lot objects
hist_add - Add new family history to family
auto_level - Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed
house <#> - Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked
asssert - Force an assert for testing
log_animations - Log animations in the event log window
tutorial off - No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded
browser_failsafe - Prevent web browser crashes
preview_anims on/off - Preview animations on/off
tile_info - Programmer stats
quit - Quit game
restore_tut - Restore tutorial
rotation <0-3> - Rotate camera
route_balloons on/off - Routing debug balloons on/off
fam_test - Run series of random operations on unhoused families
save - Save currently loaded house
plugh - Say "plugh"
porntipsguzzardo - Say "porntipsguzzardo"
xyzzy - Say "xyzzy"
autonomy <1-100> - Set free thinking level
edit_grass <number> - Set grass change value
grow_grass <0-150> - Set grass growth
lot_size - Set lot size
set_hour <1-24> - Set time of day
<directory path> - Sets the neighborhood directory to the path
sim_log begin/end - Start sim logging
sweep on/off - Ticks on/off
tile_info on/off - Tile information on/off
visitor_control - Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard
auto_reset - Toggle automatic object reset feature
cam_mode - Toggle camera mode
all_menus - Toggle display of unavail. interactions in control menu
music - Toggle music
quats - Toggle quaternion transformations
sound_log - Toggle sound log window
sound - Toggle soundshtml - Toggle web page creation
reload_people - Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins
Raise Sims Mood Bars
When using the move_object cheat you can restore your Sims mood bars by getting your Sim to sit in a chair, pausing the game and deleting the chair that your Sim is in. Your Sim will disappear. Unpause the game and click on your Sims face icon and your Sim will reappear with some restored bars.
Kill your Character
Make a swimming pool, send he/she in and then take the ladders and diving board away.
Flying Bull
Push Ctrl+Shift+C, type move_objects, push Enter and then tell one of your Sims to get on the bull. When it starts to move hit the buy button grab the bottom out from under the sim and the bull part of the device will float and buck fill free to take pictures! It looks cool.
Paying the Bills
Simply keep a bill, unpaid, until the mail carrier delivers the next set. When your flag is up (your mailbox being full of-- what else, more bills), pay the first one (i.e., bring it out to the mailbox.) When you do this, the newer bills disappear. Using this cheat, you will only have to pay every other
klapaucius - $1000 Simoleons
water_tool - Make your home an island surrounded by water
set_hour # - Change time of day to # (1-24)
sim_speed # - Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000)
interests - View personality and interests of your Sims
autonomy # - Change how Sims think on their own (1-100)
grow_grass # - Grow grass # (1-150)
map_edit on/off - Edit the map

get the fireworks (miscellaneous 90) when you launch the firework and it comes back down go on buy mode and sell the firework for 2,300 simoleons
While playing press Shift Ctrl C Then a letter box should appear at the top of the screen.Then type in motherlode exactly like that and you'll get 50,000 dollars!

If you do this more than once you will get MORE MONEY!
Never Go To Work
In this, you won't lose your job. Press ctrl,shift, and c. Then type, "move_objects on". After that, when the carpool pulls in, go to Buy Mode and click on the car to delete it.
No Bills
Press ctrl,shift, and c, then type, "move_objects on". When that happens, go to Buy Mode and click on the Mailbox to delete it.
REAL $99 Cheat
The REAL code, as opposed to the above cheat, for money is "rosebud" in the cheat box. No colons, no semicolons. You will receive $1,000

In order to duplicate this code much faster, put in the code and open up the window again. This time, every time you put in an exclamation point (!) you get another $1,000. To make this a lot faster, type in !;!;!;!;!; which is basically saying "repeat & repeat & repeat & repeat..." to the game. Hold shift and left to highlight, copy it, then paste it over and over.
super money
Push ctrl+shift+c. Type in rosebud followed by a great number of ;! and then type in :;
It should look like this:


Push and hold Enter. A box will come up and say something like "Sorry, no such cheat". Just keep holding the Enter key. You will get lot's of money, and a heck of a lot faster than just rosebud;:
Unlimited Money
You can get up to 99 million Simoleans with this cheat. Press ctrl,shift, and c. Then type "rosebud;:" in the box. Keep on hitting enter, and you can get as much money as you want.