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The Sims Complete Collection cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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a burgular arrives and you have no alarm
wait until the burgular has exited the house and you can click build mode then simply build a wall around him and call the police when they arrive undo the walls(if you dont have enough money then move your furniture around him) its great
baby and work
instead of one sim missing work all the time switch on and off for example one day the mom stays home and can work on her mood and skills the next day the dad can then the mom again. if you have a child that has grown up and you have another baby then the child could stay home example dad stays home, then child, then mom that way everyone only misses one day. if your child misses a day of school then buy a bookshelf and have then read this keeps their grades up at the same time.
OK, so you have a baby and you can't look after it?! Right, so if you have enough money hire a butler by going onto phone, services and click butler. He will then eventually come around and he looks after the baby. You can go to work and he will look after it. He goes at ten o'clock at night so make sure one of your sims have a full energy bar to look after the baby. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Buying Multiple Items
When you are buying chairs or other items that you require multiple numbers of, hold [Shift] to repeatedly place the item where desired without having to re-select it.
Catch A Burglar
The best place to put a burglar alarm is where visiting Sims enter and exit the Lot. This can also be an easy way to make some extra cash. Placing the burglar alarms indoors can be iffy because once the burglar starts running, the cop can't catch him. Placing the alarms on a wall segment on the corners of the lot will cause them to go off the second the burglar steps onto the lot. The burglar will get caught every time, and the policewoman will give you $1000 for the catch. (One more thing: Don't bother to call the police if you don't have an alarm; they won't make it before the burglar gets away.)
Drew Carey
If you use the phone to throw a great party about 9 or 10 times at once, a limo will pull up and Drew Carey will come out
easy way to make money fast
There are a few objects in Buy Mode that will increase in value over time that you can later sell for more than you bought it for. These objects include the DSTS Digital Satellite Dish, the Ara Bureaukrata plaster wall hanging, and the Steeling Beauty Loveseat. If you have the move_objects on cheat enabled, you can pick up cockroaches and sell them for 400 simoleons.
Free Returns
Sims can buy a desk, computer and chair. Use them to get a job (there are more available than just the ones in the newspaper) and then sell back the items right away. As long as it is on the same day the Sim bought the items, they will get all of the money back.
Genie Earning
Go into buy mode and go to miscellaneous (The unshaded circles) Go to the "+" and you should see a genie lamp somewhere. Buy one for §375 and put it on the table. If you are an adult rub it and a genie will pop out. He might ask "money or love" or he might ask work or play. Answer with the one most likely to get a good object that will sell for lots.
Get Outdoor Items Inside
Use the following trick to place a grill, playground, basketball court, or other outdoor items inside your house. When building your house, leave part of the wall open. The CPU will consider that room as part of the outside. Place your outdoor item in the room, then close the wall. Note: This only works in one room at a time.
Hug Until 100
Never let Sims choose their own social interactions. They make horrible decisions. The best way to build up a relationship with another Sim is to talk until the relationship is at about 30. Compliment until 60. Hug until 100. If possible, do not fall in love -- it can bring down the social motive when jealousy occurs. Just make friends and send them on the way.
Making Magic
Sims Making Magic hint: Description: Making Spells and Charms Making Spells and Charms: Opening the "Mysterious Package" will spawn a Clown Hole, Spell Book and Wand Charger on the lot. There are a few items still in the box too. Add the wand, MagiCoins and ingredients to your inventory. Next, select "Look Up Spells" on the spell book. The first entry is labeled "Unknown Spell", but it tells you the ingredients to make the spell: Butter, Toadstools and Toad Sweat. Add these ingredients to the Wand Charger (was included in the Mysterious Package) and charge your wand. You have just created Toadification and unlocked it in the Spell Book. Create other spells this way too. Charms require you to purchase the "EverAfter Crafter" from the Miscellaneous, Magic sort in the catalog. The process for creating charms is the same as spells.
Pink Flamingos are your Friend
Pink Flamingos are your Sims' friends. Place these little critters in your yard for 12 Simoleans each. Your reward will be a +2 outside-room score -- very cost effective.
Selling Tombstones
Need to get rid of an extra Sim or two? Build a small pool (3x3) with a ladder. Have the extra Sims get into the pool and then remove the ladder. As soon as the Sims run out of energy they will drown. As an added bonus, the resulting tombstones can be sold for $5 each.
Sims Superstar
Sims Superstar hint: Description: 3 Secret Ways to Help Get Rid of the Obsessed Fan 1) If you have Unleashed, a dog will usually chase him away if he tries to steal your awards and mean doggies will chase him if he takes their picture. 2) A ghost or 'tragic clown' on the lot will scare him away. 3) If you use the voodoo doll on him (from Livin' Large or Deluxe) he will leave.
Start with $160,000
If you want to start a household with more than one person and want more than just $20k to start out, create each Sim as a separate family, then move one of them into a house and build a nice room. Now move one of the other Sims in next door and give them only a phone. Now have the two Sims develop a relationship and move in together. You can repeat this over and over and end up with a household of eight beginning with $160k.
Walls are for Privacy
A lot of money can be saved by not building walls for your Sims. Walls usually only serve to increase the time it takes to get from object to object. The only reasons to build walls are for privacy (the bathroom) and to keep your Sims from waking up by a disturbance in the same room.
Will You Marry Me?
When trying to get someone to marry you, there is a sure-fire indicator of his or her response. If you kiss the person and receive a passionate kiss, they will say yes. A polite kiss means you will be turned down.
Working Family Of 8
Start an eight-Sim family ... turn "free will" off temporarily ... buy a desk, computer and chair and get each Sim a job ... sell back the desk, computer and chair ... buy a fridge ... turn "free will" back on and play in high speed. Now all you have to do is make sure your Sims go to work each day. No matter how bad a mood they are in, they never lose their jobs -- with eight Sims working you'll earn between $800 and $2000 a day. With only a fridge, the bills will be VERY low and it won't take long to build up a sizeable bank account. When you have enough money, just kill off any extra unwanted Sims.


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Free food
Have your Sim grow grapes only and purchase a food cabinet to store them in. I have filled my cabinet up with carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and green beans too but putting only grapes in the cabinet.
Rosebud glitch
Isn't it so anoying when you type 'rosebud!;!;!;!;!...' and it says 'cheat entered,' the cheat code box closes, you only get about 100,000 simoleons and and you have to enter it again?
A simpler way of doing it is this:
1) open the cheat box (ctrl, shift and c)
2) Type in 'rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!' (it must be exact)
3) Hilight ';!;!;!;!;!;!'
4) Press ctrl c
5) Press and hold down ctrl v
6) When the bar won't fill up with anymore ;! let go of ctrl v
7) Press backspace once and add a random letter (I chose x)
8) Hold down enter, ignoring the 'No Such Cheat!' box.
9) Let go whenever you reach your desired ammount of money.

HINT: If you hold it down until 8 seconds after 9,999,999 simoleons, you will have INFINITE money!

Easter eggs

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will wright cartoon:)
when you load the game via main menu not 1024x768 or 800x600 then click on the maxis thingee the tis thing will pop up and a funny pic of will will pop up!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Full Mood Bars
Enable the move_objects on code when your Sim is sleeping. Enter buy mode and remove the bed on which the Sim is sleeping. The Sim will disappear. When you return to live mode the Sim will reappear somewhere else in the house and all mood bars will be at 100%.

If your Sim is very depressed, enable the move_objects_on code and pause game play. Click on the Sim in buy/sell mode and click the bottom of the screen to delete him/her. Once deleted go to the live mode and double clock the person's head icon to go to where that Sim is located. Everything should be close to full.

Enable the move_objects on code, then select a walking Sim with a bad mood in the buy mode. Then, "sell" the Sim. Go back to the live mode and click on the icon of that Sim. Check his/her mood and all except "Room" and "Fun" will be full.

Enable the move_objects on code. Have your Sim to take a shower of bath. When he or she is in the shower or tub, pause game play and enter buy mode. Click on the shower or tub and delete it. Your Sim and tub/shower will be gone. Your tub/shower will be gone permanently, but your Sim will be walking around in your house somewhere else, usually their room. Their "Energy", "Happiness", and sometimes "Fun" will be almost full.
ASSERT - Force assert to test
AUTONMY - Let's the sims think on their own (0-100)
BUBBLE_TWEAK - Set thought bubble z offset
CAM_MODE - Camera Toggle
DEBUG_SOCIAL - Show social dialogue choices
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - Disable draw all frames
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON - Draw all frames
DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF - Disable floor grid
DRAW_FLOORABLE ON - Enable floor grid
DRAW_ORIGINS - Show person's origin
DRAW_ROUTES OFF -Show people's Route off
DRAW_ROUTES ON - Show person's route
DUMP_HAPPY - Send person's recent interactions to file
DUMP_MC - Send person's motive contribution curve to a file
EDIT CHAR - Create a character mode
EDIT_GRASS - Make grass change value
GROW GRASS - make the grass tall or short (0-150)
HIST_ADD - Add new family history stat to family
HISTORY - Save family history file
HTML - Web page creation toggle
IMPORT - Import Family file
INTERESTS - It will let you change your personalities and interests
KLAPAUCIUS - Gives you 1000 simleons (does not work in Version 1.1)
LOG MASK - Event logging mask set
LOT SIZE - Set lot size
MANSION - The Best House
MAP EDIT OFF - Self explanatory off
MAP EDIT ON - Self explanatory on
MOVE_OBJECTS - Move any object
MUSIC - Music toggle
PREPARE_LOT - Fix required lot objects
PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF - Preview animations off
PREVIEW_ANIMS ON - Preview animations on
RELOAD_PEOPLE - Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people
ROTATION - Rotate camera
ROUTE BALOONS OFF - Disable basic tutorial
ROUTE BALOONS ON - Enable basic tutorial
SET HOUR (1-24) - set the time you want to get up
SETSPEED - from -1000 to +1000
SIM_LIMIT - Set max milliseconds for simulator
SIM_LOG BEGIN - Start sim logging
SIM_LOG END - Stop sim logging
SIM_SPEED (-1000 to 1000) - Set sim speed
SOUND - Sound toggle
SOUNDEVENT - Toggle sound event
SWEEP OFF - Disable ticks
SWEEP ON - Enable ticks
TILE INFO OFF - Hide tile info
TILE INFO ON - Show tile info
VISITOR_CONTROL - Toggle to control visitors with keyboard
WATER TOOL - You can put water around your home
! – Repeats the last entered code
; - To separate the codes
ROSEBUD – The new code for 1000 simleons (after patching the game to version 1.1)
PIPPYBOWWOW – Pet's Tricks, Loyalty, Obedience to Full (after you install The Sims: Unleashed)
PLUGH – Say "Plugh"
you first go to buy section and click on sofas and the very FIRST sofa is real cheap make your sim sleep on it 1nce then wait 24hrs and sell and it is almost double the amount of the sofa before!
To get ALL personality bars full, when you are creating your sim, don't give them ANY personality points in any of them, give them zero points, when you move them into their house, make them make potions until you get the yellow one, the yellow is permanently reversed personalities, so, you have all the personality points fulfilled.