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The Sims 2 Seasons (PC) Cheats

The Sims 2 Seasons cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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50,000 Cash
Hold Ctrl + Shift, then click C, hold on of them, a whit bar that you can type in, will appear at the top of the screen.
PasswordWhat it does
50,000 Cashenter "motherlode" into the bar.


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Change Seasons
If You Want To Change Seasons, At the Negihbor Hood, at the Upper-Left Corner, there is a little button, click the one closest to the left.

There You Can Change Seasons, the upper-left one, is the current season
Four times as fast!
If you wear the thinking cap while making a bottle from the smart milk to feed your toddler, the skills go up 4 times as fast! It is a great deal too.
Listen to Music while playing.
Ok every one wants to hear there own music on the Sims 2 but you have to go thought all the drag and drop in a file blah blah blah!!!! But isn't it easy and better to just go on to your Sims game and go to options and go to the little sorta speaker thing and just turn all the volume down and then just go to wherever you keep your music on and go back to the game and you can listen to music and play the game!!! NOTE:THIS WORKS ON ANY PC GAME
Plantsim warning!
I'm warning you! Don't EVER try the boolprop(yada-yada-yada) then try to turn your plantsim into a teenager, because they will still have the skin and eyes, but their hair will be different and the colour of the skin on their head will be different! I'm not kidding! I tried it, and had to go back in cos when u try 2 age them back up to adults, they stay the same as a teen, but just in adult form (same goes for f u try to turn your plantsim into kids!)


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Easy Money
At any time you are playing your lot HOLD

Ctrl+Shift+C, Then type in Kaching

for other Cheats type in help


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Easy way to become a werewolf
After doing the 'move_objects on' and 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' cheats (without the quotations), create a square of fencing in your Sim's garden, with no exit or gate. When it's dark (past 7:00pm), shift click the mailbox, click 'Make NPC', and then 'Leader of the Pack'. A wolf with glowing eyes will enter your lot. Move your Sim and the wolf into the square of fencing. Make the wolf controlable, and drag up the relationships of your Sim and the wolf to 100. If you leave them for ages, playing fetch and whatnot, then there will be a command in the Sim's queue with a picture of the wolf, saying 'Be Nibbled'. The Sim will become a werewolf! Hope I helped!


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Get your Teens outta school and get them a REAL job!
Send out one of your sims to go fishing, and once they have caught a catfish, send them home and have them cook "Blackened Catfish." It should sparkle.

Now, ensure that the teen you want this cheat to apply to has a job (it has to be at the highest level it can be for a teen), and then make them eat the Blackened Catfish. Once they are done eating, a notification should pop up. It will tell you that your teen has been promoted! Now, your teen will not be able to go to school, and will go to work instead and get paid an adult salary! (If you have any other teens in the house, they wont be able to go to school anymore either. | Children in the same house that grow up into teens AFTER the Catfish is eaten will still be able to go to shcool)