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Command codes

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Forever Happy
First, you bring up the cheat menu (ctrl-shift-c). Enter the MaxMotives(Max Motives,Max-Motives,Laxatives) code. This will bring all your needs up, except for enviroment.

Second, pause the game as soon as your needs all fill up. Enter the aspirationLevel code, and set it to 5. This will put your AL in platinum mode.

Third, enter the motiveDecay(motive Decay,motive-Decay,motivates) off code. This will stop your sim's needs from dropping down.

Finally, enter the lockAspiration code. This will keep your AL in platinum.
The right Aspiration (Level) in an instant
Well, what you have to do is, type 'boolproptestingcheatsenabled true'. Then, shift and click on the active Sim and it should say for one of the options; 'Set Aspiration'. If you want Platinum, click More then click Max. If you want to change the actual Aspiration, click on one of the six Aspirations to choose from. Ta-da!


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how to stay in a good mood when the carpool arives
if you are in a bad mood an the carpool is a mile away, all you have to do is when it says that a carpool will arive in an hour, go to town square, you can drink the water fountain for food or buy ice cream, coffe, or smoothie to get your food, fun, and energy up, go to the bathroom, and make a lot of friends. the time in town sqaure is diffrent than the time at your house, so when you go to town square the time at home will not chnage, then you're ready for work, rhat helps get a faster promotion and a way to stay happy without trying, all you have to do is switch it to clasic mode and just watch your sim go.
Watch your parrots as they will fly out the door but they should come back. Even if you lock the door they will still fly out.
Saving Tip About Dying
Well you know that other tip I submitted about the eating maxmotives thing? Well I forgot to add this tip:

Save a lot. And if your sims is dying, it won't let you quit, and, after the sim is dead, even if you don't save, sometimes the sim is still dead. So if you one of the sims you like dying, just turn the computer off. Just hold down the button and turn it off. That is the only way to save your sim, other then the 'plead for loved one' option. Anyhow, if the 'plead for loved one' option doesn't work, or it isn't avaiblable, just turn off the computer and turn it back on, and your sim is saved.
Some Cheats That Help (Havent seen 1 or 2)
1. MotiveDecay Off/On
After typing in maxmotives type in motivedecay off, it will stop everything from going down except environment (which you can't really control, and doesnt really effect you during game play) turning it on will mean that the motives go down. This can effect pets behavior (they continuously just jump on and off a couch, litterbox etc.) so be aware.

2. Help
type it into the cheat console and it comes up with alot of cheats that can be used

3. boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
ever wanted to hold a sleepover party at your house, but whenever it starts getting late they all just go home?? type that cheat in^^ and hold shift and click on all the people you want to "sleepover" and click MAKE SELECTABLE. when you want them to go home again just make them unselectable by doing the same thing, shift-click MAKE UNSELECTABLE.


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1,000 Simolens
To get an easy 1,000 simolens, open up the cheat window and type in kaching.
50,000 Simolens
If you want an easy 50,000 Simolens, open up the cheat window (Shift + Ctrl + C) and enter motherlode.
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
that cheat let's u do all sorts of stuff! for the best stuff hold shift and click on, your sim, mailbox or newspaper!
roofslopeangle 30
makes ur roof better
50,000 simoleons
1,000 simoleons
familyfunds FAMILYLASTNAME 1-9999999
in neighborhood, get simoleons.
setHighestAllowedLevel 1-Infinity
lets your homes be higher, you can have more levels.
unlocks all the career rewards
bring servo back!
do the boolprop cheat, press and hold shift and click on your sims, and press "SPAWN" and press "New Servo" it's a free maid!
move_objects on
lets you move objects into places you cant usually place them.
free maid without getting a servo
use the boolprop cheat, when a visitor walks by your home, press and hold shift, and press "MAKE SELECTABLE" then you will be able to control them. let them clean ur home.
Controling pets
Do you want to control your pets then type in this "boolprop controlpets on" with out the" " if you have any props email me


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Maxing you're motive's
1. Open cheat window (Ctrl+Shift+c)
2. Type in maxMotives
3. Wait one second and then it should load right up


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First thing: sorry because I am not logged in, but forgot my pass and I just found this cheat so I wanted to sumbit this right now!
1. Tired of Sims who need to rest, when you want to build up some skills? Tired of Sims who need to take Shower or Bath after building the Body Skill? Tired to clean up after you eat? Then why not press Ctrl+Shift+C and type maxmotives? It will let your Sims to...well, just try it! It's extremely useful!
2. Want to take control over the Pets? Then use this cool cheats: boolprop controlpets on and after that boolprop petactioncancel true.
Note on the cheat 2.
Boolprop petactioncancel true gives you the ability to cancel the Pets actions and boolprop controlpets on gives you fully direct control over the Pets...um...your Pets !
Note on the cheat 1.
This cheat is very useful, and works at all the other expansion packs! But after a while you will need to type it again! I am not sure if it works at The Sims 2 with no expansion packs attached to it, but try it!
NOTE: If you want more cheats, contact me on my e-mail adress...