The Sims 2 Nightlife (PC) Cheats

The Sims 2 Nightlife cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Unlockable Weapons
Hey guys. You probbibly know this cheat but if you dont then here it is:This cheat requires The Sims 2 University Expansion pack but heres the cheat: UnlockCareerRewords
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlocks Carreer Rewords!First off: Get The Sims 2 University then bring up the cheat box by using ctrl shift c and then type in UnlockCarreerRewords and then check the carreer rewords and they should all be unlocked:)


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Amazing cheats!
I obviously know that move_objects on has been talked about, but I know some very fun things you can do with it!

As I am a Sims Expert (Email me for more) i know...
1) Try experimenting, after all you can move anything!
2) You can clone your sims, but they cant move!
3) Are you obsessed with that mailman? Made a shrine of him? Clone him as many times as you can!
5) You've given birth to a baby you didn't want, but people think it's so cute, they can't stop touching it! All you need to do, is go on buy mode, and move your baby! If you have a pond, you can put him in there! If You've got mail, put him in the mailbox! And even have your very own wall baby above the phone! Dont forget putting him in the fridge!
6) You can have your own special memories! When you had your first baby, CLONE THE BABY! When the candles got blown out, CLONE THE CAKE! When death came to visit, CLONE HIS LONG SPEAR AND HIS CLIPBOARD AND HIS MOBILE PHONE!.
7) Also, see what really happens underneath all of this sims stuff...When you move the cooker, you'll find that all that happens is the food moves in the oven and then is ready, if you move the shower, and move the sim, they will shower anywhere, so technically speaking, they could shower in the trashcan. And moving the bed while WooHoo, they will be moving awkwardly.
8) Eek! You've made a lovely house, and want the door at the side, and a deck. But it would look a bit weird if you kept the mailbox and trashcan when the decks at the side, well just move them!
9) Everyone hates walking a long way to the trashcan when you only need to throw a burger away, just move the trashcan into the house or near the door, or simply, click the burger, or food, and delete it!
10) You're very special taxi has arrived, only, you have to walk a LONG way to get there! Just move the Taxi in the house! Then move it BACK in the road! You can also clone cars!
Hope i helped! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
I know it was long but you'll find these cheats very usefull!
Email me for more!
Death In seconds
First buy a dragon fire breathing thing,

Then put something flammable next to it,

Then wait until the flamable object is on fire (has to be done outside with no walls),

Then Let the sim stand there and he/she will soon catch on fire (don't let any sim douse the flames)

Then After a while the sim will turn to ashes and the grim reaper appears.
Aliens/Zombie Skin:
type into the cheat box: BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true, when you are in the Neighbourhood. Go to: Create A Family. Make a person. For the name, type in something beginning with 'N' for e.g. Norman. Press the tick for your sim. Now create another Sim, and the cheat will work! Press the flower shape next to the skin colours, and click either the "Alien" skin tone, or the "Zombie/Mannequin" skin tone.

Ctrl + Shift + C: Cheat Box.

move_objects: Moves Sims.

BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true: Unlocks all good Cheats.

Aging on/off: Puts aging on/off

Set Hour 1-24: Sets Hour.

MaxMotives: Gives Sim Maximum Needs.

MotiveDecay off: Needs Bar never decays.

In Neighbourhood, press all of these buttons together: "ctrl, shift, c" and that will open the cheat box. Type "FamilyFunds (and then type #the family's name you want to give money) 999999.
This will give your family $999,999!

Vampires: BoolProp cheat required. Shift and click your Sim, and press more, until you find "Make Vampire" click it. Now, your Sim is a Vampire! If you want to cure them, Shift and click them again, but this time, press "Cure Vampire"!

Werewolf: BoolProp cheat required. Shift and click your Mail Box, press Make NPC, and click "Leader of the Pack". When the werewolf comes to your house, wait until he sniffs you, then he will bite your Sim. Your Sim will now become a Werewolf at night!
Cure: To cure your Sim of being a werewolf, Get the Matchmaker round from the house telephone, and when she comes over, ask her for a potion. Ask for a cure for the werewolf. Drink the potion. Your Sim is now cured of Werewolvism!

Motherlode: Gives you 50,000 Simoleons.

Full Skills: Before you go to your house, when you are in the Neighbourhood, open the cheat box and enter: BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true. Then go to your family. Click on any Sim, and go to their Skills. Drag each bar of skills up, and now you have a Sim Mastermind!

Lots of Cheats: Open the Cheat Box, by pressing, ctrl,c,shift all together at the same time. Type: "help" (without speech marks ") into the cheat box. Lots of cheats will appear on your Cheat Box.

I hope this helps! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
house on fire
first build a house open plan no doors no arches just a space then fill it with carpet and get one of those fire things and any plant (in a pot) and put the plant right next to it next turn on the fire thing soon the plant will catch fire and soon after (while the fires still going) the carpet will catch and will slowly spreed.


Make Deformed Sims!
You wont need any cheats for this. All you need to do is pick a face part to modify. Drag the slider for that part all the way up or all the way down. (whichever you choose) Second, find a different face part like a nose or a chin. Click on one of the pictures of the pre-made face parts. Onc you've done that, the slider that you used to make the face part bigger or smaller will have reset itself, but your sim's face will still look the same. If you repeat those steps you can make some pretty weird sims. Ive tried this only about three times, but I made a sim whose head touches the ground, a sim whose head is almost paper- thin, and a cyclops sim.
Stuff You Can Do With Move_Objects
First type Move_Objects On in the cheats window and go to Buy Mode. Grab your sim and you can put it anywhere. You should move your sim and place it on things that other sims are using like a sponge from a sponge bath, or a toilet when someone is flushing it. There are other things like that that you can do with it. try for yourself and find other things you can do. sometimes your sims will disappear while doing this and the social bunny will appear in its place. But it will disappear if you leave the lot

Trying to find your vampire?
If you are looking for a vampire, go to Red's 50's diner at night. There's usually always one there, especailly the girl one.

Easter eggs

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Cool Block Hat
Move objects cheat required. First get the cube decoration then put it on top your sim and then there you have it.


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Be a vampire, without the fuss
Bring up the cheats box (ctrl, shift and c) and type in without the quotation marks:

"boolprop testingcheatsenabled true"

It has to be exactly that.

Then hold shift, and click on a sim. Click 'more', and click 'more' again. Then click 'Make Vampire!' and your sim should automatically become a vampire.


"boolprop testingcheatsenabled false"

to turn the cheat off again. This will still leave your sim as a vampire.


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become freinds with death
0. put food on table

1. kill som1

2. let death do his stuff

3. talk to death

4. death eats food

5. eat with death and become best buddies
Cheat on skills
When in a family Type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true (First press Ctrl shift c) exactly and clack on the skills bar and choose how much you want (i did this once so it might not work it might be a glitch so try and try without cheat code)
Cheat to what other cheats do.
Type in the userbar help then next to it the actaul cheat code. It should show what the meaning of that code is and what it does.

Press ctrl+shift+c to obtain the cheat code userbar.

Example: help <cheat code="code"></cheat>
ok.. the clone one...: bring up the cheat box and type "moveobjects on" then go into build mode and click on on of ur sims and hold down Shift and let go on the mouse and u should have a clone!

grim reaper::
kill a sims (always fun!!) and when the grim reaper appears make sure moveobjects on is ..on and do the same as in cheat 1 but with the cloned they move... but the grim reaper stays still.... heh
Da easy life
The best way to really enjoy playing the sims 2 nightlife

1.) Create a family that you want
2.) Add a maximum size plain property to your city
3.) Use the cheat: motherlode again and again and again until you have around 2 million $
4.) Create the best EVER
5.) Never satisfy your people's needs manually, instead just use the cheat: maxmotives use it any time your people have need meters going low.
6.) That's about it, the game should be super easy and really fun, cause you can just socialize and practice skills instead of having jobs or having to run around satisfying needs.
Enabling the Cheat Bar
Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display the console window.
Get Abducted, Easy!
Since it seems to be so hard to get one of your sims abducted try this!

Press ctrl+shift+c to open the cheat user-bar then type in boolProp testingCheatEnabled true
then buy a telescope and hold down shift while clicking to look through it but this time it will say "DEbug Get Abducted" click on get abducted and there ya go. In seconds your sim will be abducted.
Instant Money!
To get instant money all you have to do is hold down, ctrl+shift+c and then a while user bar will appear at the top of the screen, now type in motherlode in all lower-case and then press enter. You should now be 50,000 simoleans righter.
Make a family rich
familyfunds Name of the family 9999999
Maximize Needs
Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open up the cheat window. Then type in maxmotives. As long as the game is not paused, your sims needs will fill up straight away. If the game is paused, simply unpause it!!
NOTE: Environment need is not affected by this cheat, it will not rise!
maximum motives... 4ever!!!!
Tired of decaying motives??? well here's how to permanently stop motive decay!!!
1.) during the game open the cheat window by pressing and holding "ctrl+shift+c"
2.) first enter "maxMotives" w/o the "
*this will max-out all of your sims motives in the lot.
3.) then open the cheat window again and type
"motiveDecay off" w/o the "
Your sims motives will never deacy again!
Money cheat
To get more money, bring up the cheat box (hold ctrl, shift and c) and type in the code without quotation marks:

"kaching" - 1000 simoleons
"motherlode" - 50,000 simoleons
Most Cheat Codes
If you type help into the the cheat code user bar it will show most of the cheat codes available to the sims 2 nightlife.

To inable the cheat code userbar hold down ctrl+shift+c all at the same time.
Some Money
Money is really simple to get in this game and if you don't wish to waste the time by getting a job just press ctrl+shift+c to open a cheat user bar up at the top then type in just like it's written, kaching. But without the period of course now press enter and you'll be 1,000 simoleans richer.