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The Sims 2: Apartment Life cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat Codes
Open cheat box by entering Ctrl+Shift+C.
Toggle cheat window sizeExpand
View game versiongameVersion
Rezone a lot you are currently in; ensure there are no Sims currently living in the lotchangelotzoning [residential | community | apartmentbase]
Lists cheats for gameHelp
Makes all building tools available for building apartmentsboolProp aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled false
View lot's class as well as corresponding numerical lot class valueprintLotClass
Toggle ability to place floortiles outside lotboolprop locktiles [true/false]
Toggle aging for SimsAging [on/off]
Changes lot classificationchangeLotClassification [low | middle | high]
Resets any lot affected by changeLotClassification" cheat to its correct, calculated valueclearLotClassValue
Toggle VsyncVsync [on/off]
Toggle build/buy mode tools on apartment lots, and ability to place objects outside of apartment room limitsboolprop aptsublotspecifictoolsdisabled [true/false]


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Earn all the skills
Here is what you do first you go to your bookshelf then you should be in a good mood then click on study then go to physiology then after you are done studying it then go click on yourself and then go to jump rope then go to the skills bar and you have maxed out the body skill then if you read a cooking book you have maxed out the cooking skill and you can do the same with all the skills you can start doing this when you are a child then when you go to collage you have maxed out all the skills and you don't have to worry.

thanks peace out
Easyer way to make a witch/warlock.
Press ctrl + shift + c, then type in the console exactly like this, "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" then when playing, shift-click on the mail box and select MAKE NPC, keep pressing more untill you find Grand High Good/Bad Witch. Select that, doesn't matter wich one. Once she arrives, shift-click her and select "MAKE SELECTABLE." Be her and click on your guy and select "Cast Spell" then "Mangus Muarto" or somthing like that. There you go!
How to turn your sims into a witch XD (Apartment Life only)
This is probably the first cheat to easily turn your sims into witches without waiting =]

1.Press shift + ctrl + c to bring up the cheat box.

2.Enter the following (take note of spaces & caps): boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.

3.Go to the mailbox, and hold shift and click on the mailbox, then lick from the options "Make me know everyone". Also, hold shift and click on the sim your controlling and click on "more" once, then "spawn" them "more" again then "sim modder", a small model baby should appear.

4.Next, go to your phone, and call a sim, then click on "show as text" (above the lightning sign).

5.Scroll down until you find names such as "Kiera Go the infallibly Good Witch" or "Lila Hourvitz the atrociously Evil Witch", as long as it has infallibly good witch, or atrcoiously evil witch on the end, itdoesnt matter. They are quite easy to spot because they are long and they stick out compared to the other names.

6.Invite whatever witch you want, depending on if you want to be a good or bad witch, and wait for them.

7.When they arrive, click on the modder sim from earlier, and click on "relationships: other to me" then click on the name of the witch and click "likes" (or love, if your a teen you can choose love cos you wont fall inlove, if your an adult, just click like), then click off the modder and do the same thing, except instead of clicking "relationships: other to me" click on "relationships: me to other".

8.Now, hold shift and click on the witch, and click "MAKE SELECTABLE" and then, change your sim to the witch and click on the sim you want to turn into a witch and click on "more" then "cast a spell: Magus Mutatio" and wait for the magic to happen ... Voila!! your sim is now a witch.

P.s. The with who gave you powers will also give you a spellbook and couldron, which you can find in your inventory... Hope this helped =]

Enjoy witchery XD