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Console Commands

Open the chat window ingame, type "/" (without quotes) and one of the following console commands below to activate various cheats. Note that these are case sensitive, so type them carefully!
PasswordWhat it does
Ability points per level (X=number up to 10, default 5)HERO_ABILITYPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=X
One second cooldown for spellsONE_SEC_COOLDOWN=1
Base crit chance percent (X=number up to 100, default 5)HERO_BASE_CRIT_CHANCE=X
Vendor items are freeCHEAT_VENDOR=1
Vendors instantly refresh inventory(default setting is 600)SHOP_RESTOCK_TIME_IN_SEC=0
Game Variables-
Replace X with parameters below/Const VARIABLE=X
HP gained after each levelup (Default=5)HERO_HP_PER_LEVELUP=50
HP regeneration rate (Default=1)HERO_HP_REGENERATION_BASE=100
Ability points Katarina gains per level (Default=3)COMPANION_ABILITYPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10
Katarina's base HP (Default=130)COMPANION_BASE_HP=500
HP Katarina gains per level (Default=20)COMPANION_HP_PER_LEVELUP=50
Katarina's respawn duration after her death in seconds (Default=60)COMPANION_RESPAWN_TIME_SEC=1
Time Katarina spends shopping (in seconds, Default=60)COMPANION_ERRAND_TIME_SEC=1
Skill points Katarina gains per level (Default=2)COMPANION_SKILLPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10
Learn trapsCHEAT_TRAPS_ON=1
Loot chance in casual difficulty (Default= -0.2)SOLDIER_CASUAL_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10
Loot chance in Hard difficulty (Default=0)SOLDIER_HARD_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10
Loot chance in Heroic difficulty (Default=1.5)SOLDIER_HEROIC_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10
Loot chance in Normal difficulty (Default= -0.1)SOLDIER_NORMAL_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10
Mana regeneration rate (Default=5)HERO_MANA_REGENERATION_BASE=100
No fog of war on map (Default map sight range is 200)MINIMAP_SIGHT_RANGE=10000
Potion cooldown duration (in secnds, Default=8)POTION_DRINK_COOLDOWN_SEC=0
Rage points earned per kill (Default=5)HERO_RAGE_PER_KILL=45
No Rage points lost when idle (Default=1)HERO_RAGE_REDUCTION_PER_TICK=0
Katarina sells items for full price (Default=0.7)COMPANION_ERRAND_PRICE_MODIFIER=1
Max pistol and rifle range (Default=220)HERO_RANGED_RANGE=500
Max sword range (Default=24)HERO_MELEE_RANGE=50
Skill points earned per levelup (Default=3)HERO_SKILLPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10
Activate magic debug mode (mana restored immediately, no cost to learn new skills; set to 0 to deactivate)CHEAT_MAGIC_ON=1
Max Base HP (Default=150)HERO_BASE_HP=9999
Max Base Mana (Default=100)HERO_BASE_MANA=9999
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on June 14, 2013