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100 Archery skill
You have to buy a horse, any horse will do. Then get your bow out start shooting it until have half health, other wise it wont work. Then heal your horse, then shoot it some more. Then your archery skill will go up.
100 Restoration
You have to have 2 spells for this Equilibruim and any type of healing spell that you can do on yourself. Use Equilibruim and some of your health will go down and then heal yourself again and again and again.
Always Find New Shout Words
If you're having trouble finding more Shouts; simply talk to Argenier in High Hrothgar (Leader of The Greybeards). He will give you a Side Quest leading you to a random, undiscovered Word Wall. You can only do this quest with one word at a time, obviously until you run out of words to find.
Buying a House (Whiterun)

The Jarl will appoint you as Thane of the city of Whiterun. With it, comes the privilege to purchase property. This can be done through Proventus Avenicci, who you can buy a House (for 5000 Gold) and further decorations for that property (Ranging from 200 to 500 Gold each).
Cure Red Skills
You may have noticed that your skills in the Skill screen have gone red. It means you've become afflicted with a disease or other negative active effect. To rid yourself of this, you need use a potion to cure the relevant disease, or pray to a shrine. One of the easiest shrines to find is the one in Whiterun. The Shrine of Talos can be found near the Religious chanter near the main city garden before the stairs leading to Dragonreach.
Easier Lockpicking
Advances in Lock Picking
by Anonymous

I am not a writer. I am a thief. I am a good thief. I am not such a good writer. Anyway, I want to write about picking locks. I read a book about designing locks once. It was good. It gave me lots of ideas.

Some guys make locks with angled keyholes. Always carry a bent lockpick. They will work good in these locks. I do, and I open lots of locks. Sometimes I carry copper lockpicks. Copper bends easy. That way I can bend it right there. Copper lockpicks break easy too. Be careful.

Sometimes the locks have weird spings. They all spring differently, which makes picking it hard. I hold my torch close to the lock. This makes it hot. When it's hot, the springs are all the same. They don't bounce so differently any more. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Some thieves can't read. If you can't read, get someone to read this book to you. It will make more sense then.

To put things more simply, using a torch whilst lock picking actually makes it significantly easier to pick.
Easy enchanting skill increase (slow,but very effective)
You must have The Mace of Molag Bal and Azura's star. The mace can be obtained via the house of horrors quest in Markarth(which can be done in any point of the game,netting you an insanely powerful mace if you do this early.)and the star can be obtained by doing Azura's quest. (her shrine can be found south of Windhelm. Either spam the "Have you heard any rumors" conversation option with Edla in Candlehearth hall in windhelm which, conveniently,is located right at the entrance,to mark the shrine on your map or you can simply find it.)the mace has an "if target dies in X seconds it's soul will be placed in a soul gem" effect and Azura's star is an unbreakable soul gem (it won't dissapear if you use it.)Find a weak enemy to kill. then recharge the mace with the star (example,you fight a camp of fosworn,there is a fosworn forager and looter,you killed the looter first. immediately recharge the mace and kill the forager.). continue to do this and you will be leveling up your enchanting skill. or,if your level is high,take it up a notch; kill giants,and other high-level enemies recharge the mace. this may be a bit tough,but having a follower with you to weaken the high level-enemy then steal that kill from the last second to net a grand/greater soul to recharge the demonic mace for a bigger skill progress increase. keep in mind that the effect of the mace is if target dies in 3 seconds,so kill it quickly. good luck! may you stay safe in your travels around Skyrim.
Followers Learning Spells
You can have your Follower learn how to use spells. Simply drop a Spell Tome Book, and tell your companion you want them to do something for you (Command mode). Have them pick up the books; they will now have learnt the Spells!
How to get Daedric arrows
Go to Solitude and you see the blacksmith go to the store to the left of him and you notice its a Fletcher. Go in shop for some arrows and you see he will have some Daedric arrows they are expensive, about 24 gold each. You can only aqquire these at this shop at level 23 and above.

Another way is to join the thieves guild in Riften. And do the quests there and then eventually you come across a women named Karliah. When you have the chance to pick pocket her. You see she has over 20 Daedric arrows.

How to Steal
Very simply, place buckets (or something of equal practicalness) literally on the head of all witnesses, so that it completely covers their head and blinds them. You can effectively 'rob them blind'.
Level Caps Information
When improving your Skills, heed the following advice:

In general, it's better to increase your Skills and level up naturally, rather than trying to find ways to exploit the game. In fact, it may make your adventure harder, since you'll lack the gear and tactics needed to survive higher-level combat.

There is no fixed "maximum level" (i.e., Level 50) for you to attain. However, if you were to raise all of your Skills to 100, this would - eventually - take you to around Level 80. As you're only able to choose one perk each time you level up, and there are well over 200 Skill-based perks, don't fixate on obtaining every single one, as that's impossible. Instead, focus on improving the Skills you're most interested in, and ignore perks you won't take advantage of, even if they're in a Skill you use constantly.
Location of all the Shouts & Words of Power
Here is a list of all the words for shouts currently available in the game, the locations of the words that are part of the shouts, if applicable.

Locations in bold are related to the main questline, and locations that are italicized are side quests, and underlined locations are Dragon lairs. Dragon Priest lairs will have "(DP)" listed in the quest section, after the quest listing (if there is one)

It will be listed like thus:

Word (Translation), Word (Translation), Word (Translation)

Location (Region) - Group: Quest Name (If applicable)

Some locations for Words of Power have more than one quest associated with them.

Animal Allegiance

Ran (Animal), Mir (Allegiance), Tah (Pack)

Angarvunde (The Rift) - Dungeon: Medresi Dran and the Wandering Dead
Ancient's Ascent (Falkreath Hold)
Ysgramor's Tomb (Winterhold) - Companions: Glory of the Dead

Aura Whisper

Laas (Life), Yah (Seek), Nir (Hunt)

Northwind Summit (The Rift)
Valthume (The Reach) - Dungeon/Dragon Priest: Evil is Waiting
Volunruud (The Pale) - Dark Brotherhood: The Silence has been Broken, Dungeon: Silenced Tongues

Become Ethereal

Feim (Fade), Zii (Spirit), Gron (Bind)

Ironbind Barrow (Winterhold)
Lost Valley Redoubt (The Reach)
Ustengrav (Hjaalmarch) - The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Call Dragon

Od (Snow), Ah (Hunter), Viing (Wing)

Main: The Fallen

Call of Valor

Hun (Hero), Kall (Champion), Zoor (Legend)

Main: End of Main Quest

Clear Skies

Lok (Sky), Vah (Spring), Koor (Summer)

Main: The Throat of the World


Zun (Weapon), Haal (Hand), Viik (Defeat)

Eldersblood Peak (Hjaalmarch)
Silverdrift Lair (The Pale)
Snow Veil Sanctum (Winterhold) - Thieves: Speaking with Silence

Dismaying Shout

Faas (Fear), Ru (Run), Maar (Terror)

Dead Crone Rock (The Reach) - Daedric: Pieces of the Past
Labryrinthian (Hjaalmarch)
Lost Tongue Overlook (The Reach)


Joor (Mortal), Zah (Finite), Frul (Temporary)

Main: Alduin's Bane

Elemental Fury

Su (Air), Grah (Battle), Dun (Grace)

Dragontooth Crater (The Reach)
Kilkreath Ruins (Haafingar) - Daedric: The Break of Dawn
Shriekwind Bastion

Fire Breath

Yol (Fire), Toor (Inferno), Shul (Sun)

Dustman's Cairn (Whiterun) - Companions: Proving Honor
Sunderstone Gorge (Falkreath)
Throat of the World (Whiterun) - Main: Throat of the World

Frost Breath

Fo (Frost), Krah (Cold), Diin (Freeze)

Bonestrewn Crest (Eastmarch)
Falgunthur (Hjaalmarch) - Side: Forbidden Legend
Skyborn Altar (Hjaalmarch)

Ice Form

Iiz (Ice), Slen (Flesh), Nus (Statue)

Frostmere Crypt (The Pale) - Dungeon: The Pale Lady
Mount Anthor (Winterhold)
Saarthal (Winterhold) - Winterhold College: Under Saarthal, Side: Forbidden Legend

Kyne's Peace

Kaan (Kyne), Drem (Peace), Ov (Trust)

Ragnvald (The Reach) - (DP)
Raanveig's Fast (Whiterun)
Shroud Hearth Barrow (The Rift) - Dungeon: Wilhelm's Scream

Marked For Death

Krii (Kill), Lun (Leech), Aus (Suffer)

Autumnwatch Tower (The Rift)
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Falkreath)
Forsaken Cave (The Pale) - Side: The White Phial

Slow Time

Tiid (Time), Klo (Sand), Ul (Eternity)

Hag's End (The Reach) - Dark Brotherhood Radiant: The Feeble Fortune
Korvanjund (The Pale) - Civil War: The Jagged Crown
Labrynthian (Hjaalmarch) - Winterhold College: The Staff of Magnus (DP)

Storm Call

Strun (Storm), Bah (Wrath), Qo (Lightning)

Forelhost (The Rift) - (DP)
High Gate Ruins (The Pale) - (DP)
Skuldafn (Other Realms) - Main: The World Eaters Eyrie (DP)

Throw Voice

Zul (Voice), Mey (Fool), Gut (Far)

Shearpoint (The Pale) - (DP)

Unrelenting Force

Fus (Force), Ro (Balance), Dah (Push)

Bleak Falls Barrow (Falkreath) - Main: Bleak Falls Barrow, Side: The Golden Claw
High Hrothgar (Whiterun) (2nd and 3rd words) - Main: The Way of the Voice

Whirlwind Sprint

Wuld (Whirlwind), Nah (Fury), Kest (Tempest)

Dead Man's Respite (Hjaalmarch) - Bard's College: Tending the Flames
High Hrothgar (Whiterun) - Main: The Way of the Voice
Volskygge (Haafinger) - (DP)
Map Markers
By going to either an Imperial or Stormcloak base, look for a map of Skyrim with plenty of 'flag markers' place on it. The map from it's looks, is obviously used for military purposes. By 'activating' each 'map marker' individually, you can can learn of new map locations in Skyrim on your own map!
Massive Smithing Leveling
You need around 1000 Gold for this. Simply go to any Smith selling Iron Ingots and Leather Strips. The first building on the right as you enter Whiterun is best for this. Purchase as many Iron Ingots as you can and equal Leather Strips. Then go and build as many Iron Daggers as you can. You will increase your Smithing Skill by 1 for every dagger you make. This can mean levelling your skill up by as many as 20 points in under 10 seconds! Then, sell the Daggers to back, and repeat with the money you have remaining. Whilst you aren't going to be able to do this for unlimited times (as the store will run out of Ingots/Strips eventually and you don't gain as much profit from the sell-back, it is a great tactic to very quickly level up your skills.
Max Out Destruction Skill
When you join the Fighter's Guild, you will be told to go outside and duel with one of the members. When you are outside, switch over to destruction magic and use it against that person continually. He will keep telling you to use a sword, but you will gain experience by using destruction magic and he will not die. You can do this for as long as you want, this is an easy way to get more XP.
Mining Tips
With any Ore Vein, you can use your pickaxe to mine that vein. You can also dual-mine if you have two pickaxes, making the process faster. To make the process even faster, you can attack the vein with your pickaxe/axes as well.
Misc Torches Help
Companions can be given multiple torches to use in dungeons to help illuminate the area.

These torches are commonplace, being able to be grabbed off the walls of caves, dungeons etc. It also helps improve your sneak skill; causing the area to become darker and harder to be detected. The darker the area, the more invisible you are; so remove all the torches you can find!

You might see areas where there is a translucent liquid stain on the ground. That is Oil, and you should see it's beneath a lamp that's hanging barely. By knocking that lamp down, you can set the area beneath on fire and cause major damage to enemies stupid enough to walk through the flames.
More Inventory Space
It may be easy to forget/overlook, but increasing your stamina with every level up also increases your weight carrying capacity by 5.
Really fast Conjuration leveling
First, get the Bound Sword spell. It can be purchased from the Conjuration teacher at the College of Winterhold or the Jarl of Whiterun's court wizard. Next, find a Mudcrab or something weak (I used a Frostbite Spider). Use both hands to cast the spell as you run in circles around the creature, but before the swords can materialize, put your hands away. This will cause the swords to not materialize, thus saving the time it takes waiting for your character to grab the swords. You still get the experience for casting the spell and you can do more spell casting in a smaller amount of time.
Skyrim's Refresh, Respawn and Restock Durations
As with previous Bethesda games, certain things such as harvested items, stores, containers and enemy spawns, will 'refresh' at certain intervals. Stores will take roughly 2 to 3 days to restock their goods and gold, whilst previously cleared areas of enemies take roughly 3 to 5 days.
Standing Stones - Info and Locations
Stone - Information - Location

Skill Improvement Stones
Warrior Stone - Combat Skills increase 20% faster - The Guardian Stones (Falkreath Hold)
Thief Stone - Stealth Skills increase 20% faster - The Guardian Stones (Falkreath Hold)
Mage Stone - Magic Skills increase 20% faster - The Guardian Stones (Falkreath Hold)
Lover Stone - All Skills increase 15% faster - The Reach

Other Stones
Apprentice Stone - Recover Magicka tiwce as fast; twice as vulnerable to magic - Hjaalmarch Hold
Atronach Stone - 50 extra points of Magicka, 50% absorb spells, -50% Magicka Regen - Eastmarch Hold
Lady Stone - Regenerate Health and Stamina 20% faster - Falkreath Hold
Lord Stone - 50 points of Damage Resistance, 25% Magic Resistance - The Pale
Ritual Stone - Raises all dead around you to fight for you - Whiterun Hold
Serpent Stone - Paralyze the target for 5 seconds, and do 25 points of damage - Winterhold Hold
Shadow Stone - Invisibility for 60 seconds - The Rift
Steed Stone - Carry Weight +100, no movement penalty from armor - Haafingar Hold
Tower Stone - Unlock any Expert level lock (or lower) once per day - Winterhold Hold
Unlimited Companion Carry Weight
This can only be done through the "Command Mode". By commanding your companion to "Pick Up" stuff that you've left on the ground, you can tell them to pick up an unlimited number of items. It has to be through this way, otherwise they will end up being over-encumbered.


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100 Speech in 30 min
Go to the Black Briar Meadery in Riften and you will find a guy named ungrien i think. And talk to him and then choose the top dialog option through the whole conversation and then if you have low level speech you level up 1 speech. And then talk to him again and do the thing all over again.

Add Mercer
I was tired of Mercer Frey's attitude, so I thought the beginning of the Thieve's Guild quest "Speaking with Silence," would be the perfect time to kill him off. Turns out he's one of those NPC's you can't kill. After whooping him a few times, I ran far away enough that I could fast map out of the area. I went to White Run, and he came with me! Now he's following me everywhere, non-aggro to me and my first follower Belrand, and helping to kill other mobs! So now I have 2 followers although I can't gear him or give instructions. Still, he's a powerhouse with those two blades. It really puts the game on EZ mode, but after logging out and coming back in several times, running some quests, zoning around, and he's still there, I guess I'm stuck with him. I haven't gone to the Flagon to see if he can meet himself. I might have to go do that now...
Early Level Up Exploit
Just after the Character Creation and the following of either the Imperial or Stormcloak (either choice doesn't matter), you real a point where there you'll find a sleeping Bear to sneak past or attack. You can attack your companion NPC without them retaliating. This is good for working on your One-Handed, Two-Handed, Sneak, Spells and Blocking and Levelling.
Free Houses (And Decorations)
To get the option to buy a house, you have to be Thane of a town. Being Thane requires you to complete certain favours for the Town's Jarl. Then, when talking to the Jarl's attendant, make sure they are situated close to a 'container' (dresser, box.,etc to store your stuff). Go through all of the necessary dialogue, and confirm your purchase. As soon as you have pressed that button to confirm the purchase, quickly tab out (TAB, B, Circle) so you are no longer in the speech menu. As fast as you can; deposit all your gold into the nearby container. You should get the item you purchased and give up that 5000 (or whatever) 'non-existent' gold you currently carry.
You to go to an inn. You can go to any inn if you want in the Whiterun region. They will say something about the Shrine of Azura, its a quest. Its on top of a mountain. You do all that you are asked until you get the Star of Azura then you bring it back to shrine. And Azura should talk to you cast you into a realm of Oblivion to kill some guy. After you do that you come across this guy or 2 you kill he will carry a Daedra heart. And then when you kill him you have to use the ~ symbol on your keyboard and press it the game will pause. And then click on his body after you press it and then type in "resurrect" he will spring back to life. And then kill him again with the same techneique accept type in "kill" he will die. And then loot him a again and he will carry 1 more Daedra heart. Keep repeating this over and over again. And you should have about 20 or so Daedra hearts. But unfortantly you only have a 3 min or so to do this because after you kill the first guy you only have a limited time to kill the other guy or 2. And then Azura will talk to you and then a bright light will appear and you will teleported back to the shrine.



Unlimited Gold\Max Skills (Oghma Infinium)
Warning: This may make your game boring due to having as much money as you want and maxed skills. Also, there's no guarantee it wont screw up your game somehow so make a new save before attempting.

You must have first gotten the Oghma Infinium through the quest "Discerning the Transmundane" and you need access to a bookshelf such as one you can get for a home you own. I have only confirmed this on the Whiterun home, on Xbox 360 version.

1. Crouch and go to a bookshelf really close putting your cursor in the top left hand side corner of the bookshelf.
2. Press A to open the bookshelf menu.
3. Select at least 1 Oghma Infinium from your inventory and press X to store.
4. Hit B to close and VERY QUICKLY press A again to bring up the bookshelf menu before the book(s) spawns on it.
5. Press X to take all OIs on the shelf which closes the menu.
6. VERY QUICKLY press A before the book(s) disappear off the shelf and go into your inventory. If you did it right it will zoom in on the OI like it does every time you pick up a book.
7. Press A on the (do not read) option and your inventory should now have 1 more OI than before. Rinse and repeat for great justice!

ALSO WORTH NOTING: Do not have more than 1 OI in your inventory if you want to read them for skill point bonuses, put the extras in a container or on the floor. If you do and use 1, the game will think you've used the OI and delete all the duplicates because the game thinks there is only supposed to be 1. However you seem to be able to sell them without these problems.
Unlimited Steel Arrows
Go to Dragonsreach and get to the back 'balcony area' where Proventus Avenicci sometimes waits. There should be guards training in the area closer to the door back inside. If you happen to find one of these training guards with a Bow, just sit back and let them do their stuff. After a while, go and collect their arrows. They'll continue to train and shoot off arrows, and you can continue to collect them without penalty. This can be used for unlimited steel arrows, as the guard never runs out.
Unlimited XP and Skill Points
Find a Skill Trainer and make sure you can purchase their training. You can pickpocket any of their proceeds, level up, and then repeat the process.

The same works for some companions who offer training as well. Even better is that you don't have to pickpocket them; you can simply ask to trade items and take the gold at no moral blow to your character.

Note: You can train a skill up to 5 times per level, before needing to level up before training in that skill again.
Wooden Bowl Glitch
This glitch can allow you to go through some walls and doors with only a wooden bowl and one word of the Whirlwind sprint shout (can be very useful.)

First, drop the wooden bowl and pick it up. Then place it against the surface you want to go through (the bottom of the bowl must face you for this to work) and then use the Whirlwind Sprint shout (any amount of words work.) Viola! Your character should have traveled straight through the surface they want to go through.