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   (last update - Nov 20 1999)

Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following names to activate the desired cheat.

All carsDFGY
All tracksERDRTH
All quick race tracksCVCVBM
No quick race tracksOCVCVBM
Shorter tracksQTFHYF
All challengesOPIOP
No challengesOPOIOP
Disable checkpoint timesFFOEMIT
Enable checkpoint times againNOEMIT
Stop The Bomber modeRFGTR

Stop The Bomber mode (alternate)
Catch all the speeders on the Paris, Rome, New York, Hong Kong and London tracks in cop chase mode.

Stay on Track
When you are going around a sharp corner at high speeds, you will often go off of the track and lose speed and risk of losing your place in the race. To prevent this, simply let off the gas completely at the middle of the corner until you start to skid. Do not panic. When you start to skid, accelerate again and you should regain control. Straighten yourself out and you can get to your top speed faster than if maintained the same speed throughout the entire turn.


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The Honda bike

To get the Honda bike put in honda xt in player selection screen to get the bike.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: DaVinn on December 31, 2002