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Freebie - Shaitan City
Just Like The Mystic Grass (Lv 1), There Is Another Creature, Much Higher Level, That Won't Attack You. Though Sometimes Hard To Hit Unless You Sail Over To Them, On The Western Coast Of Shaitan, You Might Run Into Lv 25 Seaweed, Which Does Literally Nothing And Gives A Pretty Good Amount Of Exp.
Becareful, Though, Because Sometimes There's A Jelly (Lv 26) Beside It, Which Can Do Quite A Bit Of Damage, And Is Hard To Hit.
Another Tid Bit Of Information Is Apparently Magic Doesn't Hit These Creatures, But If Your A Hunter, Or Another Long Ranged Attacker, You Can Hit Both Of These Creatures Without Any Trouble.
Lastly, You Would Have To Be Careful Coming To The Western Coast If Your Lower Than Lv 20 Or So, Since You Might Get Attacked By Hungry Wolves (Lv 24?) Or Bandits (Lv 21). Well, There Might Be Others, But Those Are The Two Main Things I've Seen On The West Coast, Bandits Are Generally More North, Wolves Are More South.
Skull Server > Deep Blue continent > Icicle Town starting point - leveling guide
If you start in Icicle Town, chances are you're aiming to be a Hunter and then possibly a Gunman.

Either way, the wilderness outside of Icicle Town is full of many different monsters. Some range from puny level 1 and 2, and just a few meters away 5, 6, and up may lie in wait. Since this game features Exploration as an aspect of gameplay, your radar and map are able to chart your exploration. You can also enter coordinates, in which an arrow will appear near you character directing your to that location.

Here are the coordinates of some of the monsters i've encountered. Try to level up by slaying them in order of level (difficulty).

Level 6 > Snow Piglet > 1230 . 430
Level 7 > Little Deer > 1225 . 320
Level 9 > Little White Deer > 1273 . 316
Level 10 > Sailor Penguin > 1103 . 514
Level 11 > Naiad > 1081 . 497
Level 13 > Sharp Beak > 900 . 500
Level 16 > Sailor Squid > 1486 . 718
Level 17 > Snowy Mushroom > 891 . 590

There are a few low level enemies just outside the Western Gate which speak for themselves. These are easy kill and they pretty much won't damage you much, since you are always healing faster than they can hurt you. Farm them until you reach level 6. Then traverse as you see fit.

Also, I highly advise you ask for somebody to power level you to at least level 10. Get a Hunter to take you to farm the Little White Deer, or if the Hunter is over level 16, ask them to take you to the Naiad area. If they can kill 20 or so Naiads you'll be well on your way to level 10. Don't ask somebody that wants you to pay them, as this is not worth the trouble. Power leveling in this area only takes 6 or 7 minutes, tops. If you are helped, feel free to help another newbie out in the future.