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Wizards and Warriors Cheats

Unlimited Gold
This is more of a cheesy workaround than a real cheat. Because you can create up to 18 characters at the beginning of a game, you can sort of use this to your advantage and basically "generate gold". Each created character starts with 200 gold. Simply create dummy characters and add them to your party. Take all of their money, pool them, and delete the dummies. Repeat as much as needed to get however much gold you want.

After pooling gold from the dummies, simply remove them(the dummies) and they'll get their money agian. Just don't remove the character with the money until you've left the inn.
submitted by Brakachu (Brakachu@hotmail.com)

Rapid Advancement
Guild advancement is crucial in this game. Thus it pays to make one quest count for as much as possible. Have all members sign up for the quest. Upon completion, as soon as the guildmaster starts talking to one player, move on to another. The guildmaster can keep multiple conversations going and can be conned into giving everyone multiple credit for the one event. This also means that it is worthwhile going for multiple roles, so that you can eventually be a level 7 member of every guild.
submitted by Ryndwhyr

More gold
Once you've gotten a bit of gold, store the person with the gold in the inn. Leave the inn. Re-enter, then add and remove the person with the gold over and over again, each time pooling gold to someone else. After 4 or 5 times, take the gold holder and the "banker" out of the inn again. Then do it all over again. With some patience, you can build up as much gold as you deem necessary. About $4MM should do for even the most expensive tastes.
submitted by Ryndwhyr


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Infinite Health
To get this, make sure a priest has a level 4 Vine and make it learn Toughen. Make sure you're right outside a door to a town. Cast Toughen on as many people as possible. Now enter town and leave again. Every character that you cast Toughen on has now gained 10 more HP. You can do this as many times until you are satisfied with their maximum health.