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Mass & Energy +

It is very important (especially at the start of a level) to obtain as much Energy and Mass as quickly as possible and in big lumps. Do this by placing energy units and mass units ajacent to each other, each will boost each others output by a certain percent.

To avoid using too much mass and/or energy in the creation of these, make + styled energy and mass centres. This is done by creating 3 mass/energy units on a Y axis and then the same on an X axis. The centre unit in the cross shape will be providing the most energy. Units bunched together are easy to attack with bombs so if you've got a large field of energy and mass production, put a decent defence up for them to avoid easy enemy attack.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Robert Ninja on August 03, 2009


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How to get Unit By Cheat

Turn On the Computer

Play a skirmish game

press Alt+F2

And then you\'re gonna see the list contains the



Verified by: Armed Rebel Submitted by: JaeHyeong on February 15, 2007