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Unlockable Stage - Secret levels

From the following 6 levels, once you reach the gem quota, a red x will appear in a grey wall block. Walk into to unlock a secret level!
Then from the secret level, you can get a secret code to make game play easier (Hold Control and type in the code from the subterra prime level select screen)

More Movable blocks, Tool Time, Nibbles, Inferno, Ace of Spades, Paranoia
UnlockableHow to unlock
Code: davinciFrom the stage: More Movable blocks
Code: detritusFrom the stage: Tool Time
Code: stupendousFrom the stage: Nibbles
Code: detritusFrom the stage: Inferno
Code: wendigoFrom the stage: Ace of Spades
Code: marsupilamiFrom the stage: Paranoia
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on March 08, 2009