Stronghold: Crusader Cheats

Stronghold: Crusader cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat Codes
First enable cheat mode by holding [ctrl] TRIBLADE2002 at the main menu. Then enter one of the following codes during gameplay to activate the desired cheat.
All missions unlocked[alt] + C
Gold and 100 popularity[alt] + x
No resources required to build[alt] + k


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Always Block Enemy's Gate
When fighting with an enemy, always try to block his castle gate by sending some troops near to castle's gate. By doing that, enemy's troops or workers won't be able to go inside or outside. They will be like trapped in a cage.
Burn the inside of the enemies castle
Certain kinds of enemies will make slaves that burn things down. Try putting ox tehters inside of the enemies castle and watch them burn it down. Usually works with the arab enemies
Change welcome
To make this work, enter options, then change profile, as a name enter Kate The First,The Bird, and select Arab Lord. Then exit the game and re-enter it. Now you will, instead of the old "greetings Sire, your desert awaits you." hear "Greetings,Lady Kate"
Get more than 2 workers in the a same industrial buildings
If you build (example) a woodcutter hut, you can click the sleeping button and click it again very fast and have 2 workers a the same place. But then you can add another worker by repeating the clicks on the sleeping button, and you can have 3. To have 4 workers is a bit diffuclt. This method works best on the woodcutter huts, the ox tether (you can have ex. 2 workers-one loadiing the tether and the other taking the stone to stockpile) and on the apple farms, wheat and hops farm. On the dairy farm this does not give you more efficiency. Even on the iron mine and the quarry.
How to burn a castle to ashes
If you enemy has building outside, and aganist there walls, build up about 20-50 slaves and burn the building out side the walls. Eventually the fire will get acrossed there wall and burn the inside!This tip is very effective against castles with many close-together buildings.If every time your slaves are killed before they reach the target, put horse achers in the middle of the group.
Lord Change
You know that feeling when you can see the enemy lord being either arabic or crusader? always wanted to be aribic well all you have to do is go to options on the main screen and go to set up identity then you can do whatever you like to customize yourself! enjoy
stealing farm space from allies
if you are low on food and you see your ally right next to you hogging it all, you can click a soldier(anything not ranged or burning unit)and you will see the "attack here" button at the bottom of your screen. use that to destroy a farm or two. he wont miss the farmspace and you can stay alive.
Stronghold Crusader Easy everything
this is the most useful cheat for campaign mode, Right this cheat shows you how to have as many workers at one bakers or wood cutters or any work station you can put to sleep, place a bakers or any work station wait until you have a worker going to workplace click on baker (so you can see the zzzzzzzzz button, next just pause game by pressing "p". when game is paused press the zzzzzzzzz button twice quickly, this will put your station to sleep then back to the "no entry sign above work station", next press the pause button. the trick is your worker will stay at the work station but another one will be generated from the keep. This can be repeated as many time as you want, i have had 5 workers at one station, this very handy if you have limited resources or are trying beat a rich lord. but on the other side you do need allot off workers, but you will out produce any lord with ease.

Surviving The Longest
On games that last for a long time the only real way you can stay alive and keep producing is if you mass produce stone, so early in the game try and get as many quarry's as you can because this is the only resource that NEVER runs out, you can then sell it in the later game for wood and food and weapons.
Take all of the Trees, Iron and Stone and also grassy fields
well, it's just simple.... make a wall like your castle at the place and put a tower so archer can get up and make a gatehouse. well, i always use 5 sheild of wall, round tower and a gatehouse with drawbridge, so it's more harder for enemy to seek in.


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Multiple People Same Post
NOTICE: This does not work for the stone building or the ox tether, because the ox tether only has one (1) ox, and the quarry only has the three people.
This is the Easy Way I found To Be TRUE:
1) select the post (click the building) that you want multiple people for
note: the sleep button, you must have the sleep button on screen (or building title) before step 2.
2) PAUSE THE GAME; note: Critical Step, If you do not pause then ALL the people for that post will go back to the campfire.
3) click the sleep button
4) wait 1 sec <- to make sure that the game acknowledge the sleep
5) click the sleep button AGAIN <- this will reactivate the post
6) UN PAUSE the game
7) wait for the person to activate at the campfire, then go to step 8
8) repeat until YOU desire

quick load stone (1 map only i found)
on the top right the stone quarry place(small) The one that can easily be burnt down (blocking with houses works).
1) the narrow hill going down you place the quarry.
2) place the ox tethers at the top of the hill near the edge of the path(small - left side of path)
the person will not have to walk down the hill but the stone will auto load on the platform.
mission 5, the arabian adventure map (3 snake enemies)


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0 food needed
at the main menu press shift+M+? and any time during gameplay type "0foodisgoodyes?"
get siege weapons on walls
First you need 2 gatehouses (either size) connected by a wall. send in a siege weapon to 1 of the gatehouses and when it is in and out of sight, close the gatehouse. in about 5 seconds it will appear on the wall moving across to the other gatehouse to continue to its destination. Select it and tell it to stop where you want it to (note that they see the tops of walls as unreachable destinations and must be ordered to go through a gatehouse to move them around on the wall). Note that this does not work with knights/horse archers, and portable shields can go up castle steps and gatehouses and be ordered around the wall with anyway.
Have two peasants at the same work station
When you assign a peasant to do something like to be a woodcutter, wait a while then hit the snooze button fast and take it off fast. There should be to cutters instead of one. Try this on other stuff.
more men in towers
Select a group of archers depending on however many people can go in a tower. then hit ctrl+1 (or any number 1-9). then repeat this step until there are 9 groups of howevermany men shoud be in the tower, then tell the groups to go far away but not near an enemy. After that click on 1 and tell that group to load in the tower, then quickly press 2 and load them, repeat but do all this very quickly. now you can have as many as 45 archers in a single watchtower.