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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns Cheats

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Find Anakin and Palpatine
In the Campaigns, go to Galatic Republic, then go to the 6th level (The resolution on Krant). On the map, go to the left most corner and enter cheat code "simonsays". You will find Anakin and Palpatine with a sith temple that belongs to you.

Note: Be careful of the lava pits. Use cheat code "tantive IV" to destroy trees that block your path.
Note: Be careful Your temple might be destroyed by the lava pits.
Hidden Units From The Alliance
Under Republic, play the level "Never Trust A Hutt" and head all the way to the east and you'll find C-3PO, R2-D2, and their crashed escape pod. Also to the west there's a Skyhopper which is like a flying scout.


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All cheats
Press "Enter" to access the chat box, then input the following codes:

darkside (1-8): Destroy enemy
forcebuild: Instant contruction/research
forcecarbon: 1000 carbon
forcefood: 1000 food
forceexplore: Show complete map
forcenova: 1000 Nova crystals
forceore: 1000 ore
forcesight: No fog
simonsays: Unlock killer Ewok
skywalker: Win current mission
tarkin: Destroy every enemy
lots of cheats
Secret ships
To gain controle of these secret ships, press 'Enter' during gameplay, enter the code, then press 'Enter' again.

Corellian Corvette - Tantive IV
Imperial Star Destroyer - Imperial Entanglements
Death Star (I'm not lying) - That's no moon

Be wary, these ships are SLOW (especially the Death Star), but they act like airborne cannons, but their splash damage (especially the Death Star) is huge.

Faster Aircraft
To get your fighters/bombers/air transports/any other aricraft to mover faster, type in: "The fighters are coming in too fast" at the Chat window.

Stronger turrets, command centers, fortresses, etc.
To have any of your ground forces have greater firepower, type in: "Intensify the forward fire power" at the Chat window. And yes, there is a space between "fire" and "power", despite other ways I've seen it spelled
more cheats

Imperial Star Destroyer: imperial entanglements

Death Star: that's no moon

Corellian Corvette: tantive iv

Press [Comma] for invisible naval ship;
screen must be over water when activated: forceboat

Speed boat with increased fire power;
screen must be over water when activated: scaryneighbor

Hear Star Wars quote [1-58]
New Units/Upgrades
Death Star-that's no moon (big spalsh damage radius)
Star Destroyer-emperial entanglements (big spalsh damage radius)
Corvette-tantive IV (very fast)

more powerful, and tougher buildings- intensify forward fire power
faster aircraft-the fighter are coming in too fast
(some of these cheats may only work in the x-pack
Other Units
In certain levels (though you may need to do a bit of cheating to find them) there are special units you can find and take under your control. Like in the Gungan level against Spearhead, somewhere in the southeast, Yoda, Luke, R2-D2, and Yoda's Hovel are located.
power ups
hit return or enter and type whicher one you wish:

The Force is strong with this one - jedi turning range increases

Most powerful Jedi - jedi faster and more deadly

Intensify forward fire power - Better turrets, fortresses and command centers

The fighters are coming in too fast - The fighters are coming in too fast