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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Cheats

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds cheats, and Codes for PC.

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Cheats

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Force +...
food 1000 food
nova 1000 nova
carbon 1000 carbon
ore 1000 ore
build instant build
sight no fog
explore full map
boat invisible Naval Cruiser (over water only)
Submitted by: darkfyrealpha on December 19, 2001
Cool speedboat!!!
enter this cheat

scaryneighbor:this will have to be done over water
it will show the star wars galactic battlegrounds producer on a speedboat with the same strength as a simon!!!
Submitted by: pr-triggerhappy on January 01, 2003
to destroy a specific person...
press enter and type Darkside+team #

Like this...

Submitted by: mr i3lack on December 14, 2003
galactic upheaval
press enter (chat) type in:galactic upheaval. you get a powerful decimator
Submitted by: babbaiscool on March 06, 2006
Random Star Wars Quotes
Press enter, write a number (1-58), and press enter again to hear some Star Wars quotes (each number - different quote).
Submitted by: BigBalla118 on January 05, 2003
Some hot cheats
Press Enter and type these code:

Code -- Function

Skywalker -- Win game
Tarkin -- Destroy all enemies
Forcecarbon -- Plus 1000 carbon
Forcefood -- Plus 1000 food
Forcenova -- Plus 1000 nova
Forceore -- Plus 1000 ore
Forcebuild -- Fasten build
Forceexplorer -- Reveal map
Forcesight -- No fog
Simonsays -- Make a strong Ewok
Submitted by: Stronggreymon on December 09, 2001