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Cheat codes
Go to the instant action menu and click above the battlefront logo in the bottom left corner of the screen (you might have to search a bit) and type":
P.S:To turn them off, type the password in the same place again.
PasswordWhat it does
456123Play any campaign map
usetheforcelukedisables HUD
agoodblasteratyoursideinfinite ammo
mostimpressiveinfinite health


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1,000's of kills? Easy!
If you want to get unlimited amounts of kills with almost no deaths, here's the quick and easy way.
1. Go to the instant action menu on the side and select the Heroes category.
2. Put the heroes on timer and select the time as none
3. Go to Jabba's palace one flag capture the flag and be the rebels
4. Immediately start as luke, run to the flag killing any gamorreans and pick up the flag. There is a narrow passage to your front right and in the wall when you start. Use this to get to your destination quicker.
5. Take the flag back the way you came making sure to not get killed.
6. Once there, go toward the enemy base.
7. Once you reach the narrow and curved passage immediately after their command post and right before the base, stop and wait for them to spawn in front of you.
8. Now throw your lightsaber down the passage and keep the flag. DO NOT RETURN IT TO THEIR BASE!
9.Keep throwing until the flag has been carried too long. Then, repeat steps 4-9.

I have recorded over 4000 kills in one battle.
Aiming For The Legs
One thing in SWB II that is similar to the first is that the walkers still can't aim for their own legs. This means that you can easily take advantage of this and run underneath to handle any enemy units that might spawn in that area. Or you can use any special weaponry to try and take it down.

Remember though, no matter how strong, the weapons most likely will never bring it down. For that, you require more efficient weapons.
Always Fix Healing and Ammo Droids
Too often in both Instant Action and online games do I see troops being decimated in places where these droids are available. It takes a full two hits with a plasma cutter to repair them most of the time, and can supply you with enough health to continue gaining it even after being shot repeatedly by droids. Also, quite often you will find yourself with little health left during or after a firefight, and having one of these nearby can restore you to perfect health in moments.

In essence, it takes your troops and doubles some of their life spans on the map. A handy effect for any player.
Awesome Kashyyk Sniping
On Kashyyk, be a rebel marksman and spawn at the CP with the vehicles. Get in a speeder bike and head toward the Imperials' base. There is a large tree nearby. Go to the side of it until it tells you you are leaving the battlefield. Drive slowly up the tree until you reach a platform. drive along it and get out of the speeder on either of the two platforms. Happy Sniping!
Blow up a Star Destroyer Inside Out
Ok be the rebels (good guys) and choose the character not dressed in orange. Once in the hanger take the biggest ship in there and quickly fly it toward the star destroyer and land it in there. Run to the door too the right of the comand post. Once inside go toward the door to the right. Quickly dispose of the turrets and put grenades on the engine (green thing). If grenades won't destroy it, use your rocket launcher.

Now exit that room, run to the ammunition droid to get some ammo then go to the door in the back. You should notice a glass case with a big streak of lightning in it. Use rockets and grenades at this, but be warned that you may see lots of enemies in this area.

Now try and get some more ammo before you go to the door to the left. In there destroy the turrets if you want and fire grenades and rockets att the big computer screen until its destroyed.

Assuming your at low health run out to the central room and you should notice a big pilar coming up from the floor to the ceiling. Destroy that if you can. Now the only thing you wouldd need to do is blow up a few things on the outside of the ship!
Some maps in this game, such as Tantive, Mos Eisely and Mygeeto, have areas on the maps where people have to travel through to get to another location, such as a command post. This has two primary effects with troops, one which is defensive and another which is offensive.

First of all, the offensive point of view. Let's take the map Mygeeto as an example. The map is basically one giant wheel with two protusions, both for bases. Whether the republic or droids (this is more effective on this map as the republic) you can take the advantage of troops having to walk into the same short and narrow path to get out. Taking down mass numbers by sitting there and shooting as well as using tanks to keep them in are tactics that can land devastating blows to troop reinforcement counts throughout the game. Other maps, such as Kashyyyk, also have this advantage against the AI, with being able to shove droid tanks right against the doorways out of the rear beachfront base and shooting in to allow few to no one out.

It also have several defensive effects, most coming from being able to keep the people from advancing without havy losses. While you might be bottlenecked, you also have the advantage of haivng a fairly narrow space to shoot down. You can also use these small spaces to pull back to so that droid tanks or other things can't get in easily. Also, setting traps to keep out tanks and troops becomes far easier because the paths they have to take to get in are usually in short supply and in small size. Mining these areas or keeping a detpack nearby has lead to a lot of deaths in my instant action games.

There is one small addition that I did not add to the others, and that is that of the heroes. Both ranged and lightsaber based Jedi have prominence here, with the former being able to shoot their often incredibly powerful shots down the corridor or space and easily hitting units, to the latter being able to slash wildly and still be contained to take down anything that tries to stay ahead or go around them.

Good luck with the rest of the game!
Camera Movement: Looking Around Corners/Staying Close to Walls
One thing you might have noticed by now is the suddeness of encountering the lone tank travelling around the field looking for some victims to flay, and how often it happens. Or that sudden contingent of forces around the corner. One thing you do have on them, though... your player can magically see around corners.

When staying close to a wall, you typically are out of danger from anything coming at you from any angle of any sort, and you can often get past large battles just by having a low profile. However, no one can totally know when they have snucj by the entire battle. By simply toying around with your camera, you have a good 15-45 degrees of viewable area around the corner, meaning you know if there happens to be a droideka standing around the corner. When in doubt, always use this ability, as it has saved my own life a great many times. Unfortunately, this is impossible to use in vehicles or any stationary combat implement.

Either way, this sort of cover can help, especially from such things as splash damage and turrent fire if they can't get around the obstruction that is saving your character's life.
Critical Hit Spots

Rebel Hover Tank: The black coolers on the sides.

Droid hover tank: The rear panel.

Droid tank (tracked): Rear tread cylinder.

Droid Hailfire: Cylinder below the cockpit.

Empire AT-RT: The spot between the legs.

Droid Spider Walker: Linkage between the legs and body.

Empire hover tank: The circle on the back.

Empire AT-ST: Back block between the legs.

Empire AT-TE: Cylinder along the bottom.

Empire AT-AT: Neck between the body and head.
Dagobah and Tatooine sniper tips.
Directly above Command Post 4 in Dagobah, lies a gynormous tree. I f you follow it's biggest root across to it's end, you will find that you can jump on top. Do it. Walk up the root until it meets with the trunk. You'll be standing on a platform facing the north, where you can easily pick off enemies coming in that direction.

Near Command Post 5 in Mos Eisely, there is a small flight of ramps all alone by itself. Run up it and onto the top of the circular structure. Halfway around it is a ship. Next to the ship is a red wrought iron platform. Jump on it. It's elevation and protective gate surrounding it should give you the perfect sniper place.
Dish Turrents and AT-ATs
One thing that I noticed while playing with friends is that they typically will run to the nice, 'sheltered' turrent which fires a stream of red bolts at an enemy. Although good against most types of infantry, many still try to turn this onto the monster walker, the AT-AT.

Yes, the AT-AT may now take a lot more damage from your A-Typical torpedo fire from a snowspeeder, but not from one of those measly little turrents. They can also make short work on those turrents as well, following those bright red shots directly to the source and firing it's main weapons directly at the big, blank metal of the turrent that they are in.

Although this may seem like a powerful machine, there is one I enjoy using much more and is much more effective against something like an AT-AT. The Dish Turrent. Although you might immediately think that such a thing is dangerous because you are in open air while firing, also remember that the damage you cause (killing a unit in one blast) far outweighs the potential danger. Besides, you can always get off the turrent.

Target the AT-AT at it's head and neck and press the button as fast as you can! You should see that bar slowly lower. Don't power it up - personally, I've seen little effect, and it seems to take longer for them to go down.

Only abandon the turrent when the first shot strikes it.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
Don't Abandon It For Too Long, Or It Won't Come Back
Once or twice you may want to set down your ship for a moment on a map of your choosing, perhaps to make a few sniping shots or to try and take a base.

Other then repairing your ship, and actions like this can and will lead to your ship taking a lot of damage and eventually exploding. Be prepared for the consequences.

Only land vehicles can get away with not taking damage, and only air units do take damage. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the game!
Droid Tank (The One From Kashyyyk) Additional Weakness
The droid tanks that you find on Kasyyk have an additional weakness. While the tank is well armed and fairly powerful compared to some of the others on the map, the vehicle can't actually aim right in front of it. If you get somewhat close, the two cannons can't seek to find you. This can be of excellent use if you have no means of escape, or need to have a quick reprieve from being fired upon.
Ewoks and Endor: Where the Hell Did That Come From?
This game has several types of different buggers who will try to kill you when you don't notice them, but possible the most resilient and most annoying is the tiny Ewok.

The Rebel's on Endor have a small alliance with them, and these characters can hide well, come below the line of fire and rarely draw any attention from the enemy until they die and the Ewok is standing proudly over the body.

This can be a great asset. If you see an Ewok charging forward to kill something, help him. Kill any trooper's who are trying to get to him... because the little guy is dangerous, and alone he can do great damage.

What can the Empire do to combat this? The number on thing is shoot at anything that moves. You might have noticed by now that most of those people on the field that blend in with the environment are not your friends, so take them down. Also, keep a constant eye on the forest floor... you might not be looking for enemies heads, but you can still see the larger one feet and shoot them, and keep an eye out for the elusive tiny bear.

Good luck and happy hunting!
Grenade! Run AWAY!
Very simply put, if you see a grenade coming at you, run, or preferably, dodge to the side before it hits you. The concussive blast that is. I've noticed that, typically, rolling will get you out of its range, as long as it is in the opposite direction it is coming from, or off to the side.

Otherwise, you will most likely not make it to a safe distance in time, even running as fast as possible.

Jedi can easily jump to the side to get out of the radius of the blast, so always use that if you can. Usually you can also land far enough away that you can run to the enemy who did it and easily kill them, as they may not choose you as their next target.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
Hoth Hunt Mode
An easy way to get to the other side of the Wampa's base if they keep killing you. I suggest being a sniper, so you can get get your marksman award (easy to do on this level). Instead of going through the base, how about over? Just go to the right side of the base to climb over then keep going along the top at a diagnol motion to the top right and you should eventualy be at the wampas base. To get the marksmans medal, shoot at a Wampa in their base (doesn't matter if you miss) and they should come running toward you. This gives you ample oppurtunity for some headshots.
How to Lower a Droideka's shield fast as a Jedi
For this you have to be able to use force push. When you use force push on a Droideka's shield it depletes it really fast. It only takes two or three times.
Jedi Enemy: Force Tip
When you are fighting another Jedi, be it a person or the computer, you will always find that the person who gains the upper hand is usually the one who wins.

I recommend using the force push ability if you can. It knocks your opponent off his feet, and while he is getting up, you can do some heavy damage. Not to forget that once he is up, he is still vulnerable. If you have done enough damage already, it will not matter if he can fight back.

Of course, he may decide to use the lightsaber throw on you. So if you kill him, make sure to watch out for the returning lightsaber.

This trick works best with a character who is fairly easy to control with force running and will not go charging past the character if you start hitting the enemy.
jedi sprint attack
if you dont already know when you sprint as a jedi and use the attack button the jedi does a special attack and you can kill alot of enemies really fast
Jedi Weaknesses
1.Shotgun (Pilot)

Use a Pilot and blast the crap out of the Jedis!

2.Bombs (Heavy Units, Normal Gunners,etc)

Aim the bomb direction to the Jedi's feet and BOOM!
Jumping Jedi! (Killing Them)
On some missions where you face off against Jedi as your day to day trooper, such as on Coruscant and Naboo, in the Story Mode, you will notice that they have the uncanny ability to block the majority of the shots you make.

Now, getting any closer will not help you. In fact, that just shortens the time they have to force run to cut you in two. They can be hit while running, yes, but if they are running towards you, it might not be good enough. Also, hitting them while they are attacking something is not always great, as there is a very real possibility of you killing an ally or missing entirely. Or perhaps your the one being sliced and diced yourself.

However, the Jedi will always do one thing slowly, and that is jumping. They may drop sixteen feet to deliver a killing blow, but they have difficulties doing so if they are dead through mid flight.

Yes, Jedi in the air make great targets, because they are so slow and simply can't defend. So the next time one leaps high in the air to smash you, show them that, unlike most of the vehicles and turrents in the game, you can aim up!
Kashyyk Tanks
I have foud out that on kashyyk, the bad guys always leave one tank open, unused. that tank is one across the river and farthest on the left, from the good guy's veiw.as bad guys, you could use that as an extra tank, never used otherwise, or as good guys you could get in a speeder and shoot across the lake to get in it. Either way works great to cause damage on the enemies!
Kashyyyk Tip: Back Base Pattern
In the past few days, I've noticed a pattern which is useful. Opposite the Rebel/Republic base behind the sea wall, there is a back base which is usually complimented with three tanks and two speeder vehicles. When you take this base, automatically all droids, etc, make way for the back base in instant action. The pattern is that each unit off the beach will come up to the back base the same way -- the side path.

So, if you want to ambush a few, take the back base and charge out to meet the army. Be quick with you gun, though, as even if the Droidekas keep moving some of the time you are shooting them, many will stop to return fire.
Legendary Rank and The Special Weapon's It Brings
After a certain rank, you begin to get new, updated weapons. They are as follows (alphabetical order):
Demolition: Guidable Rockets

Frenzy: Elite Assault Rifle
Gunslinger: Precision Blaster
Marksman: Particle Beam Rifle
Regulator: Flechette Shotgun
Technician: Vehicle Regeneration
Mini Maps and Usage
The minimap is a marvelously useful tool when on the field. By opening it, you can see troops movements accross the screen, which way they are facing by seeing where the arrow is pointing, seeing where the heaviest gunfight is by looking for the most flashing arrows and making sure you are safe while you take a CP. It also shows some rudimentary land differences, so you can use it also to get you out of the sometimes confusing areas like Jabba's Palace.

Effectively, it acts as eyes behind your head while you take a CP, and in the case of getting lost, well... you won't. Frustration won't help you, but using this will at least get you in the right direction, and a lost trooper is a useless trooper.
Mos Eisely Troop Related Tip
Mos Eisely is arguably the most complex map to play on. Most of the place has low walls troops can jump over, small side alleys and dozens of roads leading all over the place, with turrents placed on roofs and the ability to jump to other ones. With only forty or so troops on the field at a time, it can become difficult even for skilled players to get themselves around the map without making one or two mistakes.

Therefore, when you want to find out where the heaviest fighting is, or get there fast, use the Jet Trooper or the Dark Trooper. These two troopers can fly or glide, giving yourself an aerial view of where troops are, where flashes from weaponry are coming from, and paths on the map that take you there the quickest. You can change to another character afterwards.
Mygeeto: A Guard Against Rockets and Bombardment
One item of interest available to those fans of Mygeeto is a well placed series of what looks like debris in some areas of the map, with a hole through the middle. However, these little pieces of metal can be useful for providing some protecting against most heavy weaponry and a lot of medium weaponry as well, and you can shoot out through the middle, where a conveniently placed hole awaits.

For example, I once rode out a fight against a tank by hiding behind one of these while shooting down targets on foot, until a shot unfortunately made it through from a Super Battle Droid.
Mygeeto: Those Are More Than Craters!
In one area of Mygeeto spans a bridge which appears to span from one part of the map to another.

However, this bridge of sorts is covered by pockmarks. Vehicles can easily pass over them, but for those on foot, avoiding them for the most part may be prudent, especially for those farthest from the outlying section of the map.
Operation CRASH
turn on invincibility (cheat somewhere else on this page) and infinite ammo (also somewhere else) and play as rebels on hoth. be a vanguard and jump on a snowspeeder, if it takes off, you can get in it as long as it doesnt start flying forward. Place 4 minse on the front of the snowspeeder and take off. crash into an ATAT's neck to nearly kill it, then you should find your 2nd attack quite useful for finishing on the neck. repeat by landing somewhere safe (i pefer by the shield generator) and repeat. Operation CRASH means
Pistol and Close Up Uses
The Pistol has a great many uses other than just being a weaker version of the rifle, and learning how to use it correctly can give you a huge advantage.

For example, with heavy units such as the Vangaurd, you are armed with one of the most powerful weapons available in this game. Yes, that's right, one of the most powerful weapons, but also one of the most useless against any form of troop combat, save for perhaps Droidekas. No matter how fast you think you are reloading, or whether or not that load will be finished, you might miss, or, more than likely, you won't finish before they attack. So switch over when you first sense danger, as this goes for sniper's as well -- the weapon has a high fire rate and is deadly if it hits the head, and you can always reload later. You can't as easily reload another life and get back into position... or repair the new stat hole.

If you need rapid fire, and can't afford to wait for anything to load, switch over and finish the job with the pistol. Better the enemy dead and spending a second or two reloading your rifle then losing half your health and having a half empty clip. Plus, later on the pistol can also be used for sniping and other similar purposed whenever needed, and is much stronger as well, making it a deadly force for whatever you have left to do in the game.

Finally, an unlimited amount of power. You can last the rest of the game with it... so when holding a CP or something, just switch over to it and find an ammo droid later. This CP is more important now! Happy hunting!
Practice Hero- Darth Maul
If you are new to the game and want to try out a hero, then the best to start with is Darth Maul. He is possibly the most powerful hero for his field. Simply play as the CIS (droids) on Coruscant. Then , once you get the needed amount of points, you will see a small indicator at the bottom come up, asking if you want to become a hero.

Hero's do not count against your reinforcement count, so go ahead and click the D-Pad button (arrow) pointing to 'yes'. Fiddle around with the controls, test it out on all the enemies you can. Soon, you will become a master at controlling the best 'tank' in the game!
Rankings and Moving Up
The rankings that show up on your profile page are determined by the following.

Private - Lead 1 Man - 0 Medals Total
Sergeant - Lead 2 Men - 20 Medals Total
Captain - Lead 3 Men - 100 Medals Total
General - Lead 4 Men - 300 Medals Total

Leading a man means that you will be able to issue orders to that person to perform such acts as 'Move Out'.

The higher the rank, the more men you can order to perfrom such simple tasks.

The medal total is calculated through all of your medals combined, not just in all categories. So no worries if you can't seem to get enough Regulator Points, you can still become a General easily with zero.
Recon Droids and Effectiveness
Although the clone commando comes with an effective special weapon, in the wrong hands it's a waste of time. Remember, these small weapons can be killed in basically one shot, and although it might seem fast when you go against them, you can often see them moving incredibly slow when using them. So avoid unnecessary combat whenever out on the field. Also, if your going to engage an enemy, then make sure you can get away with it. For example, a trooper facing the opposite direction is a good target. Just remember, the AI has excellent aim when it comes to these little things, so be extremely careful.

The number one use I have seen them put through are sudden, random detonations which can cause a lot of damage to many enemies within range. So if you get the chance and happen to be around enough troops, within range, then take it and blow them to hell. This can always give someone the advantage, whether it be you in their sights or the sniper on the hill waiting for the CP to change sides that they were heading for.
Region Related Units
Accross multiple maps in this game, you will come accross a large amount of units that you will recieve on no other planet, no matter the side you choose to go with. These native species have several uses, which I hope to cover in this cheat.

Native species have one thing that stands out from the rest of your units. This is that they do not count for your reiforcement count. This means, when one dies, another will spawn in it's place and not take a number off of that green number at the top of your screen, which can be excellent as an advantage in many situations, such as when you are heavily outnumbered on Kashyy. The Wookiees will charge out and take as many as possible with them before they go down, before coming back again. This also has another heavy use. Even if there is only one unit left on the screen, wookiees, ewoks, and other assorted allies will always continue to reappear and attack. For example, on Kashyyk, even if only you and yuor friend are left, ten wookiees might be fighting on the field. Because of this, they are also excellent to give orders to. Order four to follow you, and go charging out, taking most of the fire and going to the heart of it, will cost you nothing in reinforcements, provides valuable cover and most of all gives you some protection as you go out to kill as many as possible. As a nice little side bonus, the wookiees will be back in a few seconds to guard your back base, and maybe even assault the beach head if that is necessary.

If your going for vitory, then stay at the back with the turrent, and let the wookiees do the hard work. These players might not be as good as you, or they are CPU, and as many attackers know, it always seems there are a few up on those darn platforms.

On the other end, the most wookiees are good for is fodder to increase your skill count or your points to get a hero, so unless your desperate to get either, or are under fire from the native species, always go for actual enemies first. Otherwise, these native species can be incredibly powerful, such as the close range attacks of the wookiee spread weapon, an Ewok killing you when you are not looking down or getting a wookie explosive to the side of your vehicle. Use these creatures while you can, and you will always have some sort of advantage, no matter what the odds.
Remember: Jedi's Come Through Hard Work
In BF II, it is always a good idea to remember that hanging at the back and shooting down enemies will not gain you access to Jedi's... in the game options, you might have noticed that you have to get a certain amount of points before they come up, and they only appear in certain increments of time. For example, a Jedi will not appear thirty seconds into the game, and if you just finished using a Jedi, you still have to wait thirty seconds.

The best ways to get points is to take CPs, from my point of view, however going on a slaying spree can gain you access to one fairly quickly.

If you do not use them, or if your partner is better with a Jedi on split screen or the like, then don't use the Jedi -- he should also have enough points by the end of the thirty second count down you have to immediately take control of the Jedi when the choice appears on his screen.

So if you want a Jedi, you have to go out and get some actual action. Otherwise, your getting nothing out of the game. Good luck!
Rockets are hero\'s friends!
When you think of the rockets in this game you may think how the hell does a jedi survive that!?!? Belive it or not you can deflect rockets with your lightsabor! Never give up when confronted whith a rocket!
Safe Inside a Republic Tank and Walker?
In response to the top, no, you are not. If you are a good sniper with any weapon, skilled enough with any weapon, good with a lightsaber, etc, then there is one thing that you should know about the tank and walker (AT-ST) that they employ.

Both have open air gunner positions. The people in these seats (for the latter, it is the driver as well) can be shot out fairly easily, taking out a key weapon in many assaults.
Ship Battles and Kills
Remember that the troops of the other side are not all in the air at all times. In fact, you can find several still on board the ship. By taking any available marines or such, you can go over and handle a vast amount of lightly armed pilots who are on their way to their ships. Quite often you can cut down a good dozen on your way just to the main room, and even then, you have the troops in there, which are using weapons stations and such, and also many of your objectives. Similar to this is if you happen to have access to a transport -- although it sometimes, if not usually creates a more offensive move of marines from your enemies, you'll have heavy troop reinforcements inside an enemy vessel, which can be useful not only inside, but outside as well, as it leaves many fighters unharrassed and the cruiser's more vulnerable to attack.
Sniping - Four Recommended Spots
Although the sniper appears to have been slightly less important in this game than it has been in the past, they are still effective when getting head shots and assorted other long range attacks on enemies. The following has four maps with spots I have found to be excellent for this sort of combat.

1. Geonosis: In more than one way, this map is a Sniper's haven. The main part of the map itself is flat with few obstructions, meaning you can snipe from that location itself and hit units far accross the field.

Another area which is quite obvious is the giant hill located to the side of the field opposite of the chasm. Up there is excellent for firing down on the heads of enemies, no matter the location.

The central CP, one that the CIS usually owns at the beginning of instant action battles, has two spots which are recessed into what looks like to be a carcass of a ship or building. These two platforms are excellent for sending heavy fire, no matter the type of trooper, upon the enemy with little worry of getting hit due to the overhang above the little spaces.

Finally, there is those spire like rock CPs, which have openings to snipe through. Although out of the way and not all that great for sniping itself, it can be useful when desperate.

2. Kashyyk: Kashyyk has several places to snipe from, however, the following is the two main areas.

Kashyyk has two excellent platform areas for sniping, one over the water and one against the usually defending side, both with abilities to target both beaches if need be. The laster turrents are also a good ida to use in this case, thanks to it's heavy firing capabilities. From there, except for some small obstructions, all beach enemies are visible.

The second spot is located by the defending side's home base. This is the large metal wall, which you can get to the top of by walking up the hill. Although you might want to use the turrents, your best bet here if they break through the wall and troops start flooding in is the much more precise sniper.

3. Tatooine: This one is quite simple. Units on top of buildings can cause chaos, and the sniff CP can cause havoc on any who come to try and take it. However, there is one place that few decide to really linger at once in a while, and that is because it is only accessible by Jango and Boba. From the top of the highest buildings, which you can reach from the skiff with the rocket pack, you'll have easy out-of-range sniping access and the ability to drop any explosives you might have upon them.

4. Endor: This map has platforms galore in the center, and with enemies coming out of the woodwork it is always best to be able to beat them back. Endor also has a small hill behind the bunker CP, in which you can stand and kill those in the turrents and any who might pop up with ease. I recommend a speeder and the side woods to get there quickly, although sneaking along can get you up there as well.

I hope this helps you all to gain those marksmen medals.
Sniping Tip - Deployable Turrents
The Sniper's Deployable Turrent is one of the more useful weapons in the game, at least it is in my opinion. The number one thing that many people will notice about this turrent is that it is stationary, but that is not something that is a major loss. In fact, it's use as a stationary, but independent weapons platform is excellent for a variety of reasons.

There are two ways that I use this device, typically. Either I go to high ground and release the device just over the edge so that it falls and shoots enemies at the bottom, or I will set it near where I am sniping.

If I perform the latter, I gain instant protection and can put my full attention to sniping, until my turrent fires off, which you will be able to hear. When you do, you can go out of sniping mode and pull out your pistol for close action with your enemies. Thanks to the accuracy of the turrent, you can now find all enemies and dispatch them in a timely manner.

Good luck with the rest of the game!
Space Stage
no matter the team, have infinite health and ammo, should be on this page, and get in a bomber. destroy enemy frigates than fly in the hanger. use time bombs or rocket launcher to destroy the auto turret mainframe, in the middle room, the big pillar in the middle, also destroy the shields, in the back, the tube with electricity, the engines, on the right, the pipes, and the life support, on the left, the big computer in the back. escape on a bomber and destroy the communications, bridge, and sensor. then either go back to either hanger and take a fighter (droid trifighter, republic starfighter, a wing, or TIE intercepter) and take down ships, or keep your bomber and take down transports, the big ships.
Strafing: Extra Advantage
Although many a game that involve sniping and shooting have strafing, the auto-lock feature available (although defnitely not exclusive) on this game (which targets units for you) has an unfortunate quirk in it that you can use to your advantage.

One of the things you may have noticed while strafing in the game or aiming for a strafing opponent in the game is the near impossibility of hitting said target without manipulating the area the weapon is aiming for, which many people now do subconciously. The CPU, however, does not. If ever caught in a firefight with one or multiple enemies, always strafe to the maximum potential. The CPU will continue to miss for the most part and you can continue your slaugfhter unhindered.

A note, though: this style of gameplay becomes ineffectual if opponent comes within point blank (very close) range, so it should be used while at a moderate distance.
Super Battle Droids and Directed Fire
Luckily for us, BF II has several different kinds of projectile incendiaries available for use whenever you need them, depending on unit. Equally unfortunate is how many of these weapons that you do have available to you are not directed, and a lot of times you depend on free throws. However, The Fett's and the Super Battledroid also have an extremely useful weapon: The Rocket. Both of them have a rocket like weapon that can be targeted not only at large vehicles but at the smaller troopers as well! This means that you can actually cut down your enemies with rockets in one hit, as opposed to hoping they don't move out of the range of a grenade.
Taking Down Shields From the Outside
It is not recommended that you try and take down any of the ship's shielding grids from the outside. This requires excessive bombing of enemy vessels and can quite often end in your destruction due to other fighters and the weapon emplacements on the ships...

So do the right thing, and go on a killing spree inside, where you'll find the easy to destroy shield systems just waiting to be destroyed.
Tanks and Where They Fire (Droid Roller Tank Specific)
Tanks in BF II are powerful, but, you guessed it, not very accurate. When it comes to anything smaller than a turrent, these large beast lose effectiveness against them by a huge percentage. For this reason, I would recommend, if in a particularily nasty jam, such as multiple tanks around you by the Sea Wall on Kashyyyk, that you try to get as close to another tank as possible, or in the case of the rolling droids on Kashyyyk, onto one of the side treads or even onto the main one. This can cause enemies to hit and sometimes destroy their own tanks while trying to get to you, and thanks to the inaccuracy (and for the featured tank, spread out) shots, there is a good chance that you might survive to get healed another day.
Technician Award, Slicing and Engineer's
Although it might seem that the Engineer is not as useful as it looks, and that only tanks can take on tanks, this is not true. Enemy vehicles can be spliced using the characters fusion cutter when an enemy is inside. This will cause the temorary loss of function in the vehicle and the pilot getting out, which is when you can kill them. Remember, this will gain you a Tech award once a life, and I found that the Engineer's are the best to do it with, from the Clone Army. Why? Kashyyyk, in which they are the defender's, is against mass numbers of tanks, and even one Engineer can cause chaos among them all!
The 'Duck Blind' - Killing Mass Amounts of Enemies
However, the title depends on which CP they choose.

This tip is more for those of you who don't like charging about looking for enemies where they are not. A simple way for killing the Empire on Hoth and the Republic on Geonosis follows, and it's all, once again, in those strategic machines, the walkers.

The one place that many troops will use is the walker, especially if they are limited in the amount of CPs they have, the walker CP is closest to some sort of target or they notice that your in the area. This all works for you, as you can instantly kill them just by hanging around the legs of it.

So the next time you want to go in and seriously cut down those numbers, wait for the walkers to come in, and run for the legs! Who knows how many you'll kill.

Note: Recommended that you at least take over a command post first to narrow the choice of CPs where they can reappear from.
The Library CP in Instant Action
On Coruscant, in instant action, during the clone wars, there will be a battle between droids and the Republic here. One thing that the Republic always does is send a man to the library through the computer storage area and the upper library. Cutting them off here can bottle neck their forces, and give you an edge that is incredibly useful for taking the rest of the map.

First of all, simply go as the droid of your choice to the library CP and take it over. I have yet to meet an enemy before I take over the base if I head straight there. Then, go up the stairway (the one on the right is preferable) and handle the troops coming down. Always point your gun slightly up so that you can hit them from a lower elevation.

Moving through the upper library and computer archives (the room that glows blue) after handling them is easy. You can then hit them in the backside by attacking the CP there. On the off chance you take it, then all the better!

By now you will have the chance to play as Darth Maul. Charging down the stairs as him or any droid can seriously damage any chance they have off gaining an offensive for the main hall.

Remember that they will most likely try and take the side room you first started in on the right side of the map, closest to them. They may have control of the turrent in that corridor. Taking back that CP at any time is a useful asset, as your troops will charge from there as well, like a pincer movement. They can't all point in one direction, so at least one or two people will be vulnerable. The last CP, if holding all the others, could simply be your forces sweeping in from three sides. If there is still some men on their side left, then it is slaughter, especially if there are large numbers. Grenades are incredibly useful in that situation, and if you are Darth Maul... then grenades will quickly become unnecessary.
The Yoda I know
Be invincible without even using the cheat code! Be yoda on Kashyyyk XL. Run into the big lake in the middle, unless you use your regular attack or jump, you're completely underwater! only some explosions can harm you! sprint around and attack the droids, if friendly fire is off, they shoot the droids you're next to.
Throwing Your Lightsaber
Lightsabers are interesting devices in that they can be thrown and at a certain distance will return to the owner. However, a few tips follow.

1. If you are going to throw it, remember not to aim too low or too high, and especially not for an enemy who is heading off in the opposite direction from where you aimed, if you are aiming upwards. You have one shot, not multiple ones from a blaster rifle. Otherwise, it will stop short on anything solid that might stop it moving and return, unless that solid item happens to be one of your enemies.

2. Your enemies may be good with this ability as well. remember that when you see one coming, always move in a perpendicular fashion. Otherwise it will just catch up with you, and that's no good.

Remember to watch for when the lightsaber circles around and comes back!

3. For you using the lightsaber...

Well, using it is fairly simple. However, if you miss, it is not as if that's the end. Keep moving so that the lightsaber is always on the direct opposite side of the person you want to kill. It will come back and nail them.

4. You have no defence while throwing a lightsaber. Even Aayla Secura, with two lightsabers, will focus totally on the one she has thrown. So you'd better be sure of the course of action or be willing to accept the risk or cost.

5. Finally, sometimes while moving side to side your lightsaber will come through walls. Remember that usually it will not come through the totally solid wall in front.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
Turrents: Look, A Head!
Turrents have one major weakness against your A-typical trooper, and that is the way the face shield is designed.

Where the gun comes out with the blaster, there is a schism in the guard plate where blaster fire can get through. Although easier to shoot with turrents and snipers who can aim in on the head, if you are skilled with any weaponry and can aim at the head by yourself, then do so.

Remember that once that turrent is empty, most likely the nearest enemy unit will take its spot. So be ready to either take the turrent, destroy the turrent or use the turrent (recommended by me, as well as well used) as a trap.

Your not invincible for the most part while doing this, so watch out!
Use 3D to Your Advantage
Battlefront II does not only work in side to side, forward and back, and the like. You can also oftenmove higher. To other platforms higher up, slightly elevated grounds, like a hill, a small bridge, and similar areas in the game are so useful because of this. Anyone who has tried tracking an enemy or getting a bead on one in the top floor of the Naboo Temple Library CP can vouch for this as well. Almost everyone has difficulty aiming higher then themselves, as it is usually unexpected, and most of the time you are off the screen.

So the next time you play, think 3D. Up can be a big help... being below can obscure your view to far too much, including the small visible bit of their character's body and weapon to your fully unpretected one. How do you combat it? The only way you can. Moving erractically side to side (not forward or backwards, and moving from having them shooting your back to you head isn't much of an improvement) and finding an obstruction or trying to get to the same level as they are are the best strategies. Just remember... your changing elevations on stairs, so it's a lot easier for your enemy to get you then it is for you to get them. Plus, be wary, as the steps are almost always in the open....
Zoom zoom zoom!
In SWBII (mostly on a multiplayer game,) other people are really good at the game because they have Xfire or Gamespy. But ARE they? This tip will help you become a little skilled up a bit!

1. Whatever team your in, be a sniper (Scout trooper, assassin droid, rebel marksman, clone sharpshooter.)

2. Find a good spot for sniping. Crouch down by pressing C.

3. Press Z to look through that microscopic thing on top of your sniper. You will see lense with the cursor in the middle. Press Z twice to zoom in even more!

This will make it easier for you to kill and either get a reward, or have the chance to be a hero! (unless the host has heroes off)


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Mygeeto Campaign "Amongst the Ruins" Glitch
When you have to take down the 3 shield generators in the very back, protecting the core thing, if you still have Ki adi mundi or a jet trooper you can jump through a hole in the top, and when the middle thing is down, so will the shields, and take the crystals and go!
rancor pit
First go to jabba's palace in instant action and play as the republic then wait to play as a clone commander. fall into the rancor pit and wait for one of your team mates to get eaten (I dont know if droids work). then blast at him before he gets eaten and his health is all gone. If done right the rancor will barf up some bones and a whole bunch health tanks ( blue, yellow, green, red, etc. its also alot easier if you use a jedi and throw the light saber.
Walk on the capital ship!
Go in any starfighter in a space battle, keep pressing the spacebar until you automaticly change to 3rd person view. When this happens, get out and you will be walking on the capital ship!
Walking on fire!
This is a very cool glitch and it's very easy!

1. In the Instant Action Menu above the Star Wars Battlefront II logo type mostimpressive for invincibility.

2. Go to the Heroes section on the left and set the hero respawn time and hero timer to Always OR go to the CTF section also on the left and reduce the CTF score to 2.

3. Host a game on Mustafar and select any era you want.

4. When your in the game, score the flag once so you unlock the first special trooper then kill an enemy to get a Dark Trooper or a Jet Trooper OR be the hero.

5. Go to the control pannel that controls the bridges. Destroy the panel which makes the bridges fall.

6. Then fall into the fire underneath the bridges. Then your walking on fire!

TIP: Make sure you're a hero or a unit with a jetpack otherwise you can't get out! Unless you respawn, which will increase the chance of being defeated!


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abracadabra! walk through walls!
this works on almost all walls but it is best on mygeeto. you must select the cis team. you must first unlock a driodaka before you can do this. when you are playing as a driodaka you must change to ball form. find any wall and roll into it. when you are not moving anywere and spinning in place, deploy from ball mode. If you have done this correctly, almost half or at least some part of the driodaka shuld be in the wall. walk straight forward and you will walk through the wall. you can also shoot unsuspecting enemies without them seeing you.
The Code you've all been waiting for has been discovered!
To Access Invincibility go to the Instant Action Menu and above the Battlefront II Logo type "mostimpressive" press enter and you will get a confirmation message that reads "But you are not a Jedi yet!..." you will have invincibility in any game mode.
This is an authentic working code as I just discovered it today.