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Add a relic powerup to a specific ship

Star Control Save Game Layout
v1.00 by ZaStaR

I was going to make a save game editor but never got around to it.
So if you have a hex editor handy, here's how to increase precursor
powerups on your ship just by tweeking the full scenario mode's
save game.


Easiest to find ships in the save game by crew count:
1. Intentionally loose crew in combat (count the green crew dots)
2. Save
3. Edit the save game by finding the crew count for that ship

Ship stat layout (byte-by-byte):

First ship is typically at 0x0AD0.

thrust=more is faster
dynamo=less is faster
jets=less is faster

The game detects a powerup whenever a ship's stat does not match the ship's default.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: chemlab on February 05, 2007