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System Shock 2 (PC) Cheats

System Shock 2 cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat Codes
When in Shoot mode, hold Shift and press the semicolon ( ; ) key. Type one of the following codes, then press the Enter key to active the cheat. Note that the game will lock up if you attempt to open the code entry interface while the MFD is displayed. Parameters in square brackets are entered w/o the brackets.
Act like level 1-5 buttonspsi_power
Adds [XX] cybernetic upgrade modulesadd_pool [XX]
Spawn [object name]summon_obj [object name]
Cycle equippable weaponscycle_weapon <-1 or 1>
Displays version numbershow_version
Fire weaponfire_weapon <0 or 1>
Max out psi pointspsi_full
Max statsubermensch
Open PSI upgradesopen_mfd 38
Open stat upgradesopen_mfd 35
Open tech upgradesopen_mfd 36
Open weapon upgradesopen_mfd 37
Reload weaponreload_gun
Save to current folderquicksave
Search and equip weapon from inventoryequip_weapon
Stop playing mail or logstop_email
Switch between modesfrob_toggle
Switches between primary and secondary weaponsswap_guns
Toggle weapon settingswpn_setting_toggle
Toggle Compass Statetoggle_inv
Query cursor (1=on 0=off)query
Split cursor 1=on 0=offsplit
Jump Playershock_jump_playername
Puts cursor into look modelook_cursor
Bring up Psi Power selection MFDselect_psipower
Open up an MFD by Overlay constantopen_mfd
Clear any existing teleport markerclear_teleport
Bind a quick slotquickbind
Activate a Quick slotquickuse
Use an object by nameuse_obj
Toggle Message Historymsg_history
Play an Unread logplay_unread_log
Switch between mouselook abd cursor modestoggle_mouse
Simple frob of selected objectfrob_object
Simple frob of selected object in workd or in invfrob_object_inv
Inventory use an iteminterface_use
Fire weapon (1= start 0 = finish)fire_weapon
Drag and Drop (1= Start 0=Finish)drag_and_drop
Load from current subdirectoryquickload
Object Name Codes
Use these codes for the [object name] parameter of the "summon_obj" cheat (see "Cheat Codes")
10 Nanites10 nanites
12 AP bulletsap clip
12 Standard Bulletsstandard clip
20 Nanites20 nanites
20 Prismssmall prism
5 Nanites5 nanites
50 nanitesbig nanite pile
50 Prismslarge prism
A disgusting pile of worms.wormgoo
Annelid Med Patchannelid_medpatch
Annelid Psi Patchannelid_psipatch
Annoying Wormgrub
Anti-Annelid Toxinanti_annelid toxin
Anti-Toxin Hypodetox patch
Antimony (Sb)chem #4
Arachnid Organarach. organ
Arsenic (As)chem #11
Assault Rifleassault rifle
Baby Arachnidbaby arachnid
Bag of Chipschips
Barium (Ba)chem #18
Big Arachnidarachnightmare
BrawnBoost Implantbrawnboost
Bridge Access Cardbridge card
Caesium (Cs)chem #12
Californium (Cf)chem #7
Can of Sodasoda can
cargo bay 1a/1b access cardcargo bay 1a/1b
cargo bay 2a/2b access cardcargo bay 2a/2b
Copper (Cu)chem #6
Crew Bedcrew bed
Crew Quarters access cardcrew card
Cryo Access Cardcryo card
Crystal Shardcrystal shard
Dead Power Cellpower cell
Deck 2 Access Cardcrew 2 card
Electro Shockelectro shock
EMP Grenadeemp grenade
EMP Projectileemp shot
EMP Rifleemp rifle
EndurBoost Implantendurboost
Engine Override Keyeng override key
Female Apparitionfemale appar.
Fermium (Fm)chem #1
Floor Podfloor pod
French-Epstein Devicefrench-epstein device
Fusion Cannonfusion cannon
Fusion Projectilefusion shot
Gallium (Ga)chem #3
Greater Overlordgreater over.
Greater Overlord Organgr. over. organ
Grenade Launchergren launcher
Grenadier Hybridog-grenade
Grub Floor Podgrub floor pod
Grub Wall Podgrub wall pod
Hassium (Hs)chem #13
Hazard Suitvacc suit
HE Cliphe clip
Heavy Armourheavy armor
Highly Explosive Barrelexplode barrel
Hydroponics A Accesshydro card a
Hydroponics B Accesshydro card b
Hydroponics C Accesshydro card c
Hydroponics D Accesshydro card d
ICE Pickice pick
Incendiary Grenadesincend. grenade
Incomplete Surgical Unitmed bed
Interpolated Simulation Chipchip c
Invincible SwarmSwarm
Invisible Arachnidinvisible arachnid
Iridium (Ir)chem #10
LabAssistant Implantlabassistant
Large Beaker of Wormslarge worm beaker
Laser Pistollaser pistol
Laser Turret (enemy)laser turret
Light Armourlight armor
Linear Simulation Chipchip b
Maintenance Toolmaintenance tool
Male Apparitionmale appar.
Med Access Keymed card
Med Annex Access Keymed annex key
Med Hypomed patch
Medical Kitmedical kit
Medium Armourmedium armor
Melee Hybridog-pipe
Midwife Organmidwife organ
Mn. Overlord Organmn. over. organ
Molecular Analysermolec. analyzer
Molybdenum (Mo)chem #15
Monkeyred monkey
Monkeyblue monkey
Monkey Brainmonkey brain
Ninja Assasinassassin
Og Organog organ
Operations Override Keyops override key
Osmium (Os)chem #9
Portable BatteryPortable Battery
Protocol Droidprotocol droid
Proximity Grenadeprox. grenade
Psi Amppsi amp
Psi Boosterpsi booster
Psi Hypopsi trainer
Quantum Simulation Chipchip a
Radiation Hyporad patch
Radioactive Barrelrad barrel
Radium (Ra)chem #17
Recreation Access Keyrec crew key
Reflex Armourreflec armor
Research and Development Access Keyr and d card
Rickenbacker Access Cardrickenbacker card
Rickenbacker Keyrick room key
Rickenbacker Special Edition Defence Turretrick turret
Rocket Turretturret rocket
Rocket Turret (enemy)blast turret
Rumbler Organrumbler organ
Science Access KeyScience Card
Security Access Cardsecurity card
Security CameraSecurity Camera
Security Stationsecurity comp
Selenium (Se)chem #19
Shotgun Shellsrifled slug box
Shotgunner Hybridog-shotgun
Shuriken-Wielding Assassinred assassin
Shuttle Access Keyshuttle access key
Slug TurretPellet Shot Box
Slug Turret #2slug turret
SmartBoost Implantsmartboost
Sodium (Na)chem #8
Some Random Machinerywide machinery
Speed Boosterspeed boost
Stasis Field Generatorstasis field generator
Stats Trainerstats trainer
Strength Boosterstrength boost
Surgical Unit Activation Keymed bed key
Swarm Organswarm organ
Swarmer Floor Podswarmer floor pod
Swarmer Wall Podswarmer wall pod
SwiftBoost Implantswiftboost
Tech Trainertech trainer
Technetium (Tc)chem #16
Tellerium (Te)chem #14
Timed Grenadestimed grenade
Toxic Grenadestoxin grenade
Traits Machinetrait machine
Tri-Optium Mugmug
Vanadium (V)chem #2
Version 1 Hacking Softwarehack soft v1
Version 1 Modification Sofwaremodify soft v1
Version 1 Repair Softwarerepair soft v1
Version 1 Research Softwareresearch soft v1
Version 2 Hacking Softwarehack soft v2
Version 2 Modification Sofwaremodify soft v2
Version 2 Repair Softwarerepair soft v2
Version 2 Research Softwareresearch soft v2
Version 3 Hacking Softwarehack soft v3
Version 3 Modification Sofwaremodify soft v3
Version 3 Repair Softwarerepair soft v3
Version 3 Research Softwareresearch soft v3
Viral Proliferatorviral prolif
Wall Podwall pod
Weapon Trainerweapon trainer
Worm Launcherworm launcher
WormBlood Implantwormblood
WormHeart Implantwormheart
WormSkin Armourwormskin
Yttrium (Y)chem #5