Spore Cheats

Spore cheats, Codes, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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5 eggs will be hidden for you in spore
hit Q and it will put you on a treasure hunt for 5 eggs reward:100 DNA
Fly to Kill epics
Go Next to an epic have 5 jump and glide then keep hitting space then hit L


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Full List of Cheats
Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console screen. Type code into the console, then hit enter. Press escape or the red X to close the console. Capitalization doesn't seem to matter when entering codes.
PasswordWhat it does
helpLists all cheats and debug commands.
help (command)Explains action and usage of a command.
freedomNo complexity limit in creator.
addDNAIncreases how much DNA you have to spend.
moreMoneyIncreases your money in Civilization or Space stages.
unlockSuperWeaponsUnlocks all superweapons for your Civilization type.
refillMotivesReplenishes depleted health and other motives.
spaceCreateUnlocks and recharges all creation tools in Space Mode.
universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency #Rate that pirates will raid your systems.
universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency #Rate that pirates will steal spice from your systems.
universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency #Rate that pirates will raid ally your systems.
setConsequenceTrait (trait)cell_carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore, creature_aggressive, creature_social, creature_mixed, tribe_aggressive, tribe_social, tribe_mixed, civ_
capturePlanetGIFCaptures a spinning GIF of the planet you are on and dumps to AnimatedAvatars directory.
levels -unlockOn the main menu, unlocks every stage for new games.
styleFilter -oilPaintGives the game an oil painting effect
styleFilter -filmNoirView game in black & white
stylefilter -nonechange view back to normal
freeCamToggles free camera mode.
killallhintsRemoves all hints from the game.
SetTime (h, m)Sets time of day at the Avatar's position.
evoadvantageEnter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game to gain the ability to play as any creature from the Sporepedia.
blocksmodeTurns creatures into their blocky representations.
stylefilter -microscopeA camera filter that makes everything black and outlines them with white.
stylefilter -norainbowsA camera filter that darkens the game and creates a night effect.
stylefilter -nextgenA camera filter that darkens then douses the game with gray.
Autospore(Note: you need to purchase this, as in description.) Pretty much can be used to alter the game entirely.
Jump5hives you max Jump
LookOutgives you a boost and destroys path behind you
GreenPaints character green LOL
MLLmakes you taller with more health
SeemeNoudontmakes you invisible


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Unlockable Cheats
If you go to the the Sporepedia in the start menu, then to the Badges section, then to the Cheat shop you can buy cheats via. Badge points, earned when gaining levels. The cheats can be turned on and off.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Tribal stage foodunlockAllFood If this cheat doesn't work then I'll try to redo it
Become an epic on Creature StageMegaSize
10000 health for chieftain tribal stageCaptainsHealth
friends with all creatures on Creature StageBefriendAll
Add more Boats/Planes/ground vehicles on Civilization stagelongList
Poison is turned to fire x2 damagePoisonBurns
Make an asteroid appear in front of you Creature stageLookOutAbove
Turn invisible to playersWhereAmi
Make a bomb when done chargeRamBam
Fly on Creature Stage for 1mFlyHigh
Toggle speed 1 is normal 2 is faster and 5 is fastestSetSpeed 1-5
Always have 3 pack members or moreDefendPack
This cheat will give the user 50 extra health each stage(one use)extraHealth
rechargeSpaceToolsyou have to get all the space tools you have to recharge all at once
evenMoreMoney(30,000 sporebucks in civil stage 500,000,000 sporebucks in space stage) you have to have more than 80,000,000 sporebucks in the civil stage
Unlockable Items
Unlock a Slingshot,Sword Blade,and a rock to shoot.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Slimgshot for creature stageLongShot
Sword blade for creature stageLongAndSharp
The rock for sling shot Creature stageAimFire
Instead of a turret a cannonWeakShotStrongShot
Poison can go fartherByepoison
Transform into a rogueTransformRogue
Higher jumpLookZup
Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Death Lasertype ExtremeLaser in code bar by hitting Ctrl+shift+C
Ground poundType high slam in Ctrl+shift+C
Sneaky charge ( more damage)Type WheredidBullygo in the Ctrl+shift+C bar
My Best Cheatin Ctrl,Shift,C bar type SoFarBest


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Using any cheat in the space stage will give you the Joker badge, which will prevent you from getting Achievements in any saved game, so watch out!
Aarrgh the world is ending!!!!!
Type in setConsequenceTrait space_ecologist and you will get a new tool called CREATURE VACUUM. Use it on a creatureful planet, and you will get a cargoful of plants and animals. When an ecological disaster happens go to the dying planet and beam 'em down. Problem solved!
Delete missions
"Ooh, that mission's gonna be a failure! The (insert name) will be mad with me!"

Ever thought this?

Quickly solve it by deleting the mission in the "my collections" screen!
No angry allies!

NOTE: some missions are forced and you can't delete them. An example is an ecological disaster.
Easy Alliance, partly
to help make someone an ally all you need to do it sell some spice of artifacts, buy them back, sell, buy, until u get +15 for trading
Grox hunting tip
Grox can only live on T0 planets, so make it T1 and you're done! this is a fast and cheap way to go Grox hunting!
How to easily conquer planets(and start wars at the same time)
This is a really neat trick, especially if you've been having trouble taking over your enemies' homeworlds. But it's also a sure-fire war-starter, so be careful when using it.
Use the cheat console(Ctrl+Shift+C) and enter "setConsequenceTrait space_zealot". A new tool will appear in your Socialization tools, or, if you already have it, it will be instantly recharged. It's called Fanatical Frenzy. Use it on a planet, and it will automatically become yours. It even works on homeworlds, so naturally, I use it a lot. It's a great way to take over those planets that simply won't give up.
But there is a downside to this trick. Unless you are over 35 points when it comes to your relationship with another empire(move your mouse over the image of the planet owner when over or on a planet to view your relationship level with said empire, and the positive and negative factors effecting it) or far away from said other empire, they will most certainly go to war against you. Believe me, I know.
But, it's a great way to make more conquerable enemy planets, so because of this, continually use this cheat against enemy homeworlds while using your normal weapons on the rest of their planets until no other empires go to war against you, and you will have a significant chunk of the galaxy under your control. Or you can go all-natural and take them over the slow, basic way. But the upside to doing so is that the war will only be against the two of you, unless the enemy brings a few of their friends along. The choice is yours.
How to get through cell stage without getting hurt
This message will tell you how to not get hurt on Cell Stage
First become herbivores/carnivore do first mission then call mate when you've done that hit Ctrl+shift+C and type in it addDNA and it will give you 150 DNA points then surround you're cell with spikes and keep doing that :-D
How to kill other tribes easily!
Equip all your warriors with stone axes, or spears if you haven't got them. Attack the tribe and kill everyone, then leave two members there while the rest go back for torches. Kill any babies that appear with the two left behind, and when the others get back destroy the main tent.
Protect Your Food!!
Isn't it painful in trible stage when wild spores come to steel your food and your off a long way away and can't get there in time? Well problem solved! Just leave one of your guys at your nest to defend off the odd little spore that trys to get at your hard earned food.
Space stage: how to easily (and more cheaply) destroy cities.
Having a war? Don't waste your money on those war-induced weapons which can destroy cities, but just use nature's force to do it. Just buy some asteroid and meteorites and use them on a city. Destruction guaranteed!
In creature stage you may unlock a set of wings. Put them on your creature and, in a battle, if you're low on health fly away to your nest to heal.
you wanna live.....
after you decide to grow legs you will be in a extremly hostile enviroment so to survive you will need speed,sneak or brawn somthing like a huminoid should have allies , or a t-rex creature should be able to kill everything so you must choose a soild type not a jack-of-all-trade-master-of-none


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Attack...from up there?
It's kind of weird...but if you make a Spore with a long neck pointing up and put his mouth there, when he goes to bite someone else, he hits them, but he doesn't bend down so he bites without touching the other Spore!
herbivore eat meat without barfing!
I discovered this by mistake. First, make sure you are play a herbivore. Then make the creature pick up the meat ,but then click somewhere else on the screen. Make sure it is walking when it eats it. It will eat it but he will NOT barf out his insides.
nest in water
click on a planet and start from cell stage and when you go to creature stage your nest may be in water but you will not be able to go on to land because your get eaten. it will take a long time try each planet.
The Grox
So, if you are allied with The Grox, all the empires in the universe will hate you. If the Grox say something rude, you can always do this :
Use Fanatical Frenzy on one of their planets. What happens? You get a planet/star sistem and the Grox don't get mad. This means that they wont have -100 because you captured one of their sistems.
Under water creature stage!!!
Sometimes, your nest may be on the shore line in the sea!!! This is a problem because on land you cant do many things. Due to this, you will die straight away so just keep on guard!!!

Easter eggs

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Flying pictures
On the main menu, continuously spin the galaxy, and remember to continue clicking, it may not work if you don't keep clicking.
Once you've done this enough times, the center of the galaxy will flash, and pictures of people will fly out!
I'm guessing they're the developers.
Sea monster
Go far enough into the ocean with your creature in creature stage a gigantic seamonster will pop out of the ocean and eat you.