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Spider-Man cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Defeat Carnage in about 10 seconds!!!
1.When fighting Carnage,just jump into the sonic bubble. He can't get to you, but he throws stuff at you. After you get in the bubble,(just jump in), web pull him in. He will hold his head scream like a maniac.Oh yeah. He IS a maniac. Anyway, since he will not stay in a web line after you let go of the button, so you'll have to hold it down. BUT NOT YET. The bubble will 'pop' and he will try to jump away. DON'T LET HIM. Here is the web-wasting part: Web him up. Make sure you hold down the button.The sonic bubble will come up again and he will die (within a short amount of time). NOTE: I used the 'glands' cheat, so I don't know if you will run out of webbing. sorry. And if you don't like cheating, why are you even on this website? I also don't know if you will be effected if you are Symbiote Spidey. I doubt it though. The game was designed to hurt Carnage, not Spidey.

2. I am almost definately sure you need the 'glands' cheat for this:
Just 'Impact Webbing' him a buncha times.
Sometimes I use a combination of both.
Sometimes I just beat him up the "Old Fashioned" way.
Or whatever. I will be in with more tips on this game later.

E-mail me problems and such about my tip at jakest3r@hotmail.com
Easy win for Scorpion
When you face Scorpion just keeping using impact webbing and you will not lose any health point.
Moves are Number 8 and up.

Before you face Scorpion use this code at the cheat code center Glands this will give you lot of webbings.


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All Cheat Codes
Cheat Effect
WEAKNESS - Full Health
GLANDS - Infinite Webbing
TRISNTNL - Captain Universe Costume
SYNOPTIC - Spider-Man Unlimited Costume
XILRTRNS - Scarlet Spider Costume
KICK ME - Amazing Bag Man Costume
EGOTRIP - Pulsating Head
SM LVIII - Quick Change Spider-Man Costume
CLUBNOIR - Ben Reilly Costume
MRWATSON - Peter Parker Costume
MME WEB - Level Select
FANBOY - All Comic Books
CINEMA - View FMV Sequences
RGSGLLRY - Character Viewer
UATUSEES - "What If?" Mode
STICKMAN - STickman Spider-Man
FUNKYTWN - Cartoonish Spider-Man
ROBRTSON - Storyboard Viewer
KIRBYFAN - All Comic Book Covers
RULUR - J. James Jewett
LEANEST Unlock Everything
MIGUELOH Spider-Man 2099 Costume
SECRTWAR Symbiote Spider-Man Costume
Costumes and cheats
Go to Cheats menu and type these in to get different costumes and cheats
SYNOPTIC: Invisible Spidey Suit.
KICK ME: Amazing Bag Man Costume
XILRTRNS: Scarlet Spider Costume
SYNOPTIC: Spidey Unlimited Costume
TRISNTNL: Captain Universe Costume
MIGUELOH: Spidey 2099 Costume
SECRTWAR: Symbiotic Costume
Admntium: God-mode
Glands: Unlimited webbing
Fanboy: All Comics

The only cheats you need
In the cheat menu type these cheats:

Leanest- Unlocks all costumes, secret menus, etc.

Glands- Unlimited Webbing

Many other cheats for this game still exist, but these two do practically all you need