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Agility is as important as firepower
You should visit some climbing servers to learn about your soldier's physical abilities. Some tricks could help you move faster or evade projectiles.
CTF Clan War Tip [1] - Taunts
Taunts are essential as in CTF game modes. Taunts must include the position (low, mid, high) of EFC, INC (for 1-2 players), Heavy INC (for 2+ players), FFC, Camper(s), Dropped Team Flag, Dropped Enemy Flag and other taunts which indicate suggestions or your current state (eg. FFC: At base, in need of backup, Base under attack). You can also use teamspeak instead of taunts if you have a mic, it's faster and can give away information more accurate and faster.
CTF Clan War Tip [2] - Situations
There must be some sort of agreement on the positions of each player before a war. For example, a player who uses a weapon good for rushing should be placed as the attacker. A player who uses weapons which are only good while the player is stationary, should be positioned as a defender. If the players see an opportunity though, they should go for it, despite their position. Below is a list of all the weapons and what they are ideal for:

Desert Eagles

This weapon is best used for attacking. It's accuracy combined with the slow firing rate makes it ideal for moving steadily but slowly towards the flag.


This weapon has a very fast firing rate and a short reload, which makes it good for rushing. Which in turn makes it ideal for attacking. But it has a slow bullet speed, so not suited for rushing in open spaces.

Ak 74

This automatic has a slow firing rate and a long reload, which makes it perfectly suited for both defending and attacking. It is very accurate and thus makes up for it's slow bullet speeds. This makes it suited for open spaces.

Steyr AUG

This weapon is very powerful and has a fast firing rate. This makes it 100% suited for rushing/attacking. It becomes inaccurate after a while, so best suited for tight tunnels.

Spas 12

This weapon has a very short range, and thus suited for tight places. It's firing rate plus special reload, makes it not suited for battling multiple players, so use this weapon for taking out single players in tight places.

Ruger 77

The Ruger 77 is very powerful but has a short clip. It has the ability to kill with two/three shots. The wielder must be experienced with this weapon in order to be effective. It's accuracy plus firing rate makes it suited for defence and taking out players at long range can be a piece of cake.


The m79 is a one-hit-kill, short range weapon with a very slow firing rate. It is suited for taking out multiple players at once, but is also effective against single players. It's explosive bullet means even if the bullet goes a little off course, damage is still done. This weapon is suited for attacking/defending, but it's very slow firing rate means that if you miss your first opportunity, you're going to be killed.

Barrett M82A1

This sniper rifle is a one-hit-kill weapon and has a VERY slow firing rate and a VERY long reload. If you shoot while moving, the bullet will stray off course. So it is not effective while moving and thus suited for camping/defending. It's scope lets you take out enemies before they even know you're there.

FN Minimi

This weapon is very powerful, has a fast bullet speed and a large magazine. It is best suited for attacking AND defending. It becomes slightly inaccurate while moving, but the other factors make up for this. It's long reload means you cannot afford to miss a lot of shots, but the fast bullet speed makes this easy.

XM214 Minigun

DO NOT USE THIS WEAPON IN ANY CLAN WARS. The start up time is too long to allow for fast reactions.
CTF Clan War Tip [3] - Who reacts to taunts?
There should be an agreement on who reacts to taunts or not. Usually when someone says INC: Low, every player goes low, leaving the other routes open. The agreement should be for example: Player A reacts to INC, Player A and B react to Heavy INC etc. If a player sees the need to go against this, however, he should be free to do so.
CTF Clan War Tip [4] - Fooling the enemy
If you are running to the enemy base (or back to your base with the flag) and you encounter an enemy and kill him, change your route if possible. This is because after dieing, the enemy probably reported your position to his team.
CTF Clan War Tip [5] - Do not risk the flag
When you have the flag, don't bother killing anyone who isn't posing a threat. Run as fast as you can and if your flag is not at base, DO NOT MOVE OUT. Wait until someone else returns it, until that happens, camp at your base. If you find yourself in this situation often, make a taunt like "FFC: At base in need of backup" and/or "FFC: At base, return the flag!".
Perfect weapon choice
Just because, for example, Ruger 77 is your favourite weapon doesn't mean you should always use it. It depends on the enemy techniques and what weapons they are holding. The latter is the most significant. Below is a list of what weapons one should use against others which give you a huge advantage.

FN Minimi > Barrett M82A1 (totally messes up the sniper's accuracy)
HK MP5/Steyr AUG/M79 > AK 47/Ruger 77 (only at close range: the inferior weapons are very bad)
Steyr AUG/Spas 12 > Chainsaw (use these weapons if someone is spawn killing with the chainsaw)
Autos > Semi-autos (in general and while moving)
Semi-autos > Autos (in general and while camping)
Proning in the air
When you encounter an enemy and you're in the air, prone, so that the enemy has a smaller target to aim at. This is best used against snipers and Ruger wielders.
Propelling yourself
To move faster, grab the Spas 12 and shoot backwards. You can also use the XM214 Minigun for this as it is much faster, but if you need to take out an enemy it might be a problem.
Removing LAW's interval
When spawning with the LAW as the secondary weapon, switch to it for a second, so that you remove the fire interval. This can be a life saver when you switch to the LAW later in emergency situations.