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The Sims: Deluxe Edition cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Gain Money
To enter this password press ctrl, shift, and C to bring up the cheat window. Note that the game will say that it's not a cheat when you hit enter but you will still gain money. Just hold in the enter button to keep gaining money.
PasswordWhat it does
rosebud;!;!;!Receive extra money
More land space
Go to build mode and press shift control c then type "move_object on" then you can delete the road that way you can make your land space bigger
PasswordWhat it does
move_object onIt gives you more land space


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*social worker be gone*
once the social worker is by your baby switch to buy mode and hold down CTRL+SHIFT+C and put in
move_objects on then delete the social worker.
but, your baby will start over from "it's a ___ ! what will it's name be" or something like that so BEWARE!lol
All horoscopes
When you are making sims and you want a certain horoscope put on 1 point for anything and then click on the horoscope at the bottom of the thing and keep clicking it until you have the right one!
Baby Sims!
If your sim has a baby, do the move_objects on cheat and sell it if you want to change the gender of your baby!
Note: You HAVE to have someone interacting with the baby. sometimes it is better to sell the sim interacting with the baby first.
Balloon Trick
when you buy balloons, they cost $50, just after they all pop, you quickly sell them for $50
(if you leave it for too long it goes to $43 or lower)
Bathroom Needs
If You Have 1 Bathroom, and 1 Sim is In The That Room, and The Sim that needs the bathroom e.g: Bladder and Hygeine, You Can Go To The Buy Mode and Buy A Toilet or A Shower/Bath and put it in another room and they can use it and after their done, you can just sell it!
Beware of Guinea Pig: Unknown Illness
If you buy a guinea pig, your sims lives could be in danger. If your guinea pig is uncleaned and yous sims hapen to play with it, the could get bitten. Within sim hours, your bitten sim will begin to cough and sneeze, infect other sims, and eventually, die. Make sure your guinea pig is clean before yous sims play with it.
Burn people
first you make a room with no doors. then you type ctrl+shift+c then you type "move_objects on" and move everyone you find into the room and put a carpet in the room (make sure nothing sticks out) then you send up a rocket and pause on its way done grab it and put itintheroom with the carpet the carpet will put on fireand you see your friends burn.
Chemistry Set
These are the chemistry set potions:

Green ~ Evil clone (do move_objects on and delete the clone)

Blue ~ Puts sim in really good mood (maxes all motives) This is the most common potion.

Orange ~ Makes sim invisible

Yellow ~ Changes sim's personality

Red ~ Someone falls in love with the sim

Purpley-pink ~ Sim turns into Frankenstein for 1 hour and destroys house - don't delete...sim doesn't come back if you do!!

Light Green ~ Puts sim in a bad mood

Black ~ Lets you change sim's head and skin color, but not personality. The most uncommon potion to get.
Cloud of Smoke When Attacking Someone
I just found out that. Whenever you get the chance to attack someone and there is a cloud of smoke when they are fighting pause the game and move the cloud of smoke... IT'S SO HILARIOUS!!!
The only way to really prevent the clown from coming and staying is to not even think about buying the clown picture.

To make the clown go away pause the game press control+shift+c (ctrl+shift+c) a grey bar should appear and then type in move_objects on-.
(ClownAway! formerly known as Clown Begone!)

Thanks for reading my cheat best wishes on the game!
Deadly Pet
Ever have sims that die from an unkown illness? It's the guinea pig's fault. If you have a guinea pig and don't clean it, it gets dirty. If you click on the guinea pig cage and one of the options is "Clean" than don't play with it until you clean it. If you do play with it while it's dirty, it will bite your sim. after a few hours, your sim will start to cough & sneeze. 3 days later, your sim will die, and other sims living with that sim will get infected.
Delete Evil Clone
First, press ctrl, shift and c. then type in move_objects on. then go into buy mode, select the clone and hit delete.
Don't Pay
Tell one off your sims to get a snack when they get there quily X it they will put it dwon with out paying and when you pick it up it is free
East Mansion, Easy Life
First, create a family (the smaller the better, I suggest 2) then buy an empty lot. Put in the cheat "rosebud;rosebud;" by doing [shift][ctrl][c] then typing the code in. Redo the process, but instead of "rosebud;rosebud;", put in "!;!;!;" and repeat that pattern until you feel you have A LOT doesn't have to be too much, but a lot. Instead of the last character being a ";", make it a ":". Hold down enter, and even though a pop-up screen will say "no cheat exists", look at your money. Hold it down until you get 9,999,999 simolians. When you get to that amount, you cant lower your amount. With that money, you can build the mansion of your dreams with the most expensive stuff. I suggest creating a whole neighborhood of this, but leave atleast one neighborhood cheat free, becuase sometimes it's funner without. Happy Siming!
Exact Replica of your OWN HOUSE!
First take a picture of your house. YOU NEED A SCANNER. Scan the picture(s) (depends on the amount of your house you would like) and then save them into a file on the desktop named "Sim's House". Go onto Simes Deluxe and put up the cheat bar. (ctrl+shift+c) and type in (scan_file_sim's house). It will say no cheat. Click ok. You may think it wont work, but it gets a lil more complicated to work. Get some mayo on your tuna because this may take a few minutes. Next buy a wooden end table. Preferably the 120$ one. Place it next to the love bed and a fire place. (if you dont have the money, do the money cheat, while your at it do the move_objects on cheat)Now let the cookies go stale. Delete the trash can outside and take the mailbox and place it in front of the fireplace. Turn the fireplace on. Now put up a christmas tree. At 12:00 am santa should come. (you must delete the stale cookies and replace them with new ones) THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF THE FIREPLACE IS ON !! Santa will come and drop off presents. Open the first present, and when you open the second present, it will say BROWSE click browse and find the file on your desktop named Sim's House. Click enter then upload the pictures and drag them into the desired room. Ta Da. An exact replica of your house. It looks a lil weird but really awesome.
Fall in Love quickly!!
Ok. First, your 2 Sims must like each other at least 20 for daily relationship and 20 for lifetime relationship (bottom and top). They must be friends (with the blue smiley face). Then put them in a room with no doors. Put 3 tables and, on each table, but the 'Queen Vicanco Roses' (they're $99 each... do the money cheat for more money). Put the 2 Sims in the room with the roses and they keep doing 'Give flower to Someone'. If the person accepts, the relationships go up and up!! It really works!!
Fast Growing Baby Revised
If you want your baby to turn into a child use the Fast Growing Baby cheat, but I'm just revising the cheat. First do eveything the first "Fast Growing Baby" cheat says. However, you also need to keep your Sim who is taking care of the baby, and all the other sims happy, so, I would advise you to use the mood riser cheat on all of your sims every now and then. For that cheat type in Ctrl+Shift+C. In the box that appears, type in move_objects on. Then go to build mode, and delete your sim. After that go to live mode, and click on the sims head shot. The levels on that sim should be up, except for the fun, and bladder. So, every now and then do that for each sim to keep them happy. This way you won't have to worry about any of the sims, just worry about the baby. The "Fast Growing Baby" cheat is provided on this page, and it does work, but it takes longer than expected. Hope this helps!!!
Flaming Grim Reper
Buy a fireworks launcher and have another sims stay near it. Luckily, a firework will hit the sim a he/she will catch on fire. Try moving the sims until this works. When the Grim Reper comes to kill you he will be caught on fire.

P.S. Perfect moment to pause the game and take a picture.
Floating House
For a floating house, make the first level of your house how big you want the upstairs. Furnish it upstairs and put in a staircase. Delete the walls on the bottom floor and you will have a floating house.
Guinea Pig Cure, without cheats
If one of your Sims is infected by the dirty guinea pig bite, they don't have to die, or you don't have to delete them by move_objects on.

You can first isolate that Sim from their family by creating a different compartment that is not connected to the house. Make sure the room has everything the sim needs to survive, e.g toilet, bed, shower, fridge. Let your sim go in there, and then delete the door. Make sure they constantly wash their hands and take showers. When no one is home, you can buy a door and let that sim into the house. They can use everything, but make sure they clean it right after and make sure they are back into the compartment without a door when the other sims are home. Continue doing this, and your sim will be cured.
Har! Har!
If you want the grim reper to come but don't want to kill your sims put loads of pumpkins outside your house and make sure all your sims are asleep. the grim reaper will come ring the door bell and run away! It's hilarious!
Home School
Is your kid close to boot camp? Getting 'F's' on his/her report card? Can't get to school on time? Have them gaze through a telescope. Over time they will gain one work point, Ie. if they have a 'C+' they will go up to a 'B-.'
How to Bring your Sims mood up
1. pull up the cheat box(ctrl+shift+c)
2. type in move_objects on
3. click on your sim and hit delete
4. click on the picture of your sim(if it isnt there, click on the icon with the ppl in it til it shows up)
5. wait for a few seconds and watch ALL your sims bars fill to green
Instant Max Modes
Okay. Bring up the cheat box (shift control c[at the same time]) then type in move_objects on and then whenever your sims get in mad moods, go to buy mode and delete your sim (DONT WORRY! THEY'LL COME BACK!:]) and then go to live mode and click on that sims headshot! And their modes are MAXED!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
If you are lazy and dont want to get your sims to take out the trash just delete the full rubbish bin for $30 (same as purchase price) and buy a new one. easy!
Make a Party Without Calling Anyone
Get a table outside the house and put on it some balloons and a cake. Soon, loads of people will be at your house.
Max all motives (good mood!)
Do Ctrl+Shift+C and then a little box comes up. Type in move_objects on then pick up your sim that you want to cheer up and delete them. Then, go back to live mode and click on the deleted sim\'s head. they will reappear and their mood will go right up.
This cheat is great for lazy, unemployed sims and children, however, if you have an adult sim, they will not have anymore skill points or a job and you will have to start their carreer again.
More fun with move_objects on!
Get your Sims to play in bed. When they are both in the bed ,go into buy mode and type in move_objects on. Then click on the bed and move it and your Sims will countinue "playing" in an invisiblee bed!
Never buy the Flush Force 5 XLT (toilet)
Just settle for the normal toilet. I if you by the Flush Force 5 XLT becuase it will break easily, you will need to clean it often, and it will eather waste your time cleaning/fixing it, or it will cost you money calling a maid, repair man, or you have a robot to do it for you. P.S. If you do not know the "rosebud" cheat and the"!;!;"cheat the robot is really expensive!
Hope I helped!
Never ever block out the neighbors!
If you block them out your blocking out the police and the fire department! I just got into a fire and my sims all died. Also the mailman won't come! They came in and toke my "furnishings" becuase the mail man and woman didn't arrive!
New Born Baby Gifts
When you have a new born, put balloons outside of your house and wait, soon neighbours will bring you cake and flowers
NO MORE BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you poor nd sick of bills well guess wat if you use the
"move_objects on" cheat then pick up you mail box and delete it the post woman/man will have no were to putt your bills and will walk straight past your house and you will have no bills taa daa money saver
No more trash!
First buy a trash can for 10$, then, when it is full, sell it for 10$ and buy a new one for 10$! You won't have to take out the trash or lose money!
1.buy a cake
2.buy baloons
3.put it all on a table
Then wait a couple of sims minutes and nearly everyone in the neighberhood will be there
NOTE:if this doesn't work try buying anthing that you think belongs at a party.
PS:this is a great way to meet new friends!
When the baby starts crying, click on it click feed twice and then sing twice. Then triple fast forward it really works!( if no one is in the room, hit pause, go find a person with move_object on) and drag them to the baby. it will help!
If your sims' have better things to do than turn the robot on, here's a hint: delete the box thingy. If you need a robot, it costs 15 grand. Do the '!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:' cheat if necessary. Then, purchase a robot. When you have pulled the robot out, open up the cheat box( ctrl+shift+c) and type in ' move_objects on'. Then, go into buy mode and delete the thing you would feed/turn on/turn off the robot with.
Buy a rocket and shoot it off then when it comes down press pause before it hits the ground,then go to buy mode and sell it for 2,300.
Buy a fire place, christmas tree and fresh cookies and wait untill santa comes.... when he arrives press alt + shift + c and type move_objects on then press enter and keep santa in a room with no doors or windows!!!!!!

Santaclause is comming
  • A fireplace (but don't light it)
  • A Christmas Tree
  • Fresh cookies.

Leave the room and a skinny santa will come and bring you presents! Be sure, however, that the cookies are not stale - Santa gets mad!

*also try the move_objects on cheat and move the fireplace, see what happens!

*add me on msn!!!lindi_slip22@hotmail.com
Save the house not the sim!
Ok so you messed up your sim right?
Well, this isnt a cheat; more of a quick way and fun way to save that house you've worked on for 3 hours and get a new family into it.
Buy a pool and tell your sim to get in it. After the icon of getting into the pool disappears, remove all ladders and dive boards.
After about 30 seconds to you, your sim(Sim,sum,ism) should've(would've,shoulder,should) gained two body skills and another 5 seconds later should drown.
Then, click the 3 dots in the bottom left corner and save it before exiting the neighboorhood.
Then create your new family and move them in.
To remove the grave, just go to objects and delete it. Im not sure if it sells for money.
Hope I helped <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Email me if you want more cheets!
Save your sims
I got a guinea pig for one of my sims families, and then the whole family ended up with an 'unknown illness.' Well, one of my sims died and I wasn't too happy with that. So, I brought up the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and put in the "move_objects on" cheat and deleted the Grim Reaper and my sim. Then, I clicked on my sims image, and she was back, good as new.
If you have children, they HAVE to go to school. I learned that they will have to go to Military school if they fail.
sick sims?!
ok... one time my sim started coffing and sneezing and stuff, then out of nowhere she just fell over and died!!! but guess what? you can stop it from happening by going to the phone and calling services/doctor or right when the sim is dying, get the cheat box to come up, put in the "move objects" cheat and grab the sim thats laying on the ground dead and delete the sim, then click on thier headshot in live mode and they will be magically cured and alive!!
(p.s if you look in the photo album there will be a picture of your dead sim but the sim will still be living) (p.s.s your sim WILL DIE from being sick)
Social monkey?
Did you know yhat people stop calling to your house when you greet them for the first time?

Sims that are aquarius or capricorn get on really well with tauruses.

Sims that are taurus do not like talking on the phone but they always come over and bring chocolates.

There is a bigger chance that other sims will marry your sims if you prepare a dinner for them.
When you give a gift it gives 5 on the relationship score but, only for the person recieving the gift.

Just 5 tips from the social monkey.
Social Worker Problems
Having trouble with the 'Social Worker' taking away your baby? Well, there's an easy solution to this problem.

Once your baby magically appears keep focus on your baby cradle. Allow the adult Sims do their routines and REMEMBER to never take your screen off the cradle. Fast Forward the speed of time on the game. Keep focus on the cradle and put the mouse arrow on pause button. Once you notice your baby crying quickly click on the pause button and terminate what the adult Sims are doing.

Make your adult Sims feed, sing and play with the baby until the baby stops crying. Do this process until the baby grows into a child and you'll be all clear. This process goes on for at least 2 Sims days which isn't that long in reality.
The Bear will love you
Go to buy mode and click on to Decorative then sculptures and lock for "Black Bile Bear"
The bear will love the thing
Tired Of cleaning up
Are you tired of having your Sims clean up there dead plants, Dirty dishes, tired of spraying them little bugs, and cleaning there trash and stuff!!
Well I have a good cheat 4 u!! Go to that cheat box(Shift ctrl c) all at the same time!! and in that box type in Move_Objects on and go to buy mode and delete any thing you don't want to clean! It really works!
I was playing around on The Sims Deluxe for PC and my Baby Cradle was about to turn into a child. Right before it turned, like, a millisecond before it did, I paused it, turned on "move_objects on" and moved the cradle to another room. I unpaused and went along my merry way, and I suddenly had twins of my child, but only one headshot appeared in the Family tab.
What you really can do with
Use the move object code in these situations.
-Military school (Silly general! Cheats are for kids!)
-Hobo clowns (....?)
-Dirtiest house EVAR (Not anymore!)
-Hate your job (Poof! Where did it go?)
-Annoying bugs (The real "Terminator")
-Bad mood (Mood swings....)
-Over pileing bills! (Bills go bye bye.)
-Annoying guests? (Give them da boot!)
-Hint Don't use it on monster you'll never get your character back!
There are even more! You can trap buses delete the demanding pizza boy and more. Well have fun with your newly honed knowledge
Working Progress
Your sims need to get family friends before they go to work right? So get your sims building needs all(Cooking skill ect.) up to the limit that your ment to and save the game.
Then go to the neighbourhood and go into another of your houses and become family friends with the sim you were first playing
Zombie Sims
When you buy a chemistry set and the potion is purple, you can turn your sims into a monster.


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Snack n Cash
1. Click "Have a Snack" on a refrigerator.
2. Let your Sim take the chips, but don't let them eat it.
3. Go to buy mode and bring up the cheat bar (Ctrl+Shift+C).
4. Type in "move_objects on" (no quotations).
5. Click on the chips.
6. They should sell for $15.

If you go to buy mode before you pay for the chips you get $15 if you pay for them 1st you get $10. Either way you make a profit, but I suggest you make a $15 profit.
Swimming Pizza Boy
Order a pizza.
when pizza boy arrives greet him and take him a pizza.he will give you pizza for 40 simoleons.
press ctrl+shift+c then at the cheatbox at the top of the left type this:
move_objects on.Press enter.
go to a buy mode and grab the pizzaboy.
(you must have pool)drag the pizzaboy in the pool.
unpause the game and->ba ba bing!!!!Pizzaboy is swimming.

Easter eggs

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Alien pizza boy!?!?!?
Cage the pizza boy. Within 3-5 sim hours he should dissapear with some kind of rings going around him! Weird...
Buy Mode for Money
Go to buy mode then go to decorative buy the picture that starts with the name "Ara..." it cost $275. At 12 AM the picture is going to be worth $1675. It works try it!
car glitch
some times if you deleat the rusty car it won't show up agin and your sim gets fired. P.S. i learned this the hard way
Food Fight!
Get 2 people that hate each other to get food and sit at the table at the same time. Then they throw the other persons food on the floor! They soon start hurling food scraps at each other and eventually walk off. This happened to me when I played the Goth family with Bella and Mortimer!


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A visit from Santa!
In an empty room, put a christmas tree, holiday cookies, and a fireplace. light the fire before yors sims go to sleep. When ALL sims are asleep at 12:00am, Santa will appear in the room. He will eat the cookies, then leave a gift, (a t.v, fishtank, etc.)then be on his merry way.
Abducted by aliens
Get a telescope and make you're person gaze through it. It will take some time, but after a while of gazing you will get abducted by aliens. Your person will be abducted for a day or two but then it will fall down.
get a genie bottle then go on family when it comes up then click male/female (female if female and male if male) when the other sim comes round make them kiss then one of them will ask to move in then when there married and moved in make them kiss again then they will ask if they can adopted a kid.
Bringing back the dead.
If a sim dies of natural causes, when the reaper comes quickly pause, but the "move_objects on" cheat on and delet the reaper. Now delete you sims. go back to play mode and press the character on the charecter sub menu. now your sim is back with full mood stats!
Chrismas Time!!!
This is harlarious!! If you want santa to pay a visit to your house, follow these steps.

1. In a whole seperate room with nothing else in it put a fire place, a plate of cookies and a chrismas tree.

2. Before your sims go to bed. Light the fire in the fireplace.

3. At about 12:00 pm. IF YOUR SIMS ARE SLEEPING!!! Santa will apear out of the fireplace and give you presants.

Perfect for people who need extra things!! I've gottn a medium t.v. and a fishtank before.
Ok if you kill one of you sims, by say,putting them in a room with no food or bathroom ect, ect, ect. When they Die and the grim reaper comes quickly pause and put up the cheat bar (ctrl-shift-c)and type "move_objects on" press enter and click on the reaper and delete him. Now start you collection of the dead!!!
Do you need money? You can be so rich you don't have to pay for anything
Ok. An wasy way to do it is to press "ctrl-shift-c" in your computer. A grey box should appear in the top left corner. Then type in "rosebud". Press "Enter". Then do the samething but type "!;!;!;!;" then highlight it and press "ctrl+c" "ctrl+v". It should have doubled its self a lot. Then backspace the last ; and put a : in its place. Press enter and hold it. Watch as you get so rich you don't even have to pay for anything. Like if you have superstar sims you dont have to pay for a butler
Don\'t want your Sim to die?
if you don\'t want your sim to die, when the reeper appears pause the game, press ctrl+shift+c then move_objects on.. go into buy mode and delete the reeper. Then, do the same with your sims body, delete it. after this, go back into live mode and click on the sim\'s headshot. he/she will come back to life with their mood right up!
Make food(make sure no sims eat it) and then become friends with the reeper and he will go in to kitchen and eat the food
everlasting genei
heres how to get a everlasting genei but a genei lamp get your sim to rub the lamp and when it comes out quickly press buy mode hold down ctrl+ shift+ C a grey box should come up in the top left hand corner type in move_objects on then click the genei and move him around you will still get your wish to!
Fast Growing Baby
make your 2 sims and 1 extra. Now make your two sims have a baby. Now make a room with everything in it (bed, toilet, bathtub, something for fun). Put your extra sim and your baby in it (move_objects_on) and delete all the doors. Now go to options mode and turn on free will. Now turn your volume up. Put it on ultra speed mode. Keep your mouse over the normal speed mode. When you hear the baby crying the click. The have your sim click Feed Sing Sing. Keep doing this and your baby will turn into a kid in about 5 min!
Float And splash!
For this cheat to work! you will need a dance matt (1,250$s)and a swimming pool. dance to the dance matt and then get the magical cheat box up (CTRL+SHIFT+C=TOGETHER) and type move_object on - then move your sim to the swimming pool. and your sim will keep on dancing on the water. and when he stops.... splash!!!!!
Free pizza!!
Get on the phone and call the pizza guy. When he arrives at your door pause the game and go into buy mode. Then do the "move_objects on" cheat, take the pizza and put it on a table and delete the pizza guy. This is great if your sim is kinda poor.
Fun with the sims
First make the guy and the girl sim talk and flirt until they can kiss. when they do make the guy go to the heart bed and vibrate, make the girl go play in bed with him. When they do go to build mode and press Ctrl+Shift+c at the same time. tipe in move_objects on and move the bed. you can see what there realy doing and you can see them naked. you can also do this when their in the shower on anywhere else.
Get rich quick
Hit shift ctrl C. agray rectangle should appear in the left hand top corner of tour screen. In the box, type rosebud; rosebud: then hold down enter. money will come in bye the thousands.
Get Rich quick
Want millions of dollars for your sim? then hit Shift Ctrl C and a gray rectangle should appear. click on the rectangle and type rosebud:rosebud; and then hold down enter. Money will appear by the thousands.
How to walk around in swimming clothes
First,build a big swimming pool. Now, put a sim in the pool. Hold down ctrl+shift+c all at the same time. A gray rectangular box sould appear in the top-left corner. Type in move_objects on.Now press enter. go into buy mode and drag your sim out of the pool. It should be walking around in swimming togs!
Max all motives (good mood!)
Do Ctrl+Shift+C and then a little box comes up. Type in move_objects on then pick up your sim that you want to cheer up and delete them. Then, go back to live mode and click on the deleted sim\'s head. they will reappear and their mood will go right up.
This cheat is great for lazy, unemployed sims and children, however, if you have an adult sim, they will not have anymore skill points or a job and you will have to start their carreer again.
money cheat
Hold down ctrl, shift, c.A gray box should appear in the corner of your screen. Click the box and type "rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!". Then press or hold enter andwatch your money grow !
More Space
To get more availability in your plot just hit Ctrl+Shift+C and then you will have a little grey box come up in the top left corner of your computer screen type in map_edit on and hit enter. Then you just click the area that you want available. To turn it off hit Ctrl+Shift+C and then type map_edit off and hit enter then you can put thing on the land you opened up. You can even put stuff in the street if you have cleared that area.
No More Work!!
Are you tierd of making your Sims wake up and hear them whining? Well if you are this cheat will benifit you. Press and hold Ctrl, Shift and c on buy mode, till you see a gray rectangle. Type in rosebud !; !; ; (one spce between each) and hold enter and your money will start rising! Let go of it when you have the amount of money you want!
if you put move_objects on and you dont like animals or people going to your house then go to the very last sidewalk step and click with the mouse and delete the *portal-pedestrian thing so no more people ever!! *ta-da* *wink-wink*
if you make a potion

Blue= refreshed
Yellow= reverse personality
red= someone falls in love with you
green= feel terrible or evil twin
Orange= invisible
Purple= you turn into a monster(you distroy everything in your house and make huge messes)
Quick Tripple Love
Make a guy and a girl

Then make them talk about interests for 6 sim hours (put to quick mode)

then hug 3 times, kiss peck 3, dance 1, and talk more. Reapeat the hug, kiss and dance and you have a new love.

You can also do that with neighbours!

WARNING - Dont do that infront of your other lover!
Restore Good Mood
If your SIM is in a bad mood, save the game. press ctrl+shift+c to bring up a box. Type in move_objects on and press enter. Go on build mode and delete your sad SIM. Go on live mode and click on your SIM's icon. It will reappear in good mood with most of the stats on full. If you forgot to save the game, all the SIM's progress since the last save will be deleted.
Skills up
Ok. What you do is you make a house with people in it and get every thing you need for skills.Then you put in the cheat "move_objects" on and then you have your people do what they do to get skills.

NOTE: After every time your people stop because of mood, save the game and then delete them. Otherwise all your skills will be gone.
Swimming in Proper Clothes
Make a swimming pool

Do (move_objects on)cheat

Drag all family into the middle of the swimming pool.

Put on live mode and watch them fall in
Swimming Underground
*You will need a fire alarm near all things that can make fire
*You need a swimming pool fair size

Wait until you have a fire in your house ALARM when the Fire fighter comes you cant put it on buy mode so, wait untill the fire ends and click build mode type [Shift] [Ctrl] [C] and type in move_objects on then go to buy mode and click and drag the fire man into your swimming pool then click live mode, now he should go back to where he was but now he's swimming under ground!
OK do u want to have all the money in the world???

well type in shift+ctrl+c and type in rosebud !; !; !; !; !; ; and hold down enter...
let go only when u have the amount of money u want!
You keep losing your Baby?
Do you keep losing your baby? An easy way to keep it is to lock one of your sims into a room with everything they need. Take away all the doors and take care of the baby. It only takes 10 minutes. Once the baby is a kid put a door and let them exit. Tada