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Buy Low Sell High
This is a pretty nice way to make money but u have to know how to do it there are a couple of items that this works extremly well with:wep elixers,sos 4th degree and higher, and weps with high crit

wep elixers:
depending on servers but most u should buy between 200-250k and sell for 350-500k (500k for xian latelty its been wep elixers H$ll) dont go over 250k for the wep elxiers trust me itll come back to slap u in the face

well idk about the servers except xian and venice but
usually buy the sos for:

now pimp them out try to get high crit and phy/mag % and itll sell for a big profit

Weps With High Crit:
Any weapon above 5th degree will do:
any wep 5th degree and with 9crit+ is good
now buy the weapon if its cheap no more than about 9-10m for 8th degree
now get its + up to about +3 preffably +5 but if ur not a lucky person then +3 is fine, try to get some blues on it and sell it for $$$$$$
Guide to Trading

Step 1. Buy the job item from the merchant guild member near the specialty store in Chang'an for 10k.

Step 2. Equip it in your event item slot. (NOTE, once removed, you cannot equip another job item for 10 minutes.)

Step 3. Go to the stables, buy a transport (probably best to start with the horse, as it is faster and less likely to get you a higher difficulty ranking because it has less slots.)

Step 4. From the same NPC that sells the transport, buy yourself some "potions" (these are actually animal potions that will heal your creature). I recommend buying 5 to 10, more if you're paranoid and have the money to burn.

Step 5. Go back to the specialty store and summon your transport creature, then talk to the goods dealer. Buy /white silks/, and only white silks. See that trade difficulty rating beneath the slots? A character will come up in it for each rating of difficulty the amount of goods you're purchasing constitute. If your difficulty rating exceeds one, player thieves can freely attack you, and stronger thief mobs will spawn to attack you. If your difficulty rating does not exceed one, /you are invulnerable to attack by all players/. Filling a horse, which has 9 slots, with 10 white silks in each slot, will not exceed 1 difficulty rating. This would cost about ~12k. If you can afford that much, do so, if you can't, get less.

Step 6. If you're really not confident in yourself, get a friend, preferably a hunter, but definitely someone level 20 or over, to party with you. Pay them if you must, or promise them returns upon success. Unless you massacred your character build, or have extreme connectivity issues, you honestly don't need an escort to pull this off.

Step 7. Exit Chang'an, with or without an escort, through the west gate. At this point, you're probably okay to mount your transport, but you're going to have to get off of it very soon.

Step 8. Thieves will spawn near you and/or your transport and attempt to attack you once you've left the city. If you've kept your difficulty rating from exceeding 1, as you most definitely should if this is your first attempt at trading, they will usually be white mobs, light blue mobs, or occasionally orange mobs, but they should never be particularly challenging (but they do use elemental imbues, so it's a good idea to bring universal pills as well as health and mana potions). If you are mounted, dismount, and kill them. They are like any other mob, except they're intent on killing your transport.

Step 9. Make your way west past the exorcist's house (preferably unmounted). Monster notes:

Yeohas - Aggressive, but weak, you can ignore them, but if they're particularly annoying, give them death.
Young Tigers - These /do not/ aggro, so do not waste your time attacking them.

Step 10. Approach, and turn north at Hohyeosl Mountain, towards Chinese Eastern Ferry. Monster notes:

Tigers - Aggressive, I prefer to kill them, but I also have a grudge against them from the lower levels so.
Black Tigers - Aggressive, kill them.
White Tigers - Aggressive, kill them.
Giants - Aggressive and a pain in the ass, if you're an ice user, frostbite them and run away. They are much more likely to attack you than your transport.
Bandits - Not usually an issue, but if they do attack, finish them quick.
Chakji Worker - Friendly.

Step 11. Take the ferry across the river, we're not in Kansas anymore. Take the north path towards Hyungno Homeland. Monster notes:

Chakji - Aggressive and densely populated, try to avoid them.
Ghost Bugs - Friendly, leave them be.
Devil Bugs - As the name suggests, not as kind as their smaller bretheren. You can typically avoid them, or outrun them, but at level 20 you should be able to handle them alone when needed.
Hyungno Ghosts - Also friendly, but not to be confused with their similar looking company.
Hyungno Ghost Soldiers - Not friendly, and not fun. You can usually weave through them or outrun them, but there are a few archs on the path you have to pass through...and if you have a high latency connection like me, you might have observed what a pain in the ass getting through those narrow halls can be. They just love to trap laggers in here. Best thing to do is go around the archs to the north - but these mobs can be fought as long as they don't group up on you.

Step 12. Head west from Hyungno Homeland towards Tunhuang, and chant "Run Forest Run!", pay attention to your transport's hp as well as your own, spam potions when necessary. If your transport still has more than 75% of its HP and you have animal potions to spare, you might want to start ignoring the thief mobs completely and just dash, there are powerful monsters here and you don't want them to sneak up on you while you're doing in a villainous thief. Monster notes:

Gun Powder Ghosts - Harmless, ignore them.
Earth Ghosts - UGGHHH. Highly aggressive, fairly speedy, /very/ strong. At level 20, they should be deep red. They do 250 damage to me per swipe with 55 physical defense and 135 magical defense. Just run, don't you dare stop to fight them, you're almost home free.
Other - Namely champions, giants, and some other monsters that I didn't take note of because they tend to stay off the path, which means you need to stay /on/ the path. The only time you might run into one of these is when their AI goes haywire or some jerk drags them onto the path.

Step 13. THE PEARLY GATES!!!!! ...of Tunhuang. If this is your first time here, enjoy a sigh of relief and explore. If it's not your first time, enjoy a sigh of relief anyway. Head up to the Specialty Store at the northwest side of town, sell your white silks to the trader here. you should get a bit less than 400% profit. If you loaded a horse with 90 white silks, you'll end up with 45k more than you had during your journey. If you want to make another run on the way back to Chang'an, load up on leathers from this dealer, which are more or less equivelant to white silks (but always watch your difficulty rating anyways). If you do want to make a return trip, you might want to consider setting your respawn point in this city at the dimmensional gate, as well as buying better potions from the herbalist here than you can get in Chang'an (370 HP). The strongest mobs of the journey are just outside, which is where you're most likely to die. If you do die here, and you do respawn in Tunhuang, make sure you have a riding horse and a spare transport, then dash back to where you died. If a thief hasn't looted your materials, you can spawn your transport at the site and reclaim them. If they weren't looted, they will remain on the ground for a considerably long time. I havn't timed it, but I'm fairly confident you're safe for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

What can go wrong

Really evil thief players hellbent on looting you may attempt to draw many aggressive mobs to you and your transport. It takes some pretty good micromanagement to actually transfer the aggro from them to your transport, though, and this is typically only successful by group effort from multiple thieves. I would just run, use the lightning speed buff if you got it, and try to get the hell away from them (spamming animal potions if needed).

Your horse can get stuck when there is an obstacle between it and you. The resolution is simple, double back and approach it from an angle where it can reach you clearly, wait for it to pass the obstacle, and continue.

Lag. Really not much you can do about this, but if you know that you're prone to it, keep a very low tolerance for loss of health and mana, that way if you lose 500 health at once, you'll most likely still be standing.

Straying too far from your transport. You are teathered to your transport, which means if you're running from a mob, you're going to have to turn around and circle until your transport catches up to you or you'll be stopped in your tracks.

You die for any other reason. On a few trips I've been fortunate enough to die near someone with ressurection (people who havn't used ressurect don't always know how to use it even if they have it, if they tell you they can't select you, tell them to shift + click). But don't count on it. The instant you respawn in the city, your transport dies and its goods are spilled out over the ground. If you can ralley back to the site /before/ a player thief strolls along (on a fast horse preferably), you can summon a transport and reclaim your goods.

Good luck.

Short Alchemy Guide

The Basics:

This short guide explains how to use the Alchemy system in Silkroad Online. It is really simple, so you shouldn't have any problems understanding it.

To open the Alchemy window press 'Y' on your keyboard or select it from the list of actions. In the left side of the alchemy window you will see one socket and some additional sockets grouped together on the right. The left socket (which is only one) is where the item required to dismantle alchemy items is placed. On the right side you place Alchemy Items. Read on to learn more about those.

The reason why you want to dismantle alchemy items is because they are useless and because by doing so you get stones called Elements which are utilized for making upgrade items for your weapons and armor.

Required Items & Usage

Item 1: Void Rondo - Used to dismantle alchemy items found from random monster drops.
Item 2: Alchemy item (all those items that drop from monsters and appear to be useless, they have their type mentioned in their description and it also tells you what they are used for [Alchemy of course ] Those items have a blue background when placed in your inventory)
Item 3: Weapons and armor you don't need can also be dismantled by using Destruction Rondo

In order to dismantle Alchemy items you first need to buy Void Rondo from a General Store. There should be one in each town. Consult the map for the specific location. Void Rondos only cost 20 gold so don't hesitate to purchase more. After you've bought some Void Rondos it's time to get crackin'. Place the Void Rondo or Destroyer Rondo (if you are going to dismantle equipment) in the slot to the left in the Alchemy Window (press Y to bring it up) and put some alchemy elements in the slots on the right which should not open. In the bottom
left-hand corner of the Alchemy Window you should see a button named "Fuse All" press it and enjoy the effects. Elements should start appearing in your inventory.

Note: Each alchemy items has a list of elements it will produce when dismantled in its description. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO HAVE FREE SPACE IN YOUR INVENTORY BEFORE USING THE FUSE ALL BUTTON.

Using the Elements

Now since you've got yourself your own collection of shiny jewels you can use them to make upgrade items for your armor and weapons. Now you might be wondering how to do it. It's really simple. All you need is a Tablet. Tablets drop from monsters sometimes and you might have already got some, so check your inventory. People who don't know how to use the Alchemy function usually just sell those tablets to a merchant but you don't have to. To make an upgrade item place the tablet in the left socket of the alchemy window, read its description and you will know what and how many elements you need in order for the fusion to work. Place the necessary elements in the slots on the right and press Fuse All. Voila, you have your first upgrade item. Read on to learn about the risks of using it to improve your armor.

NOTE: Tablets contain useful information about required elements and the effect of the upgrade item that they will produce. Make sure to always read their descriptions because you might not need exactly this effect.
thief town
go to the westgate and turn right.later turn another right and you should see so-ok...look for a dark ally n you should see a girl talk to her n pay her 2000gold...she will then take you to thief town