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Sid Meier's Pirates! Tips

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Alternate dancing mini-game ending:
When the Governor's daughter gives you the hand signal, select the button for the hand movement just after she gives you the signal. You will do a special dancing move which will get her heart up very fast, if you do it many times in a row. If her heart is big enough when the mini game is over, instead of kissing her hand, you will spin her around and she will then kiss you. Afterwards she will likely give you a present or extremely valuable information.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Alternate dialogue:
Set the system date to September 19th to have everyone's dialogue sound like a pirate.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
City characteristics:
The following are the different types of cities and their characteristics. Note: Poor defenses and weak defenses are different. Poor defenses are worse than weak defenses.

Capital Cities: Large and wealthy with strong defenses.

Port Cities: Large and wealthy city with weak defenses.

Towns: Large and poor with strong defenses.

Colonies: Large and poor with weak defenses.

Trading Posts: Small and wealthy with strong defenses.

Strongholds: Small and poor with strong defenses.

Villages: Small and wealthy with poor defenses.

Outposts: Small and poor with poor defenses.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Easy dance sequences:
Press [Pause/Break] when your dance partner gives you a hand signal for you to move. Then, quickly resume the game and press the correct direction key.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Easy land battles:
Land battles are difficult to win, even if you have more soldiers than the enemy. The key strategy to remember is to hide in the trees. The soldiers attacking your troops in the trees will have less than a 20% chance of inflicting critical damage, and all damage is divided in half. Also watch your morale. If your troop's morale gets low enough, they may run away from battle. Always enter battle with about one quarter moor troops than the city guards. You can also weaken enemy ports and cities by alerting Pirate Havens and Indian Villages. The Indians or pirates will assault the town, making the town lose guards, whether or not they win the battle. This also makes the city lose wealth, however . If the city was once "Prosperous" it may go down to "Poor" or "Modest". If this happens too much, alert the missionaries in the Missionary Camps. Tell them to travel to the city you want to become wealthier, then attack the city. You must attack cities at the correct moment. Waiting too long after sending in missionaries may result in more guards accumulating than before. You should wait only two to five days.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Easy money:
Reach the rank of Count with any or all nations. Then, go into ship battles with any desired ship. Damage it a lot, but not to the point where it explodes. Keep the ship and go to a port where you are at the rank of Count or higher. Talk to the shipwright. You will get free repairs. You can repair a damaged ship for free and sell it for a lot more.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Easy sea battles:
When battling other ships, get in front of them. Have them chase you, and when your guns are fully loaded, turn, fire, and straighten again. Repeat this until you wish to board or their sail falls and they surrender. It is best done when you use grape shot or chain shot.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Easy Specialists:
Attacking and boarding a smuggler's vessel usually yields a specialist (for example, Carpenter, Sailmaker, etc.).
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Glitch: Double Shot:
When choosing the ammo type, select the chain balls. Then, immediately after firing, click the round balls and you will fire both of these ammo types in the same shot.
Submitted by: Ecto on September 02, 2006
Saving Ports
Always save before going into ports. There might be anything that could happen. Believe me its happened to me.....!
Submitted by: Andrew on November 09, 2006