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Command codes

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Play different characters
Thanks to you, by the name cheatmaster and your writing,
I figured how to shift between different characters.
although I had no characters_init.c file in the folder,
I noticed that two characters_init files exist and
that the one in the English folder works.
if others have the same problem, you should need to look up:

C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Pirates of the Caribbean\Program\Characters\English

and pick the characters_init file there.
then do as said, scroll down until you'll find ch.model = "blaze"
exchange the blaze with one of the following between the quote marks.


I found these extras just down the script <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> but if you
are not in need to go there, usually you don't.
Sheathe your sword inside buildings
At the game's unedited files, you aren't able to use weapons inside Stores, Taverns, Halls, etc. (it says "Hmmm...that's not a good idea.)


Go to X\Pirates of the Caribbean\PROGRAM\Loc_ai.

Find the text file "LAi_location.c". Immediately you should find this text:
location.noFight = "1";
Just delete the "no" and you can now attack anything inside Taverns, Stores, Prisons, Loanshark's Office, Shipyards, etc.


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Rare Sword Locations
Dragons Tongue:
- Douwesen Dungeon
- Oxbay Dungeon
- Oxbay Cave (by the beach)
- Redmond Dungeon
Maltese Knight Sword:
- Coceicao Caves (jungle)
Silver Leaf:
- Isla Muelle (not sure about this one, can't remember exactly)
Saber of Nicholas Sharp - Douwesen (after helping that guy in the tavern)
Unknown Locations:
- Conquistador
- Squall
- Corairs Pride
- Windmill Slayer

Easter eggs

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Getting hidden pistol
In Isla Muelle, go to the residence. Go out of it. Go to the right and you should see a large building just beside the church. Go to near its center door then go to the right. You should be inside a really big house as big as a mansion. Go up the stairway and just walk straight and you should see a big room with a chair and desk in the end. Go near the desk and you'll soon find a dual barrel pistol!
Hidden Treasures
At Oxbay, go to the pier at the Port. Walk around the left bridge, and you'll soon spot 100 gold or so.

You will find a huge tree behind Oxbay Tavern. If you walk on its roots, you'll eventually find a piece of jewelry.

In Quebradas Costillas (a.k.a Pirate Island), walk across the port. Head straight, and you'll see a dead end at your left. Go around it and you'll soon find a handful of gold.


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Faster sailing:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "interface.c" file in the "/pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/" folder. Find the entry "if(bArcadeMode) return 2.0;" and change that value to a higher number. Press [Keypad Asterisk] during game play to sail at higher speed.
Free Gold!
Go to any tavern where you can hire a second mate. Barter with him to reduce his asking price. When he lowers his asking price, choose the option to reject the offer anyway. Keep doing this, even if he doesn't lower his price...just keep doing it. Eventually you will lower the price to 0 or darn close. The amount you reduce the price each time is your Commerce Skill x 100. So a skill level of 5 would be equivalent to getting a 500 gold reduction each time you barter. Eventually, if you keep this up you will get him to start offering you negative gold in exchange for hiring him. Do this as much as you like for as much gold as you like, I have not found a limit yet!
Infinite Money
Infinte Money
When you go to the loan sharks office, put all of your money in the box in the room.
Go ask him for a loan, once you have recieved this put that in the box as well.
Take all of the money out of the box when you have the amount you desire.
You have to make sure that you have no money in your invenory when you talk to the loan sharks, as long as there is no money in your inventory they don't bother you and will loan you more money.
They never come after you, even though they say they will.
If you want a lot of money go into your Pirates of the Caribbean game folder then Character then English. Open the Notepad file init, scroll down till you see ch money and change the number that's there into any number you want!
Play as a different character
OK, to do this, you have to modify a game file. First, go into C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Pirates of the Caribbean\PROGRAM\Characters\ and click on the file called "Characters_init.c"

Scroll down past the indented paragraph of stats, and find the line that reads: ch.model: "Blaze"
Replace that with any of these:

Soldier_eng : British Soldier
Soldier_Spa : Spanish Soldier
Soldier_fra : French Soldier
Soldier_por2 : Portuguese Soldier
Soldier_hol6 : Dutch Soldier
Chameleon : Pirate, like the Rys Bloom character
ANIMISTS2 : Animist, red robe
Offic_eng : British Officer
Danielle : Danielle Greene, your wife

I'll add more as I find them.

To change your character picture, modify the Ch. id: "Blaze" line. Put these one of these between the quote marks.

Blaze = Nathaniel Hawk
ANIMISTS01 = Animist
Red_Soldier_01 = British Soldier
Spain_Soldier_01 = Spanish Soldier
Dou_Soldier_1 = Dutch Soldier
Con_Soldier_1 = Portuguese Soldier
Rys_Bloom = Rys Bloom
Dark Teacher = Raoul Rheims, Dark Teacher, Barbossa