School Tycoon Cheats

School Tycoon cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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More students
CTRL+ALT+S= More students

Ive tried it and it really works. **
Enjoy. $$$$$$$$


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Type in "doggydodo" Then the students will feel a lot happier with pets next to them.


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Cheat Mode
You can enter cheat mode by typing in "iamacheater" But without the quotation marks. Happy cheating... ^-^
Numerous Cheats
Submit the code iamacheater while playing the game to enable cheat mode. Now submit one of the codes below to unlock that particular cheat code:

Increase money -- [Ctrl] + [Left Alt] + C
Decrease money -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + C
Decrease gamma -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + [Keypad Minus]
Increase gamma -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + [Keypad Plus]
Instant disaster -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + 0