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School Tycoon Cheats

School Tycoon cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PC.

School Tycoon Command codes

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More students
CTRL+ALT+S= More students

Ive tried it and it really works. **
Enjoy. $$$$$$$$
Submitted by: anonymous on February 26, 2010

School Tycoon Tips

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Type in "doggydodo" Then the students will feel a lot happier with pets next to them.
Submitted by: Daniel McCarthy on April 06, 2005

School Tycoon Cheats

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Cheat Mode
You can enter cheat mode by typing in "iamacheater" But without the quotation marks. Happy cheating... ^-^
Submitted by: EmoClarinetFreak on December 29, 2006
Numerous Cheats
Submit the code iamacheater while playing the game to enable cheat mode. Now submit one of the codes below to unlock that particular cheat code:

Increase money -- [Ctrl] + [Left Alt] + C
Decrease money -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + C
Decrease gamma -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + [Keypad Minus]
Increase gamma -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + [Keypad Plus]
Instant disaster -- [Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + 0
Submitted by: Q22 on January 22, 2005