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R.O.S.E Online Cheat Codes

Cheat Effect
/effect 243 Strike your character with lightning
/effect 297 Shows the party level-up effect
/effect 300 adds a orange, glowing ball to your feet
/effect 299 adds smoke to your characters feet
/noui No user interface
/effect 241 A small white ball flashes on your feet.
/effect 242 A simi-big expolshin on the body.
/effect 244 A ball lighing and a torando on your body.
/effect 245 A torando coming out from your body.
/effect 105 A weird pyramid at your feet
/effect 160 The level-up effect
/effect 164 Attack down buff effect
/effect 165 Attack up buff effect
/effect 166 Defense down buff effect
/effect 167 Defense up buffs effect
/effect 168 Buff that looks like a coin up effect
/effect 169 Buff that looks like a coin down effect
/effect 170 Movement speed down buff effect
/effect 173 Black/Purple smoke at your feet
/effect 174 Acuracy up buff effect
/effect 175 Acuracy down buff effect
/effect 176 Poison effect
/effect 177 Dodge rate down buff effect
/effect 178 Dodge rate up buff effect
/effect 181 Attack speed up buff effect
/effect 182 Attack speed down buff effect
Verified by: intergame, xXjackXX Submitted by: Timoi on November 20, 2005

Run Fast Glitch

To run faster than carts, all you have to do it sit down. Then, click where you want to run to. As you get up, press the TAB button. And as you start move, press it again to run really fast!

(It's not as fast for new people; since they have low stats. Hawkers run fastest using this!)
Verified by: lantanx, francislana Submitted by: Azurei on November 23, 2005