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!$!$!$!$Newest way to make money!$!$!$!$!
As some of you may know runescape have added new features to the game. One of these include a new skill to learn called dungeoneering. At level 20 you unlock a special area near the hill giants near varrock. When you go in there, there is 4 limpwirt roots on the ground around the place. Usually they can be sold at 1.1k but the prices do change so be cautious about that. It takes about 10 minutes to get a whole inventory so its around 100k every 30 minutes

hope my advice helps a lot of you and if you need any help add me my runescape name is skcorogel as well <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
$ Fast Money $
To get fast money on runscape you should slay green dragons and collect their bone(5-5.2k each) or you can grab bones and green dragon hide(1.2-1.5k each)plus all the other items they will drop. Doing this method you can gain over 100k in a hour or less(depends on combat skills and lvl). If you don't want to take the chance of getting killed then you can fish sharks at the fishing guild or at Catherby. Hope this little guide helps on get quick money! =}
$ Making money with Mining $
A commen way of making money is by minning Rune or Pure Essence. To mine Pure Essesnce you have to be lv30 and be a member but it is ok to make money with normal essence. Hope I helped!
ok bye!
$$$$$$$$$$$ BIG NON MEMBER BUCKS $$$$$$$$$$$
First of all you need to do the quest "rune mysteries". After that go to varrok small bank and go behind it. You find the rune shop. Click teleport on the shop keeper and mine the rock there.Get a inventory of rune essence or pure essence (if your 30 or over mining.Bank them in varrok small bank and then repeat.When you get like 1000 or how many you want sell them and you make loads of money =]
$$$$$$$Make The Money In Five Easy Ways$$$$$$$
Ok, just want to help my fellow gamers....

1. MINING---First of all, get mining level 15 or more and at least a steel pickaxe (from the G.E or if you're a member pickpocket it from HAM members if you have level 15-20 thieving). Go to a spot southwest of Varrock which is close to a bank and mine full inventories of iron ore. Do this as many times as you like, 20 times is recommended. Note the ore and sell it on the Grand Exchange and start raking in the money!
2.MINING---Finish Rune Mysteries and teleport to the Rune Essence Mine. Mine about 1000-3000 Rune Essence pieces and sell them on the Grand Exchange for 45 gold each.1000=45k.2000=90k!3000=135k!!! 3. MINING---Get level 40 mining, this is harder, and mine 5 full inventories of gold ore from the spot north of Al Kharid. Smelt the ore in the furnace there with level 40 smithing and go to Varrock to the G.E. Sell the gold bars and make lots of profit. Or....
4.CRAFTING---Take the gold bars^^^^^^^^^and craft them into necklaces with 6 crafting (not hard to get believe me). Sell the necklaces on the Grand Exchange or add jewels and sell them. Lots of people want these for enchanting.
5.COMBAT---Go to the Farmers house northwest of Lumbridge castle and kill the chickens in the yard. Take their feathers and get about 1000 of them. Go to the G.E and sell them. If you are a member, sell these on a members' Exchange and have lots of people buy them for Fletching.

Have fun making M0N3Y!
$$$$$$want alot of gp in rs?$$$$$$$
all you need to do is get bones. they r like 100gp in g.e. if you sell them, you could make alot of k. i got 27k off them!!!
$$$big bucks$$$
if u wanna get about 10k every hour or less all u have to do is go to the chickens in lumbridge and sell at grand exchange for about 150gold or however much u sell for. have fun with this hint!!!
Requriements: Finish the quest Priest in Peril, Hunting level of 29. MEMBERS ONLY!!!
Equipment: A net And a rope, bring ,2 or 3(no more than 3)

What to do: Go to mortanyia look at map for hunting Symbol go there and click on a tree called young tree. After that wait for a swamp lizard to get in your net , may take a couple of tries, sometimes the trap falls after u get your inventory full go to the bank and repeat:
Moneyy making:Swamp lizard sell for 1884 GP 24 swamp lizrds is about 40k You can make 100k every 30 min. GOOD LUCK HUNTING FRIENDS
$$$Makin tons of money$$$
Look the way I make easy money is by killing hill giants. BUT the only problem is that you need a brass key to get in so you either ask another player to get you one that has access in the hill giants dungeon or you go to the G.E. and buy one there. I have made heaps of cash just from doing this.

You can also kill them in the Edgeville Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon, Level 17 wilderness, among other places.


I hope this helps with you making easy money on RuneScape.
$$money eszy BANANA'S $$$$$$$$$ lots of money
first you need to have $60 then go to port sarim. Then chatch the boat that will be goind to karajma that will cost you $30. Then when you arrive there go to were the banana tree's are and pick the banana's until your inventery is full. And when it is chatch the boat back to port sarim. Then go to the grabd exchange and sell a banana for $188 each and you will get heaps of money and you can do again and again.
$How To Get Gold With No Skills Needed What So Ever$
It is so simple...

And the word is... POTATO.

Yes, you can sell POTATO.

POTATOs sell for 100 - 150gp in the G.E.

Step 1. I wouldnt bother making a new account, just log into an existing character to get started!

Step 2. Use your map and navigate your character to the top right of DRAYNOR VILLAGE, there is a POTATO feild there.

Step 3. There is also a DRAYNOR VILLAGE bank neer by.

Step 4. Save up to 1000 POTATOs in your bank, note them all and take them to the Grand Exchange (G.E.) to sell them.

Your POTATOs may not be sold in the first few minutes, so wait a while for someone to buy some.
P.S Remember to sell your POTATOs at minimum price!
(Non-Member Methods)250k gold per 1k of...
Cooked Lobsters
Catch raw lobsters in Karamja and bank them until you have at least 1000(You can cook them in Karamja but you will need someone to make a fire.) After getting 1k raw lobsters, cook them on a range or a fireplace near a bank(preferrably Draynor where players make fire or use the fireplace in the house in front of Draynor Bank.) After getting 1k cooked lobsters sell them in the Bank of Varrock near the Essence Mine or sell them in PVP servers for 250 ea.
Needed for this method: Lobster Pot, 60 coins PER trip, Tinderbox(optional), Woodcutting Axe(any kind, optional) and as much as possible NO ARMOR(you will be running back and forth to bank)

Why do this method: Increases cooking and fishing exp(woodcutting and firemaking if you cook them in karamja)

Extra Tips: Do this method where there are less players catching lobsters to increase chance of catching them.

Yew Logs
Chop Yew Trees(preferrably near Falador for less travel time) and bank them until you get 1000. After getting 1000 sell them in the Grand Exchange for 450~ ea(or more.) Wait for players to buy your logs then claim the money in your nearest bank.

Needed for this method: Rune Axe(Recommended)

Why do this method: GREATLY increases woodcutting exp
***Very easy money and fast***
Members- Kill blue dragons. they drop hides and bones. I burry the bones and keep the hides but if u want more money faster keep the bones too.
Hides sell for about 2.1k
Bones sell for about 2.7k
Note: Prices will change over time. Last updated July '09.
**Note blue dragons drop lvl 3 clues so keep a eye out for them.**

I am lvl 61 range and kill them in like 1 minute so it is very easy with range but mage works good too. If u plan on using combat use anti fire sheild and bring some lobbies.

Non members- Go to lesser demons and kill them. Make sure you have food. I choose to use a rune b axe or any rune weapon aginst these.They have a low defense lvl and drop rune meds and lots of fire runes. They also drop mith chains and sqs.

For any more tips add me on rs2 and ill be glad to help.

I have tips that can make you millions in days if you are high enough magic and crafting lvls, But if u want to know my favorite one it will cost you because i can make 1 mill a hour easy, I have made 1.7 mil in 1 hour.
10 tips on how to make money

1.Go to a world with a lot of players go to the nearest general store
(I recommend the one in Lumbridge)buy the item that is popular on G.E
Buy A lot of it go to G.E and sell it(i made about 900-2100 coins on this)

2.Work as a assasin(you have to be a high level and must be on a P.K world)
I made about 10000-3500000(yeah that much can you belive that!!!!)

3.ask other player for a job (made about 100-10000 for this) not best way to get rich but better than the first one.

4.kill chickens and get the feathers and meat and some times get the bones
(made 3000-10000 on this but takes a while because alot of people do this)

5.become a portabal store Example(sell food on P.K levels)(made 1000-2500)

6.treaten to to kill a lower level person on a P.K world if they don't
give you money(don't try on people that look low leveled but is higher than you)(I made 800-27000 on this but make sure they don't have high level friends or you will be killed and lose all your money.

7.Go on a clan chat with many assasin friends on a loot share world and take a part of the loot(don't let them know that you are stealing or they will find you one day and take all your money)(made 10K-100K I was Lucky)

8.Take part in a fallador party room items drops and see if you are lucky
(made 100-5000 I wasn't lucky at this since i barly get to pop a ballon)

9.become a rental shop with alot of weapons and armor(i made 220-5000 for renting out rune armor and weapons and I'm just a level 24 isn't that suprising! all popular items and wait for a increase price change in G.E
(made 4000-10000 on this simple way to make money)

*If you want more tips email me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I will find more ways soon but not soon enough (i only check my mail on fridays and occasionally mondays and tuesdays.
150k/Hour F2P Easy Money

This money making method 'exploits' potion maker's laziness. They tend to buy filled vials rather than doing it themselves. That is where you come in.

For this money making method you will need at least 200gp although preferably up to 20k. The more you put in the more you will get out.

Go to the Grand Exchange and buy as many empty vials as you can for 2gp each. If you started with 200gp you will only be able to buy 100, but this process can be repeated.

Note: There is a trade limit on vials of 10k every 4 hours. If you want to buy more than that you will need to wait around for a while.

Next, store the vials in an easy to reach place in your bank and go to Edgeville (North of the Barbarian Village).

Fill your inventory with vials and use one on the well nearby to fill them with water.
Bank the filled vials and repeat.

When you have filled all the vials, sell them on the Grand Exchange for 17gp each. This generates a profit of 15gp per vial.
One inventory full of filled vials gives a profit of 420gp.
Assuming one run takes about 10 seconds, that equals 2520gp per minute and just over 151k per hour.

If you start off filling only 100 vials, after reselling them you should be able to buy 750 more to give even more profit. You can repeat this until you feel you have enough money or you hit the trade limit for vials.

Due to the trade limit, going as fast as possible you are restricted to just 1 hour out of every 4 while the trade limit resets. However, this can be avoided by stocking up on vials a few days earlier and filling them all in one session.

100 vials: 200gp turns into 1.7k with a profit of 1.5k.
1k vials: 2k turns into 17k with a profit of 15k.
10k vials: 20k turns into 170k with a profit of 150k.
1k every minute!!!!
Buy coal and iron at the grand exchange at the ratio of 2:1 and smith them into steel bars in Al Kharid, then sell them at the GE, with the sale of each bar you will gain about 195 gp.
To buy 2 coal and 1 iron it will cost about 450gp, each bar sells for about 650 gp.
2 Law Rune Trade Routes (Members only)
~first way~
OK the first route which is the easiest to do takes place in Al Kharid, First you need to do a quest for Ali Morrisai...After a short and easy quest talk to Ali M. again and he will tell you he will be looking forward to expanding his buisiness.First do runes go to auburny and follow given instrustions...Then Ali M. will tell you he has gotten the chests but they have strange locks that he needs you to unlock.This is quite simple to do as it is just a short game of soduko.Now after you have unlocked the large casket you can now buy laws for 300 ea...Now if u look carefuly people on the forums will be buying law runes for 500 ea!If you orignally buy 1k law from Ali M. for 300k...Which means that you get 500k for all on forums and make an extra 200k repeat and u can make 1m in no time!

~second way~
Make your way to Ardrougne and go to the shack behind the castle then pull the lever, you should tele to lvl 54 wildy (knife or sharp wep. required to cut webs).Go to the mage arena and buy laws from the shop and repeat the final step in the first way you should have about the same results!!!
4 tip easy money!!!!!!!
an easy way to get money if you are a member is to pick flak and turn them into bow strings. bowstrings can sell for 150gp each.that means that if you sell 1000 bow strings, you get 150,000gp!!!and if you want to sell another 1,000 bow strings, you can make another 150k which is 300,000gp.take my advice it really works!!!!!!
62K in 15 minutes
Members ship
A weapon(Mithril above is best)

You need to got north-east of Barbarian village south of Edgeville, there is some unicorns there. Kil them and put the horns into your bank until you have a fair few horns sell them and you will make millions of gp in about a day. you will get 62k in about 15 minutes because 1 inventory is 62k.

I hope this helped a lot of people. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
  1. Best places to train (and recommended levels)
This is my small guide to training. believe me, these are good spots =D.

Level 3-10: there is not much choice here, but why would there, your fresh from the game and don't need a large amount of monsters. At these levels i recommend you train on Goblins, rats (very easy) rams, cows and chickens. Don't worry these all can be found close by to the starting town you are in (Lumbridge)

At level 10 i recommend using one of the easy money cheats below, mainly the cowhide method. it wont take long but soon you will have enough money for full iron amour. this is recommended if you want to make it very far. i would also suggest at level 3 that you fish shrimps and up, as well as cooking them. This is to heal you and let you train for much longer periods of time.

10-30 now that i trust that you have iron amour, and food to let you train longer its time to gain attack, defense or strength levels in Al Karid, very close by from Lumbridge.
Inside the castle there are level 9 Al Karid guards for you to massacre with others for decent experience.

At anytime you can upgrade your amour type according to your combat level.

30-50 At these levels guards in Varrok are perfect xp.

Now for my favorite spot that i still use today.
By now there are many training spot's that you should have discovered

Go to the barbarian village
go down the ladder
now cross through the portal or go through the maze to the end clearing
now go down the ladder
now either use the portal again or go trough the maze again.
now go south to the ladder that goes upwards STOP
now go west and past the 2 gates in your way ad the nearest clearing is the training spot. these level 43 and 41 monsters automatacly attack you. FOOD IS A MUST to survive.

There are decent spot to train all over the various floor of the maze (stronghold of security). there is another spot with the same monsters nearby that i also use.
a couple easy money making tips
~first way~
32 cooking+

ok, first go to cook guild and talk to rommily weaklax on first floor. he will tell you that he has run out of pies and that you have to get him some. once you have the pies, talk to him again and give him the pies and he will pay you! keep repeating this process until you have a decent amount of money.

~second way~
40 fishing+

go to catherby with a lobster pot. keep fishing for lobbys until you have about 7k lobbys. then go to grand exchange and put the lobbys up for sale. they should sell immediatally and you should make about 1.2m. if that isn't enough, then keep fishing for more lobbys. i made 284m by doing this!

~third way~
must have finished rune mysteries(very easy)
30 mining+

ok, go to aubury in varrock. right click and click on teleport. you should end up in some mines. once your in the mines, go to one of the fragments and start mining. you should mine pure ess. once you get full inventory, use the portal and go to bank right above aubury's shop and bank the pure ess. do this until you get about 15k-20k pure ess. then sell them at grand exchange. i got loaded with cash by doing this.

well, i hope i helped all you poor people out there. if you need anymore tips, add me on your friends list. my username is fartbrain45.
A Few Ways To Make Money!
Tip Number One!

The Silk Sell

Travel to Al Kharid and go to the Silk Trader.
Buy as many as you can and then bank them, once you have spent all your money go to the bank, and then note them all.Then travel to Varrock and sell them to Thessalia, The Cloth Store owner.You will make quite a hefty profit, and you can keep going if you like.But remember every time you sell the silk, switch to a different world, or else the profits will not be good at all.

Tip Number Two!

The Iron Ore Sell.

For this I suggest at least 31 Ming and an Adamanite Pickaxe.Go to the Dwarve Mines and mine Iron.Then when you have a full inventory, bank it, then mine more Iron.Keep going and when you have 1000 Iron Ores, sell them for 100 K!

Tip Number Three!

The Armour Make.

First, you need the ability to smith full Iron.
Mine about 1000 Iron Ores, and then smith them into bars, then smith them into Male and Female sets.For every set with platelegs you make, make one with a plate skirt.Once you have about 10/20 full sets.Sell every set for 2 K each.and you can make alot of profit, but maybe not enough if you do the Tip above.You can do this with Bronze, you wont make as much, but you will actually make a profit.

A Great way for makin $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
(Members only)Get an Anti-Dragon Shield from the Duke in Lumbridge Castle. Go to Varrock go to the Green Drags in Wildy near the hunting place where u catch lizards and if your a high level fight them but if your a low level wait on the side for stuff on the ground then run in and grab it.

They drop:
Rune Daggers
Nature Talismans
Mithril axes
100-300gp per drag
Dragon Bones
Chaos Talismans
And lots more stuff

Trust me it works but don't bring anything in the wildy except the shield. Good luck
a guide to crafting
pottery- pottery is a rather cheap beginners way of using crafting. you can mine a little and get a small amount of experience. you can't sell the pots or bowls for good money. You cant even use the dang things. so scratch that one off the non member crafting list.

hmm....what else can we non members do???

leather making-well, this takes more money to get the hides, thread, and needle then you get profit from there sales. Leather making is a great experience gained though. I got from level 1 to 36 just on leather. All you have to do is go to the cows near lumbridge and fight the cows and get the dropped hides, or just pick em up off the ground(ppl are so wasteful). then go to al kharad and use need le and thread to make leather items. do this over and over and over(until u get sick of it) and eventually you will have a high enofe level to make some good jewelry. What you have to do is mine som gold and silver from the al kharad mining area(north of al kharad) and smith them into bars at the furnace. then get a mold(any mold) and make the item you want. you can also buy gems from the gem trader(also in al kharad) and add them to the jewelry. Once finished, sell them to the general store for some extra cash. see, you can do all of this in one city!

then you can get into the crafting guild

the crafting guild is one of the best guilds
there are many free items, lots of great empty mining spots(clay, gold and silver)and don't forget the herds of cows! on my first hour in the guild i grew 1 mining level and 5 crafting levels. the vrafting guild is the best spot to mine silver and gold(the best!!). there is nobody ever there and there are tons of rocks. you will enjoy it at level 40. just don't forget your brown apron!

add me---daggerline---yeah!!!
A pretty good way to make money (P2P)
yah know Zaff the staff seller well all you do is buy all of his battle staves and sell them at the G.E
i made 200k in four days because he has to order new ones after u buy em all
A quick way to earn money early in game...or whenever.
A few ways for beginners and mainly anyone to get money.

Chickens. Killing a lot of chickens can give you 24gp per raw chicken. They only have 30 health, so they're easy to kill.

Feathers. When killing a chicken, some drop [5],[10], or [15] feathers. They can be sold at shops for 2gp each, or fishing shops for 3gp each. It's not a lot, at first, but obtaining 150 feathers (About 20-25 chickens worth) can give 300(Shop) or 450(Fishing Shop) GP.

Cows. Raw Beef only gives 23gp each, but cows put up more a fight. They're better for attack / strength / defence, combat, and constitution EXP.

Set up Shop. Maybe you could specialize in mining and crafting. You could make some Bronze Armour and sell it to players for some GP.

Fishing. Raw fish, like all raw meats, can sell for quite a lot on their own. However, with fishing, you only gain fishing exp.

With just chickens & feathers alone, I can rack in about 1k in 2 trips.
air rune master
go to karambja and go behind luthas house and there are fast respawning air runes and in half an hour you will have 200 air runes trust me it works
First get your woodcutting up to the lvl where you can cut maple logs.

Second get your fletching up to the lvl where you can make maple LONG bows.

Third make the bows and attach your bow strings.

Fourth so lets say you have 2,000 maple long bows, that means you buy 2,000 nature runes at roughly 220k-250k and wield a staff of fire, then alchemy them (NOTE: this only works for high level alchemy) after you have used high alchemy on all of them you will have about 400k-450k depending on the current price of the bows.

any non member can make good money
well there are many ways to make money well I do lots of different ways

1.cookin if u have a low cookin it doesnt matter it wont make money so train it though until its 40 get into cookin gulid next to the house of romeo and julliet quest west of varrock big bank but east of barb vill. ok now u should make lots of pies u get free stuff in cookin guild to make apple pie make almost full lot and deposit in bank do this a few times and u can make couple ks
if u do it enough u can make 20k

2. then u can mine mine iron sell it mine more sell it or mine alot like lots and lots then sell it 100 ea make money coal is 200-250ea then so on and so forth if u can mine mith addy or rune then u no how to make money

3.some people like getting lobsters but if u fish trout and stuff till ur lvl 50 then do wat everyother cheat but instead harpoon swordfish make even more

4.then u have making runes excpecially if u can make multiple runes mine like 5000 rune ess then make into into any runes if u sell at rune store only do the air sell 6gp like every other but sell to ppland make way more

5. go to bone yard and run through picking up only BIG BONES they sell 300-500 gp get good amount then sell make shure u deffinalty have over 100 cuz if u dont ppl wil think ur a noob which u might be

dont only listen to me other ppl have good advice to so read most of them not only this one

Awesome Money F2P. P2P is CRAZY Money!!!!!
Okay. First Long into world 16. you have to have some money (like 100k recommended) But you can have any amount. YOU WILL NEED AN AIR TIARA. Then, Go to the grand exchange and buy RUNE ESSENCE For MINIMUM-MAXIMUM. I do it for minimum, but takes a few days. Use Up ALL your money on this (HUGE VERY AWESOME SEXY NEED-TO-KNOW NOTE: You can only buy 25,000 Runes of any kind per 4 Hours. You can put the offer in, but it will just do nothing for 4 hours.) okay then go to falador and go to the small bank. Walk Along the mining guild until you reach the gate. Then walk around the crowd until you reach the Air Altar. go inside and look for people saying '9x' or something around that. MAKE VERY SUPAH SURE THAT ITS 9X!!!!! if their level is low and they seem like they are lieing, search them on high scores on a new tab. ALWAYS. ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS search them if your not sure. dont be scammed. then request assist them and craft your runes. you should have 252 air runes. now lets see, if your wearing your air tiara and you have only rune ess in your pack...hmmmm each rune ess is 44gp ea rite? 44*28=1232gp per pack. if you craft 252 air runes, then each rune is 14 gp each.... lets see...3528 gp! thats like....2296 gp profit per minute! and if you are a member, buy pouches for even more money, and buy ENERGY POTIONS and drink them every time your run is low. i made about 10,000,000gp when i hade only 3,000,000 in like a week. soooooooo its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you may think mining rune essence may be the best way to get sum $$$.
Well nope try it with pure essence if you are a mem and you have mining lvl 30+.They should sell at g.e. for over 2.5k for a invintory full! Try it its the best method. Add me if yu need help im:avra kadava1 =)
Best way for Free To Play Players on RuneScape
Ok don't give any attention to any other ways for money those are nooby ways, The BEST WAY to get money is by fishing, it is the way I got my Rune Pickaxe, When you start on Tutorial Island Go fish alot till lvl 3, cook it move on, then after Tutorial Island go down to Lumbridge Swamp and Fish till ten, go to Draynor and fish and fish and fish till lvl 35 and go to Karajama, fish Tuna till lvl 40 and then Fish Lobsters, at lvl 50 Fishing start Fishing SwordFish-They Sell for 415 at Grand Exchange (RAW)- It is the best way.

Members: Mine pure Essence and sell in BULK at Grand Exchange

Grand Exchange: for all you noobs out there The Grand Exchange is located in NorthWest Varrock, North of Lumbridge Cow Feilds

F2P tip #2: Kill cows and sell theyre Hides in buk they sell for alot
best way to get cash
i have read all of them i have written the ones which i use to get fast cash and good.
1)buy v tele from G.E. i.e.1 fire,1 law,3 air runes.
go to pvp worlds and sell them for 1k.

2)cut yews from varrok top near the castle.

3)buy iron ore and coal in the ratio of 2:1 and make them to steel and sell in G.E.

4)fish for lobbies,swordies and tuna and sell them in pvp.

big gp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok this is how you are going to make gp. ok you will need at a sword and a shield any it dosnt really matter. go to a cow farm. kill the cows pick up the cow hide and bones but you dont have too but once you get like 1k worth of cow hides go to ge and sell them you get like 100k but you can sell the bones too i dont but you can if you want. thanks for reading bye add me my runescape name is God Robotman bye:)
Boost up your ranged skills
For those that are rangers, and are looking for a quick and safe way to level up your ranged skill. Go to Varrock, and east of the Varrock palace is a sewer. Enter the sewer, and go to the left where there will be a hallway leading deeper into the sewer. Follow it till you get to where you cannot go no further. There across from you are Zombies, attack them with your ranged weapons in order to level up in ranged attack.

Note, if using a bow and arrows you may loose your arrows. It's best if you use a sling.
Change your hair, gender and skin colour
Do you want a haircut? If you do go to Falador and find the barber shop on the western side of the city. It's really cheap!

Have you wanted to change your character's gender or skin colour? You can go to the Makeover Mage, it only costs 3000 coins! The Makeover Mage is located west of Falador (walk west from the southern entrance).
chaos druids
ookkayy, this is for members, incase you havent heard.

1. go to edgeville
2. run to rundown building
3. go down the trap door
4. get to the wilderness under there (easy to find) if you get need help finding it just ask.
5. go to the left past the theives and such. (all level 10 and under)
6. kill the druids, then pick up all herbs you can find.
7. run back to the bank, and stock up for about 6 loads.

..this is only for members level 20+, it might take a little bit of time but you will end up getting about 300k+

-hint.. borrow a good weapon, be fast, and good luck, this got me about 2m in 3 days.
Chaos runes.....everywhere!!!
Go into the widerness. Go find the EAST ruins(NOT the west)and then go north. look at your map. you should see a color difference on the land in your map . walk around the color border, and you should start to see moss giants. Avoid them, and look at your map(again). you should see red dots, which are items(if ya don't see anything, keep on walking on the border). those "items" are chaos runes, and they're scattered everywhere. And when you pick one up, it will reappear in about 10 more secounds;) Good luck!
Cockroach soldiers drop alot
i was training and killed a bunch of cockroach soldiers they are high but drop alot they drop:
10-30 law runes
10-20 death runes
5-500 gold
1-2 addy ore paper
3-5 mith ore paper
they are a level 83 and use range, but have low defense, attack and strength. they are in the 2nd and 3rd level of misthalin safety center which is in between the barbarian village and edgeville

p.s. bring food, lobsters or swordfish are good
Cooking Tips
Cook Raw Meat

Get some raw meat from Chickens, Giant rats, Cows or Port Sarim Food Shop.
Make Fire by using tinderbox on some wood
Use raw meat on fire or on Cooking stove (range)
If you are successful you will get cooked meat, if you fail skill check you will remain with black burned meat.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Cooked Meat 30 1 3

Get Water

Go to a water source fountain, well, kitchen sink (the fountain in Lumbridge castle for example) and use your jug or your bucket with source to fill it.

Make Flour

Get at least one pot
Flour can be brought in food Shop at port Sarim or you can make it like this.
Go to the wheat fields near the windmill (see the atlas for its location) and pick as many grains as you have pots.
Go to the top floor of the windmill and use the hopper to grind your grain into flour. Scarecrows points out that you need to put one grain in the hopper, then operate the hopper, then put the next in the hopper, then operate the hopper again. If you don't, you just get one flour.
Go to the bottom floor to collect the flour (use each pot you have on the flour pile to fill the pot). Don't worry -- only you can see the flour you mill. (Thanks to Serra for pointing this out.)

Bake Bread

You need Flour + Water
Use the full jug/ buckler on a flour pot to make dough. Select Bread dough.
Cook the dough on a stove (range) ONLY. (Thanks to Serra for this tidbit!)
Your success depends on your cooking skill.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Bread 40 1 4

Bake Pies

You need Flour + Water, pie pan and fill (cooked meat, redberries, apples )
Use the full jug/ bucket on a flour pot to make dough. Select Pastry dough.
Get a pie pan and dough the pan. Pie pan spawn in dwarven mines and Varrock Castle Kitchen, You can make it with crafting skill or you can buy it at Cooking Guild.
Use Fill (cooked meat, redberries or apples) on pie pan.
Cook the pie in a stove (range), hope it doesn't burn, and you've got a pie with two uses.
This is requirements and healing

Pie Fill Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Redberries 60 10 6
Meat 80 20 8
Apple 100 30 10

Bake Pizza

You need Flour + Water, tomato, cheese and eventually fill (cooked meat, anchovies or pineapples)
You can buy tomato and cheese in Port Sarim Food Shop.
You can get anchovies by using a net with fish in the sea.
Pineapples are a members object and can be found southwest in the Jungle of Brimhaven. Use a knife to cut pineapple into slices.
Use the full jug/ buckler on a flour pot to make dough. Select Pizza dough.
Use tomato with Pizza dough, Use Cheese with pizza.
Cook the pizza in a stove (range).
Use Fill (cooked meat, anchovies, pineapple slices) with cooked Pizza.
NOTE: You are not getting exp. when you add fill to plain pizza your only reward is better healing item that occupy less space.

This is requirements and healing

Pizza Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Plain Pizza 110 35 1 * 10 hp = 10 hp
Meat Pizza (110 + 30) 45 2 * 7 hp = 14 hp
pizza (110 + 30) 55 2 * 8 hp= 16 hp
Pineapple Pizza (members only) 110 65 2 * 10 hp= 20 hp

Bake Cake

You need Flour +eggs, milk, cake tin and eventual fill Chocolate
Cake tin can be only brought in Cooking Guild
You can buy Chocolate bar in Port Sarim Food Shop.
You can get eggs in chicken farms and milk by using buckler on cow (Both near lumbridge castle north as you pass bridge).
Mix flour, eggs, milk together in a cake tin.

Cook the cake in a stove (range).
Use chocolate bar with cooked Cake.
This is requirements and healing

Cake Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Cake 120 40 3 * 4 hp = 12 hp
Chocolate cake 120 50 3 * 5 hp = 15 hp

Cook stew

You need bowl, potato and cooked meat
Bowl can be make with crafting skill or brought in cooking guild.
Potatoes are found in field to the east of Draynor village

Fill bowl with some water from sink, well or fountain. Add some potatoes and then some meat in.
Cook the stew by using it with a stove (range) or fire.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
stew 90 25 9

Thanks for Help: Snyder, Serra,

Cook Curry (members only)

You need bowl, potato, pot of spice and cooked meat
Bowl can be make with crafting skill or brought in cooking guild.
Potatoes are found in field to the east of Draynor village
Pot of Spice can be stolen (thieving lvl at least 65) or bought from the Spices stall at Ardougne (230gp).

Fill bowl with some water from sink, well or fountain. Add some potatoes and then some meat in.
Put the spice into the uncooked stew and cook.
Cook the stew by using it with a stove (range) or fire.
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Curry 125 60 19

Tasty Ugthanki Kebab (members only)

You need Bowl, Knife, Ugthanki Meat (cooked), Tomato, Onion, Flour + Water,
To get raw meat you need to kill an ugthanki camel (located in the new desert area below al kharid)
Knife found south from Lumbridge Castle and south west from Catherby in house, 1st floor.
You must have the knife in your inventory to make the mixture of tomato, onion, and meat.
Bowl can be make with crafting skill or brought in cooking guild.
You can buy tomato in Port Sarim Food Shop.
Onions can be found behind farmer's house in Lumbridge.

Step 1. Cook the raw ugthanki meat. (+40 exp)
Step 2. Use tomato and onion with the bowl.
Step 3. Use cooked ughtanki meat with the mixture.
Step 4. Use flour with water, making Pitta dough. (+40 exp)
Step 5. Cook the Pitta dough on a ragne for.
Step 6. Use Pitta dough on "Onion and Tomato and Ugthanki Mix" for finsihed kebab. (+40 exp)
Icon Name Exp Min Requirement to cook it Base healing
Ugthanki Kebab 120 58 19


- It requires 58 cooking to make, and you can still accidentally burn the meat at level 70 cooking.
- It is important to note with the ugthanki kebab that though they do heal 19 they take a long time to eat, because when you eat one you say something along the lines of "mmmm delicious". There are a few different things that you will say, but the point is that it takes twice as long to eat the kebab as it does to eat other foods. This makes it a horrible food for pking or fighting high level monsters where you want quick healing. (by laws0074)
- i don't have information what level to cook Raw Ugthanki meat, but with cooking 1 you can use mix with pitta bread and make "Tasty Ugthanki Kekab"


You need Water, Grapes and cooking skill 35

Grapes can be found in 3rd floor of Cooks guild west of Varrock.
Mix Grapes and water to get wine
Each bottle takes off -3 from your ATTACK for a few minutes. This of course can compound.
Cool Money
Okay, I've read this page and all of its tips. Here are a couple (that I've combined) that I think are the best.
1. Crafting- First, get about 1k. Then go near Lumbridge and kiil cows for hides (or get them off the ground). When you have about 100, use a needle and thread in Al Kharid to make tons of leather stuff. It really levels up fast. Once your at abouot 21, go to falador with a chisel and some money. Buy sapphires from the shop (about 50 each) and chisel them. Then, sell the cut ones. IT makes a lot of money, and levels you up pretty quickly.

2. Fishing- Go to Port Sarim once your fishing is level 5 with 1k. Buy about 20-30 bait things and fish for sardines. They might not level up fast, but you actually make a profit (only 4 coins, lol) ONce you're at level 40 fishing and level 40 cooking, fish for lobsters and cook them, great money maker.

3. Last- rune mysteries. I suggest that you do this as soon as possible. Then go to Aubry and mine ess. I will tell you, at first it's slow, but it'll get a lot faster. Then sell it for about 30 each. Oh, and remember to equip your pick as a weapon so that you can get more ess.
decent money making for members
Note: it is much faster if you have the sea boots from the fremenik achievement diary

ok, so when you are in relleka, talk to the guy with the helmet on the western-most pier, and then there should be an option to travel to waterbirth island(you can just click travel to waterbirth island if you already have discussed this with the guy). Once you are there, pick up all the snap grass as you can and go back to relleka. When you are back at relleka, go and find peer the seer and deposit all of your snape grass(you can only deposit with him if you are wearing your sea boots, so make sure you dont forget them!). if you get a full inventory of snape grass every time you should have about 14k's worth, because each snape grass is about 500gp. once you have about 500, go to the Grand Exchange and sell all of your snape grass(this will go faster at minimum price, but it still may take a while, so while you wait, you can do a quest, train, socialize with your freinds, or just get more snape grass).
Different Ways to make Money
- Getting a high level in mining isn't easy. But of course, it is possible. First, you should start by mining clay, copper or tin. These don't sell for much, but if you gain enough experience in mining, you will be able to mine iron (lvl 15), which is bought for around 100gp.
28 iron ores = 2.8k.
But if you gain even MORE experience, you can mine silver (lvl 20), which sells for around 150 gp.
28 silver ores = 4.2k.
Even more experience allows you to mine coal, gold, mithril, adamantite and rune which sells for hundreds or thousands of gold.

- Cooking can be a fun and interesting skill in RuneScape, since you can often cook several different types of food at the same level. But you can also sell food to get money. Building up your skill in cooking is not too hard.
Start by cooking small things like shrimps, meat and sardine to cooking big things that heal health and cost quite a lot of money like cakes, pies, pizzas and lobsters. Once you reach level 40, you can cook lots of things already. You should check on runescape different ingredients you will need to collect to make different types of food.

- Fishing takes patience and time, but is actually worth it. You may either cook or sell your fish. Start by netting shrimps, till your level is 5, then buy a fishing rod and lots of bait to bait your fish.
When you are level five, you may fish for sardines.
You should keep fishing until you are fishing lvl 40. Then, you can catch lobsters, which sell for around 300gp or more each. They heal lots of health too. You need a lobster cage before attempting to catch them.
But if you are lvl 50, you can fish for swordfishes. I am not sure about the price, but they cost more than lobsters.
Fishing can earn you lots of money - be patient!

- Woodcutting, like fishing, takes patience. It is not the best way to make money, however, as you need a very high woodcutting level to earn lots of money.
To start off, chop normal trees. They can be found in many places such as Lumbridge. Once you gain enough experience and reach lvl 15, you can chop oak trees. You can sell the oak logs for 10gp each.
You need to have a woodcutting level of 30 before starting to chop willow trees. Willow logs can be sold for 20 gp each.
Gain lots of experience to cut more trees such as maple, arctic pine, Mahogany, Dramen and more. Some of these trees are for members only.

Well, I took a long time typing this so I hope you will take my advice
Dragonslayer tips!!!
i defeated elvarg at level 46 with these stats:
strength:37(40 with strength potion)

27 lobbies
1 full vial strength potion

rune scimmy
addy full helm, platebody, platelegs, berserker shield
amulet of power
explorer's ring

thats it!! its very easy but only used stab attack and dont run dont let ur health half always keep high
dude for high levels good training AND good drops
I was poor and was looking for a good way to make money while training. i started exploring the wild, and i found out that the ice giants in the nw of wild drop these things
12 law runes
12 cosmic runes
big bones

i also found out that if you are level 55 or higher and have lobs, you can kill cockroach soldiers
they drop:
18 law
112 gold
13 death
good luck (:
Ea$$$yy $$$$$$$$ for noob$$$$
For this you'll have to find an area where there's people popping out all the time.
Just kill 'em and take their coins. (only like 4 per each lol)
It's kinda slow but effective.
You can also do the same with goblins lvl 2 or 5.
Its good to start the game but you better kill other things when you're high lvled.
Ea$y $$ and XP for Noob$
Recommended Level: 10 and up for Cockroach Drones, 60 and up for Cockroach Workers, and 85 and up for Cockroach Warriors.

From Varrock, go across the bridge that you would use to get to the Barbarian Village. Instead of going into the village, turn right (from facing the village) and go towards Edgeville. You should see a school with students inside taking a test. The door will be locked, but don't panic! Go around to the other side of the school and go down into the Jail Entrance. Talk to the guard. He will say that to get into the school you will need to read all the plaques on the jail doors. If you are a more experienced player you can just click on the plaque but not read it. Once you have read all the plaques, the guard will say you can go up the stairs and into the school. Talk to the Professor and get the Exam. Answer all the questions. You will be rewarded with two Experience Lamps (to get 500 experience in one stat for each) and access to a new part of the jail. Go back into the jail and go to the empty cell. There should be a poster. Click on it and you will go through the tunnel behind it. First there are Muggers, ignore them. Go to the are with the Cockroach Drones. Kill the Drones to get good items. The items the drones drop that I have found so far are:

Runes (water, fire, air)
Limpwurt Roots (pick these up!!! they sell for a lot of money!!!)
Red Spiders' Eggs (really rare, probably worth more than the limpwurt roots)
Bronze Daggers (ignore these)
Bronze Med Helms (ignore these too.)

Warning!!! If you are not above level 60, this is as far as you should go!!

If you are level 60+, you can fight the Workers. Sadly, as my character is only level 50, I cannot fight them and therefore cannot give a list of drops.

Warning!!! If you are not above level 85, this is as far as you should go!!

If you are level 85+, not only are you good at Runescape, but you can fight the Cockroach Warriors. Bring food, they are level 83 or so. Again, my character cannot fight these yet so a list of drops is not available, but I would assume they would drop some pretty good stuff. By this time you should know what is valuable and what is not, so pick up the good stuff.

And I'm pretty sure there are only 3 types of Cockroaches, but since I can't get past the Workers I'm not sure. Good luck!
Ea$y money for lower levels!!!
Ok, first you must be able to defeate a level 28. First you have to buy a brass key. You are can buy one at the grand exchange. You shouldn't try this tip if you are under level 30. You must travel to the bridge that leads to the entrance of barbarian ville. Make a turn right at the bridge. You should see a little house with a ladder inside. Go inside and climb down the ladder. You will see a lot of people there, along with a ton of Hill Giants! Kill Hill Giants and grab the Big Bones, (which they should drop). Also, be sure to look out for Limpwurt Roots! They are more money then the Big Bones. Big Bones sell for around 400gp each, and Limpwurt Roots sell for about 700gp each!you should get about 13k for a full inventory of Big Bones and Limpwurt Roots! ( Tip: Ask people if they want to trade 1 Big Bone for 1 Limpwurt Root, they do it almost everytime!)
Hi guys! I have an awesome way of earning $money$. All you have to do is increase your magic to 33. Then buy 28 law runes, a fire rune and a staff of air from grand exchange. Then go north-west of goblin village where there is a chaos temple. There will be a wine on the table. Do telegrab and get the wine(Note: If you take the wine without telegrab all the monks will immediately attack you). Keep doing this untill you have 27 wines. Then use varrock teleport and go to grand exchange and sell the wine for 1700-1800 each. You will get approximately 46k in just 10 minutes. Feel free to contact me on runescape. My username is lunarghost20.
Earning Money - about 6-10k each time
1. Level 28 or higher (If you are lower you can too but you must bring more food)
2. Quite a lot of space in your inventory (to hold stuff)
3. A brass key (buy this at grand exchange or another player)

Go to west of Varrock (but slightly north). You will see a small "house" with a ladder in it. Enter with the brass key and climb down the ladder. That is where there are a lot of hill giants.
Kill a giant and collect their big bones. Also collect limpwurt roots if they drop them. They also drop about 10 - 52 gp. Keep killing and collecting big bones till your inventory is full. Go to the grand exchange and sell the items you collected:
Big bones: sell for about 400 gp each
Limpwurt roots: Sell for about 700 gp each

This is a good way to earn money.
10 big bones = 4k
20 big bones = 8k
5 limpwurt roots = 3.5k
10 limpwurt roots = 7k

I earn about 10k each time I go there.
Trust me, this method is good.
Easier Fist of Guthix Gauntlets
Supplies: Enough money to buy the damaged version of the gauntlets you want.
Enough Fist of Guthix tokens to repair the gauntlets you want.

First, go to G.E. and buy the damaged version of the gauntlets you want. Then, go to Fist of Guthix (With the damaged gloves and tokens) and ask the guy who sells rewards to repair your gauntlets. Now you have the armored gloves you've always wanted, for half the work!

Fist of Guthix is to the North-East of Varrock, and it will show up as a red compass rose shape on your mini-map.

G.E. stands for Grand Exchange, which is on the West side of Varrock.

You can earn Fist of Guthix tokens by playing Fist of Guthix. It's location is listed above.
Easiest way to make money (Non-members)

I found that the simplest way to make money is to sell logs. Logs sell for 204coins in the Grand Exchange and anybody can cut them.

***All you need to do is cut the logs near the bank in the west side of Varrock. There, you can cut the logs and store them in the bank and trade at the GE quickly.

*Hope this helps.*
Easy $$$ + Brings Up Mage
Go West of crafting guild on the little stip of land that juts out to sea. There are level 28 hobgoblins there. They drop 10-50gp, limpwurt roots (witch are worth about 1k), law runes, cosmic runes, nature runes, fire runes, water runes, body runes, steel daggers, steel swords, steel scimitars, iron daggers, or iron swords. I sugjest you bring food if you are level 28-45.
Easy 13k RC experience
Take one of each runecrafting tiara to Wizard Elriss in the Runecrafting Guild (accessed through the Wizard's Tower south of Draynor). These can easily be purchased from the Grand Exchange if you don't have the set. In doing so you will gain 13,605 Runecrafting Exp. You will also receive an Omni-talisman which grants you the ability to enter any alter with it on you, it can also be transformed into a tiara or a staff.
Easy 30k +++
Ok here the deal, you must be able to mine coal.
Go to the Falador Mines Located at the NE side of the kingdom and go to the coal ore section SW
of the enterance, mine coal until you are full, then leave the mines to deposit the coal in the Falavador east bank; repeat to the process until you have 200 or more coal in the bank and withdraw at a note. then sell to coal at around 150-250gp each. Selling the coal at the Falador east bank is preferred (I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a customer). And there you have it!--- You can always mine more coal to sell anyways, but that just how I do it. And!- A rune pick is preffered once you reach level 41 mining, which are usally sold at around 30-45k. (If you find it hard to get your hands on the coal becuase the area is most of the time crowded, go to a crowded world!!! people go to these worlds mostly for commerce and trade so there will be more coal to go around most of the time). Also if you have a low level in mining, I suggest that you go to the Al-Kharid Mining site (located just east of Lumbridge and SE from Varrock) And power mine iron ore!!!---Resulting in more coal count in less time. Another thing is that once you reach level 60 mining you will be able to use the Falador Mining Guild (just south of the Falador east bank), but you can go in there at level 59 mining; how?--- simple all you have to is buy a miners stout at the bar just across the street of the Falador west bank, and the drink will momentarily level up once, which will result in admission to the guild. Inside the guild are hardily any people and tons of coal to go around and three mithril ore stones which can be minable and sold for the price of 300-500gp each.- A great way to get rich also. --- MINING IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY FOR FREEPLAYERS!!!---
Easy 4K
Lvl 40 mining , lvl 40 smithing , lvl 6 crafting

First mine at least 19 gold ore
then buy a necklace mould
smelt 19 gold necklace and sell them in the jewerlly shop in port siam and u can 4K

Note:this work to any necklace
Easy 7 k (anyone)
1. Get a bucket and pickaxe mine some clay until your inventory is full.

2. Go to a fountain and fill the bucket full of water.

3. Mix the clay and water.

4. Do that over and over until all clay is wet(soft).

5.Sell at G.E. (Grand exchange) I did this about 100 times already and you get a lot of money!

Any questions? Add me on RuneScape my user name is bails1232. See you and hope you liked my money tip...
Easy ca$h (free&mem)
Requirements=- 60+ woodcutting

Go to lumbridge graveyard with an axe equipped as a weapon (rune recommended, dragon if you're a member) and an empty inventory, next cut 28 yew logs (full inventory) and bank them in the castle bank, after doing this 4 times you should have 112 logs (i think, maybe more maybe less but defineitely 100+, RUN to Varrok and sell them on the Grand Exchange, they should sell instantly but may take a while if lots of people are selling, when the logs have sold pick the money up from the G.E. or your nearest bank, you should have over 40k

(members won't think this is much because of abyssal whips selling for over 1 mil but I've made over 450k doing this so if you do it for like 3 months you'll have like 10m+)
Easy Cash
Here is a way to get easy cash

1:The most common way to make cash is to kill cows. First, when you kill it, take the bones and cowhide.
2:Kill barbarians to get Law Runes or Chaos Runes.
3:Kill the Demon in the wizards tower and use telekinetic grab.You might get a rune med helm

1:Collect bones and cowhides from the ground.
2:Woodcut until yews and sell them 400gp each
3:Mine until gold and sell them 500gp each
4:Fish until swordfish and sell them 450gp each
5:Craft until hard leather and sell them
Easy Cash With Low Work Effort
One of the easiest ways to make cash on Runescape is Dragon bones and Dragon Hides. I personally find the Green Dragons to be the easiest targets for this. Gather a fair amount of food, possibly a prayer pot or two, and head to one of these green dragon spots.

1.) Level 13-15 wilderness, just west of the Black Warrior Castle/Rune Castle. Watch for Revs!

2.) Chaos Tunnels. Room contains Baby Black Dragons and Four Green Dragons. To get to this room go into the chaos tunnels near level 4-5 wilderness north of varrock, entrance should have rather tubby men hanging around or just north. Once inside use the southern most portal and, your there! Try to use the Green dragon or your surroundings to block the annoying Baby Blacks, they are a waste of time and food.

No matter what spot you use, make sure you pick up both the bones and hides. Gather these and sell them, a full inventory will sell for 40-60k and should only take you roughly 15-30minutes to gather the full load.
easy cook lvl
if you want to have easy cooking lvl make sure your prepared to die
first get some amor (not amor thats worth alot because you will probaly lose it) then look on the world map in the wildy there should be a place labled bandit camp get in line with that and enter the wildy travel to it making sure you dont die on the way when you arive sprint past all the bandits and avoid the bandit camptins they are strong 4 noobs then run into the buil strait ahead if you are lvl 40 coooking then its easy just buy pizza bases and pick up the chesse and tomato and make pizza but if your not lvl 40 cooking go kill the rat in the ruins and cook their meat and sell it or keep it to heal yourself from hits mean while if you making pizzas just sell them and buy more bases make sell you get a profit but you will die thats why you only bring 100gp out with you still this lvls you up fast. add will aitken for pizza bases for 20gp bandit camp their 14gp you can make them but finding chesse and tomato is hard socome to me for those as well.
Easy Firemaking levels 1-60
levels 1 to 15- cut or buy normal logs, look for a big amount of space and start burning logs. *Note* After you burn a log, burn the next one right away and repeat to burn logs faster.

levels 15 to 30- get oak logs and burn in a place with lots of space and burn and repeat as shown in the first paragraph

levels 30 to 60- same as the others shown above but burn willows until level 47-50 and then get maple logs and start burning
easy fishing
----You need level 10 fishing for this hint----
Go to Draynor village then go to the fishing spots and fish when you get a full inventory go to the bank put all fish in bank repeat loads of times and get LOADS of money.If you like this hint add me to your frendz name is
Easy gps and Ks
First of all you will need 50 crafting, 49 magic (47 or 48 with mind bomb), and a recommended fire staff. Make sure you have about 50k too. First of all buy all rubies cut or uncut for 1k ea, then make them into ruby amulets, if u cant mine gold dont worry, just buy some for 400gp ea, its worth for that much, then buy cosmic runes for 100-150gp ea. after you are out of money doing all that, go to lumbridge and get some shears, get some wool from sheep, after a full invetory, go to lumbrigde castle, up the stairs, and make the wool into balls of wool using the spinning wheel, then go up stairs one more level and bank them, keep getting wool, i recommend it. now string your "ruby amulets" then while you are holding the fire staff, it wont take any fire runes to enchant so hav your cosmic runes and enchant ruby amulets away!!! after you hav dun that youll i hav no money left wats the point...but ahh! you can sell ur "strength amulets" from 4-5k each. making about a 3-4x profit, told ya it was easy money!!! now spreade the word to everyone else so no noobs can ask for money...plz...
easy levels ups for high levels!
fight lesser demons if you have rune armor(chainmail works best for body). if you have addy armor then fight moss giants on crandor or in varrock sewers.(varrock sewers spot is always full) im a lvl 58 and have been training on lessers but i have no armor now because i lost my full rune. for more training my username is icemann161.
easy lvls and $$$$$
tip1k first i reccomend being lvl 50 or above then go to the stronghold of security go into the lvl were there are oozing walls and there should be lvl 53 spiders (or spiders around that lvl) kill them as they give you 200xp per kill take with you some food a full inventory as they do not drop anything.
tip2:this one you need to be member for. if you havent heard already theres a game called pest control. first i reccomend being lvl 40 at least take your best armour and no food.go down to port sarim but instead of going to karamja you keep on going south until you can turn left take the first left and there should be a squire.right click and select travel or something to do with void post??(it is free).Now that you have your best armour and weaopon(s) head south until you come to a ship enter and wait (note go to world 53 its a pest control world).once inside go and get 50 hipoints of damage dealt to other after each match you should get two tickets. now you can trade in points for 1 ticket 10 tickets and 100 tickests.(if you trade in 100 tickets it gives you more xp to if you trade for1).you can trade these points for att str def range magic or hitpoints.(you can also trade points for other various items)to trade points trade with the void knights.
__________________________________________________ tip3:for some money i reccomend being a member and going into the taverly dungeon into were the lvl 13 voids kill many as they drop herbs such as rannar kwarm avantoe guam marrentill tarromin and many more sell at ge for $$$$$$once i got lucky and got 13 rannars and some kwarm and avantoe i got over 100k in that one batch!
hope you get some money and level up heaps bye. (bye the way if u need more tips add aaronchi and just ask.)
Easy Magic/Range XP
Okay, first off get a lot of runes/arrows, you will not need any armor or food. Then go to wizard's tower and go to the top floor. Attack the Lesser Demon behind the bars. If you are using range you will not be able get your arrows back unless you use teleknic grab. The demon will die, and you get good XP. The best part is it has no way of hurting you! There will usually be other people there but it still works really well. Happy Maging/Ranging
Easy Mining Money!! ^.^
First of all, get your mining lvl to 21 and get a mith pic. Go to the Dwarf Mine and mine iron until you get about 300+. After you do, Turn them all to notes and go to Varrok and go to the Grand Exchange. Sell them for 97-100 gp each and get a profit of 10k+ (depends how much you sell). Keep on repeating and you will get Very Rich eventually.
easy money
i recommend you to be lvl 17 or higher for this but if not bring some food... i say find a place with a lot of unicorns and kill them for their horns and keep on till you have an inventory full cause you can sell them for 900gp at the least thats around 25k a time or you could bank and then note them...note...sell for lowest or it could take a couple of days...
I recomend being lvl 5o-60 before doing this.
go to the fst of guthix and play the game. fst of guthix is located in the wilderness just above varrock. play the game untill you have enough money to buy a spiked sheild in the game store. tell the clerk after you bought the adament sheild to take out its power. the you can sell it for about 9,300 gp.
Good luck
This cheat takes a long time to do, but it is WELL worth it. Ok, for this you need to be a member and be AT LEAST lvl 50. Start training your slayer lvl and eventually, you will get lvl 85 slayer (by that time you'll proberly be around lvl 110.) then, go to the slayer tower while wearing a ring of wealth)(Note: bring LOTS of good food and some good armour)then start killing abyssal demons, Some will drop abyssal whips. When you get one, RUN to the canifis bank and bank it. repeat this lots of times. When you have 10+ abyssal whips, note them, go 2 a busy bank then say 'sellin abyssal whips 1 mill each!!!' (they're atually worth 1.5 mill but more people will buy if they're a little cheaper) Once you have sold all 10 of them, you'll have about 10,000,000 (10 mill!!!)
easy money
ok this is the best way to make money and trust me i would no i have 1.1m cash and about 10m in items.

to start you need 25-50k. once you have that go to varrock east bank and buy a rune scimi for 20-25k dont go and higher. go sell it for 30-35k at the other bank u made about 5-10k profit. keep doing this until you have 250k and then go to edgeville with 250k on and go to the yews. start buying 200-250 ea keep going till you have spent it all. then go to varrock west bank world 1 or 3 and start selling 300 ea reapeat u should have 350k this is where you start to roll in the big moola with the 350k. go and buy coal 100 ea no more it will be hard to get buyers but when you spent all your money you should have 3.5k coal and thats where you double youre money go to fally east bank and start selling 200-250ea so if you can sell all for 200 ea you will have 700k and if you sell all for 875k almost 1m.ok so from here is where you need to make some dessions on your own i advice either sticking to coal or go to something like black g pl8s 100k buy 150 sell. anywho enjoy ur 1m

buy low sell high

dress to show (wear good things people look up to you)

dont get frusturated

dont get scammed
easy money
heres a tip to get easy money. first complete rune mysteries (no skill required). then go to aubury's rune shop in varrock. now teloport to the rune essence place. (make sure you have a pickaxe) then mine rune essences until your inventory is full. now, go through the portal and go to the bank thats next to aubury's shop and deposit the essences into the bank.repeat this process again and again, then go to g/e and sell them for 40 each. everytime you get full of essences they all sell for 1k. i got 20k and im lvl 5
Easy Money
Ok, all u need is lvl 40 crafting and 40 mining... Go and get a brown apron, then go and get into the crafting guild... Then mine a lot of gold. Since there is a Grand Exchange *aka G E* its easy to sell the gold ores and get a good amount of money. Well u r just using the guild for the gold ore XD. I mined over 200 gold ores and i sold them and I got like over like 110k XD, hope this works. Oh if u have higher mining lvl than crafting *ex. 60 mining 10 crafting* u can mine nothing but the ones u can mine and alot of it so u can get money =).
Easy Money
Alright are you sick of taking a long time to get money... i know i am!

Non Member- alright if you r a non member the easyiest way to get money would probly be too mine and smith steel bars 500 -600ea, getting feathers and selling for 10-20 gp ea, selling cowhides 100-150ea.

Members- I got a lot of money off of getting bow strings, all you have to do is to pick flax and spin it in to bow strings and sell for 180ea. i made 10mill in about 2 weeks !!

I hope these help!
easy money
The easiest way to get cash is to mine stuff. if u can only mine tin and copper, your best bet is to smealt it into things and sell.remember to always sell to people of your stature cause you dont wanna cum up to a guy in full rune and ask him if he wants to buy a bronze sord.

if ucan mine iron thats good because from bronze to ironis a huge jump in the price u can sell for.also with that come a tough decision, sell or smealt.for the first couple levels of when u can mine iron, mine a lot and sell sell sell. twards the last levels of mining iron,smith although you cannot smith much. it will be easier with a high min lvl becuz you min like crazy and only haveto worry about smithing.

any 1 above iron just sell ores unless you can get a good deal on armor.

another good idea of sellin is re selling.

the last thing to sellis runes. I made a fortune sellin is really easy. but u must do it constantly.

i hope these tips have helped u,

Easy Money $$$
All you do is go into the edge-ville dungeons and you keep going north until you reach a metal gate. open that gate and go east from there until you reach another metal gate go through there go north west until you see chaos druids keep killing them they drop herbs. When you have a full inventory of herbs and money bank them or take them straight to the grand exchange and sell them i got 100k from doing this
Easy Money (Members Only)
Hey it's me David well your new in Member Worlds?

Here's a Money tip.

1.Go to varrock and go to the east bank.

2.Get your pickaxe with you. (Note: You need to be a level 30 or higher miner skill)

3.Just go down the ally in the under the bank and go to the rune shop.
(Note: You better complete the Rune mysteries Quest too)

4. If your there to the rune shop Right-click the guy named abury or something and select teleport.

5.Then your in a place go find BIG rocks BIG I mean! Then mine then you just wait there your guy will mine.

6.When your full then try to find a portal then click it. You are back in the rune shop then go back to the bank and put Your stuff (Pure Essence) in your bank and repeat this.

Good luck!

(Feel free to add my name in Runescape it's David00657)
Easy money (noob tricks)
Ok, first off, you need to go to port sarim fishing shop.

second off, you need to have at least 55k.

3rd off, you need to find a world where the fishing shop is 100% empty.

Trust me, it works, i've made hundreds of k doing this and try not to get frustrated while selling.

Ok, heres what you do, you go into the port sarim fishing shop, you make sure that there are more then 950 feathers in there, (or make sure that they are not over 4 gp each,) Next, you start buying out the feathers until they either reach to 900 feathers left or till they are 4 gp each.(what ever floats your boat) spend about 30k on feathers,(you should get about 10k feathers).

Then, spend your other 25k on as many chaos runes as you can(shop) Make sure they are about 100 ea or max 108 ea. once ur done using up ur 55k, sell your 10k feathers for 10-15 ea (about a good 100 - 150k) and with your chaos (about 250 chaos) sell them for 150 ea and you'll get a good 37.5k, you can make a good 137k or 187k, either way a good 80k profit, repeat this for a good a while and u'll make mills.
easy money and exp!
as of lately big bones are being bought left right and center sooo...

lets go kill Hill Giants!

now don't take any food or stuff unless your in between level 20-45

every time u get a full inventory bank and repeat if you put the lowest price (500gp) you would get 500k per 1000 =D and you can get exp for defense, strength or attack

have fun with all your money
easy money and fast
The easiest way to make money is to go to the g.e and buy lots of clay and a bucket. take all the clay you can carry and the empty bucket to the fountain in the centre of varrock and fill the bucket. then mix the clay and the water in the bucket to make soft clay repeat which every soft clay you make it is about an 150gp profit and if ure invetory is empty except the clay and bucket u make about 4650gp a trip

This helpful hint was produced by mark bonnar1 of runescape

i now have 50k left and i have bought good items

Happy hunting <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
easy money by Woodcutting(f2p)
This is a guide through the levels of your success

Lv 1-20
Go to grand exchange notice the trees circling the g.e
Buy an iron axe and a steel axe then start cutting sell them on ge
For 28gp each which is 784gp an invetory and within 1 invertory
Your lv6 or so keep cutting till 20
Lv 20-30
oaks are the way ahead
Next to draynor there are oaks and also next to the grand exchanges nearest bank start using mith axe now

Lv 30-65
This is the boring part use adamant axe and then use rune at lv41 use rune axe
65-99 yews

easy money f2p
go near beefy bill (just north of his field) and mine clay there with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 buckets and make soft clay in the cooks guild(32 cooking and a chef's hat on) and bank in the bank just east of the cooks guild and repeat (you can get 2,400,800 per 24hrs)
Easy money for F2P users.
You will need either 6k or 12k to start off with. If you don't know how to get that kill cows for their hide and sell it on the Grand Exchange.

Once you have your starting funds, go to the fishing shop in Lumbridge and buy all the feathers. If you started with 6k skip the next step.
Next go to the fishing shop in Port Sarim and buy all the feathers there.

Then you need to go to the Grand Exchange and sell all the feathers. Feathers cost 6gp each at the fishing shops but should sell for 11 or 12gp on the Grand Exchange. If you started with 12k you can easily make 10-12k within 5 minutes using the teleport stones. If you started with 6k you should have made 5-6k.

Start Funds....12k...........6k
End Funds......22-24k......11-12k

This tip can only be used once per day because the shops take time to restock. World hopping doesn't work for this. The stock for each player is always the same.
Easy money for few hours or days this dependent you fishing lvl$$$$$
The best way is with the lobbyes i was written one of that tip for easy money.You need 20k or more the go to karamja and start fishing lobs when you get 26 lobyes go to the bank and repeat that until the money waste then you will have 230k of lobbs sell them at 1,2,3,4,5 world for 230 ea you will have near 6M(minimun 40 lvl fishing)
Easy money for low level (Good One)
First you need to have about 500-1000 gp. You also need to be able to kill lvl 2 cows without dying. Go to the cow pen and kill the cows. Pick up any cowhide you see. If you want, when you get full inventory, you can go to the Lumbridge bank and put it there, but I suggest this: Pay 10gp to pass the gate, and go to the sign that shows a leather vest (Beside Furnace). Talk to him and right-click Hard leather. Click all and he will make all your cowhides into leather. Put it in the bank and repeat. Once you have about 500-1000 goto Varrock and take out all leather noted. Then sell all of your Hard Leather at the Grand Exchange (Beside the big bank, follow the dirt road). This sells for about 155gp each, and with 500 you will make about 75k! But with 1000... you will make 150k!!!!!

This is also pretty good. You must be level 41! Go to the wizards just outside of Varrock and attack level 7 wizards. Pick up all runes, and sell at Grand Exchange. This makes a lot of money, and very fast. GOOD LUCK!
Easy Money for Members
This is suggested to new members (people who are just starting out as a member)

Go to the mining area near varrock, the area has 2 Unicorn's and a Bear, Kill each unicorn for a unicorn horn..these sell for around 1k each, if you keep doing this until your inventory is full you'll make atleast 28k
per run.

*NOTE* Sell the horns at G.E. (Grand Exchange) at max price, you'll make quite a bundle of money.

Hope this helped you! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy money for mems and free players!!!
Okay you need mage level 33 or higher. There are two different ways of getting the runes you need, and they are listed below.

#1: Go to Varrock and mine Rune Essence (after Rune Mysteries go to the Rune Shop and select Teleport Aubury) and then go to Falador. Go out the East entrance and (with air tiara or talisman, tiara recommended) go into the air temple. (World 16 recommended, you can get more runes by selecting req assist on a person saying something like 10x or x10) Make as many air runes as you can. Then you need to bank them and get a brass key. (going into bank and saying "buying brass key 100 coins" usually gets you a key within a minute) then go to barbarian village. cross the bridge as you would to get to varrock, but turn left instead. You should see a little hut with a ladder inside. Go down the ladder and fight the hill giants. They will occasionally drop law runes. Pick up the law runes and when you have enough go to varrock bank (the one closest to grand exchange).

#2: Go to Grand Exchange and buy as many law and air runes as you want.

As you can see, the second way is easier, but if you're like me and don't want to spend your money or also like me and want to get experience then the first way is better. It's also more fun <img src="" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />

Okay back to business...

You should now be in the Varrock Bank (closest one to GE). At one end you will see a door and behind the door is a ladder. Open that door and go down the ladder. You will be in a room with a gate at one end. You can't open the gate, but you see valuable objects such as piles of gold and ruby rings on the other side. This is where your runes come in. Use Telekinetic Grab to grab the objects from the other side of the gate. Then wait a bit until the objects come back. Repeat the process until your inventory is full. Then sell the items on the Grand Exchange and put the gold in your bank. If you need more runes repeat the processes above, and then do the same thing over and over again. You can probably (I don't use magic that much, so I haven't done it) be rich within days. Have fun, and add me (Runegirl1261) if you need help.
If your over lvl 28 go to edgeville dungeon to the place where there is hill giants. If you have a brass key (can be bought for 100-200gp) then go to the house west of the cooking guild and enter edgeville dungeon. Kill some giants and collect the big bones and limpwurt roots. Then go to Grand Exchange and you can sell big bones for 400 gp and limpwurt roots for 700gp.
easy money for noobs in runescape
all you need to do this is kill cows.
First go to cow fields in lumbridge
second kill cows until invitory is full third go to G.E and sell them a full invitory is a little more than 3k its awsome have fun
Easy Money For p2p Members ~ Pure Essence, 100k+ per hour

Note: You must have completed the Rune Mysteries quest and have at least 30 mining for this!

First get a mithril pickaxe or better (not required, but suggested for fastest money) and go to Varrock. Either bank all your stuff and equipment or bank all stuff and take out some robes or light stuff.

Now go to the eastern bank. Get ready, and make sure you have a bank space open.

Run south along the path just a few squares east of the east bank to reach the magic shop. Right click on the shopkeeper there and click Teleport Aubury. You will now be in the rune essence mine. Go down one of the paths and mine the rune essence until you have a full inventory. You only have to click once.

Bank your essence and repeat. Do this until you have at least 1,000.

Now to sell. Either

  • stand in Varrock east bank on a crowded world typing "red:selling p ess 100 ea" or "red:selling pure ess 100 ea"
  • Go to the main page of the RuneScape website. Click "View the forums" then click "Login (members only)". Now go to the Runes section and click "Start a new thread". Enter a title that will draw you in like "~@@@.::Selling P ESS::.@@@~" or something. Then type your message, along the lines of "Selling [number of essence here] 100(or 110) each." Then state if you will go to their world or not and if it will always be at a certain place (eg "All trades in Falador west bank" or something)

    Repeat. This can give up to 100k per hour, and more for higher mining levels. I HAVE MADE 1M+ USING THIS METHOD. Enjoy!

  • Easy Money Guide * a few ways*
    TIP 1
    1)Go to Al Kharid.
    2)Go to kebab store.
    3)Buy as many kebabs you want, they only cost 1 GP each.
    4)Go to GE and sell them for 60-65 GP each.
    NOTE: This may or may not work because I haven't sold them over G.E.

    Tip 2
    1)Go to Falador.
    2)Go to the bar.
    3)Buy Wizard's Mind Bombs for 3 GP each.
    4)Go to GE and sell for 60-65 GP each.
    NOTE: Unlike Tip 1, this one has been tested and works.

    TIP 3
    1)Go to Stronghold of Security.
    2)Go thru maze (unless you already passed all 4 levels but haven't collected the prize(s)
    3)At the end of 4th floor, search the cradle.
    4)Choose either boots, you can always change.
    5)After getting the boots, 10K will show up in inventory.
    NOTE: This is a DANGEROUS route.

    TIP 4
    1)Go to Stronghold of Safety.
    2)Get to the lever.
    3)DON'T pull.
    4)Find stairs.
    5)Go down.
    6)Open door.
    NOTE: If locked, go and pull lever, then come back.
    7)You'll see a box on the other side.
    8)Go to it.
    9)Search it.
    NOTE: This is a SAFE route, unless you attack a cockroach soldier.
    NOTE: You'll receive 10K and Safety gloves.
    Easy Money Making For Non Members and Members
    Okay, I have found a few ways to make good money.

    Method One - MEMBERS
    -level 5 thieving
    (Level 30 combat would help)

    -Level 50 cooking

    Okay, go to East Ardougne and steal from the bakers stall. Drop/Eat anything EXCEPT for cakes. Cakes sell for 91G, so 1k cakes is 91k. Lvl 30 combat would be good too because if the guards attack you, then you don't have to run. You can easily just defend yourself!

    -If you have level 50 cooking then you can add chocolate dust to make them chocolate cakes, which sell for even more money!

    Method 2 - NON MEMBERS
    -At least 100GP

    Okay, Go to the Grand Exchange and buy X amount of (And kind of ore) and X amount of (Another kind of ore). Go to Falador and smith them into bars, and go back and sell them. This works with MOSTLY every ore except for the following:
    -Silver (You gain only a VERY small amount of extra GP)
    -Gold (You LOSE over 400GP)
    This is also a good way to get your smithing up, but whatever you do. do NOT make any Armour or weapons out of them UNLESS you mine your own ore. If you makes Armour or weapons out of the bars, you will LOSE GP
    easy money making for noobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to the cow place in lumbridge kill some cows and get the cowhides. Then go to alk-arad which is the place accross the bridge going to the cow pen( it is also known as the desert.)Go to the alk-arad bank and say selling cowhides 100gp each. Ull be rich in an hour.
    Easy Money Making Guides
    Note: To do this, you need to be a member.

    There are lots and lots of ways to make money in Runescape. My personal favorite is picking flax. What you do is go to the Seers bank and take all the stuff you have and put it in the bank then head south till you reach the place where there's flax. You always go to the seers bank to deposit the flax, DONT GO TO THE NORTH-EAST BANK OF THE SEERS BANK! You keep on going back and forth getting 28 flax at a time. In about 1h, you should get about 2k of flax. The street price is about 100gp to 120gp each so selling 2k of flax you can make about 200k to 240k. Another thing I do to make money is law running.Go to world 66 and go to the bank in Draynor Village. Ok, first you take everything off and put it in the bank because you can't go to Entrana with stuff on. Now you bring 27 pure essence with you, NOT NOTED! and you head to Port Sarim. On the northern side of Port Sarim you should find a monk you talk to him and you will head to Entrana. Once your there, head north-east of the island and you will find a whole load of people. You have to try to find someone saying open. Trade them and they will give you 27 noted pure essence and 20-27 laws. Keep on going back and forth and in about 4h, you should get 2k-3k of laws, THATS 700k-1.5M!

    Well thats my guide!
    Easy money making tips for higher levels (members, combat)
    I personally enjoy doing clue scrolls. An easy way to obtain clue scrolls is to kill hellhounds in the travelrey dungeon. However in order to get here you must run through black demons, poison spiders, and blue dragons so make sure to bring some food. Archery, mage, or halberd is recommended for lower levels because the hellhounds are level 122. Also, make sure to bring a ring of wealth to increase your chances of a clue scroll (hard) drop. Another easy way is to kill green dragon in the wilderness. Their bone sell for 4,400 each but they go up to about 5,600 each. If you want to train a skill while making money i suggest slayer. Not only will you be gaining slayer levels but combat levels as well. Also many of the monsters assigned drop things like clue scrolls, and other valuables. Some drops are worth up to 34,000,000 like the draconic visage. Hope i helped!!! Name: Pyromonkey74
    Easy money making!
    Hey people! Ok, I have 2 meathods. 1. My first suggestion is u should be lvl 65+ for this. Go out into the wildy and go north until u reach the members gate( start on the western side). Then walk west or east, depending where u came up from. After a little while, near a ruined house, is a greater demon. If u are a lower lvl, hide in the house and mage or range it, or if u are a high lvl, go and meelee it. It will drop cash, rune full helm, and the occasional dragon med helm, which sell for 60-80k I belive, and some other stuff, like runes. 2. (U need to be a mem, and have lvl 30 mining) Go to Adbury's mage shop in Varrock, and tele to the rune ess place. Then mine full inventory, and store. Repeat. Eventually u will get 10k rune ess, which will sell for 100-150k GE price, and it took me about a minute for full inventory.
    Easy Money actualy time
    Ok...go to world only need 27 rune essence and an air talisman or air tiara. You go normaly to the altar, craft, then there are players buying air runes...2k per round and they give you 25 rune essence too (noted) you just have to go to bank, unnote them and craft that again and again until you bore yourself to the very core or have the desired amount of money...pretty useful...made like...10m in 3 days...XD
    Easy money MEMBERS
    Ive go two ways to get easy money.

    #1 Go to tree gnome stronghold, an easy way to get there is either with a Ardouge or Camelot tele. Once you are their go to the top left part of the TGS.(tree gnomestronghold) go to the swamp and get a full inventory of toads. there are many banks all over the TGS and deposit the frogs. One inventory of frogs is worth 10k. I got 500k in an hour

    #2 Kill the highest monsters you can. im level 62 and my name is Tedwerd3 i kill level 82 green dragons mostly. They are located all over the wilderness.But watch out for revenant ghosts they can make you unable to teleport and frozen. Now The main thing green dragons drop are:

    100% of the time they drop green dragonhide and bones which together is worh around 3k. and a full inventory of just bones and hide can be worth 50k These are the good things you can get from dragons

    Rune full helm
    Rune kiteshield
    Mithril kiteshield
    Adamant full helm
    Rune dagger
    Dragon spear
    Half key (when you make it full you can open this chest thingy where you can get all sorts of things)
    Left dragon shield half (advised to sell if you already have a dragon sq. shield, because making the full shield and selling it will not get you significantly more than just selling the left half)
    Clue scroll level 3

    animal #2 I also kill level 55 ice giants. The best things they drop are

    Steel sword
    Black kiteshield
    Mithril square shield
    Mithril mace
    Mithril 2h
    2 or 5 Adamant arrows (uncommon)
    5 Rune javelins
    37 Body runes
    24 Mind runes
    12 Water runes
    6 Nature runes
    3 Law runes
    2 or 3 Death runes
    2 or 4 Cosmic runes
    2 Blood runes
    Loop half of a key(m)
    (if you put both of these keys together you can open that chest things i was talking about
    Tooth half of a key(very rare)
    Clue Scroll (level 2)

    contact Tedwerd3 for more ideas

    easy money on runescape
    lvl 36 smithing : Members only :comple dwarf cannon: make canon balls with steel ball mol bars and cannonds then make 1000 then sell at g.e each cannon balls is at least 400 gp 1000x400 do the math <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Easy Money with Flax -> Bow Strings
    Hello people.
    I'am going to share with u guys how to earn easy money like me with Flax.

    I had 65 k. In 1 day I have 350 k.
    Is'nt that nice?

    Now let's start!

    First you need to pick up Flax. You can dot this the best in SeersVillage. Pick allots of Flax and spare up to 1000 flax in your bank.
    Now go to the spinning wheel. (It's south-east of the bank). Go to the second floor and spin up the flax.

    Sell the 1000 bow strings for 150 k.
    Do this all the time and you are rich!!!
    YAHOO BABY!!!! I HAVE 1 M earned of it.

    Good luck
    easy money!!!!!!
    this isent extremlly easy actully but its kinda good first you must go to the kajama island from the port in port sarlim or somthin like that then walk through down the dock and there shold be a shop and a small building if not you arnt there. then walk forward and keep going allond dow the island untill you reach a volcano there will be an entrencce down the side climb in now heres the hard part and if your a noob turn around you climb down and will arive in a cave with spiders RUN!!!! past them to the back there will be two piles of red eggs they are neded to get the money get them and if you think you can w8 a bit longer get some more when they reapire then get out. once you out got back to the dock now get on the boat back to the port and go to the village next to the barbarian village
    there will be a ruined building with tombs in go to the end tomb and climb down the hole then go through runing past the skelatons and get to a ladder climb it get health and go back down run into the small cave in the caave and pick up the brass key then run into the cave with all the hill giants in and pick up as many limpwart roots as you like as long as you have the same amount as the spider eggs the go to the apocathary in varrock and ask for a streanth potion give him 5gp and you suplies if you got 2 spider eggs and 2 limpwart roots you get 2 potions i sell these for 1.5k if you think you need it more than money you can take 4 sips
    and you streanth gets higer each sip they weir off thou if you want to get spider eggs and limpwart roots easyly add will aitken and i will give them to you 4 500 gp so you can sell them for 1.5k
    Easy Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay people want money I know I do.Okay enough about me.
    The best way to get money is to fish for lobbies(lobster).
    Nom mems- go to Port Sarim and fish for lobbies then bank.
    Mems-go to Catherby fish for lobbies then bank.

    Sell on GE for maximum mullah
    Easy Money, no skills (p2p)
    First of all, somehow, it doesn't matter, make your way to Catherby. Once there, go to the house right behind the bank and pick up the insect repellent. Then go right next to the flax fields and "take honey" from the bee hives. Bank and repeat until satisfied. Honeycombs are worth about 155 GP each.
    EASY MONEY: The easy [but boring] way
    all you have to do is mine 27 pure ecc.[members only] and go to draynor bank. it must NOT be noted. make sure youre on world 66 or this will not work. follow the stream of people until the monks of entrana are in front of you. talk to them [you cannot have weapons or armor] and they will take you to entrana. Follow the stream of people to the law altar and find someone in zamorak robes [pure red robes] trade them and they will give you 27 laws and 27 pure ecc. bring it back to draynor bank, bank the laws and unnote the pure ecc. Repeat until you have a lot. sell them for 300-500 each and tada. you are filthy rich. feel free to add me my username is verryberry10. happy getting rich. =]
    *Must be level 30+

    Go to Stronghold of Security. Go to second level. Kill skeletons for bones and GP. Bury bones. Higher levels (50+) won't need much food.
    Easy Prayer Levels (For around lvl 20- prayer)
    First take off everything. Then Run to 20 something wildy. If you use the map, you will see a boneyard. Go there. There will be big bones and little bones everywhere. Grab them all, bury them, and by the time your done, more bones will respawn. (At the level your at, it would be smart to bring some food, maybe 3 lobbies.)
    Easy Red Chins/Grey Chins guide..(Hunter)
    i found a way to actually make it easier to catch those red chinchompas^^but first read a short story of mine how i discovered it^^
    i was catching them a while ago and suddenly a new player comes around and started hunting with me.. my traps are all set near the red chin spawn spot and the other guy's traps are far from me.. at first i thought this is gonna be a problem and i was surprice that it actually help me on getting red chins.. then i started thinking "why watch the red chins run away from the trap when i can just make them go back?"the next day i tried doing some experiments and it actually help^^ first thing you do is set the traps near the red chins spawn spots and whenever the chins failed to go into ur trap just reset the trap again and kill the red chinchompa so that it will spawn back to the spot near the trap and eventually will go into your trap.. just redo and ull get more red chins rather than sitting back and watching tose chins running around ur trap..
    easy rune and rune ess. money
    Requirments: must have completed rune mystyries
    way 1.) mine full inventory of rune ess. and sell it in bulk. make 1mil in 3 days!!!! =D
    way 2.) MUST BE IN POSSESSION OF AT LEAST 1 TALISMAN! do as before excpt make ess. into runes then sell. Make tons of $$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Easy way to get Arching level way up!
    < You need to have like 20-25 range
    < High defense
    < Some arrows 20-30
    First go to Barbarian village and go down to the Security Stronghold.
    At the first floor, visit the Minotaurs.
    Start shooting them like crazy and soon enough they will start dropping a pretty good amount of iron arrows. This is a little boring but if you will do anything to get your level up it will be worth it. Good luck!
    Easy Way to Get from lvl 30to lvl 60 woodcutting
    Go to Rimmington And There are willow trees there chop them until your inventory is full and sell them at the general store in rimmington. Keep repeating the proccess until your lvl 60 in woodcutting. Enjoy!!!!

    Bye the way one full inventory of yew logs sells for 10k in the Grand Exchange!!!!!

    My Account name is Alltheway37 So add me!!!!!
    Easy way to Lvl up Combat and Prayer
    46 Thieving
    A good enough combat level to kill a lv 52

    Go to the Tower of Ardougne and open the door (takes 46 Thieving). You should see chaos druids and a ladder. Go down the ladder, and you should see bats, two chests, and Lv 52 Ogres.

    First of all, Ogres have low defense, making it easy to get in a few hits. They also drop Big Bones, which give 15 xp for burying them.

    Since farming came out July 11th, 2005, Ogres drop seeds, and here are some of the seeds I know of that they drop. They drop rarer seeds as well.

    -Belladonna Seeds
    -Cactus Seeds
    -Jangerberry Seeds
    -Strawberry Seeds
    -Watermelon Seeds
    -Whiteberry Seeds
    -Many kinds of Herb Seeds

    I hope this has helped or reached out to someone who read this.
    Easy Way to make money (requires lvl 60 wc and 10.5k)
    First, buy a rune axe with about 10k

    Second, go to the GE in a world with not much people

    Third, go to 1 of the side areas of the ge that has yews in it

    Fourth, get a full inventory of yew logs

    Last, sell the yew logs in GE for minimum

    (You will get about 10-11k per inventory)

    Please add me(Rs Wood1) to your friends list if you need any help.

    Thanks! I hope i helped a lot with making money! =)
    Easy way to make money$ for levels 3-20
    As you know when you start off in runescape you end up in Lumbridge. Well go to the cows place across the bridge and up and make a right turn. (Make sure your inventory is empty to put all the hides in) when you see cows kill them and take their cowhides. keep repeating this until you get at least 100 cowhides. each cowhide will cost 20-40 gp. when you have 100 cowhides in your bank note it and then go to a world that has alot of people. when you go to a good world sell them. you will make about 20,000GP or more for selling 100 or more cowhides.
    Easy ways to make money!
    Obviously there are many ways to make money in RuneScape. Some of the methods i post may not be what you like to do, and some may be just right. Give a few a try!

    Mining is a good income for money, and experience. You can either just mine and sell the ores, or smith the ores and then use other money making skills (like Alching and High Alching) and apply them to this skill.

    Once you can smith Mith it becomes very handy money making skill. Mith peices can sell anywhere from 1k-6k and can be quick profit to those in need.

    If you are only going to mine and sell ores, it is recomened you sell coal (30 Mining) until you can mine mith (55 Mining, but recomended 60+ mining for time use.) Mith ores can sell for about 500-1k a peice, which is good money to desperate smithers. Addy ores (75 Mining) are an even better way to earn money, going from 2k-8k a peice its quick money. Rune ores (85 mining) are the true gold mine in mining though; Going anywhere from 5k-20k a peice! Think about that, 28 rune per trip and 10k per ore; Thats 280k a trip!

    In RuneScape woodcutting has become a market of its own. Desperate fletchers and high alchers by laws for insane prices just so they can make some money or move up 15 spots in the highscores. A quick and easy way to make money.

    Herblore (Members)
    No matter your herblore you can always make decent money off of herbs. Anybody with 1 herblore can sell each unidentified herb for 500 each. Once you can identify the herb "Rannar" it goes for 1k-2k each per unidentified herb above rannar. And finally, once you can identify the herb Avantoe and below; unidentified herbs (above avantoe) go for a whopping 2k-3k each! This is a quick side way for members to make some extra cash.

    Fletching (Members)
    The all useless fletching skill, unless of course you have 55 magic and can high alchemy items. A quick, free, painless (other than time consuming) way to make money. Members simply cut a wood, make a bow, add string and high alchemy it!

    **It is recomended that you use high alchemy (magic level 55) to turn items into money, unless it's an item that means nothing to you.**

    Simply take an item, a fire staff and alot of nature runes and high alchemy an item for money. This is a great combination skill with woodcutting and fletching. It includes experience for the following skills:
    *Theiving (To theive the nature runes (members))
    *Woodcuting (When you cut the wood to make the bow)
    *Crafting (when making the bow string from flax (Members))
    *Fletching (when making the logs into bows (members))
    *Magic (when high alching the item)

    This is my preferred way of making money, but everyone has their prefences.
    Easy WC level 1-30
    levels 1-15-ok first of all to get to level 15 wc, you will need any axe from bronze to black (steel and black axes for level 6 wc and higher) Then go to Draynor Manor and cut pretty much all the dead trees, they giv the same xp as normal trees, theres like hell loads of them and dont foget to drop them as you cut them.

    levels 15-30-ok now u should hav a steel or black axe. You should cut oaks right now since you can cut them pretty fast. The best place to cut oaks are in Draynor or Varrok. There are 2 places in Draynor you can cut,the oaks near the bank and jail (which has around 5-7 oaks) and the cross section between Draynor and Draynor Manor (which has around 5-8 oaks)

    *Make sure do bank you oaks cuz they actually sell in the grand exchange
    Easy woad leaf tip
    If you are buying Woad Leaves in Falador, be sure to pay the head farmer 20gp so that he gives you 2. This is faster and saves you money.
    --You need anything--

    It really easy you have just to go fight the cow near lumbridge and take the cow skin.You full all you inventory and you go to the G.E.One full inventory is about $5000.And it train you too.
    easy(but possibly long) way to get clue scrolls
    go into the stronghold of security (west of varrock, in center of barbarian village) 1st floor. kill minotaurs(any lvl)lots of them they will drop gems, bronze full helms, iron arrows, rune ess(note), cooked meat, and CLUE SCROLLS
    - Good Luck!
    p.s. wolves drop bones only
    easyest way 2 get $
    ok if ur not a member(mem)2 get easy $ go 2 the lava maze and run by the black knights scorpions and hill giants(u must have a sword 2 slash webs) once u get in find the stl plt bodys and earth staffs pick them up change worlds and repeat. if u r a mem go west of the ice mountian and pick flax it sells for 100go ea. so if u pick 1k of flax thats 100k=).if u need some help my username is k and d6 ill help u unless ur a high lv and want 2 kill me in the wild have fun! <-_-)>=)
    Eazy Reliable Money!
    #1st you will have to have lvl 33 mage and enough money to be able to buy 26 air rune and 26 law rune if you have all of this then go to the zammy church near Taverly and Burthorpe and us the tele-grap on the zammy wine until you have full inventory or no more rune then go to G.E and sell them all sometimes it may take a few hours or maybe a day or two but they pay off well!

    #2nd kill cows and tan leather pays as well though not as much as my first one but my new acc is get noob millions already (20-30k)
    Effective slayer training
    Slayer is a members only skill that requires careful thinking if you wish to train effectively. Therefore I've gathered these tips:

    1. Use Guthan the infested's armour! This armour has a special attack that can heal you every few hits. Switch between this and your normal armour to save money on food.

    2. USE A SLAYER MASK WHEN MELEEING - This mask gives a +15% bonus to your attack and strength when slaying - always use it when meleeing!
    Ernest The Chicken Tip(Getting the oil can)
    First, pull levers A and B down, then go through the north-east door.
    In this room just pull lever D for now, then go through the south-west door, then the south door back into the main room.
    Next push levers A and B back up would help. You can go through the north-west door now, then the west door and the north door last.
    Right, two more levers here - E and F. You should try pulling them both, and move 2 rooms to the east.
    This time you will just pull lever C down, then go through the north-west door and the west door in the next room.
    You should just pull lever E in here, then move east, and 2 doors south back into the main room.
    The west door should be open now, so you can just go in and pick up the oil can.
    EZYYY money
    Ok. well this cheat is for MEMBS only. Ok tele to Camelot and pick flax for 30 min. sell at GE highest price and there u have it 400k

    next is for non members get a brass key and go to the building right by the cooking guild kill giants for there bones

    next you need 40 cooking. go in the cooking guild and take grape spawn sell them for lots of money
    F2P Oak Money
    With the new update, three Oak trees gave been placed southeast of the Grand Exchange(G.E.).If you weild your hatchet, and have nothing in your inventory, each inventory is worth aprox. 2.1K. In half an hour, I leveled in Woodcutting(wc) from 46 to 48, and bought a rune schieter(scimmy), full adamant(addy), an amulet of strength(str ammy), and a strength potion(str pot). <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> All for Dragon Slayer.
    fast money and mining exp
    requirements 40 mining at least, and a rune or addy pick axe. ok first go to karjama and go into the volcanoe. mine the gold rocks there until u get full inventory of gold ore. then go sell it at the general store. Hope my tip works.
    fast money for members
    I recommend a decent combat level for this including a decent range level (60+) if you the money fast. Once you have completed heroes quest (hence the decent combat level) then you are allowed to enter the heroes guild. Inside there are numerous mining spots, the fountain of heroes in which you can recharge amulet of glory's and combat bracelet's. You also have access to a blue dragon cage in which there are two safe spots for rangers. The blue dragon is level 111 and can hit high so I recommend you buy the best possible armour. When you have killed the blue dragon, dragon bones are 100% drop and so this is quick, they sell in the grand exchange for just under 4k, if you wish you can pick up the blue d'hide which are worth around 2k, but possibly quicker per trips.Make sure you take an anti-dragon shield in case of an attack from it fire as it hits high otherwise. Each inventory is worth 100k if u take varrock teleport tab as it saves two spaces worth at least 7k (so the teleport tab pays for itself). The reason I advise the tabs is to save money (from space of using teleport runes) and time from running to falador to bank the dragon bones.

    Blue dragons also have other drops like good herbs, nature runes, and they have very frequent charms drop, all 4 main charms (blue,green,crimson and gold) are available.

    P.S always right-click drops to check what they are first, because they sometimes drops level 3 clue scrolls and you might miss it!!!
    Fast Money For Noobs
    Ok to get a lot of fast money, go to Edgesville (north of Barbarian Village) and you will see a barn North of the bank. Inside, there are a lot of men just walking around in random directions. You can be boring and waste your time killing the men, or you can be fun and pick up the cash that the dead men leave laying around.
    fast money!
    so to get good items and alot of money,i sugets to do tresure trails.keep killing lvl 2people if ur a lvl 10,that is lvl 1trails,if u get balck h5 u can sell it for 40k-50 if u get lucky.if u kill lvl 21gaurds, isugest u be lvl 30 to do this.this is lvl 2 trails,if u get boaters you can get up to 200-210k. and finally lvl 3trails,i sugest u be lvl 60-65-70 kill lvl 79 green dragons (note)must have anti dragon shield, if u get god armure (example)sara,guthix,and zammy all worth 250k,well thats it hope this is usful but trust me i made 15mil in 2weeks also if u need somone to help and/or a friend add blork111 also good luck in school ^(^.^)^
    Fast Money!!
    To Get Lots Of $$$$$$$$

    1. Go to the Barbarian Village
    2. Go to where the Lvl 12 or lvl 14 Wolves are
    3. Kill Wolves and Collect their Wolf Bones Until your Inventory is full (all 28 spaces of the inventory must be filled)
    4. Go to the Bank in Varrock and Bank the Wolf Bones
    5. Repeat this Until you have 1000 Wolf Bones in Your Bank
    6. Go to the Grand Exchange and sell all 1000 Wolf Bones for Standard Price

    this will get you a Easy 950k every time you do this

    Happy Hunting

    Fast Range and Magic exp For Members
    Now, alot of you may know the wizzard's tower has that lesser demon in a cage but if you are bored with that here is somthing new...

    Ok, just East of the Castle Wars arena is a lot of lv53 ogers, some on an island for you mages, and some behind a low wall for archers (if you want your ammo back!).

    Hope I helped and hope YOU get that skillcape!
    FINALLY a good non mem way to make money!!!!!!!!
    go to grand exchange and buy ores to make the highest bar you can make of the following ,bronze,steel,mithril,addy,and rune. then go to a furnace and bank rlly non mem place is al kharid so have runes to teleport back to varrock.anyways make all the bars u can make with the ore you bought now go back to grand exchange and sell them for profit............(p.s. best members spot to make bars,is at edgeville the furnace and bank are like literally 2 steps away,to get in you must be wear varrock armor 1,2,or 3)
    fishin is a playerz best friend!
    take 60 coins a fishin rod, bait, net ,cage , harpoon axe tinder box( 30 to get there and 30 for goin back or teleport)to port sarim.once there pay the fare to ride on a ship to the non members part of karamanja named musa point. once there cross the gangplank of the ship to land and go to shop.from there you should be able to see a big fanced area with lots of banana trees placed in it.go into that area and find the place where several fishin spots in the water are and start to fish with your rod and bait,net,cage,harpoonor a large net(cage, harpoon may vary on fishin lvl have to be lvl 40 for cage catchin lobbies or lobsters and harpoon higher dan that! large net memberz i think?)then choose a spot and fish,make fires to cook and sell in shop till the cows come home! this will increase ur fishin,cookin,fire makin and wood cutting.this will increase money aswell

    Fishing Guide, Plus 200k per hour!!!
    Lvl 1- Shrimp
    Lvl 5- Sardine
    Lvl 10- Herring
    Lvl 15- Anchovies
    Lvl 20- Trout
    Lvl 30- Salmon/Trout (fastest experience!!!!!(recommended till 99))
    Lvl 76- Sharks (just likes yews/magics, SLOW)

    ok now for the 200k per hour!!!!!!!!!! NOT A JOKE

    i bet your all wondering why i mentioned sharks, right? well it is practically the fastest money you can get with a skill! At lvl 76 i made about 150-250k a day i fished for 3 days!!! i made over 550k! i only played for 1hour a day! thats like 175k a day! and you people say yews are fast money, well this is faster!
    #1 Fishing Requirements:fishing lvl 40-50,harpoon,logs,30gp,lobster pot,tinder box.

    What you do is simple. Just go to port Sarim next to draynor village, and go to the people dressed in all blue and pay the fare to go to Karamja. When you get there, get off the boat and go to the jungle right next to the guys house that you give bananas for money. Go to the small dock and fish lobsters or tuna or even swordfish. Cook every one of them and then go to the general store and sell them. Trust me on this one because i made 20k in a week of doing this.

    #2Mining Requirements:mining lvl 30, Adamant pickaxe(or Mith but i recomend Addy).

    Go to lumbridge Swamp and go west until you find a small mine When there go to the mine and mine coal until you have a full inventory then go back to lumbridge and sell all of them to the general store. Its not a big money maker but i made about 3-4k in 3 days because i didnt do it much.

    #3 Cooking Requirements: cooking lvl 46,a chef hat or apron.
    Go to the Cooks Guild next to Juliet's house; go behind it and take wheat. Then go inside with hat or apron,and go to the top floor and take some pots and jugs then make flour. Fill the jugs with water and go to the second floor and grab some apples and pie dishes and make pie shells. Add the apples then cook the pies,then take some more jugs from the top floor and fill with water down stairs,then go back to the top and grab the grapes then put the grapes in the water and make unfermented wine,then walk around a bit and make regular wine some wine may go bad so dump it out, then go and sell all of it at the GE (and for all you out there who don't know, GE means grand exchange) I recommend this because i made about 10-30k.
    Flax for members, ess for free
    If you r a members, pick 1k flax (and if u not lazy spin it into bow strings, i suggest picking and spinning in seers village) and go to seers or catherby bank. Keep shouting selling 1k flax 100k

    If ur a free person have at least 30 ming and at least a mith pick. Mine as much essence in varrok as you can. then sell to other players for 50gp ea

    Hope this works=)
    Flax Is A Good Way To Make Money.
    Alrightie fokes, ill teach you how to make urself rich!first, go to seers village flax pick them until ur inventory is full, then go to the bank then repeat this everytime until you have 1k flax or more.then sell for 100k!10 flax = 1k 100 flax = 10k 1000 flax = 100k 10k flax = 1 millon!
    Flax, Flax and more Flax
    (Members only)
    Are you a noob and you've been killing goblins for weeks and haven't accomplished anything?
    Go to Seer's Village and pick your whole invetntory with flax. Take it to the building where Seer is and go up the stairs. You'll find a wheel; click on it and select bowstrings. Then when you have your whole inventory full with bowstrings go to the bank. one your at the bank your can sell the bowstrings for 100gp-150gp each!!!
    required lvl: 70 fletching.

    step 1: buy yew logs from others for 300 gp each.
    step 2: make yew longs[u] from the logs.
    step 3: buy flax from others for 100 each.
    step 4: make bow strings from the flax.
    step 5: make yew longs.

    u can sell yew longs 600 gp each to people or high alchemy them for 768 gp each.

    serie 1: costs 200k.

    buy 500 flax for 50k.

    buy 500 yew logs for 150k.

    spin the flax and fletch the yews,make yew longs.

    sell yew longs for 300k.

    now u earned 100k
    serie 2: costs 400k.

    buy 1k flax for 100k.

    buy 1k yew logs for 300k.

    spin the flax and fletch the yews,make yew longs.

    sell yew longs for 600k.

    now u earned 200k
    note: u can do this with higher or lower loads to.
    For Members ONLY!! (A Good Way To Get Money)
    If you want to get alot of money then follow these steps. (Needs A Certain mage level)

    1. Buy some sapphire necklaces.(5 or 10 to make sure you don't get ripped off)
    2. Buy Cosmic runes. (The same amount as your sapphire necklaces)
    3. Wield your water staff.
    4. Enchant your necklaces.
    5. Sell them at G.E for market or max price.
    6. Your welcome if they sold!! If they did then add Grimer186 or RiotForCash.

    Trust me. I got 2m doing that. But beware.. Always take caution..
    One little mistake and you can end up like my friend who got to careless.
    FREE 20k and 4 XP lamps, *Can only use once!*
    First go to Lumbridge, look on your minimap for a ? icon, go inside the building and you should see a basement leading to an underground floor. Talk to the knight sitting in the chair and tell him you will slay the dragon for him. He'll give you 2 250 XP lamps, use on whatever you want. (It is not required to actually slay the dragon)

    Now head to the Barbarian Village. Go down the cave hole and complete the Stronghold Security through LVL 3, and you should now have 10k. Complete through LVL 4 if you want the fancy boots or the combat boots.

    Heading from the Barbarian Village, head towards Edgeville, not more then half way there you should see a school room that you cannot get in through the door. Head to the back of this building and go down the jail entrance. Walk all the way down the hallway and up the stairs, talk to the teacher and then go back down the stairs. On your minimap look for a ! icon and *Pull back the Poster* complete the quick maze, climb through the hole in the wall, and you should be able to find a treasure chest. Open the chest and it gives you another 10k and 2 500 XP lamps. Use on whatever you want.
    free salmon and trout
    go to the fishing area nxt to barb village and fishers there always drop salmon (90g) and trout (75)pik them up and sell to G.E for LOTS OF MONEY!!!!!!
    free servant
    OK, this cheat is for members only.

    2 bedrooms with beds
    a servant

    what to do: get your servant (obviously) and when they ask to be paid, fire them, then go to ardougne (ardy, adrugone) and re-hire them, hiring costs nothing until their first wage, meaning, they are free!!!

    pro's: free servants

    cons: annoying to do if you rely heavily upon your servant or have not completed plague city (for ardougne teleport) or haven't got a lot of teleport runes, in these cases
    1) if you rely heavily upon your servant, i would suggest just paying them.
    2) if you have not, do the quest.
    3)save up your money (if you haven't got much) and buy (e.g.) 100 law & water runes (50 ardougne teleports)
    general stores stock to 5000 runes!!!!
    hi, this method can tell u how to make 10-15 million in 10 minutes. This method is quite old and i dont know if it still works. This method only works when the system update is taking place. When u see the system update timer rush to port sarim's rune shop. Take a lot of cash wid u like atleast 300k. When the system update timer runs out ull automatiy log out. When the update is over go to a very less populated wrld and trade the rune shop person. All the runes will be restocked to 5000. So, the price of the runes be very less. Buy as many death runes as u can afford and then sell them to ge for double the price!!!!
    Ok first go to the very back of the wilderness and if u stay on the left side you will find ice guys turn on run and some where there, there will be three cosmic runes keep putting them in your bank and sell them of about 150- 250 i got 100k for doing that and its worth it.
    Get money from arrows
    Go to varrok and from the arrow shop buy all of the bronze arrows. DON'T WIELD THEM. You get them for 7 gp each. Go to G.E and sell them for 8-original price.

    If you want help add me on runescape. My user name is mathman14
    getting awesome ores like adamantite for free
    go to the lumbridge mining area and start mining stuff after some time a rock golem will appear and try to attack you (only you) the golem's lvl depends on your lvl for example your lvl is 17 and the rock golems will be somewhat higher but it doesnt do much damage beat it and you will recieve an adamantite ore this method rarely works good luck
    Getting Easy Money (membership required)
    Start off by going to world 66. Go to the nearest bank and deposit everything in your inventory, including anything you are wearing and weapons. Mine 27 rune essence in the rune essence mine. Go to Port Sarim and talk to one of the Monks Of Entrana and say "yes" when they ask if you want to go to Entrana. Once you get to Entrana, follow the line of people to the Law Altar. Wait for a player to say that they are open for trades, trade with the person and offer the 27 rune essence stones, they will give you law runes and 27 noted rune essence. Since there is no bank in Entrana, sail back to Port Sarim and go to a bank, leave the law runes in your inventory and deposit the noted rune essence, withdraw the rune essence as full form and do this thing all over, trade rune essence for law runes and noted rune essence, get full form of noted rune essence and trade for law runes and noted rune essence. Once you think you have enough law runes, sell them to make a huge amount of money (300gp per law rune)!
    Getting Money With Magic (Part 2)
    Welcome back to Getting Money With Magic.Wow that sounds like a game show,anyways the second method about maybe 62% of you guys know is by super heating.

    1)Get lvl 43 Magic
    2)Get the level to mine Iron and coal
    3)Get some nature runes and a staff of fire
    4)Go to Edgeville Dungeon
    (Directions = Go down the dungeon by the yew trees , go straight north, go to the east , go south and you will reach the mining spot)
    5)Your inventory should have just a pick axe so mine 18 coal and 9 iron and super heat them into steel bars worth bout 5.5K

    This method is not so fast but you earn more money instead of buying from the G.E

    This Method is for Non-Members and Members
    This is Melodyofdoom signing off.
    getting your first 20k in less than 30 minutes
    STEP 1: get off tutorial island
    STEP 2: download the world map from the player gallery
    STEP 3: go to Edgeville and look for "Jail entrance" beside a building.
    STEP 4: talk to the guard and do EVERYTHING she/he says.
    STEP 5: go upstairs when the guard says u can and talk to the professor (do all he says)
    STEP 6: go back downstairs into the jail and go into the empty cell with no door and click on the poster
    STEP 7: walk through the 3 or 4 cells with muggers until you come to the edge of the platform and go down the stairs.
    STEP 8: go directly east to the other set of stairs opposite from yours and climb up them
    STEP 9: go south until you reach the wall and go right. when you get as far right as u can, go north.
    STEP 10: when u get to the northern side behind the cells you should see a door and a set of stairs leading up. climb the stairs.
    STEP 11: when you climb up there is a room near you. go in the room and search for an old lever on the ground. pull it and go back downstairs to the door and enter it.
    STEP 12: walk down the corridors full of level 83 Cockroaches (they will not attack you) until you find a big red chest.
    STEP 13: open the chest and you will recieve a pair of "Safety Gloves" and 10,000 coins. now get out of there, bank everything you have except food and head to the Safety Stronghold.
    STEP 14: go to the Barbarian village (east of Varrock and south of Edgeville) and enter the hole in the center of the village.
    STEP 15: conserve your running energy as you go through the stronghold and eat if you get damaged even once.
    STEP 16: GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

    if you need help with anything at all. add me, i am Joda1993
    Gold bars to gold rings easy $$$$ for mems or F2p
    this is wat i do for $$ i buy all the gold bars i can and bank them, then i buy/ have my ring mould and teleport to falador . next, i go to the west bank thats the closest to the furnace. I fill my inv. and run passed the bar and into the hous across from the shied shop
    good and easy lvl uping
    to lvl up for noobs get into magic or archery and then travel to the cow paster north of mazers cave ( north-west of port sarim/rimmington) then kill the cows or stand in the cow paster (lvls 1-5) and kill hobgoblins(lvls 20 somtin) dont go over to the hobgoblins tho or they will kill u.
    good money
    o.k now you need 520k for this first buy 2000 coal and 1000iron then go to falador and smith steel bars then go to GE and sell the you should get a minimum of 702k
    good money and combat xp
    start at falador then exit the south gate go east until you reach the crafting guild the go south around the cow pen untill you reach some hob goblins and sand (lvl 30+ recomended) then follow the sand onto a small peninsula with hobgoblins everywhere then kill them for xp they drop, limpwort roots (770gp) nature runes (800gp) law runes (around 500gp) and just money ranging from 1gp to 100gp. have fun making money and getting xp
    good way 2 get some cash
    This is how i make a lot of money

    theres 2 ways i make money

    1 is killm hill giants.Needed:brass key
    (most of you will probably do this)

    2nd way is to go to that manhole (west from Varrock castle) and climb in
    search around for a while and you should find a place full of red spiders (lvl 32 i think) and two spider eggs keep collecting the spider eggs until you have a full inventory of them go back to G.E and sell them
    you should get 11k everytime
    Good way but it does get a little boring
    1. first get a jug,bowl, or bucket and a pickaxe

    2. then go to the mining area near west varrock and mine 26 pieces of clay

    3. go to the foutain in varrock and fill your bucket full of water and yse on clay repeat this for all the pieces

    4. now go to the pottery wheel in the barbarian village and mold them into pie dishes but don't heat them

    5. now go to the GE* and sell them each for 281 each 26x 281 equals 7306 per batch

    *GE= grand exchange
    hope it helps if you have any questions you can add me, fireworks379.
    Good way!
    This is for non-members or members

    You need to buy cowhides in G.E. then go to al-kharid.
    Then tan it to leather.
    Then go to g.e. and sell them you make almost 50 gp per leather so i have 447 yeha!!!!

    Great money takes a little
    If you are a member that has free time pay attention.

    Make money fast by killing unicorns...
    It sounds almost evil but get over it because when they die they drop unicorn horns and those sell for 990gp to 1.2k a piece.
    GRQ, get rich quick!
    Getting easy in runescape is quite easy: When you start out, buy ores for like 10 gp and sell them for 15-20. When you get about 500gp from that, buy cheap armor, like helms for 30 gp, and sell them for 50. When you get to 1k, buy a chainbody for 500gp and sell it for 550-800 gp. When you get about 5k, buy sets of armor for 3-5k and sell them for 5-6 k. When you get to 10k, buy coal in big bunches, like 50 of them for 1,500(shop sells for 30gp each ore) then sell that 50 coal for 8kgp. When you are arund 20k, spend all your money on like a rune scimmy and sell it for 40k.
    At 40k gp, buy a rune pickaxe for 32,000 and trade it for 5 addy pickaxes or if nobody will do that mine until you have 30 mining and sell coal. Then sell your pickaxe to a runecrafter and tell them this will speed them up immensly
    here is a method to make millions on rs!!!
    this method will tell u how to make 34k in 10 minutes. Recently a new dungeon has opened. This dungeon is located in the edgeville dungeon. For hetting into the edgeville dungeon u will need a brass key. Yoy can buy 1 from ge. Inside the dungeon there is another dungeon. When u enter that dungeon ull find limpwurt root dropped at the corners of the dungeon.(remember: to enter that dungeon u need a dungeoneering lvl of 20)؛ Each root sells for 1400 gp ea (as of 7th sept 2010). Get 1 full inventory and deposit it at the varrock bank (1 inventory=1400*27=37800gp in 10 mins). Keep doing this untill you have 10 inventories. 37400*10=374.4k.
    here is a tip for new players
    if you are just starting go to lumbrige bank(or any bank for that matter)acses your bank acount and there should be 25 gp in there enjoy=)
    here$ a few way$ to make $ome money tru$t me it$s good
    >(members only)< ok first you can go to the blue drags they drop bones(worth 1500-2400).
    and you can also go to the fishing guild you need 68 but anyway you can go to chaterby.and you can fish sharks and i fish sharks and i got like 30mill.
    so this is a good guide and now for free members wanna make millions?
    well here's you chance you can go to varrock and mine rune essence its worth much and you can go to fly fishing in barbarian village and there's loads of other ways aswell so if you need any help im free all the time add me!

    (paperhatsown) thank you!
    how 2 get monie super fast! (mems only)
    go to lumby swamps on mems world and just pick up swamp tar! it sells for 150-200 gp and the best thing is that it only takes up one invintinery space so you dont have to go back and forth! but the prices might drop so i would sell them at G E fast
    how 2 make $$$$$$
    Well my way of making moneys was jobs but then i found fishing cooking and hill giants.

    Requirements:40 fishing or over and 20k

    Tip 1:go to port sarim and buy a lobster pot. go to karamaja and fish lobbies till full then go back to fally and bank it carry on with this method untill all of 20k is gone then go to G.E and sell all da lobbies to rank in the $$$$$

    Requrements:32 cooking or above

    Tip 2: go to ge and buy a chefs hat (or get 1 from goblins) then or to cooks guild by romeo and juilts house then make as many apple pies as you can (until u get bored) then go and sell them at the ge and carry on till lots of money.

    Requrements: abel to kiill level 28 brass key

    Tip 3: go to a small house by barb vil use brass key then go down the ladder then kill hills and pik up all big bones 250gps-300gps and limpwart roots 400gps-450gps then bank then get 100 or over then sell if not 100 peeps think ur a n00b! then keep doing this and ull make lots ov gps.

    big bones where how i got full rune!
    how 2 make money
    you will need a fishing lvl of 40 and over,a lobster pot,and
    some coins like 3k(3,000).

    go 2 karamja and fish 4 lobs.keep banking them till you hav
    3k(3,000)lobies.note them and sell them and grand xchange it
    will cost 900k(900,000)or more.
    HOW CAN WINE GIVE U MONEY?????? *also huge*
    Well the wine u may be talking about is not really wine. This wine makes huge money per set. Its about 800g EACH!!! The wine is call Wine of Zamerak. If u have 84 u can ether make 72k!!! (Or less because of the Grand Exchange) U can find it west from Goblin Village. Its guarded by monks so don't use your hands. U need magic level 33 and magical take it. If u use hands your def will go down, your str will go down, and your magic and your prayer will go down. *not the level but temp*
    how to double your money and crafting xp
    well like in the title all u have to do is buy gold bars necklace mould and make gold necklaces which sells double then gold bars so voila!
    done and your welcome
    how to get $$$$$$$$$$ on rs fast
    THis is a good way to get lots of money on RS.Go through the manhole in varrok.Then go to wer the moss giants are when u see red spider eggs collect them.When u have full invtory sell them at G.E for lowest price u get about 8k for 28.1.2k is about 1m.Hope this helps.

    How To Get Armour Out Of Sets
    when you buy a set go to the desk and look for exchange ppl(sets)then click on them it will come up with every set click on the set a click on exchange you will get your armour

    If you need help contact me on runescape or msn
    how to get easy money non mems!!!
    All you have to do is get 15 mining then go and mine 1000 iron ore and then sell it to make and easy 100k
    How to get full rune or weps for FREE!!! Also 10k and safety gloves
    Ok first go to edgeville and have a combat lvl of 50+ and have a rune wep and full addy.Now go down a rift. U'll see a couple lvl 83 cockroaches. Near the back there is a lever. Pull it. Now go down the stairs and go through jail door. Then there are more lvl 83's. ok now ur in a place with only cockroaches (lvl 83's). Now ull see a chest and open up da chest. u get 10k and safety gloves. go bank it if u want. but u dont have to. now attack da cockraches and they will drop rune kites squares scimmies addy ore and more!
    How to get rich from mining
    Mine a whole bunch of ores and as you're leveling up, mine different types of ore like copper then tin then iron then steel and so on. Then once you get your mining level up to 85 (which will ttake quite some time), find a place where yu can mine rune ore. And the good thing is 1 rune ore=14k. Sell a bunch of those and you'll be rich in no time!
    How to get skills up and easy money.
    COMBAT---kill chickens to get like 1000 feathers or go to a fishing shop and buy them , then go to the GE and sell them for MAX price (16).
    COMBAT---kill giant spiders to get like 200 earth talismans , then go to the GE and sell them , they sell for like 2K each.
    MAGIC---you will need 33 magic to do this. go to the north-western bank in varrock then go to BF1 , use the level 33 magic spell to get the coins and/or the gold bar. Just so you know , this is the only way to do this.
    FISHING---get like 1000 RAW sardines then go to the GE and sell them for like 14. Do not cook these or else they will sell for like 3 or 4.
    MAGIC---go to the GE and buy a staff of air or other kinds of staffs and like 1,000 mind runes , then go use some magic until you get like 25 magic. Just so you know that this trick costs 5,000 coins.
    how to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    woodcutting is a good way to make big $$$ you ave to be level 30 or higher woodcutting for this(sorry about the certain level).go to edge and go near the bank there should be some willows there.cut a full inventory of willows go to the bank and exchange them for notes.and do it again until you have at least 1k willows now go to bank and say selling willows 100-200gp each!I got like 3mil in 2 weeks good luck. if you have trouble raising your woodcutting level contact me at yahoo on my email!
    How to make 400,000 runescape gold / hour
    Table Of Contents1.0- Introduction
    1.1- Requirements
    1.2- Locations
    1.3- The Slaying
    1.4- What to Bring
    1.5- the 400k+ money method
    1.6- selling them1.0 Intro
    hello all im writing this guide to introduce you to dragon killing, one of the fastest and easiest ways to make cash in runescape. Most players will only be able to make around 200k an hour from this but once you are 81+ mage and have ancients it is possible to make 400k runescape money per hour by selling there bones and hides.1.1 Requirements
    to be able to dragon kill you will need atleast two 50+ stats in attack, strength, defense or ranged. It is possible to dragon kill without this but with stats on 50 it is barely possible to make 200k gold an hour. my stats are 83att 79str and 72 defense and i can make 400k runescape gp an hour bringing 8 lobs per trip but when i started on around 60att 60def 50str i needed 12-14 lobs and i could only make 200k in an hour1.2 Locations
    this is where to find the green dragons, there are four spots in the wilderness

    The centre dragons- these are located above the zombie graveyard just west of the chaos alter north of varrock, in lvl 23-24 wildy you get a few pkers that will tb/ice you but most of them are easily avoidable by running through the zombies. This location is not reccomended for people without 81 mage
    This is to the east of hill giants, there are literally around 10-20 dragons here so its a great place for people who tele to varrock for bank. shorter walk than the central dragons, fewer pkers and more dragons. i reccomend this for people without ancients
    This is probably the most common drag killing spot, its located north west of edgeville and slightly to the west of the castle, if you dragon kill here you WILL get pkers all the time but if you see them then you can tele.
    How to make 57-58k a pack
    I don't know how you guys don't know this but whatever. First if your a noob, you don't want to do this yet. Plus you need to be a mem. When your level 30 or higher, higher the less damage you take from our rich money!! Like said to kill more of them faster, be higher level. So like said. Kill unicorns. They drop both bones and horns. Each horn costs 2k each. plus when you add up all the minor digits (1 hundred, 2 tens, 1 ones, no these are not the actual prices) You get like 57-58k a pack, but to wait for a unicorn is the second hard part, and 2 you have to find a world where there isn't a member camped out there. I recommend the unicorns near the Vorrok mine. It spawns 2 per! So that's 57-58k per pack plus prayer exp and fighting. A good combo. Plus, yes this is the finale. The GE gives extra money if you sell it for minimum!! I once got more then the maximum price! So it's a good trade

    heat submitted on 10/21/10 (case prices change!)
    how to make 60 mining and over 100k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All u have to do is mine iron until u are level 60 it is good to do this because it is a low level thing to mine it is worth is a lot it also comes back in 10 seconds.
    okay there are low requirments for this
    1. you need a wc lvl to cut oak logs (the higher it is the faster youll get them) need to be a member

    okay say you have like 250k (250,000) cut 1,000 oak logs and when your done turn them all into oak planks at the saw mill above varrock for 250 gp each log. then when your done sell them in the ge lowset price (it will go faster) at 415gp each (may change over time) and BOOM youll have double the money you have.

    if you think this is a good way to make money add me on runescape my username is
    How to make easy $$$
    First, get your mining to at least 31( Because of Adamant pickaxe ) then go to varrock ( because there is a mining location there ) and mine 300 or 200 iron ores and then go to G.E and sell them, you should end up with 20-30k!! keep repeating this for really fun and easy money, For more easy money, kill Green or Blue drags -Members- and get there bones-hides etc and go to fally and bank them, pnce you have about 500 bones and 900 hides, head to varrock and sell them for 1 mil- i havn't done this before but im pretty sure ^^-
    complete rune mysteries quest then teleport from varrok to the the rune essence mining place from the rune shop.then mine a full inventory of rune essence and teleport back then put it in bank right beside the rune shop then repeat this untilll yu have a lot of rune essence in your bank then selll it at the G.E (one rune essence sells for 40 gp. this takes very short.)
    How to make Money FAST! (MEMS)
    You'll need at least some money to use this.

    First buy a desired number of Oak Logs. EG: 500
    Then Bring all of your money out along with 27 oak logs.
    Go to the Sawmill Operator and make all of the planks with the logs.
    Go to the bank next to the Varrock Muesuem.
    Get another 27 oak logs (with your money still in inventory)
    Go to Sawmill Operator.
    and repeat these steps.

    Note: Each Plank costs 200gp to make though the planks cost 455gp and the logs like 10gp. If you think its possible you can try it with other logs and planks.

    Heck, i made like 20k (or a bit more than 20k not sure) to 140k or something. you make a profit like that..

    So this is how i make my money (i only have 1.1mil btw)

    Ok, Hope i helped
    how to make money for non mems and mems!!$$
    ok for this tip u will need 5k of money or something ok to start go to the cows at lummy and kill them and get like a full inv then go though the gate to ai karid and go to the guy that tans cow hides and stuff and then once u have tanned it put it in the bank and then keep doing this over and over again and then once u get like 1k or something and sell them u should get a lot of money for this i hope this works for u and i hope ur money is as useful as it is to u then it is to me


    To get cowhides you have to kill cows then take there cowhides.(Cows can be found near lumbridge or the crafting guild if you are lvl 40 crafting or above)When you have a full inventory of cowhides store it in a al-karid bank because it's closer. Repeat this process until you think you have enough cowhides. Go world 1,2,3,4 or 5 then sell them for 100-150gp ech.

    To make money out of mining all you have to do is mine coal or rune essence. But rune essence is only 30gp ech so i recommend for members you get pure essence which sells for 100-130gp ech! You can also mine other ores then make armour out of them, try to get your smith lvl up to 40 so you can make steel armour(you will get more money sellin steel armour)If you get youre smithing and mining up you can mine and make rune armour!

    Wood cutin is a good way to make money also because if youre WC lvl is 60 you can cut yew logs for 300-340gp ech! But also if youre WC lvl is 30 you can cut willow logs. But i strongly recommend you get youre WC lvl up to 60 because willows only sell for 20-30gp.
    How to make some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Go to the wilderness west of steeling creation. there will be black unicorns at L.V. 27. Get your combat level high enuf then kill them. they will drop regular bones and a horn get as many horns as u can then sell them at that G.E. at market price, each one sells a little over 1K.then keep on repeating the process. I sold 4 for highest price and made like 5K!!
    NOTE: get a full inventory of horns then bank them. keep on repeating until you have enough, then switch to note when you take them out to sell on G.E.
    how to make the big money $$$$$ in runescape

    first this is for non-members

    minning:get your mining up to 40-99 and $tart mining gold
    lvls:10-40 $tart mining coal and iron and $ilver well anything in your lvl range then $mith it into bar$ and $ell it for big ca$h (doe$nt work for gold the ore $ells more than the bar$)

    hope you liked it please add me my user is dmantm57

    How to make ton of $$$$$$$$$
    First u need a brass key (100-200 gp at g.e) then go west of the cooking guild and go to the hut with a ladder in it go through with the key and go down there are giants (lvl 28) if ur under lvl 35 bring food (lobbies or higher) if ur higher like me good for u ur a decent player well back to buisness go down and kill the giants they drop big bones pick them up and if they drop a limpwurt root PICK IT UP they worth 1.2 but they might've changed so cant be sure if u see law runes ignore them and get the bones well if ur fast u can make 100k-200k an hour but only if ur fast, bring 1 key and have another in your bank cuz if u die u dont wanna lose ur stuff and not get it back well 1 inventory of bones and roots are worth 15 k (minimum price) maybe 16 k well i spent a while typingthis so i hope it helps.

    hope this helps bye <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Iron Money
    A good way to earn money is to go down into the stronhold of security (and for those who dont know is in the center of barbarian village down a hole) and in the room on the first floor where the minotaurs are there will be iron arrows constently appearing and also minotaurs drop them when u kill them and considering they drop 10-15 iron arrows in every pile you will probably have 200 iron arrows in 5 minutes then go to the arrow shop in falador and the man usually buys them for 4gp each so if u find 2k iron arrows thats 8k. Note: Recomended for noobies.
    just go to the kebab guy in alkharid
    buy thousands of them
    sell them at ge for 100-150 bucks
    lose about 1000 make about 100,000 coins (by the 1000O
    go to the east side of the barbarian village and there are 2 unicorns, kill them and take their horns, then deposit in edgeville bank just north. They take a long time to spawn but you get 100K PER HOUR. Can also kill them south of lumbridge and in catherby
    Killing Faster
    How to Kill Faster.....
    When you are a level 90 or higher you either have a special attack or normal attack when in battle wait intill the other player/monster/whatever your fighting has half health use your specail attack and then the whatever your killing will be dead in a split second (sometimes) if this cheat doesnt work just press my name pcfreak and send me comments or complains! PCfreak:)
    law money
    first requirement, u must be a member.
    lets get started, first u must find some pure esse. mine them with 30 minin lv orkill minotaurs in stronghold of security to get pure esse notes. go to draynor bank. deposit all items in inventory and all armour and weapons that u r wearing. withdraw pure esse until u cant carry anymore. log off and log in to world 99. go to entrana and then go to the chicken farm. beside it r some ruins. ppl will be ther in blue robes. they will trade yr pure esse for laws. do this untl u have 300 laws or more. now go to a b usy world, go to a bank a sell laws!
    100 laws = 30k!!!!!
    s if u made 300 laws u can get 90k!!!!
    hav fun bein rich!
    P.S:minotaurs r lv12, the blue robe ppl dont accept notes and ppl say go to world 66, dont go to 99.
    Law running (membership required)
    law running can make loads of money fast. i made 300k in 1 hour. here's how: go to world 66 (it wont work if you're not in world 66) and go to draynor bank. deposit all your stuff including weapons and armour. then, take out 27 un-noted pure essence. walk to port sarim and take a ship to entrana. follow the stream of people walking toward the law alter. when you get to the law alter, wait for someone to say "open" with a number behind it. trade with them and offer 27 pure essence. they will give you however many law runes they said they would give you. you know what they will give you because they put a number after the "open." they will give from 12-27 law runes. that's like 7k per trip between draynor bank and entrana. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
    Level Woodcutting and firemaking easily!
    First, u must be in Lumbridge. These are the stuff u need:

    1. Tinderbox- Can be bought.
    2. Axe (Bronze Axe for unexperienced players)

    Now, go where the Woodcutting Tutor is between the smithing tutor's house and the house where you can visit Sir Vant. Now cut trees (if u don't have enough exp. to cut willows and oaks, then cut trees) and when u get the log, light it with ur tinderbox, repeat this and u will increase Woodcutting and firemaking levels easily. I have level 19 firemaking and 12 woodcutting. Also, u can get some raw meat and cook it in the fire to exp. ur cooking too.
    leveling up for the common noob
    I actually was only a noob. heck, i've only been playing for 3 months. I already have all of my non-member stats above 40. I will tell all of you noobs how.

    Attack-first just attack goblins. then attack slightly higher things and work your way up. I like fighting hill giants(level 28) because of there drops.

    strength-just do the same thing as attack but in the strength mode (strength should always be at least 10 levels higher that attack and defence)

    defence-do the same thing as attack but in defencive mode.

    prayer-a good quick way to pass the first 15 prayer levels is to kill goblins and men. collect there bones and bury them. after that you should kill hill giants and get big bones. If you are brave enofe, there is a bone graveyard where bones respawn(20 reg. and 6 b bones) in the wild north of varrock (lvl 26-27 wild)

    runecrafting- first complete the rune mysteries quest. then mine tons of ess(also helps your mining). After getting rune ess., get an air talisman. then go and make air runes at alter(south of faldor). then, once you can craft mind runes, do that. Mind runes are more valuable and can help you level up your mage because many lower level mage spells need mind runes to be cast. all you have to do is keep runecrafting!

    magic-in order to level up your magic, you must first get rune. all u need is alot of mind runes in the beggining(obtained while runecrafting). then get an air staff for 1500gp at varrock staff shop. I recoment buying this because air runes are very commonly used and this makes it so u dont need em. then get all of your air runes and your staff and cast air strikes at everything. your probly thinking,"great more small monsters." no you can attack strong monsters right from the start! go to the Al kharad mining area(south east of varrock) and get on the cliffs. then shoot spells at the already lvl 13 scorpions without getting attacked. the miners on the ground will be thankful. sence they are high level the first few you manage to kill will raise you levels fast. just fight here until you run out of those beautiful mind runes. by now you have a high enofe level to choose monsters and spells for yourself.

    hitpoints-it goes up during all battles

    crafting-this is my favorite skill! i recommend finishing the prince ali rescue quest first so you can go threw the al kharad gate without charge. first kill cows and collect the hides. when the inventory is full take them threw gate and into al kharad. put them in bank and repeat this procces. once you have about 1000 cow hides in bank get 1000gp and tan them all at the tanner(next to the al kharad furnace). then get about 700 reels of thread from craft shop also located in al kharad. create as much boots as gloves as you want. then, craft then next and the next item that comes avalable, until you reach breast plate. then finish up using the remainder of your hides on those. now sell everything you have to the general store and recieve the money you spent tanning back. then you can move on to bigger thigs such as jewlery!. after 1000 hides, i think you will be able to do whatever you wanna do.

    mining-first mine copper and tin ore. mine them evenly. get about 200-300 of each. keep these ores in your inventory. after those 600 ores you can mine iron. mine iron until you reach a decent level. now you can mine coal, silver and gold. you can craft or sell the gold and silver and smelt the iron, copper and tin. now you can mine whatever you want.

    smithing-now smith all of those ores you mined(see mining above)into bars. then get a hammer and create whatever you can. i prefer plate bodys. then sell it all to the general stores. you will have a nice amount of cash. now smith whatever you want. Also craft gold and silver into necklases, rings, symbols....ext. for some exp. too.

    fishing-first use your net to catch shrimp at al kharad(south of bank). once able to use a rod, but a rod and bait(part siram is good) and go fishing agian keep all fished fish in bank. soon you will be able to fly fish. get a fly fishing rod(port siram) and get feathers (from port siram or killing chickens). then go to lumbridge streem and fish. have fun. this can get you all the way to lobsters!. then get a cage and go to that one island(wierd spelling) and fish!

    cooking-take all that fish you got earlier(see fishing above) and all you have to do is cook it! its that simple. your plobly in the cooking guild now too. go to the guild and explore the other ways of cooking.

    wood cutting- this is simple. first cut regular logs or dead trees. then put these in bank. then once at about level 25 start cutting oak. once at level 40-45 cut willows.dont forget to put every single log in the bank! cut these until level 60. then have fun with yews!

    wood burning- all you have to do us burn all of the regular, dead, and oak logs from your bank. you will then have a high enofe level to burn freely.

    Thank you-i hope you like it-runescape user name-daggerline

    add me!!!
    lots and lots of money $$$$$$$
    hey, have u ever seen all those high level people with lots of cool stuff? well, u could have that stuff. for me one of the best ways to make money is mining. if u mine iron and sell 100ea u can get a lot of money. like if u get 10k iron, u will get 1mil $$$!!!! mine lots of coal and sell for 150-200ea and u can make loads of cash. u can mine mithril and sell for 500ea. mine addy and u can sell for 1k ea!if u got only 10 addy ores thats 10k! now if u are able to mine rune, well u are in the big leagues. just one rune ore is worth 14-15k!!!!! just 4 rune ores is 60k!!!!if u have any questions on where some ores are just contace me =) enjoy

    Note: Prices will change with time and market demand. The prices listed in this tip are estimates of prices at the time of submission.
    lots of $$$ 4 free with a bit of work
    i was really poor when i started to play, but after i did a little training i could get a bunch or rune items for free from people! when ur lvl three from starting, just become a mage and train until you have a good mage lvl when you are combat lvl 30 or someting.make sure ur a pure mage so that all ur other stats like range and melee and stuff are 1, then go pking.u should attk warriors cuz mage does way more damage to warriors than range also, you can do long range attaks and if the dude is at lvl 1 wildy, u can atk him and he'll come towards you unless hes a chicken and he'll run away. Then, when you are really strong, you ould attack lvl 40 players or 50 and attak them when they have full rune so that you can also be really strong and kil them in a few hits. this works best if you're members because members have stronger hits on people. If ur lvl 70, you could already have 99 mage lvl and be a member and you could do lots of damage to noobs with full rune or dragon. This helps me a lot and im still lvl 89 members and i make deaths, but i still buy bloods. hope this tip works
    Magic Magic
    Get a air staff from the guy in Varrock.(near the grand exchange)
    Next go to the grand exchange and buy as many mind rune as you want. (Recommended-500 to 20)
    Optional: Buy wizard gear also.

    After that go to the wizards tower. Go to the top floor and active auto-spell wind missile, then auto attack the lesser demon. (level 83) Don't worry though, it can't touch you. Therefore you can use air missile as long as you want and keep getting mage experience allowing you to be a level 40 or 50 mage in just several hours!
    First get an rune or dragon axe, then go to the fight arena in the desert, on you way into the arena revive center right before you go in take a left and open gate go into the magic arena area, and outside of the place there should be 2 magic tree's, start to cut theme down. Every 28 m agic logs are worth 29k-32k(29 000-32 000gp):note only sells for that much in the grand exchange.
    Make 9m to 11m in about 8 Hours…Members (must be patient)
    For this money all you have to is to kill Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers or Chaos Dwarves. These guys were released September 2009 in the quest Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf. Killing these monsters, you will have a chance of obtaining the DRAGON PICK AXE (only the Chaos Dwarves in Chaos Dwarf Battlefield will drop it). They also drop the Hand Cannon’s and its ammo. Hand cannon shot drops are 100 shots per drop. The Dwarves give you a lot of Combat XP of your choice and money, money money.

    To make this money, you must first finish the quest Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf. Once you have done this, you will need your best armor (full Torag’s for me), best shield (DFS), two Varrock tele-tabs, best food you can afford (seventeen rocktails are best due to constitution bonus) and nine pray pot 4’s. Pray pot 4’s can be made by combining two or more lower pray pots with each other and most of all… wear a Ring of Wealth! This is very important.

    Now you need to set your quick prayer up to defend from missile attacks. You will need your food for melee damage. To set your quick pray, right click on your pray button on mini-map, select missile icon and confirm. Now, when you click on your pray icon, it will automatically be missile defense which is mostly used in the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.

    The Chaos Dwarf Battlefield is located just S.W. of Keldargrim. You can reach Keldagrim a few ways. I prefer using the Fairy Ring System (DKS) and running to the entrance just below. Another way is using the carts under Varrock run through Keldagrim and go S.W., play your harp and transport to Relleka and run E.N.E. to entrance or the longest way, tele-tab to Camelot and run to Relleka and go E.N.E. Once inside either pay to cross river (quest reward gives free crossing) or run through Keldigrim from G.E.

    Once across, I rotate my mini-map so North is facing East (helps keep your bearings in the game). Go to entrance straight ahead (new North/West), turn auto-retaliate OFF and turn on quick prayer, then enter. There are basically three sections in this room. These rooms are divided by rows of rocks. There is the top, middle and lower sections.

    The top section has the Dwogres and Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers. Avoid this section if you can. Select your battles. This is very important. The middle section is where you want to be. This section has all the different monsters. This section is where the money is made. The bottom section is just basically an annoyance but, you will do battle there as well.

    The Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers biggest and most prized drops (other than rare and DRAGON PICK) are the Hand Cannon’s and ammo. Once you get the hang of this room and what to do, you can be here for hours uninterrupted. Sometimes not even by R.S. will interrupt you. It’s just pure action and drops. The longest I ever went uninterrupted was 4.5 hours. I had to leave due to lack of supplies. Anyway, once you enter the cavern, run straight to the middle section and start killing anything in RED PANTS! Hopefully the room is empty except you and you will immediately be attacked by ranged and melee. Concentrate on the RED PANTS! Kill anything near you.

    Here is the best tip I can give during this killing spree. It’s called Double-Tap. As you have noticed, the monsters are aggressive. Once you have killed enough of each, they will finally calm down and you can have your way with them.

    ***DO NOT GO ABOVE THE LINE OFF ROCKS ABOVE THE MIDDLE SECTION AFTER THEY CALM DOWN! If you do, they will become aggressive again, cutting your stay in half or even more. DON’T DO IT!

    Once they are calm go to any RED PANTS and hit them twice (Double-Tap) and move on to the next as quickly as you can. You will run all over the place in the middle and the bottom areas. Then the other monsters will help you kill them and you get their drops as well. Pretty sweet! The more you Double-Tap the more drops you generate, giving you more chances of getting that wonderful DRAGON PICK drop.

    The actual odds I heard of getting a DRAGON PICK are on average 1/12,000. The number sounds scary but, if you dedicate yourself to this method and be patient, the drop WILL come. While making money off of the Hand Cannon’s and ammo drops, the DRAGON PICK is just a bonus. You will make all your money back that you spent on supplies and armor during this entire DRAGON PICK quest.

    It takes roughly anywhere from 6-8 hours of true/real play time to get the DRAGON PICK drop. When it does drop (and it will) you can’t miss it. It looks just like a DRAGON PICK lying on the ground. It’s awesome when you finally see it.

    Every time I have wanted a DRAGON PICK, I went to the cavern, hunker-down and wait patiently and I’ve gotten one. Again, 6-8 hours of real time is the average. If you can only do two hours here-and-there, it’s okay. Your time will add up while you’re killing RED PANTS. The faster you kill and the more you kill actually speeds up the DRAGON PICK drop. Also expect rare drops to be there as well.

    This activity is NOT for everyone but, when I need cash, this is what I do. I have been rewarded with four (4) DRAGON PICK’s this way so far. The last DRAGON PICK coming last night. Sold it for a cool 11.6m! Not too shabby for a few hours work don’t you think?

    Good luck and happy hunting…
    Make a thousand coins out of BANANAS! (You need time to do this because you have to go back and fort
    I will tell u how to make 5,000 coins by using only 60 coins.

    1) Go to a bank and remove all your items except your 60 coins.(It's better to use the Draynor Village Bank because it's closer to Port Sarim)

    2)Then go to Port Sarim and travel to Musa Point. Once you get there, Go to the forest full of bananas and pick them up. Once your inventory is full of bananas, travel back to Port Sarim and bank all your bananas at the Draynor Village bank/ Falador bank.(I use the Falador bank because I think its closer).

    3)Get 60 coins and do these steps over and over again. When you think you have enough bananas to sell, go to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and sell all your bananas. (Note that if you sell 27 bananas in the Grand Exchange, you will get 5,000+ coins).
    Make an easy $ (once every 24hrs)
    Requirements: 56k, membership

    What you do: Go to Zaff's staff shop in varrock and trade with Naff. Buy all 8 battlestaffs @ 7k ea for 56k total. sell in G.E. for mid price. they sell failry quick for 7631-8435 (as of 12/01/10) its only an 8-9k profit, but its free <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Make Easy Money
    First, you need to have 30 mining, finished Rune Mysteries Quest, and have a member's account. Then go to a members world and go to the Rune Shop in Varrock. Start mining Pure Essence. Keep getting inventorys full of pure essence and stopping at the Varrock East Bank. Once you get about 1k pure essence, sell it for 100 gp ea. Once you sell that, you have 100k. Repeat 9 times and you have 1mill!
    make easy money!
    ok. this is an easy way to make some extra cash. one word... ASH. yeah yeah i know what your thinking, how the heck can you make money off of that? well beleve it or not people buy them in the grand exchange. all you gotta do is find someone thats practicing firemaking. just hang out there untill their fire changes to ash then pick it up. or if your making fires then just do the same. just bank it then take them all out as a bank note. sell the in the ge but MAKE SURE TO SELL FOR LOWEST PRICE. ive made at least 100k off of it. i hope i have helped
    Make GREAT CASH FAST!!! No Noobs
    Alright.. I stumbled on this when I was bored and was doing some slayer. If anyone has come across KillerWatts for slayer. You'll notice they happen to drop staff's, all kinds, ESPECIALLY Battle Staffs!! Thoes staff's alk for 7500ish gp! they drop many other things as well. But what i notice the most is that I usually get all my fighting xp and bring in 50 to 80k mostley in cash from each trip. Killerwatts are not for noobs, You need a good slayer level< *forgets what level* and they can hit fast but as long as you wear your INSULATED BOOTS and bring food Its a great way to come up with 100k or so in a few trips. Every trip is not guaranteed 80k or even a staff drop but i have never left with out 30k cash and plenty of high level herbs
    Happy RS'N!
    Make H U G E money fast!!!!!!!! Non-Mems!!!!
    Requirements: You have to have done Rune Mysteries Quest. 20 mining (recommended. Air Tiara or Air Talisman. (Tiara recommended for more room)

    First you have to go to the Rune Shop in Varrock and click "Teleport Aubory" then you mine a load of ess and bank it. Keep on repeating this. After you have about 500-1000 essence go to world 16 and go to the falador east bank. Then take 28 ess out (unnoted) and go to the air temple. There will be people saying 7x, 8x, and 9x (sometimes 10x) and you need to request their assistance. Wait until they are assisting you then runecraft.
    If they say 8x you will have 224 air runes, if they say 9x you will have 252 air runes. then bank and repeat. When you have like 100k air runes go to the grand exchange and sell it. (Make sure you click the lowest price or it won't sell). 30k airs are about 500k. I play like maybe 4 hours a day and i use up about 2k ess a day, which is like 8k air runes a day.

    P.S. After you use up the 500-1000 ess you mine, sell the air runes you made and from then on but your ess (you will still make a lot of profit).

    P.P.S. Make sure you check on highscores before you request assistance because some people lie. you need 99 rc (runecrafting) to be 10x. Low-levels can still be 8x.

    Feel free to add me "Bluedog582" on Runescape for any more tips. i am on most of the time.

    I hope my advice helped, it helped me!
    Make H U G E money fast!!!!!!!! Non-Mems!!!! #2
    For those of you who thought my first submittance comfusing i am making this simpler one.

    First of all you need to have done Rune Mysteries Quest. Mine about 500-100 rune essence then buy a air tiara. Wear the tiara and go to the falador east bank in WORLD 16. Take with you 28 unnoted essence and go in the air temple. You will see a bunch of people inside and some will be saying 7x, 8x, 9x, or even 10x. This means you get 7 times, 8 times, 9 times or even 10 times the airs from the essence you have. like 7 x 28ess = 196 air runes, 8 x 28 = 224 air runes, 9 x 28ess = 252 air runes and 10 x 28ess = 280 air runes. Request Assistance of those people. WAIT UNTIL the assistance sign is on the bottom right of your screen. Then craft the air runes and bank.
    When you use up the essence you mined sell the air runes on the lowest price in the grand exchange and buy your essence from then on, you will still make a lot of profit. 30k air runes are about 500k. It took me about 1 week to get that many airs. Keep on air crafting this way until you have great quantities of air runes then sell .

    Note: You will have to request assistance every time you craft air runes. 10x requires 99 runecrafting. ALWAYS check on HISCORES before requesting assistance. You can look on the runecrafting guide in your stats to see the amout of runes you get and what level you need to be.

    If you want please add me, Bluedog582, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. But please don't annoy me all the time.
    Make lots of cash! A new way:
    Moderator Note: Be aware that prices of items are always changing, so the values in this tip may not be accurate.

    Okay, this cheat is awesome! But it requires membership... But you must be in Seers Village or just walk there.Crafting level 10 required (optional)

    Step 1:Go south of seers village and store everything you have in your inventory in the bank.
    Step 2: Then head south past the "party"/big building and go pick flax.
    Step 3: Keep picking flax until your inventory is full and store it in the bank up ahead.
    Step 4: repeat step 3 until you have about 1k flax
    Step 5: Go to a spinning wheel in Seers village or Ardougne, I prefer south of seers village in a mill with a spinning wheel
    Step 5: Use the flax (un-noted) on the spinning wheel to turn it into bowstring
    Ste 6: Continue step 5 until all your flax is now bowstring
    Step 7: Go and sell the 1k bowstring for 200k
    1k Bowstring: 200k
    2k Bowstring: 400k
    You get the point of doubling.
    Or if you don't want to spin the flax into bowstring, then go and sell the flax:
    1k flax:100k
    2k flax:200k
    3k flax:300k
    4k flax:400k
    5k flax:500k
    So on and so forth. And if you want anything for your guy or anything else. Just e-mail me at

    Peace Out!
    make madddddd $$$$$$$ easily
    Go to Varrock and go west until u see a small box on your map. A brass key is required. Open the door and go downstairs. Kill the hill giants and take the big bones. Repeat this several times and u will get $$$$$ like crazy.
    Make money about 50 - 200k an hour
    Go to the lumbridge swamp and pick up swamp tar.
    (members only)
    Make money and get decent mage xp! (f2p+p2p)
    for best xp and money gained bring alot of law runes (in increments of 100)

    First off get 33 magic for the tele-grab spell.
    Optional: Get 37 magic for teleport to falador spell.

    Go to the Zamorak alter near Goblin village and traverly.
    Tele-grab the 'Wine of zamorak'
    Do this until you have a full inventory then bank. (full inven takes about 7-10mins)

    just keep doing this and you will soon make millions at a low combat level.
    Make money fast!!! (not for noobs)
    Go to either the green dragons, moss giants, or cave goblins. Keep killing them, and pick up the stuff they drop. If you go green dragons, (members) pick up all the stuff around them. You can make a fortune by doing this.
    Mossies are kinda for noobs (I'm level 61, so I think it is) they drop Long Bones (wtf) and Mith Swords. Bury the Long Bone for XP and sell the mith swords.
    Cave Gobbies drop Bone weapons, which can be sold at the weapon store around the Cave Goblin Mines. Keep doing this, and you can become a billionare.
    Cave Goblins drop Iron Ores, so you can get smithing XP.
    Make money on members for low levels
    Go to Seers Village (Camelot) and a bit south of there you'll find a giant field of flax. It doesn't take any skill to pick it and players will buy it for 100gp each. If you store up about 1k flax that's 100k gp. By doing this you can make around 80k-200k per hour depending on how fast you pick and how long it takes to find a buyer.
    Make money using cooking and leather + Train up quick
    One of the most popular ways of making money is using cowhides, however most players go the cheap way and only make soft leather, hard leather is where big bucks are. with only 2 gp more costly and hundreds more selling, its an awesome way of doing it.


    Go to the G.E and spend MOST of your money on Cowhides (make sure you buy them as notes) and they will get there pretty fast. Then bank them. Go to Al-Kharid and take out cowhide (not in note form) and the rest of your money. Just up from the bank is a tannery. Tan hard leather. Right click on hard leather to tan all quick. Then go back to bank, put leather into the bank and take out more hides. Repeat until you run out of hides or money. Then go back to the G.E, sell ALL hard leather and buy more hides, profit each time. It may take time though.


    Another way is to cook. Redberry pie is good and you can make it at lvl 10! Use the seller by the mill, Northwest of lummy. He sells redberrys and pie dish's. Then make your pie using the recipe (look on the bottom of the cooking page pie) and cook it. I suggest using the range just south of the castle. Then go and sell them in a general store for 60 gp, or sell them yourself as they are worth about 90-100 if you sell them...each!


    If you are a noob, and you are low level. Try training up on a punch bag. There used to only be one in Varrock, but now there is one in lummy. Just keep hitting it until it says "you can learn nothing more from hitting dummy". This trains up your attack and will prepare you for combat quicker!
    make up to 50k in just an hour!!!
    theres this place clled the stronghold is located in barbarian village.god down the hole near the mining do the should have lots of food with you if you want to get 10k.after you do the strong hold make a new account.then do the strong hold again.when you do it again you get another 10k. keep on doing the same thing over and over angain and transfer the money to your main far i made about 760k from doing that!
    (you dont have to do the 4 lvl if you want all the gold.)

    have fun making ks.
    Make very easy money with little hassle
    Pickaxe (best element you can use, rune is best for free players)
    Some time

    To get a lot of money quick, mine clay south-west of the southern gate. Each time you fill your inventory with clay, run up to any of the banks in Varrock and deposit the clay. Do this as much as you see fit, then use the home teleport spell to go to Lumbridge castle. Take out a bucket from your bank and 27 clays. Go downstairs to the kitchen and fill up the bucket with water, then combine your bucket of water with the clay to make soft clay. Continue re-filling your bucket and making more clay until your inventory is full of soft clays, then run back upstairs to get another 27 clays. Repeat this process until you have made all your clay into soft clay, then either teleport back to Varrock (if your magic is high enough), or just make the short trip by walking (or running). Go to the GE and withdraw all your soft clay's as a note, then sell them on the GE. As with any other item, try to pick a price you feel is a reasonable amount people will be willing to spend. I sold 138 soft clays on the GE for 170 GP each and made 23,460 gp easily in about 45 minutes. This is one of the easiest ways for non-members to make quite a bit of profit with little effort. Plus, you get 5 Mining EXP. for each clay you mine, which can boost your Mining level if you mine enough clay (a good way to train if your a low level).
    makin lots of $$$$$$$$
    ok first get ur wc lvl to at least 65. now, if ur mem wc yews at seers if not wc yews at fally or edgevile. use best axe u can afford. after u get mabye 1k 2k 3k or more, go grand exchange (ge) and sell for as much as u want. also u can sell diffrent place if u want. repeat this ti make money!!

    also if ur a mem when u get 80 or 85 wc start wc magic. they can be found in the grand tree. also remember thoses yews at seers? right at the back of the church ( i dont know cause im only lvl 68 wc lol) there are magics. these are all close to the bank. make sure the places where u wc are close to a bank.
    hope i helped, add me starcap4 and happy money makin!!!!!! =D

    P.S wear light things and things that mak ur wieght lighter if u can so u wont get tired
    Makin money ^.^
    Hey ya'll Melody0fDoom 'ere and im gonna tell you one of my best money makers and that will be *drum rolls* Teletabs! Yep! Teletabs are a great way of making money especially if your at lvl 41 construction and if you have a servant (i recommend cook since they require the least amount of coins needed to bank in and take some of your stuff from your bank.)

    Anyways,on with the topic,all you need to do is get some varrock tele runes and house tele runes too otherwise you'll find your self running to rimmington,relleka,pollinveach and other places which im too lazy to even name.And if you live in rimmington,you can mine clay which you can turn to soft clay.Anyways,all of you must be thinking 'come on already stop talking and give us a clearer description' well thats what im going to do, in my other tips,ill be doing the long-winded part for all of the people who likes to read (if there are any) then the shorter part.

    Get about 100 law runes,100 fire runes,100 earth runes,100 soft clay and a staff of air,of course you don't need to get them all at once if your poor just get it in 10s not 100s and if ur reach get them in 1ks

    1:get the items needed
    2:build a study room and a lectern
    3:make sure you have 25 mage
    4:study lectern to make varrock teletabs
    5:you should have around 26-27 teletabs,
    6:keep them in your inventory and ask your servant to take soft clay from your bank
    7:repeat steps 4-6 till you have no more soft clay
    8:if you doing it in the 100s you should at least get bout 100k in maybe say 5-10 mins.

    You can stop here and spend you 100k if not just continue doing steps 4-6.
    And in less then a week,you might get a few M if not a few party hats ;D

    And remember me
    This is Melody0fDoom signing off
    Btw,call me Doom not Melody
    Making 100k per 30min
    get a noose wand from yanile hunting shop, then go to relleka but dont go in the village. just head east and go north. you'll see a person named olaf and go north from him. keep going north and u'll see 2 staircases (not actually staircases just icy). when your there look for holes. when u kill one polar kebbit. keep their fur, drop their meat and bury the bones if u want to. 1 inventory full is already 100k!!!!!!!! collect 500 of them its 1.6m. good luck!!!!!
    Making 120k in 30minutes! Mems only
    Hi i am a level 72 on runescape. I have full dragon. The best way to make money for me is to go kill flesh crawlers. they are in the second level of stronghold of security.(Rcommended for levels 45+) Kill them and they drop herbs likr ranarrs(6k) and other one. They drop half of keys(17k) they also drop runes. Kill them and pick up rannars and keys. In a half an hour youll have 30k, that is how i made mils.
    Making big $$$
    well normally people will say to you on a tip to mine and all that stuff, well this involves no fishing, mining, crafting, at all. all you need is 50k, noobs need to probbobly pik 500 flax and make into bow strings before they can do this. if you have 50k, great!. Ist go to world select and on a free world, worl 1,2,3,and so on are good, go to them. Go to falador bank near park. Get your 50k out and stand in a corner so ur not covered by people(otherwise people might beable to get too you) Buy coal for 100-150 gp each, now i know what your thinking , im just wasting my money im supposed to be making it, heres the good part, make sure you dont buy for any less or higher than 100-150 gp. Then once youve got about 100 start selling for about 160-200 gp mostly people will buy for 170-160 gp well once youve done this till youve sold 100 you should have about 17000 , 2000 profit if you buy for 150 and sell for 170 now people might think that thats not enough but believe me when you start buying 1k coal then th big money starts to pour in , if you are a member great, coz then you have more space. if you have any problems on this tip add me as dan6663 on rs and ill maybe help you depeneds on how much money im making at the time!!!! =)
    Making Easy Money For anybody!!
    In the Varock minning place in the South West corner on your map there is a minning area. In the minning area there is Clay, once you mine the clay, you then get a bucket fill it with water at a place with a water drop sign on your map. Once you fill your bucket you then click it in your iventory and click the clay, it will turn into soft clay. Repeat this until your whole inventory is full of soft clay. You can then bank the clay or sell it at the Grand Exchange for 128-200 coins a piece! I have gotten 3.5k in a half hour doing this. If you do not want to get the clay wet you can just sell it how you mine it fo 95-100 coins. Hope This helps!
    Making easy money with air runes
    first do the rune mysteries quest. then you can mine rune essence. go to the wizards tower (near draynor village) and go 2 the basement. talk to the wizard standing on or near the transportation sign on your mini map. ask to be teleported. he will teleport you to the rune essence (you can also teleport through the varrock magic shop but this is faster). take a pickaxe with you and mine rune essence. once you walk back through the portal go get an air talisman. then run or walk to falador. just before you get there turn LEFT. use ur talisman with a big rock (mysterious ruins or something). it will teleport u to the air temple. select craft air altar in the center of the temple, and your rune essence will be turned into air runes if u have more essence u will get more air runes and more money. walk back through the portal and run or walk to port sarim. sell the runes at the magic shop. keep doing this. if you do it 10 times you can get up to 5 k. 10 times will take about 15 - 20 minutes
    Making Money
    For this cheat to work you need to have atleast 10k to start off. Go to Rune shop and buy all death runes. Switch worlds and buy from there untill u dont have any money left. Then go to a busy world and sell them for 300gp each you will make alot of money. Rinse repeat.. but remember to always switch worlds when they run out of death runes.. Thank you Peace Out Bros
    Making money
    Go to the jail entrance just north of the Barbarian Village. After entering the jail go to the second cell on the left and lift up the poster. Enter the opening. Go all the way to the end of the walkway, past the muggers and over to the other side. Enter the first cell. You need to have basic magic, fire strike is the best and take plenty of ammo. Stand in the doorway between the two rooms and fire strike cockroaches. They will come to you and attack. Stay in the door way and they will line up on top of one another. This way you can fight 5 or 6 at the same time. And you can draw them from both rooms. When the roaches die they leave you something mostly a few coins but many times rubies and emeralds and limpwort root all of which can be sold for $$$$ at the Grand Exchange. You will also increase your magic and fighting skill levels. Use the combination attack. I have made lots of $$$ and advancement this way in a short time. You have to take the class on the upper level of the jail first to get entrance.
    Making money and getting smithing xp up
    first you have to have round about 100k. then you can buy 200 iron ore and 400 coal.
    coal=160gp ea
    iron=40gp ea
    and then you make steel barsand sell them fir 500gp-600gp ea
    Making Money For Low Levels! (P2P Only)
    items required:
    50K or more if you wish to make more money.
    Weight lowering items... such as: Boots of Lightness, Spoitter Cape... etc

    1) Go to the varrock saw mill which isnt very far from the earth rune alter.
    2) Buy 1 full inventory of "Bolt Of Cloth" ea should be 650Gp.
    3) Bank your 28 Bolts of Cloth at the varrock bank (EAST) or (SMALL) bank as some may call it.
    4) get loads of them then sell in the Grand Exchange for 750 a pop.

    <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Hope I Helped.
    Making Money From Iron Ore
    Hold a pickaxe as a weapon, walk to Varrock's front gate and turn west(opposite of the dark wizards) and you will see a mining spot near the Champions guild and if your mining level is 1-14 mine the tin ore there until you have 15 and mine iron ore and mine until you have a full inventory and bank it and walk back to the mining place(repeat this for more money) After you have lots and do not want to mine any more just sell them(100coins each) if you are good at math thats good but i will tell you something:

    10iron ore=1000coins(1k)
    100iron ore=10 000coins(10k)

    Mod Note: The best please to sell iron ores tends to be west Varrock and Falador.
    Making Money Quick
    A very easy and profitable way yo gain money for new and old players is to sell cowhides. Right under falador and varrok are 2 cowfields. Have only 3 items in your inventory so you can collect more cowhides. Save them in your bank untill you get at least 100 (I usually have 1000), then go to a F2p world (1,3,4-because there are a lot more people there) withdraw all your cowhides in notes. If you have 300 or less, sell them for 100 gp each (10k for 100 cowhides),
    150 for 300-1000 (x0.5 money)1000 or more, 200 each. Though i have buyers for up to 1000 gp, it is suggested to stick with the sheet. I have around 2 mill doing this. It is important to sell your cowhides in the Al Kharad south bank in worlds 1,3 and 4 since most people hang around there and the al kharad bank is near the tanner, Most buyers are high level players who want to level up there disgracefull crafting. You can easily get 200 cowhides if you try hard. Ussualy I stumble upon a field of cowhides people left, I just collect them. This is a very good way to level combat and gain money to around level 30.
    Making Money The Ess Way
    i made so much money in runescape by mining pure ess. Mine about 2000 pure ess then find a buyer. Sell for 80gp each and make 160k. Put the buyer on your friends list and keep mining pure ess and selling it to them. You could do this with normal ess but its not worth as much $$$.

    You could also make runes with the pure ess and sell them. For example if u make nature runes you can sell them for 300gp each!

    making money!!
    you dont have to be a member to make millions of coins in runescape!! There are a few skills that are very good for making money. these are:

    mining + smithing

    MINING - this is one of the most common ways to make money, and thats because its quite easy and straightforward. For lower level miners (15-45) mining iron ore is the best way to make money. Iron sells for 100gp ea so getting 1k iron is 100k. For higher levels (50-65), mine coal and mith, when you're high enough level go into mining guild in falador [near east bank]. Coal reaches 200gp ea but is usually 180ea, and mith can get you about 300gp ea. This takes a bit longer than iron but is more rewarding. Sell whenever you get 1k of each ore. Later on, adamant ore(lvl 70) can be mined in dungeons under edgeville or Crandor. These reach 1k per ore! but the true reward is rune ore which gets 12k-14k per ore. That is 100 ore for 1mil...!

    SMITHING - Smithing is also useful with mining skill. The best bars to smith if you are non member is steel bars. they reach 600gp in forums each and is done by fusing 1 iron ore and 2 coal. 1k (100k) of iron and 2k (360k) of coal put together is about 460k if you sell. But make them into steel bars and you get 600k for that 3k of ore. this takes more effort but is more rewarding. Mith bars and adamant bars are also very rewarding but take a long time to reach the level and are also hard to smelt them (eg. adamant = 1 addy ore and 6 coal making it 4 bars per trip to the furnace). Rune bars are not recommended to smelt because they are about the same price as rune ores but you need 8 coals more to make them. they are very good if you have a level 86 smithing and you can smith the bars into axes and sell for 18k each.

    WOODCUTTING - a fairly rewarding skill, especially once you make it to level 60 and cut yews. level 1 - 30 should cut normal logs. NOT oaks...why? because members buy normal logs for about 20ea, and they dont buy oaks at all (usually). this is because normal logs are needed for arrow shafts. anyway, once you are level 30 cut willows til 60. sell the willows for 40ea and go for the yews. these are 200-300ea which is quite good although 60-65s take a while to cut 1 log. higher levels will find it easier to cut them.

    RUNECRAFTING - My personal favourite and my way of making money. this is overlooked by many players. however this is as good a skill as all of the above. AIR RUNES. they mite seem useless to you. but to member pkers (or non members) you can sell for 20ea. At the beginning you get 28 air runes for 28 essence. but later you can multiple this number by every 11 levels.
    lvl 11- x2
    lvl 22- x3
    lvl 33- x4
    lvl 44- x5
    lvl 55- x6
    and so on. Well at lvl 44, you can get 140 airs for 1 load of essence. Buy say 10k of essence. that is 40ea if you want heaps at a time but you can get sellers for 30ea. thats 400k for 10k ess. 10k ess multiples by 5 at lvl 44 is 50k air runes. that becomes 1mil from 400k...
    The higher the runecraft level the more money you will get obviously. a level 77 runecrafter will get 1.6mil from 10k ess which is multipling the basis money 4 times.

    well these are the main ways of making money. choose the ones that most fits ur style. you can choose not to do any of the above but they are truly the best ways of making cash.
    this is how much you could make in 1 week saying you can play for 3hours a day, saying your levels are at least 60 for all...
    Mining - 2.5mil
    Smithing - 4.2mil
    Runecrafting - 4.9mil
    Woodcutting - 2.1mil

    happy money making!!!
    Making money.
    First of all, here are the lists of skills, and they are put in order.
    (meaning best to worst).

    smithing: best kind of money making skill. Takes very long to lvl up.

    mining: second best skill. Can make quite a bit of money but only if you can mine rune. Takes a long time to lvl up as well.

    fishing: third best skill. Let the low lvl fish fill your inventory. A pretty fast way of making money, only good when at least lvl 40 fishing. Sell lobsters, sharks, other high lvl fish EXCEPT SWORDIES.

    woodcutting: a good skill. Keep woodcutting until your lvl 60 to sell yews for 300 each. Best woodcut yews instead of magic since magic takes almost 4 times as long and its not very usefull to other players.

    thieving: a pretty good and realy fast skill: Pickpocket men, women, tea stall, cooking stalls, silk stalls, fur stalls, gem stalls, ahlkharid warriors, guards, heroes, etc.

    high alchemy: a very handy skill. Takes long to level up as well but goes well with smithing, flaxing, merchanting, etc


    fletching: great skill: its fast, even though it seems it takes forever since its boring. This inculdes flaxing.

    herblore: good skill: a very handy addition when fighting, since you can make potions.

    Well, thats all I can think of. fire making doesn't realy get you money so that doesn't count. And you can have lots of money to get combat, ranging up.

    One more thing, If you set up one skill, KEEP DOING IT UNTIL YOUR SATISFIED WITH YOUR MONEY MAKING. THEN START A NEW SKILL. Example: mining, don't mine, smith, mine smith, it saves you a whole lot a time just doing ONE THING AT A TIME. So if your saying this process doesn't work? Your stupid, no offence but its true. Hope this helps anyway.
    Many ways to make much money.
    Yew logs cutting
    Requirments:30 wc or 65 wc..
    You can make money by cutting logs.First you have to get woodcutting level 30 and then go to Draynor Village when you get there cut a willow which are behind a bank cut until you get level 65 or 60 for yews but it gonna cut slow so get level 65.(remember one thing always put your willows into bank).
    When you get level 65 you should have about 10000 willows(i don\'t know really i just guessing)you can sell 10000 willows for 20000-400000k so while you getting that level you will make lots of money.So when you got money you go to cut yews.There are 2 yews in edgevile near the bank.There is 2 behind the castle of Varrock.There is 3 behind the eastern varrock wall(there is actually 2 but when you go more east you will see another one next to a altar of earth).There is 1 next to a church near the wilderness in varrock and there are a lots more..So you cut about 1000+yews and you get 250-300k(K means one thousand of gp)in a day maybe in 2 i don\'t know because my wc is 84.

    You can make money by killing cows and taking Cowhides there is 2 good places where you can earn money by cowhides..One is in lumbridge near the chicken farm but you have to have 20gp each time when you are going to get some cowhides or do a quest called Prince ali rescue then you can go through the gates for free..But if you can\'t afford to take 20gp or you find prince ali rescue quest is too hard you can go where is the gates for free to al-kharid but it\'s very bad choice you will take long time etc..

    Another place of cows is way better than the lumbridge one and you dont need any gp quests go round etc.You can find it in south of the falador when you go from falador to south and just go out from citi you go east and you will find much of cows.There are a lots of cows it\'s near the bank you don\'t need anything it doesn\'t take much of time and there are not so much people like in lumbridge because the new players do not know this place so there are not so much players.
    So you choose the place and start kill the cows get 1000+cowhides and sell them for 100k-130k(K means thousand of gp so 130k is 130000gp).

    Requirments:Fishing lvl 45 lobster pot(cage)
    You need 60 gp then go to Port Sarim and go to a karamja by a ship one way to karamja costs 30gp.
    Then you fish the lobster cage you can buy it from fishing shop in port sarim.You fish 27 lobsters and go back to falador and put it in the bank..Get 1000+raw lobsters(you can cook them if you want a cookin level)sell 1000 raw lobsters for 300k-350k or sell cooked lobsters for 250k-300k.

    Rune Essence Mining
    Requirments:Rune mysteries quest pickaxe..
    Okay so you go to aubury\'s magic shop in varrock(Rune mysteries quest is required).Press left mouse button and then teleport.You will go to a strange place then go to one of the fourth ways(it doesn\'t matter which way)than start mining essence from the big mountain when you got 28 step on the yellow circle(portal).Go to bank and put it to a bank..Mine about 10000 of them and you will get 200k from them i don\'t really but i think it costs 20-25 each.
    Mega Easy Lvl, Prayer,and Money!!!!!!!!
    First, go to the security tunnel in barbarian village and fight minotaurs on the first lvl of the security tunnel.

    They are lvl 12 so be at least lvl 20 b4 fighting them, there will be a lot of people kiling them too so there should be plenty of bones to collect for prayer lvl, and since they are not only lvl 12 and give u good exp, and randomly (after u kill the minotaurs) they drop 5-10 rune essences and 10-15 iron arrows, u can sell the iron arows for 4 coins each at the varrok arrow shop and u can trade the rune essences for 5 coins each at the varrok bank
    Members Melee Training Spots
    I've been gathering information on the most effective training spots for melee, and the most effective gear to train with! Here's the best spots -

    Training spot No.1 - Pest Control!
    Though pest control was nerfed recently by jagex, it's still a highly effective training regime on world 144. I reccomend 100+ combat, otherwise you'll lose too many games. Just get your 50 points then head for the portals.

    Training spot No.2 - Slayer!
    As the great Ki Tsorin said "If you're going to train combat, you might as well do it for a reason", and I fully agree with her! Training slayer is an excellant way to collect charms for summoning, and when used effectively can be an effective way to gather supplies for herblore whilst making alot of money from clues and drops. Remember to use a black mask when training it!

    Training spot No.3 - Bandits!
    Located in the Bandits Camp in the desert south of Al Kharid, the bandit camp can get you combat exp upwards of 50k+ an hour! Make sure you wear a god cape (magic) to make them auto retaliate you, and guthans is reccomended to heal yourself.

    Training spot No.4 - Giant Skeletons!
    Located in Damis's lair (requires ring of visiblity to enter) are level 80 skeletons, with 70 hitpoints. They auto attack you, and, if you use a salve amulet (e), you end up using a permanent attack and strength! It makes the exp here around the same as bandits, though this spot is pretty close to a bank (the fishing guild bank).

    Thanks for reading, and good luck training! I'll be back with a combat outfit later, so look out for it
    members money,1000 in 10 mins!
    To stert off....
    go to lumbbridge andstart pickpoketing people you should get 3gp each time then at level 10 thieving start pickpoketing farmers you will get potatoe seeds and 9gp
    at level 15 go to the H.A.M. cave located in a wrecked building near the path between draynor and lum. you have to pick the lok on a trapdoor wit apicture of ham on it
    start pickpocketing female members they give a variety of items including buttons and steel daggars and arrows and of course gp
    sell off all items in shops or g.e.
    you should have around 1000 to 5000
    Members Money-making
    Go to ardourgne with about 10k,100k or 1m
    and go to the general shop and buy a full invent
    of water filled vials for 10gp each,
    then bank and repeat,
    people buy these at the Grande Exchange for up to
    100gp each
    i done this with 100k and ended up with with 10k vials which got me 900k
    Members swamp toads, very fast money / 200k-300k an hour
    Swamp toads is my way of making fast money. You don't need armour,or food all you need is your hands. First walk / teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, it's North West of Ardougne. Then go north west from the opening gate , if you take out you're map it clearly says SWAMP. Try to find a world with not many people on, and settle here. The swamp toads are a green color and almost everywhere around the swamp, pickup a full inventory of the swamp toads. Then deposit it into the nearest bank. There are two banks. one in the grand tree, and one is in the center of the gnome strong hold.

    If you're fast at this, you should make 200k-300k an hour.

    I hope this helps,

    Members-only money making tips
    I have some pretty good ways telling you good ways to make money. Enjoy lol.
    Tip #1
    "Dragon bones running":
    Skills: 70+ attack(if fighting hand-to-hand)
    70+ Hp(if fighting hand-to-hand) Range lvl between 50-80+(if ranging)
    (I don't recommend using magic on blue dragons because they have an extremely high defense over it)
    Items(Range):Crystal Bow if possible
    Magic short bow
    Adamantite or Rune Arrows are best
    Armor that helps ranging
    Items(fighting): Abyssal whip or drag dagger(p++)
    Anti dragon Fire shield
    Rune Boots
    Rune Platebody or Dragon chain
    Dragon legs Amulet of Defence or Gnome amulet
    *I wouldn't recommend doing this with below 70 agility because this'll take longer than it's supposed to*
    (You can bring food if you think you can beat a blue dragon without getting hurt)
    What you do:
    Fight all the blue dragons you can and collect their dragon bones. Keep doing this until you have 1k dragon bones. Here's a small calculator of money:
    Price: 2000gp ea
    100 bones: 200k
    200 bones: 400k
    300 bones: 600k
    400 bones: 800k
    500 bones: 1 mil
    600 bones: 1.2 mil
    700 bones: 1.4 mil
    800 bones: 1.6 mil
    900 bones: 1.8 mil
    1000 bones: 2 mil
    It usually takes an hour to get 100 bones just to say the least. Sell these for 2k ea on the forums because you'll have better luck on the forums selling things.

    Tip #2
    "Unidentified Herb collecting" (UHC)
    You can be any level between 30 or higher for this. This is really easy. Go to Tavelry Dungeon and locate the Monks of Zamorack down there. Beat them up until you get a full inventory of Unidentified herbs(Unids). Go to the closest bank possible(warriors guild if possible), if not warriors guild, do Fally bank.

    Tip #3
    Law running
    Worlds: I've always been best with 66 and 99.

    This is a very good way to make money. Most of the time now these days, people have to get 1k pure essence to start this. To buy 1k pure essence, it's only 80k!! Once you get it, go to Draynor bank. Put all armor, weapons, and everything on you in the bank for best running capacity, and free inventory. Put 28 pure essence in your inventory and go to Entrana.
    Find someone who says "open" and trade them. Give them your 28 pure essence and they give you 28 laws. Run to the Draynor bank and stash your laws in the bank. Pull out 28 more essence and keep on doing this.(Don't run the the boat or law altar, you run to the bank only) You can be any level you want for this, even lvl 3. This involves no skills of any lvl.(Note: Agility improves this better as running makes everything faster, and the higher your agility, the longer you can run)

    Tip #4
    Skill: Mining> able to mine coal
    What you do: If you can go to the Grand Tree and mine there, do it. Mine 1k coal. Go to the forums and sell each piece of coal for 300gp ea.(300k when all are sold)

    Tip #5
    "Abyssal madness"
    Skill: 85 slayer
    What to do: Fight a lot of Abyssal Demons wearing a ring of wealth, good armor, a good weapon(preferably Dragon Scimmy or Drag Dagger p++) Abyssal Demons are really likely to drop a whip, so wearing a ring of wealth makes it seem like they always drop a whip if you fight well enough. Collect your whips. Keep one if you can wield one. This is made money right here and is the best way to make money I can think of, that's why this is the last tip! I saved the best for last lol. Go to the forums and save your whips to sell for 2 mil each.
    How much money you make an hour: Possibly over 10m!
    Small Calculator:
    1 whip: 1.3 mil
    2 whips: 2.6 mil
    3 whips: 3.9 mil
    4 whips: 5.2 mil
    5 whips: 6.5 mil
    6 whips: 7.8 mil
    7 whips: 9.1 mil
    8 whips: 10.4 mil
    9 whips: 11.7 mil
    10 whips: 13 mil
    1,000 whips: 1.3 bil!
    Merchanting for Money in runescape
    Ok first you need to have like 10k+. Then go to port sarim.(wear light clothing as you are going to be running a lot). Have your money in you inventory. Buy a full inventory of eye of newts for 3 gp. They sell at the ge for 72-82 gp each. It is about a 70 gp profit. Repeat this until you have like 1k of eye of newts. Sell at ge. I did this and bought 210 for 620 gp and sold for 15k. Hope this helps! If you have any questions add my username to your friends list and pm me. Good Luck!

    Username-Robo Man388
    Merchanting is the fastest and most legal way to make money in Runescape
    It all depends on how much you already have. The more you have, the more you can earn.

    If you're starting out, and have very little money and items, I suggest raising some skills up. Get any productive skill up to 60 - it should take you no more than 2 weeks(even a day if you try hard). (productive skills: mining, fishing, combat, runecrafting, etc)- anything that you can use to gather items (for free) to sell. For example, you can sell ore that you mine for gold. At level 55-mining, you can mine mithril ore. Mithril ore sells for 350gp - 450gp each.

    Once you have used your skills to obtain some gold, you'd get a higher return if you start merchanting instead of leveling up. What's merchanting? Merchanting involves buying something in high quantities for low prices, and selling in even higher quantities for higher prices. In Runescape, if you have a lot of something, you can sell it for more gold per item. Richer Runescape players want as little hassle as possible- therefore they're ready to pay more for larger quantities.

    How do you tell what's a good buy? Check the prices. Go to the official marketplace forums or just ask friends. Once you have a good idea of how much an item is sold for (and in what quantities), you'd be able to make a more educated decision on whether something is a good buy or not. Don't be afraid of buying something in lower quantities for a lower price. Keep buying the same item- as much as you can. Then head over to World-1 or World-2 Varrock to sell in-game. Make sure you earn at least a 20% to 50% profit. Don't tell anybody how much you bought the items for. Sell the entire quantity- don't sell it in parts unless you've secured buyers to purchase all of it.

    This is a difficult question. There is no 'golden item' that's best for merchanting. I'd suggest higher level ore, metal bars, arrows, runes, etc. Anything that requires a higher level (at least 70) to make and is potentially useful for raising skills (i.e. a metal bar helps smithers raise their smithing level).

    In the end, if merchanting doesn't work out for you, you still have the option of skilling. That means, raising your skills. My suggestion is to focus on one skill rather than trying to raise them all at the same time. Why? Because at higher levels, you're able to earn more. And when you earn more, you can use your earnings to raise other skills. For example, if you raise your mining level to 85, you're able to mine rune ore. Each rune ore sells for 11,000gp - 11,500gp. You can easily mine 25 ores per trip (each trip takes 45 minutes tops). So you're making 25 ores x 11,000 gp = 275,000 gp every 45 minutes! This can help immensely when trying to raise other skills (for example, you can use your mining earnings to purchase metal bars- that in turn can be smithed to raise your smithing levels).
    Kill aviansies if your a member with 65+ range or Cockroach soldiers if your non member with 70+ cb
    Miner Mania
    Mining is one of the best ways to make money.Try to keep your mining lvl and your smithing lvl about the same.It could also help you save money if you make yourself armor and weaponry.Once you can mine iron you can either smith it and sell it or just sell the ore.Try to stay pure miner.Once you get to lvl 60 mining you can have all the mining materials and smithing materials in one place, the mining guild!If you follow these instructions you can end up as one of those guys walking around with full rune armor, a rune longsword, and a rune kiteshield!
    Mining Gems For money
    If you want to very fast money all you have to go is do the quest Jungle Potion and the quest Shilo Village.
    Once you do them go in to the Shilo Village and go to the North-west corner and you'll see rocks that have gems coming out of them and there you go you can mine there and get money very fast.
    You need 40+ mining to mine there and this tip works.
    Here is a great tip for a noob. When i started i couldn't figure out how to make money. Sound familiar? Well heres the scoop. Keep mining near varrock until invevtory is full. Then head down the road towards lumbridge. Cross the bridge near all the goblins and there will be a place to smelt. Smelt your tin and copper ore together and make bronze bars. Then go back to varrock and smith them at one of many anvils into weapons. Continue doing this over and over. It's boring but it lvls up your smithing and mining quickly. Once you can mine AND smith iron start mining it. Then repeat the process with iron. Make the iron into daggers then swords and long swords. You can then sell the long swords for like 90gp each at the sword shop in varrock. I make about 400 to 500gp every 10 minutes and its so easy. Plus once you can make iron armor you can sell that for LOTS of money! Just remember smithing takes a while to lvl up. Good luck new comers! Remember your mind is your sharpest sword!
    Minotaurs = Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    To make some money easy, do this: Go down to stronghold security [which is down a hole in the middle of barbarian village] and on the first floor is minotaurs there lvl 12 so be at least lvl 20 and start fighting away. They will drop a couple different things only get the bronze full helms and iron arrows get as many as you can than sell them. At the barb village helm shop they will buy them for 11 coins each and 4 coins for arrows at the varrok arrow shop. Just keep repeating this and in no time youll be rich. Its a good way to make sum $$ching ching$$
    Money & Woodcutting Levels
    Level 55+ Woodcutting
    Axe (Rune/Dragon work best)
    Member Service

    Go to the Grand Exchange (GE) and buy as many Camelot Teleport tabs as you can aford. Don't worry, you'll get that money back. Break one of the tabs and at camelote follow the road west to the bank. store everything in your inventory in the bank and take out an axe. go south out of the bank until you see red trees, these are Mapel Trees, and Camelote is the only place in the game where Mapel Trees grow. Fill your inventory with Mapel logs and go back to the bankand store all the logs. Kepp cutting and storing Mapel Logs until you reach 1,000 of them. then cast Teleport Homeand head back to Varrock. Take out the Mapel logs from your bank as a note and go sell them at the Grand Exchange. (GE). This will give you about 48gp-56gp per log. Plus all that cutting levels up your Woodcutting Skill.
    HAPPY SPENDING!!! (Or cutting, or selling, or sitting at your computer for about four hours...).
    money 4 all rs players
    non-mems lvls 3-15

    tip #1: from lumby go across bridge and go north. You can kill cows and get there hide (this also gets ur combat lvls up!)

    tip #2: Or u can keep goin until u c a potatoe patch. Pick a bunch and run to varock. store in bank. keep doin this until u get about 500. sell in G.E. (Grande Exchange)which is east of the Varock castle.

    tip #3: Kill goblins right across the bridge from Lumby. U get money and bones keep the bones and the money. u will not always get money =P! store the bones in the lumby bank. it is located on the top floor of the castle.

    non-mems lvls 16-25

    tip #1: Go to the south entrance to Fally. There r guards lvl 19. kill these to get more money and bones. I say to kill these instead of goblins cause u get more xp.

    tip #2: Go to the guards at the entrance to varrock. either the east or the south. these r higher lvls. u will get more $$$. plus the bank is almost 15 steps from, the east entrance. so u can store faster.

    tip #3: girls get a bf ask tem 4 like rings and stuff. if u start to not like them ask him 4 a diamond ring and break up wit him. lol. im a boy and it has happened 2 me :]

    non-mems lvls 26+

    tip #1: this is an awesome way to make some $$. Get a brass key from the GE or another player. Walk out the south entrance to the GE and go west. Then go to a house with a ladder in it. use the key to get in and go down the ladder. There r lvl 28 hill giants. kill them. they give u big bones u can bury them if u want to raise ur pray. but if u want money keep them. I am a lvl 78 and i still do this cause they r good to get money. if u kill 1 u could get up to 52gp ea, big bones 400 ea in the GE, and if u can get limpwurt roots they r about 700 ea in the GE. I would not bring much food but if u want to feel safer then go ahead.

    mems lvls 3+

    tip #1: PICK FLAX!!!!!!!!!! then make to bow strings they sell for a lot!!! about 6k is 1 mil!!

    mems lvls 10-100

    tip #1: Kill chaos droids they will give u herbs and try to get ranarr. (hint- if u have 30k buy a ring of wealth!! it will pay of in the first few days) gwam and ranarr are good.

    tip #2: If u have a good range/magic lvl then go fight green drags. Pick up the bones and the hides. The hide is 2k and the bones are about 1.5k

    tip #3: Go to B.H. (Bounty Hunter found in the wild) u need a good weapon and lots of food. Kill players and get there stuff. If u c a person with full rune and u kill him u just made 150k! on 1 player!

    mems lvls 100+
    tip #1: Fight steel drags they will sometimes give u dragon armour and weapons. If not they give u bones and other stuff it is all good.
    money an lots of it
    kill as many cows as you can then get their hides turned into hard leather or leather then sell the leasther oh and if you want to makeextra money you can sell the bones too i made about 40k in half a day cause i was so fast and quick.
    money and smithing both!(noobs only)
    Are you a noob and need to make cash?Well have i got a deal for you!All you need is a pickaxe,no skills required really. Choose any pick you like,probably the best element you can get.Buy them at the Grand Exchange if you know how.Then go to the cemetary in lumby and go west.Remember wield your pick if you can!now when you get to the mining spot mine half of your inventory copper and the other half tin.Go the the furnace and make bronze this for a while until you get bored,like 200 of them,then go sell at the Grand Exchange.You should make alot of cash,but i forget how much the bronze bars are.I think its around 170gp,so you should get about 34k.That's enough for the uprising low level player right? Now his all depends on your mining level.If you can make iron,you get about 270gp for one bar i think.I never liked iron because its a fifty-fifty- chance youll make a bar.One time out of a full inventory of iron ore,i got 5 iron bars!!!Pretty bad.But if you are lucky many of them will become bars .Make alot of them so you can make lots of cash! And then theres also steel. For one inventory you can make9 bars the max.These are worth about 320gp the last time i checked so good money.Remember to mine 9 iron ore and 18 coal to make 9 bars.I say these are all good ways to make money!SO enjoy all of these! =^]Oh and add me IM DOUBLE X if you have any questions.And if you know how to make smileys on here,tell me please.
    money fast$$$
    Kill some cows and get their cowhide's and sell them at the Grand Exchange. Cowhides sell over 100GP per each one. Another way to make money is to attack men and women(level 2) or trade with people.
    If you want to add me as my friend I am, doom day131.
    Money for new members
    (You don't need much for this)
    -22 crafting
    -7 magic
    -about 50-100k gp
    -water staff
    -necklace mould

    go to Grand exchange and buy sapphires gold bars and cosmic runes. (equal amounts of all 3) Then
    make sapphire necklaces, enchant them and sell them at the Grand exchange. they may not sell instantly but give it an hour or so and they turn into money for you.
    money from cooking
    this is avalable to non-members:

    *must have lvl 32 cooking

    go to the cooking guild in varrock and garther suplies to make apple pies

    if you dont know how to make apple pie then here you go
    -> first before you enter the guild you need flour so get some behind the guild and make some up stairs
    -> second after you make the flour get some empty pots that are upstairs and fill them with the flour down stairs that you already made
    -> third get some bowls upstairs and fill them with water down stairs
    -> forth get a pie dish upstairs
    -> fifth mix the flour and water to make a PASTRY DOUGH
    -> sixth use the pastry dough on the pie dish to make a pie shell
    -> seventh get a cooking apple
    -> eighth use the cooking apple with the pie shell to make an uncooked apple pie

    now usually you would cook the pie but DONT COOK THE UNCOOKED APPLE PIE!!!

    after you have made 1,000 uncooked apple pies sell them in the G.E. for highest price and you will end up with a little over 1 mill.

    hope this helps!!!

    Deathex40 and Die1death
    Money in minutes
    Requirments: lvl 40 above,Adamant weapons or higher,Food,lvl 40 magic (if u are a mager)
    Directions: What you will need to do is go to the "stronghold of security" in the barbarian village. Go throught the portal to the second level (looks like a desert kinda) Go throught the maze to your left when you get in until you find lvl 38 fleshcrawlers. They will drop herbs worth 1k-12k
    each trip you will get atleast 70k-115k. GOOD LUCK!
    Money Making For Non-Members
    <span style="color:green;"><font size=4>$$$NON-MEMBER MONEY GUIDE$$$</font></span>

    <font size=1>Here are some relatively easy ways to make money for Non-Members.
    First of all I'd like to point out that using the Grand Exchange in Varrock is the best place to peddle your wares.

  • |Cutting Willows| *Requirements*: Level 30 Woodcutting.
    By the bank in Draynor Village there will be a few willows on the edge of the water. Pretty good since there is a bank nearby.

  • |Cowhides/Raw Beef/Bones| *Requirements*: None.
    Go north of Lumbridge and you will find a mill. Go towards it and go past it until you see a fence. Inside you will see cows, which you can (Hopefully) easily kill. Then take the items they drop, and bank them by the Gnomecopters. Then you can tan the cowhides in Al Kharid to futher increase profits.

  • |Yews| *Requirements*: Level 60 Woodcutting.
    Just east of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, there is a castle, behind that castle there are 3 yew trees. Cut the yews then go to GE and sell them. This, though not an easy way, is in my opinion, the single best way to make money in Non-Member worlds.</font>
    A good way to make money is to catch Magpie Implings with a butterfly net and sell them on the Grand Exchange. There is an area full of imps in the fairy world. to get to it you must use the fairy ring to gain access to the fairy world, then go to the crop circle in the middle of the field and enter it. you will end u[ in a maze of magical wheat with imps zooming around. Be careful though cause the imp guards will try to release an imp from you're inventory if they catch you standing stalding still or walking intstead of running.
    money money ya ya$$$
    Heres the deal get some cow hides from the cow paddock and sell them on the G.E. they sell for 100gp each.For 100 cow hides you will get 10K.
    I have made 300K so far its very very good and one more thing
    money money ya ya I said money money ya ya $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Heya i got a good way for makin some money for lvl 35 - 100 ok... well go to varrok and get a brass key from G.E or sumthing and go to the hill giants (if you dont know where that is go to G.E go west to cooking guild it is almost stright on then so keep going west) open the door kill the hill giants get there bones and sell them the price per bones go up quick because they are the best bones for prayer in f2p (free to play)so in 1 week they went up from 300gold per bone to 417gold per bones So they go up quick and you make lots of $$$
    Money Tip - 600K a day!
    Ok here goes..

    For this tip you will need to be a member (sorry about that).

    First buy a ring of wealth, have 50+ ranged and about 3000 bolts(better then steel,barbed tip if you can)
    Go to the bat near the wildy in varrock go north until you find green drags (around level 20-ish) and when you do stand safely away and kill them collect any bones they drop they're like 4-6k each!
    When you have a full load go and bank it continue this until have like 100 dragon bones then sell them you could make like 400-600k on 1 load! Repeat until you have your desired amount I can't tell you when to stop making money.
    MONEY!!! EASY!!!! FAST!!!!
    -----U sont hv to be a member for dis-----
    first u hv to go and mine as much iron as u can (it has to be over 1k iron or u dont get dat much money) once u got da iron go to world 1 and sell it for 90-100 gp or just add me nhoss2 and i will buy iron ore for 20-50gp each depending on how much money i got and wat lv u r. so each 1k iron is worth 20-50K!!!! if u sell to me or 90-100k!!!! if u sell in world 1!
    -note it takes a lot of time to get somone to buy da iron of u in world 1 and i will buy on da spot-
    moneymaking: the masters technique
    there are many different items in runescape thats prices vary (iron ores for instants..20-110gp each.) so 1st: with iron ores- find a buyer who you can work for(someone high lvl and rich) and mine tons of iron ores for 100 each. 1k iron ores takes like 30mins-2hrs depending on lvl. the best place to mine is in the dwarven mines. its an easy commute from the bank in fally to the iron in the dungeon thing. so get 1k iron ores, and you get 100k. do this 10 times and get 1 mil. if ur lvl is high enough and you dont mind the time...go for mith ores and coal. mith is 250-500 gp, so mine 2k miths and get 1mil. you can also hire a worker and pay him 20-50 gp each iron ore and then sell em to who ur working for for 100 each. heh heh make money fast the easy way! you just sit back and relax while you get the mean time, you can mine ur own and get like double. yeah if you have any questions you can IM me in lvl 72-demspin12. ive made millions and you can usually find me walking around with like sara and a blue mask on
    More money making with Magic (Part One)
    Hurray its another topic!!!

    Anyways i can't think of an opening but lets get to the point

    ------------------------Money Making With Magic------------------------------
    Why make money with magic?
    *For mage pures,you get money to buy runes and experience to level up your mage level.

    *Usually a common way to make money

    *Magic can be combined with other skills

    Ok...The first commonly used method is Telekinetic Grab unlocked at level 33.
    I suggest you get a Staff Of Air so you get a more profit and have an extra space.I suggest you go North-West of Goblin Village which is North of Falador and Tele-grab the Zamorak Wine which is worth about 1.6-1.8k so lets take the lowest price of the Wine and Highest price of the rune for calculation

    Price of a Wine of Zamorak(The price right now when i'm writing this)=1,710 GP
    Price of a Law Rune=301 Gp

    Profit gained for one Wine of Zamorak Including Staff of Air=1409 GP
    So...For one inventory of Wine of Zamorak,you will get a profit of 38k

    Good Things
    -Good Money
    -Got some monsters to kill while waiting
    -Magic exp

    Bad Things
    -Cannot take with bare-hands unless monks are killed
    -Usually crowded with 1-3 people
    -If you take with bare-hands even if the monks are killed you will get damaged and stats reduced
    -May take some time to sell at Grand Exchange

    So this is part one of Money Making With Magic
    Melodyofdoom Signing out
    More money ways
    Hey I'm back and my user name is Locke_54321 and is now level 37 and will keep training but here are some money tricks i made with one of my friends
    "Brandon Boutin"who is non-famous but plays runescape a lot

    1.mine SILVER and COAL because they cost a lot of money in the G.E (made 1000000 in 1 day=24 hours)
    2.Kill a lot of people in PVP(Made 20000 selling there stuff)

    3.have your defense status to 99 and your strength status to 99 and you will have a low level but any one you challenge will under estimate you and bet a lot of money that you can't beat them (I prefer AL karid's Duel arena Staked duel)You will get the money and the fame(never tried but 99% work status and could get more than 1000 coins if you are lucky)

    That is it for now look for my other post with even more Tips
    Here i a good way to get more mind and air runes:
    EVERY half an hour go to the mage tutor in the lumbridge area, go upstairs and hide somewhere you air and mind runes from your inventory (drop) (you must not have and air or mind runes in the bank!!!) then go to the magic tutorback downstairs and right-click on her, then select claim she will give you 30 air runes and 30 min runes then go back upstairs and get the runes you hid you now have30 more free air and mind runes (NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY CLAIM RUNES VERY 30 MINUTES)please add me on runescape ;-) knight 9358( don't forget te space)
    Moss Giants
    Ya know that place north west of ardougne with all the Moss Giants that are in the way when you are trying to get to the tree gnome village or somewhere around there? Well, stop by and kill them, pick up everything they drop (they drop seeds, herbs, mithril swords, runes, charms and some other stuff) till you get full inventory of stuff.

    Go to the bank in Ardougne and put all of your stuff in there. Every 3 inventories of stuff is worth at least 70k.

    Sounds cool? There are 2 other bonuses too:

    1. You can easily get your combat up because the Moss Giants are only level 45 (I think, honestly I haven't been there in a while because I have been doing other stuff)
    2. You can get charms for summoning. And the giants drop them frequently.

    My guide to runescape
    Well as you all know money is really hard to find and it is very hard to level up certain levels. Read my guide, and you'll be a pro at almost anything and you'll have millions of coins.

    Wood Cutting

    I suggest doing this skill first if you want to start out with hardly any money but later on being rich. Take your axe and start cutting trees south of Falodor. Then once you have a full inventory go north and store logs into your bank. Keep on getting logs and then once you can cut oak start cutting oak. Once you want to make money and have a couple good hundreds of logs, you can sell them for this price each.
    Tree-5 coins
    Magic tree-40
    Keep it up and I guarantee you'll be rich in about a month if you play Runescape for about an hour per week.

    Combat level training

    This is a good way to get your main level up and make like, 1,000 coins in 10 minutes once you're ready. First you got to kill goblins. If those are too hard for you, then kill spiders. Spiders can't give you damage. Once you're around level 5, you're ready to start your first money adventure. Kill cows, and take nothing but their hides. Go to Alkhaird and sell them for 100 coins each. That means 10 hides will give you 1,000 coins. If you really, really want money then get a buyer and keep on selling hides to them. Keep this up, and you'll be rich in no time.


    This is usually what most people want to level up but I barley use it so I don't bother leveling that up. Well, if you want to know how to level it up anyway, then I'll tell you. Every monster you kill drop bones. Pick up bones, and click on them to bury it. Each bone you bury gives you a little bit of exp. Once you get to level 35, you're ready for the big leagues. Go ask someone to make you a bronze key and go and kill hill giants west of varrock. Use the key to get in, climb down ladder, and start killing those big hill billies. Now, the reason why you want to kill hill billies besides other monsters, is because they have, BIG BONES! Pick up big bones, and bury them and they'll give you like, triple the exp! So that's enough information for prayer I guess……


    My personal favorite besides mining and cooking. When you first start out, get your net and start catching shrimp. Once you have a full inventory go to a bank and store it. Keep on doing it until your fishing level is 20. Then cook all of your shrimps saved up and sell it for about 1 or 3 coins each. Then once you have a couple good hundreds of coins, go to Port Sarim and buy a fly rod and some feathers. If you don't want to waste your money on feathers, then you can go to a chicken coop and kill chickens to get them. Go to Barbarian Village equipped with your feathers and fly rod and catch some trout. Lots of noobs and beggars and desperate food buyers are there. Once you have a full inventory of trout sell them to those annoying beggars. Soon you'll be able to catch salmon and then do the same process as you did with trout except use salmon instead. It's a nice long way to make money and it pays off in the end.


    If you're a noob then mine at the mine south-west of Falodor. Mine copper and tin, and then go back to Falodor to smelt it and then store it in bank. When you have about 100 you can either sell them in bars, or you can go to Varrock and smith them there and then sell the things you make to a shop.

    Secret hints

    Once you are a high enough level for cooking you can make pizza. In Dranyor village there is a small square of houses that are about in the center of Dranyor Village. In one of the houses there are 2 tables. On the tables there is one piece of tomato and the other one has one piece of cheese. You can use them to make pizza so you don't have to go all the way to Port Sarim and waste money buying tomatoes and cheese.

    Like to cook a whole bunch? Then you should be awarded! To collect your award, go to the Port Sarim Fishing shop. There will be an apron on the wall just for you! If you love to cook even more, there's a cooking guild by Varrock! And if you just can't get enough of cooking, then buy a chef hat! Oh, you need a chef hat and a level of 32 cooking to get in the guild!

    Want to be an archery person? Want to be a mage? Well then this tip is for you noobs! At Lumbrage there are 2 tutors. Every 30 minutes you can go to them and choose either a training bow and a shield, or some lovely runes! Also if you want to make some quick cash, you can take the runes and sell them at shop!

    Need a shield and sword? Then this man is for you! Also in Lumbrage, there is a different tutor! Talk to the combat tutor and he'll give you a training sword AND shield!

    Contact me if you need any help with this quest or if you want to work for me! (Note: The job will require cooking)
    My username is Alicia2014
    Have fun discovering the world of Runescape!
    Lol NOOBS! ^-^,
    My runescape tips
    Combat training- i train on monsters that have a lot of hp but are a low combat lvl. For me that would be hill giants, lessers, green drags, moss giants, stuff like that. I suggest that u train defense and not be a att/str pure. Sure you will hit hard but enemys will hit hard on u. Have the best possible weopon for your attack lvl.
    Prayer- if u r combat lvl 35-59 kill hill giants in that little house west of varrock (or going the long way by going into the edgeville dungeon and walking a long way.) Or the hill giants in lvl 18-20 wildy.Hill giants drop nats, laws, cosmics, sometimes deaths, limps, and big bones.
    If u r a member and have full rune and a dragon weopon (anti dragon sheild of course), you should kill green drags. They r lvl 79, drop dragon bones, green d'hide, 75 water runes, mithral weopons consisting of spear, axe, kitesheild, steel pl8legs. They r in lvl 20-24 wildy west of the hill giants.
    Woodcutting- cut trees until lvl 6 woodcutting and get a steel axe. Then cut trees until lvl 15. Cut oaks until lvl 41. Then get a rune axe and cut the willows south of draynor. Burn em,sell them for 30 each, or fletch if u r a member. If u ever get a dragon axe cut magics and sell for 1k each.
    Fishing-net shrimps south of draynor till lvl 5 then bait fish till lvl 20. Nest lure fish in barbarian village till lvl 40. Get a lobster pot and head to karamja. cage lobs until lvl 50 then u have the option of fishing swords and tunas. if u r a member fish catherby. At lvl 68 u have the option to fish the fishing guild.
    Cooking-i mostly cook what i fish. Also look for quests that help get exp. Another way to get exp is buy everything raw from port sarim or catherby fishing store then cook them. Or u can buy them from other players.
    Mining/smithing-Mine rune ess until vl 21 mining then get a mith pick and mine iron ore. Then get 41 mining then get a rune pick. Mine coal and whatever other ore u need for your smithing lvl. Powermining- mine every ore u can, i suggest the dwarf mines.
    Magic-The way i train is get an air staff and get the combat rune that matches your magic lvl (mind,chaos,death,blood). that way you waste less money everytime u cast a spell.
    Range-Use the best bow possible. Buy a lot of iron arrows and kill minotaurs in the security stronghold they drop lots of iron arrows. Pick em up and use em.
    Money making-Freeplay- get cowhides and sell for 100 each, mine rune ess and sell for 30-50 each depending on the buyer, cut willows sell for 30 each. Kill hill giants they drop 8-52 coins each.
    Members- mine pure ess and sell for 100 each, pick flax and sell for 100 each, law run laws and sell for 300 each, fish and cook lobs and sell for 250 each, fish and cook sharks for 1k each, cut magics and sell for 1k each, sell bs for 100 each, sell unstrung bows to the general store, or kill green drags. Im sure there are very many other ways to make money.

    Thats it.
    Need Help Starting Out?
    I've just recently started to find ways for new comers to start out. THIS IS ONLY FOR RUNESCAPE 2 NEWCOMERS!!!!! When you start out you really don't have to listen to the first guy. When you get to the 1st woman talk to her. Do what she says. When she tells you to cut down trees keep on doing so untill your wood cutting is level 3. RuneScape made the limit for the tutorial level 3 for each available level for reasons beond me. Then you should light fires untill your fire makeing level is 3. You might need to cut down more trees. Then talk to her again. After she gives you a net go net fish untill your fishing is 3. Then cook them untill your cooking is 3. You might need to Net some more. Then talk to her again then go through the gate (to the west). Go through the door and talk to the chef. He will give you water and flour. Use water with flour or visa-versa. It doesn't really matter. Then cook the dough on the fernus. If you burn it talk to the chef again. And reapeat the mixing and cooking process. Talk to him after you have cooked the bread. Then after clicking the music icon, go through the door and click the flashing ican. Choose run and go through the next door. Talk to the quest instructor and do listen to what he says. Then go down the ladder and talk to the mining instructor. Do as he says and after you prospect the rocks talk to him again. After hes finished talking to you mine about 6 tin and 6 copper. You might need to mine more to get your mining to level 3. Then talk to him again. He should give you an hammer. Go use the tin with the furness and make daggers on the anvills. Keep on makeing daggers untill you smithing is level 3. You might need to make more bars. Then talk to the instructor and go through the door. Talk to the battle instructor in outside of the rat pit. Do as he says and then go through the gate into the pit. Attack rats untill your attack level is 3. It might look like your going to die but you wont in the tutorial. OUTSIDE OF THE TUTORIAL, YOU CAN DIE!!! IF YOU DO, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ITEMS!!!! Then go to the icon that has a pickture of 2 flashing swords. Choose one of the middle icons and attack rats untill your strength is level 3. Then go back into the sword section and choose defensive slash. Continue attacking rats untill your defence is level 3. Then after that walk around collecting bones and burrying them untill your prayer is level 3. Then leave the pit and talk to the battle instructor. He will give you a bow and some arrows. Drop the arrows talk to him and immediately pick the arrows. Keep on doing this untill you have 150 arrows. Then equip the bow and arrows and shoot rats untill your ranging is level 3. Then talk to the instructor. When hes done talking go up the ladder (Right by the gate). Then talk to the banker. Put your food in the bank as well as the daggers. Then go through the door and talk to the finansial advisor. Listen to what he says. Then talk to the monk. Listen to what the monk says. Then go through the door and talk to the mage. He will give you runes. Keep talking to him untill he gives you 25 air and earth runes. Then drop the runes talk to him and immediately pick the runes back up. Repeat untill you have about 35 runes. Then go into your magic menu. (The book icon). And choose air strick and set it on the chickens. Keep on reapeating this untill your magic level is 3. Talk to the magic instructor and go to the main land. If you want to raise you stats follow these instuctions:::

    Attack, Defence, Strenghth: Go accross bridge and follow path untill you find cows. Kill them. If you need food kill chickens on the other side of the path and cook them on the range in the house. Once you reach level 5 attack, switch to strenghth, then do the same with defence. After you do that go find harder prey.

    Woodcutting: Any where really.

    Fire making: Cut trees and set fires.

    Magic: Hide behind fence and shoot at goblins. Pick up money and go to local shop. Buy runes there.

    Ranging: Same as Magic

    Mining: Go to map menu on top of screen and find your way to verok mining pit.

    Smithing: Mine at verok, Then go to Al-Kalred Furness and smith into bars. Then go back to verok and smith into wepons at anvils(right by East Bank).

    Quests: Look at map and find stars. There are quests there. I suggest doing quests early so you can get rune (high level armor) later in the game.

    If you want to be freinds with me add Bobbyg2 to your freinds list and tell me why you are talking to me. Recentally Someone was being a smart allick and said that I was selling rune things. (I AM NOT!!!!!!!) Well Good Luck Playing RuneScape. Have Fun!
    Ok so my friend found out this method, Go to the Ice Path North of Cammy.
    And catch Polar Kebbits, Drop their Bones and Meat Keep the Fur and After a Full Inventory is 175k.
    Non Member method to becoming rich
    You'll be swimming in cash by doing these things a few times.

    Minimum Requirements:

    Level 30 Mining (not too important, but helpful)
    Level 30 Smithing

    What to do:

    For people WITH 30 Mining: Mine as much Iron Ore and Coal as you can, but it is very important that you mine DOUBLE the amount of Coal than Iron (For example, if you mine 30 Iron, mine 60 Coal). The more you mine, the more cash you make. Then, go somewhere where you can smelt ores in a furnace (I use Lumbridge).Smelt all your ores together into steel bars, then sell them at the Grand Exchange at MAX price. People are always buying steel bars for construction and smithing, so you can make the most money out of it by selling at max. And that's it! A long-winded, but simple process of making money.

    For people WITHOUT 30 Mining: Do everything listed above, but instead of mining the ores, buy them. Just remember that when you're buying Coal, you need to buy double the amount of Iron you bought (e.g If you buy 30 Iron, buy 60 Coal). This method also works for people who just don't want to mine the ores (for whatever reason).

    Have fun making your cash!
    Noobs infinite arrows and runes (Tutorial Island)
    Say if you wanted to level up all your possible leveling up levels to 3 in tutorial Island but you don't have enough arrows and runes to do it. well here's how u get infinite arrows and runes you talk to the tutorial people and they'll give you about 50 arrows so drop them and he'll give u another 50 and so its a continuous cycle XD u only need about 250 then u move onto to runes after some things and u do the same thing
    Well alot of the tips above said to 'WC'which is a good way but there are many other ways.Since the "Grand Exchange" Many merchanting possibilities have been ruined,cause arguements, and also the 3k limit unless u got some quest points. But to make money, id saya good way would be to see ur extrta junk in the ge,lowest price gone in mins, or you can wc yews, buy flax, spin it,make yew longs and sell them for 700gp each, im sure if u cut 1k yews in 1 day, u spin 1k flax the next and put em on the bows , u can easiliymake 650 - 700k in 1 - 2 days.. cant get much eaiser.=] happy gamming!
    did u no that ore is such a munny bringer?
    i sold coal 150gp each and hey in 1 hour i got a new rune pic and 16k!iron ore is a good munny bringer to. i sold 250 pieces of iron ore and got 5k total.(20 coins a piece)if u mine gold then u can sell the ore for 60 coins each.(at store)but i got to sell it 200gp each ore(total3k).lots of munny.!
    same w/ mith is a munny maker i sold 10 mith ore at 500gp each!!!i got 5k!!!and addy u can sell it for about 1k each ore. i only sold 3 but still?3k is still munny. now rune is the big daddy of it can sell the ore alone for 14-15k each!!! i sold 5 for 20k each and made 100k!!!!!!! so if u think about it if u become a member for a month then u could get ur lvs up faster and sell more stuff 4 more munny!!then when the moth is over there u go u can go from mining tin and copper to minning mithril and addmint.or even rune!! well happy minning
    Add me plzzz urik55
    Pk guide
    there are four magor types of ways to pk . the first way is meele combat pking. this it just regular attacking. the second is ranged pking. this is killing from a distance using bows or crosbows. and the 3rd is mage which, is launching spells at the players to kill them. the forth is to drag a player into a deadly monster area and let the monster kill him for you.

    melee-this is close range combat. you need to carry some lobbies and make sure your energy is high so you can run if needed.

    ranged-for this you need to run and stay at a distance from your opponent whille attacking them. you need energy, alot of arrows and a little food.

    mage-to do this you need the corect types of runes to launch spelles and alot of them. you may cary some food and at least enofe runes extra to teleport if needed.

    to do the forth type- you may want some food and always be on gaurd

    some things you need for all of these is- armor,wepond, and skill.

    melee tips- lobbies are the best food to bring. a rune wepond and armor is preferable. if worried only take 3 rune items. that way if you die you will get em all back. A grat place to attack with this style is north of varrock

    ranged tips- ranged players when pking need at least a willow bow and alot of addt arrows. you should be a high defence and have a ammy of accuracy because arrows do miss alot. bring any type of food.

    mage tips- bring lots and lots of runes. be fast. have correct armor. dont attack archers(rangers). they are strong agenst magic users.

    4th strategy tips- some good places for this are the chaos dwarfes(north of the bone graveyard)and the ice gians. my favorite way to kill like this is first go to edgeville. then get a noob to fallow you way west. you will end up a a church(use map). it is the church of zamarock. tell the noob to grab the wine and all of the wizards will attack him. let them kill him.

    An extra tip when using the church method- the noob might try to run out of door when attacked so, stand by the door and when they attack him and he trys to leave close it. and if he opens it close it agian!. let him die!

    thank you. i hope this helped you pk

    add me-----daggerline-----yeah!
    Prayer Guide
    Prayer is a skill that can be that upper edge against monsters, or other players. At certain levels you gain new prayer spells. Wether is be raising your defense, strenth, or accuracy/attack.

    Types of Bones To Bury for Experience;

    Bones - 4.5 exp
    Burnt Bones - 4.5 exp
    Wolf Bones 4.5 exp (members)
    Monkey Bones - 5 exp
    Bat Bones - 5.3 exp (members)
    Big Bones - 15 exp
    Jogre Bones - 22.5 exp (members)
    Baby Blue Dragon Bones - 30 exp (Members)
    Ghasts - 30 exp (members)
    Dragon Bones - 72 exp (members)

    Prayer Spells;
    Level 1 - Thick Skin (Raises defence by 5%)
    Level 4 - Burst of Strength (Raises strength by 5%)
    Level 7 - Clarity of Thought (Raises attack by 5%)
    Level 10 - Rock Skin (Raises defence by 10%)
    level 13 - Super Human Strength (Raises strength by 10%)
    Level 16 - Improved Reflexes (Raises your attack by 10%)
    Level 19 - Rapid Restore (2 Times faster restore rate of all stats except hits)
    Level 22 - Rapid Heal (2 times faster hit point restore)
    Level 25 - Protect Item (Keep one extra item if you die)
    Level 28 - Steel Skin (Raises defence by 15%)
    Level 31 - Ultimate Strength (Raises strength by 15%)
    Level 34 - Incredible Reflexes (Raises attack by 15%)
    Level 37 - Protect from Magic (Other players still do some damage)
    Level 40 - Protect from Missles (Other players still do some damage)
    Level 43 - Protect from Melee (Other players still do some damage)
    Pretty fast money within 4 weeks
    Ok I think the best Money make skill in runescape is woodcutting (wc). Some people think that woodcutting doesent help you at all. Well i mage at least 8M in 4 weeks with lvl 1 woodcutting. But you have to be ready to do some serious woodcutting.
    ok getting from lvl 1-30 is easy... just cut regualt logs until lvl 15

    at lvl 15 there a good spot for oaks at lumbrige genural store when you get a full invitorty just sell it.

    cut oaks till lvl 30.... then ur able to cut willows, which should make you pretty good money, if ur a non member, then cut willows till lvl 60( it may seem like alot but it will take you maybe 3 days) if your a member then you COULD switch to cutting maples. But i dont reccomend it, it is alot slower xp but sellign for about 5 times the amount of willows(20gp-50gp) But if you wana make more money fast then go for maples until lvl 60.

    When ur lvl 60... this is when you make some serious money. Your able to vut Yews now. Wich sell for 200-300 each.If ur a non-member, well then ur outa luck theres no really good yew spots.But id you a member theres a great place south of the flax feilds. Also if ur a member ur gona be really rich. Cut about 5k yews. which should get you to lvl 75. You should make a minimum of 1 mil and a maximum of 1.5 mil outa those yews.This should take you about 2 weeks

    When ur lvl 75 ur home free you can cut magic logs now, which sell for 1k each.Yes! 1k each. If you cut about 500 a day for 1 week you should make 6.5M. Theres a really good place to cut south of seers village and west of flax feilds.

    Now i cut about a maximum of 300 magic logs a day and a minimum of 100 logs a day. make 100k-300k a day.

    Heres the prices of all the logs...
    Normal-nothing there worthless sell em at genural store of drop them
    Oak-Worthless do same a normal logs
    Willow-20gp-100gp(if ur really lucky) each
    Maple-100gp-200(if ur lucky)each
    Yew-200gp-300gp each
    Magic-1k each
    *Note* a lvl 75 woodcutter can cut magic logs just as fast as a lvl 99 woodcutter.

    Happy TreeKilling!

    Firstly buy 100 iron ore (237gp ea) = 23,700
    Then smith them into iron pl8body, you should have 20 of them. Note them in the bank then go to varrock armour shop and sell the pl8body's to the man for (336gp ea)= 33,600
    Or buy loads of clay then buy buckets or jars(they're easier to get) then go to varrock fountain fill them up and make the clay into soft clay, you should see an instant profit!
    Keep on doing these two tips and you should make a good bit of money for you noobs out there! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    Quick Cash
    The quickest way to make money is staking, but that's only if you have luck, and good stats. If you don't want to stake, you can also ty runecrafting. If you runecraft nature runes, you can sell them for 300g each. There are many other ways though, such as: fishing sharks, mining runite, fletching rune or dragon arrows, crafting amulets of furies, etc...
    Quick way to get Gold
    For those just beginning, one way to make alot of cash real fast is to chop any type of log your able to chop. Fill up your inventory with logs and find a spot where there are very few ppl around, (this ensures you get everything). light the logs and let them burn, then once they turn to ashes, collect them and sell them at the grand exchange. The prices range in price, and will often sell rather quickly.

    This will boost your woodcutting skill and your fire making skill.
    Quick ways
    When you are a noob and you have like level 1 fishing, go to port sarim. go east to a temple there will be a fishing spot. Bring with you a small net and tinderbox and ax. Fish shrimp till full inventory then chop down a tree and make a fire. Cook all the shrimp. Thats all you should do. Soon you will have a high enough level that u can fish sardines. Keep cooking. You can keep them but it will be a waste of space they heal very little. Now when you have 20 go buy buy a fly fishing rod. Also do 1 of 2 things. A) Buy feathers do only if u have a lot of money. Or B)kill chickens and take the feathers. Also before you do this make sure you can fish and cook trout and try to have around 1000 feathers. Now go to barbain village. Near the tower is a place to fish salmon trout and pike. Have the rod and feathers and fish. It wold help to have an ax and tinderbox but u don't have to. Keep fishing and when you have full go cook and deposit in Edgeville. Keep doing till level 35. Then buy a harpoon and fish tuna, cook and sell at general store they don't sell for a lot but it's a good amount. Fish till level 45. Keep the harpoon and buy a lobby cage. This is where the real money is. Fish and cook lobbies. They curnetly sell for about 100-250 each or so. They heal 12 health each. I suggest get full inventory cooked and put in bank. Just 100 could bring in about 25k. Do till level 65. Then you'll get a good amount of swordfish. Cook and sell or use for yourself they health 14 each. If you have a lot, i know a good place to sell them and lobbies. Edgeville. People go there before they go to wildy sometimes and they want food so get a lot in bank and sell to them.

    submitted 5-23-06
    User name Tim060. If questions I'll help maybe. (noobs don't beg or I'll report and ignore you.)
    quik money from water filled vials
    if you are a member go to ardough and find the general store below the west bank buy water filled vials from there they buy for 12gp but u sell them for 280-300 ea, world hop to get as many as possible and try the german worlds because they dont have many people
    Ranging Guide
    Range Training Guide

    This guide is targeted for range levels 1-50.

    Level 1-10:

    First, buy a shortbow (if you want buy a longbow but I prefer a shortbow) and 250 bronze arrows. Then I suggest you head for the cows outside of Lumbridge or Falador. When you first start you will hit many zeros. Be patient and train on the cows. If you want, you can bury cow bones and bank the cow hides to sell. If you run out of arrows buy 500 bronze arrows. Once you get to level 10, make sure you have 500 iron arrows and you should buy an Oak shortbow (or an Oak longbow).

    Level 10-25:

    Now you should still train on cows until level 25. It might be a little boring but it is the fastest and most effective way of training for now. By now you should be hitting threes, fours, and maybe even fives. At level 20 you should buy a Willow shortbow (or a Willow longbow). Also, still use iron arrows and make sure you have 300-500 of them.

    Level 25-40:

    You, by level 30, should buy a Maple shortbow (or Maple longbow) but still use iron arrows. Now you should be training on barbarians in Barbarian Village. Train on the barbarians inside the bar which is north in Barbarian Village. You can safe spot there and I suggest you do that. There is also Gunther the Brave who is the highest level barbarian in the bar. Safe spot when you attack him. But I suggest you wait to attack him until you are level 30 or level 35.

    Level 40-50:

    Make sure you have 300-500 iron arrows, and if you are a member, a Yew shortbow (or longbow). Also if you can afford Green Dragonhide amour you should buy it and buy a coif. Now, head down to the Varrock sewers and train on whatever monsters you want. But I suggest you train on Moss giants. And don't forget to bring a lot of food with you. Once you get to level 50 you should start using steel arrows and training on whatever higher level monsters you want. Also, if you are a member, buy a Magic bow and buy Red Dragonhide amour.

    Well that's all you should do to get to level 50 ranging fast and effective. That's what I did and I got to level 50 ranging in less than 2 weeks and I only played an hour and a half to two hours a day.
    real esay $$$$$$!
    (members only)buy lots of flaxs then make bow strings then sell them to g.e (made 22000-54000k!)
    Real way to make $
    Ok first off Yews are dropping and rising its an unsafe market. Gems are good money but hard to come by. The best way (i didnt say it was fast or easy) is hill giants. You've probably heard this about 1 thousand times but its true. With 20 dungeoneering u can enter the "edgeville hill giants dungeon" in there there are 6-8 hillies and 4 limp spawns hillies drop good and give b bones (600-800 gp) and limpwurt roots (1-1.4k). The fastest way is the limps but for this i recommend full run a quick MOUSE finger and full attention. Hope this helps. -Slev (my nick name)
    REALLY easy money (non-members can do this 2)
    A really easy way to make HEAPS of money is to mine and sell rune essence. 100 essence sells at the grand exchange for about 6.5K. Plus this is a great way 2 increse your mining lvls
    RS Slang

    10K = 10,000. Can Be Different, 100K = 100,000
    ADDY = Adamantite
    AMMY = Amulet
    BAX / B-AXE = Battle Axe
    EMMY = Emeralds
    ESSENCE = Rune Essence
    HELM = Helmet
    LOBBY / LOBS = Lobsters
    MITH = Mithril
    PICK = Pickaxe
    PL8 BODY = The Plate (Chest Part) of armor
    R2H = Rune 2 handed sword
    SAPPHY = Sapphire
    SCIMMY = Schimitar
    STR POTS = Strength Potions
    SWORDIES = Swordfish
    TALLY = A Talisman for runecrafting


    ATK = Attack
    ALCH = Alchemy
    ARDY = Ardougne
    DEF = Defence
    EDGY = Edgeville
    F2P = Free to play/Non-Member
    FALLY = Falador
    GREATERS = Greater Demons
    HOBBIES = Hobgoblins
    JAGEX = The Company That Made Runescape
    KBD = King Black Dragon
    LESSERS = Lesser Demons
    LUMBY = Lumbridge
    LVL = Level
    MAGE = Magician
    MOSSIES = Moss Giants
    P2P = Pay to play/Member
    PKER = Player who kills people for a sport
    PURE = Player that specializes in one thing
    QP = Quest Points
    RS = Runescape
    STR = Strength
    WC = Woodcutting
    WILDY = Wilderness


    CHOOB = High Level Acting Like A Newb
    NEWB = Newbie (New Person, not really an insult)
    NOOB = Stupid And Annoying person
    OWNED = Won Easily
    PWNED = Baddest Version But PW Is Blocked
    WTF = What The *bleep*
    WTH = What The Hell


    AFC = Away From Computer
    AFK = Away From Keyboard
    ASAP = As Soon As Possible
    B4N = Bye For Now
    BC = Because
    BBL = Be Back Later
    BBS = Be Back Soon
    BRB = Be Right Back
    BRT = Be Right There
    BTW = By The Way
    CYA = See you (later)
    FFS = For *bleep* Sakes
    FYI = For Your Information
    GJ = Good Job
    GL = Good Luck
    GN = Good Night
    GRATZ = Congratulations
    GTG/G2G = Got To Go
    IMO = In My Opinion
    L8R = Later
    LOL = Laugh Out Loud
    LMAO = Laughing My A** Off
    NFS = Not For Sale
    NM = Not Much
    NP = No Problem
    NVM = Nevermind
    OFC = Of Course
    OMG = Oh My Goodness/Oh My God
    PLZ = Please
    PM = Private Message
    PPL = People
    RL = Real Life
    ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
    ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off
    SWP = Sorry Wrong Person
    SYAL = See You All Later
    SYL = See You Later
    TBH = To Be Honest
    TTFN = Ta Ta For Now (Winnie The Pooh)
    TTYL = Talk To You Later
    TYVM = Thank You Very Much
    YVW = Your Very Welcome
    W/E = What Ever
    WTG = Way To Go

    Thank you all. I hope with this list, you will be able to understand that of the Runescape Slang. For sometimes, I don't know what anyone is talking about.
    Rs2 Color updated
    NOTE: All of the codes can only be in lowercase and then you can't put a space after :

    "insert any effect":Hi I'm A Runescape Player!

    ~Special effects~

    shake:Hi I'm a Runescape Player!

    wave:Font color will be normal, but its has a wavey effect.

    wave2:Font color will be normal, but its has a flag effect.

    slide:Font same color, its slides from the bottom and goes up.

    shake:Font same color, the words shakes like milkshake.

    scroll:Font will be in yellow, words will go across the screen from right to left.


    red:Hi I'm a Runescape Player!

    red:Red font

    white:White font

    green:Green font

    purple: Purple font

    cyan:Makes your font cyan or a "light blue."

    glow1:Colors become blend of red, orange, yellow, green, and light blue.

    glow2:Colors become blend of red, purple, blue, and light pink.

    glow3:Colors becomea blend of light green, lighter green, white, and blue.

    flash1:Colors become a flashing of yellow and red flashing.

    flash2:Colors become a flashing of dark blue and light blue flashing.

    flash3:Colors become a flashing of dark green and light green flashing.


    NOTE: Color must be first then the effect. This is a example you must replace color with any color you want.

    cyan:shake:Hi I'm a Runescape Player!

    color:wave:You're message is wavey in that color.

    color:wave2:You're message effect becomes flag in that color.

    color:shake:You're message effect becomes shake in that color.

    color:slide:You're message effect beceoms slide in that color.

    color:scroll:You're message effect becomes scroll in that color.
    Rune Madness!!!! Money!!!!
    Firstly You will need to go to a world with the leats amount of players then go to the wildy. You have to be atleast lvl 25, then go to the Dark Knights Fortress which is about lvl 12 wildie, if you r unshore about where to go use the map below the ad. Go through all the doors until you reach a room with heeps of runes. There you will be able to take heeps of runes that will re appear every 2min. Runes include Mind, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and of course CHAOS RUNES. However because chaos runes are extremely good they re appear every 3-5min's. If u are not a mage go to the Rune Shop in Varrock and sell them or sell them in the bank for a extremely good price. I have done this tip countless times and now im a millionar
    Well recently i have seen quite a few requests for information on location of alters. SO i decided to just make a runecrafting thread! You must have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest in order to make any runes!

    All alter pictures have a red circle around them!

    Air Runes

    Required RuneCraft Level: 1
    Experience Per Rune: 5

    Mind Runes

    Required RuneCraft Level: 2
    Experience Per Rune: 5.5

    Water Runes

    Required RuneCraft Level: 5
    Experience Per Rune: 6

    Earth Runes

    Required RuneCraft Level: 9
    Experience per Rune: 6.5

    Fire Runes

    Required RuneCraft Level: 14
    Experience per Rune: 7

    Body Runes

    Required RuneCraft Level: 20
    Experience per Rune: 7.5

    Cosmic Runes (Members Only)
    -Picture Unavailable Until Later-
    Cosmic Rune's are found in the southern area of the lost city of Zanaris.
    Required RuneCraft Level: 27
    Other Requirements: Must do the quest "Lost City"
    Experience per Rune: 8

    Chaos Runes (Members only)

    Required RuneCraft Level: 35
    Experience per Rune: 8.5

    Nature Runes (Members only)

    Required RuneCraft Level: 44
    Experience per Rune: 9

    Law Runes (Members only)

    Required RuneCraft Level: 54
    Other Requirements: Must Complete the quest "Troll Stronghold"
    Experience per Rune: 9.5

    Thanks to 3D map for base of pictures.
    runecrafting method
    this method can help u get a lot of money. Ok, first buy 100 rune essence in ge. This should probably cost u 6k. Then, go to world 16 and not any other world. Take an air talisman or air tiara( air tiara is recommemded) then go to the air altar and click the altar. Ull get teleported to a place. Over there will be some ppl wid high runescafting. Requst them for assistance. Once they are assisting u click the altar and ull get above 250 air runes. Sell the runes for a great profit. I know this idea is not the best but it is not the worst either. Check out my other posts, those methods tellu how u can earn 30-40k in rm minutes
    RUNES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok first this might take a bit to get all these but its worth it but if you don't do magic you wont find this very use full, first go to the magic tutor and get 30 of mind and air rune and then you have to wait for a bit like 30 mins the drop your runes (if you don't she won't give and you can' put them in your bank or she still won't give you any) where was I o ya you have to drop them and get another 30 keep doing this. I got close to 10 k but it took me weeks to get that much.
    Runes turn To MONEY!!!(for non members also)
    At wizard hill,you go there and after a while you have a total over proly 4 or 500 runes.make sure you got atleast most of the runes you can get in the game.Fighting and gettin runes it also raises your lvl after a while of fighting with magic,sword,or bow.After have enough runes go to the rune shop in varrok and sell all your runes.Then go to genral store to sell the runes that the rune shop doesnt take.I do this all the time and i get like 50k a day and like 200k every 2 weeks.If you add me to your list dont ask for free money but if you beg ill give you 10gp.This may take a while depending on how long you stay there to get the amount of runes.Trust me this always works.This is for runescape not Runescape2.just to warn those noobs below lvl 30 not to stay up there for very long at all cause there magic does do damage.Im lvl 56 right now and its a breese.Ill grow lvls soon but add me my names is fightkid7 and i might be on members worlds alot because im a member.If anyone can tell me the cheat to get lots of money when you log off then when you log back on tons and tons of money is there ill be listening.(=Im on alot and i like having friends cause i got a bunch of friends plus if ya gotta question for me ill answer on runescape=)Here is another good tip:if your gonna go to wilderness i could get you pizzas and pies and well ots of food!
    Fast money Woodcutting-Memby only!!!!!!!!!!

    For this cheat you need at least 60 woodcutting, its faster if you us a dragon axe than a rune. D axe around 1.5mil-1.7mil rune 7.5k-8.5k
    go to the grand exhange and buy a camelot teleport. Then use it an go south and go to the three yews by the church. Chop there till you get about 500 yews about 250k do this 8 times and u can get a dragon axe 60 att and 61 woodcutting to us.
    Runescape easy money Members
    Go to Barbrain Village and then find the unicorns. Once you find the unicorns keep killing them and collecting the Unicorn Horns until you have a full inventory. A full inventory sold in the Grand Exchange equals somewhere in the 30ks!
    Runescape Guide #1
    this is for non-mems and mems

    lets start off with:
    1-30~normal logs~xp:25-sells for:25gp
    15-30-oak logs~xp:37.5~sells for:25gp
    30-60~willow logs~xp:67.5~sells for:18gp(don't sell these they won't sell)
    60-99~yew logs~xp:175~sells for:448gp(great way to get gold and xp)


    1-5~shrimp~10xp~sells for:10gp~cooked:7gp
    5-10~sardine~20xp~sells for:13gp~cooked:5gp
    10-15~herring~30xp~sells for:27gp~cooked:16gp
    15-20~Anchovy~40xp~sells for:112gp~cooked:147gp
    20-25~trout~50xp~sells for:28gp~cooked:31gp
    25-30~pike~60xp~sells for:59gp~cooked:59gp
    30-35~salmon~70xp~sells for:69gp~cooked:67gp
    35-40~tuna~80xp~sells for:102gp~cooked:91gp
    40-50~lobster~90xp~sells for:303gp~cooked:269gp
    50-99~swordfish~100xp~sells for:412gp~cooked:384gp

    thats it for now!

    Add me:ryu yasha3

    Simple Money
    Concentrate on woodcutting when starting,sell all of your items and buy a iron wc axe. start cutting normal trees west of the general store in lumbridge when you get to level 25 start cutting oaks,(note, dont try selling your logs to the general store as you wont get money for them)you might aswell practice firemaking with normal logs, start to cut oaks(there are loads of places to cut them, west of varrocks west bank is probably the best)you may be able to sell oak logs for around 15-25gp in world 2 otherwise stick to burning them. i suggest leveling up your combat so you are able to cut willows without being attacked, train on cows north east of lumbridge or west of the crafting guild, collect the cowhides and bury the bones, sell the cowhides in al-kahrid bank, get yourself a addy wc axe and head over to draynor village, there are 5 willow trees next to the bank and there are always people there so you wont get bored, cut willows until level 75(its quicker to cut yews at around this level) then sell all your willow logs to players for around 25-30gp each, you should have a fair amount of money now. buy a rune axe and head over to edgeville to cut yews, the bank is just north of the place, yews sell to players for around 200-350gp. REMEMBER - be patient when cutting willows, it will take time but it will pay of soon enough if you stick to it!
    Simple Way to get Combat, Ranged and especially Magic EXP
    Honestly, I'm suprised this isn't already on here. In about three, I got my magic level from level 1 to level 36. And it's in the F2P worlds, as well. In fact, there are entire worlds devoted to just this! What is this glorious, free, risk-free way to raise your combat level? I call it RuneScape Heaven, but Jagex calls it Fist of Guthix.

    First, a bit of background. Fist of Guthix is a minigame, located just north of Varrock. If you follow the path past the museum and out that northern hate, go directly north, and you'll run right into it.

    The goal of FoG is to get more Charges than your opponent. There are two rounds, the Hunting Round and the Hunted. When you're Hunting, your opponent (shown in the top of your screen) is gathering Charges by holding a special stone picked up in the main room. The closer that person is to the center, the faster their Charges increase. Note that sometimes, gathering Charges harms you a bit.

    So you, the Hunter, are trying to find the Hunted in this huge room, and kill them before they collect very many charges. While they hold the charge stone, they cannot fight back. But when you enter, you are given five Bandages, so they can heal themselves. You can only bring armour and weapons into the battle room, and won't lose any items if you die.

    After eithe the Hunted is killed, or ten minutes pass, the roles are switched.

    But the best part about this place is that they give you a LOT of runes to be used PNLY in the minigame. They give you two types, one for the elements (fire, water, body, etc.) They also give you 200 of the other type, which works as any rune like Chaos, Blood, Law, or whatever. You cannot bring your own Runes in. (And you can't use any non-combat spells, so you can't enchantthings while your there.) And even though when the game ends you lose the Runes, you keep the EXP. So it's free Magic training.

    Also, you can bring in Arrows. And no matter how many you use, after the game, you get them all back. But you can run out, depending on how many you brought. (You can also run out of the Runes.) Again, you keep the EXP.

    Now, for every game, you get at least 1 Token if you lost, or more if you won. These can be exchanged for decent items at the shop inside, but they need to be recharged. So if you don't care about those, it's perfect for raising your level.

    But won't I just be getting owned, or fighting people my own level?

    Well, since they can't fight back, it's like hitting a training dummy that gives plenty of EXP. And the thing is, mostly level 60+'s are there for the items, so you can just get the free hits on them, and let them kill you. Perfect, right?

    And yes, you also keep your Melee exp as well. Still, Free to Play!

    Add me (member as of April, 2010) young jedi91 (no spaces before or after, as written there)

    Happy Leveling!

    Simple WoodCutting Info
    Well I have 75 WC in RS and know a few things so, if you wish, let me share them with you.

    Oaks: lvl-15 required. Not much to say but power cut
    Willows: lvl-30 required. Very Fast xp. I cut from until lvl 30 - 50
    Yews: lvl-60 required. Best for f2p. Good money and xp. I cut from 65-75

    Maples: lvl-45? required. nice steady xp flow. I cut from lvl 50 - 65.
    Magics: lvl-75 required. slighlty slow for lower WC lvls. Nice XP and money once at 80-99

    Recommended Training:
    lvls 1-15 normal (both)
    lvls 15-30 oaks (both)
    lvls 30-60 willows (f2p)
    lvls 30-45 willows (p2p)
    lvls 45-65 maples (p2p)
    lvls 60-99 yews (f2p)
    lvls 65-80 yews (p2p)
    lvls 80-99 magics (p2p)
    Thx for reading!
    skill level ups, part 1
    Attack: On my opinion, this is the most important skill you need for melee combat. I know, that people don't know what it does other than allowing you to use higher weapons like steel and adamant. But, it also raises your chances of hitting. When you start, in TI (Tutorial Island) only lvl up with attack when you kill the rats. At least try to become lvl 2 attack.

    Path 1 Then on the mainland, kill goblins untill your lvl 5 attack. Hopefully, you can buy steel and sell your bronze crap.
    Path 2 Do the demon slayer quest. Once you get Sivlerlight, its like a free steel longsword. Then you will have a better chance against goblins and you won't have to go up to the GE.

    Strength: The thing people are obsessed with. The Max hit raiser. for members, it also allows you to use granite at lvl 50. the comes after attack, with the satisfied lvl. Now that you can hit goblins with 1's with like every hit, now its time to make it a 2,2,1, or a 3,2. Its time for the owning. Keep training your str with them untill you are happy with the str lvl you have. When around attack lvl, train shared so that soon you can wield mith.

    Defence: on my opinion, this is my favorite and highest stat. Since you are high in attack and str, you will lvl up like a lvl 100 killing a lvl 50 XD So you will be wearing black in no time!

    Hit Points: fight in anyway you want. You can't work this up in TI so don't think your going to stay there. i suggest that you do fight low lvls untill you have lvl 18 hp, then by now you should be combat 20 or so. Then fight something harder, like muggers or even wizards. NOTE buy wizard robes, hats, if you have good defense and magic, members can get mystic boots or gloves, amulet of defense, and a staff helps, at time it is most likly a battlestaff for the members. At lvl 25 hp I suggest you kill gaurds. I also suggest if you have lvl 9 magic, I think thats fire strike you get a fire or air staff and kill gaurds. Wear robes and armor, but make sure you have good defense and good magic power. at lvl 32 hp you should kill moss giants if you want or red spiders. members, they do drop gold charms, it is the only thing I have seen them drop, and 58% of the time <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> after that, your on your own.

    Herblore: Of course, do the quest. It is so easy. All you need is a good amount of money, 1K I guess, and raw of each: chicken, cow, rat, and bear. Now in Talvery start that quest. Now, to lvl up, simply kill monstors for and collect marrentill and tarromin, if you want to get harralander you can, and clean the guam. I suggest Flesh Crawlers, the drop guam, marrentill, and Tarromin, and Other herbs Like Ranarr, and they drop good money that stacks like runes, and iron noted.
    This is MEMBERS ONLY. Flesh crawlers are not members only.

    Summoning, Part 1

    Now, In my opinion, this is very usefull, but too expensive, but partly worth it at points. It brings a good laff sometimes now that you can understand anything that you are ten lvls above the required summoning lvl. it also is like having someone with you to help you battle. It enables you to all kinds of pets too. Now, I will say, it cost me around 200K to get shards for making pouches from 15-26 or so, while trying to make at least 2 of each type of pouch. It gets really pricy, making it the most expensive skill. if you want to be cheap, I got 2 things for you:
    Training OTHER stats: When you do the quest, I don't know if you need money, but you get gold charms, now if you want to get easy xp, make wolf and chicken pouches, and go to multi way combat zones where there are lvl15's. You are lvl 3, the wolf is lvl 26 I think, Chickens are 21. easy magic and attack xp.
    The other thing, lvl up untill you can summon what you want, then only buy the pouches, i think the pouches are cheaper than the amount of shards you need.
    smart fighting method
    Hi, every one knows me, roling pin
    Here is another tip, but this one is diferent it's for guys who like fight in wildy (it means for a litle more advaced players). I wildy u will find:warriors, rangers and mages. if u are a mage u will maybe win against a warrior(mage: be sure to don't be close to him, warrior: unwear ur heavy armor just keep wield a chain and your weapon, mage doesn't have good def). if u are a warrior u will maybe win against a ranger(warrior: it wil be easy, but if u r in memeber wolrd be sure to have anti-poison, ranger: it wont be easy but remember u will be able to run more, remember have always a chain in an emergency case). If u r a ranger u will maybe win against a mage(ranger: it will be an easy fight, clothes are bad in def and yourhide armor protect u from magic be sure to have a good def lvl, mage: your mage wont be usefull in this case and your staff is too weak, so don't lose time, just use fire spells and remember u can always teleport u if u are in lvl 20 or less of wildy). This tips for fight are important, i recomend be a warrior in wildy, wateva, it's your choice.
    smithing LOTS
    go to dwarven mines and mine as many bronze or iron ores as possible smelt them in fally then go to dorics place or if u may not use his anvils do the quest its easy now u make the highest thing u possibly can then sell them to stores al kharid, varrock, port sarim, u name it keep switching worlds until u have lots of money...BUT try to sell it to stores that is low on stock for extra cash
    So Much Money You Won't Know What To Do With It
    WHAT YOU NEED: The Rune Mystery quest completed, a pickax.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: After completing the Rune Mysteries quest, go to Aubury's rune shop. To get there, enter Varrock through the south gate. Turn east at the center of town, and you will see a bank. South of the bank is a small flame icon. Inside is a rune shop. Ask Aubury to take you to the rune essence, and because he's a nice guy, he will. You want your inventory to be EMPTY. "Oh, so how do I have my pickax with me?" "Carry it, genius." Make sure that your inventory is full before leaving, and run your essence up to the bank. This very easy, because, guess what? There's a bank RIGHT NORTH OF AUBURY'S!!!! Sometimes I wonder if they did this on purpose. Don't sell your essence until you get a lot of it, unless you're hard-pressed for cash. I waited until I got about 428 pieces of essence. This is regular essence, not pure essence, though. It's fun to do this with a friend, because your character does the mining work, so you can just chat easily.

    PLEASE NOTE: You can also reach the rune essence from another spot. Go to Draynor and leave the village, heading south. Cross the bridge so you're at the Wizard's Tower. Go in and climb down the ladder. There's a wizard down there named Seymour or Sedgewick or Cedric or something. He can also send you to the essence. The only issue I've got with that is that to get the essence to a bank, you have to run across the bridge and through the city. To get around this problem, I tried dropping it in a secluded spot. Apparently everyone else knew of this spot, because when I came back, all 300 pieces of essence were GONE!! SO MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT TO THE BANK!
    Some Cash ways of RS2
    Fishing: ( 1.2k required to start )

    Fishing is one of the best ways to make money once you get to level 40 Fishing and Cooking.

    40 Fishing = Lobsters
    40 Cooking = Cooking Lobsters

    If you are at 1 Fishing don't say "Omg I'll never get to 40 Fishing!" Well Fishing is very easy to level up. I got from 1 - 30 Fishing in only 3 hours ( and I was being LAZY ). Get about 3 - 4k lobbies a DAY if you are a dedicated player, but on average, you can get a nice some of cash along with your hard work. Off that 1.2k ( traveling fee ) you get about 150 per RAW and 200 COOKED. This is very good for making fast cash.

    Mining :

    When you get to 15 Mining ( not long ) mine IRON until your level 55 Mining, ( I know this is a LONG and PAINFUL process but it's worth it ). If you saved all that IRON you should get around 10k IRON ORES. Go to World ONE in FALADOR EAST BANK and sell them, or find a member buying them. This will get you from 1 M ( M = Million ) - 1.3 M, Nice huh? Well the fun's just begining. At 55 Mining just mine MITHRIL ORE. This will give about 250 each for them. DO this until you get to 70. AFter this you should get a nice some of MITH ( I didnt count this I;m sry ) But it's a nice some another M or 2 mayb! NOw at 70 you can mine ADDY. Mine this Until 85 and you can make easily 10 M off this. Now, you can mine RUNE which goes 10k each so every 100 ore you get 1 M but it's dangerous from pker's, monsters, other stuff. It is located in 40 + wild and on members in HERO'S GUILD but that's when your at my level.

    Hope this helps a little
    My scape name is t holden and i have been looking for some ways to make money and get my levels up. Here are a few things i do:

    1. If you are finding it hard to make money and you can access the champions guild, go to the guild shops upstairs and make sure you have an addy plate body, and the shop doesn't. Usually, someone will come upstairs wanting to buy a new addy plate, but will realise there are none left. If they ask you to sell them your plate body, make them buy it for 20+k, (i did this and managed to sell mine for 30k.)Once you have sold your platebody, keep world hopping until you find one in stock, then buy it and repeat as much times as you want. (in about 20 minutes, if you're lucky, you should have over 100k, then you can go and get that rune armour you always wanted! =)(note:make sure when you have both accepted the trade that it says 20k not 2k or 200gp or 20gp, because a lot of people do that and then log out, so don't let this happen)

    2. If you're struggling to do the dragon slayer quest, heres some dragon killing material items. You should have an alright level (i was combat level 49, but i saw a level 38 come and kill elvarg) have lobbies or swordies, at least 20 and some potions (none members should go and talk to aubury for a few str potions)and your anti dragon shields (without this elvarg can hit up to 63s with her fire breath,) then go and get some armour which isn't too expensive, like steel (thats what i used and i killed her.) Once you have your food, armour and potions and you might wanna take some kind of rune weapon, i used a scimmy. Once you get to Crandor, have a look around, there will be king scorpions, skeletons, moss giants and lesser demons to train on, but don't waste all your food. Once you have entered elvargs lair, go to the very side where she can't reach you.(this is ideal for mages and archers as she can't reach you whilst you're attacking and archers won't have to worry about not having their shield because not even her breath can reach you there. Only eat your food when you are desperate and you should manage to slay her. Now you have killed her you will recieva quite a bit of exp ( about 18,000 or more on some of your combat levels) and you can now wear rune plates and dragonhide bodies, which can be bought from Oziach. You are now a HERO!.

    3. If you are struggling with money, just go and mine some ess! It is easy and anyone who has completed rune mysteries can mine it, and can sell for 20-40gp each. I got 100k for 3k ess, and that didn't take too long, and it got my mining level up fast too.

    4. My fave way of making money is pking (player killing) because when you kill someone you can just pm them and say "ha i got all ya stuff and sold it," which is very amusing . While you're doing this in the wildy, you can go to the lava maze (near deadly red spiders) and you will find a steel platebody. Kepp world hopping and getting them off different worlds until you have quite a few. You can sell these at the shop, but a better idea would be to sell them to a player, ar store them for future pking trips.

    5. This isn't much of a tip, but if you ever find it hard finding someone to buy whatever you're selling, hop to world 1, 2 or 3, they are usually full but you should be able to get in one some time.

    6. If you're a bit low on money, a good way to make some is woodcutting, as it is well quick 'n' easy. It took me less than 4 hours to get it from 1 to 40. I started off cutting normal logs, getting an inventory, then dropping them, then the same with oaks, then when i was level 30, i went outside of draynor bank, cut an inventory of willows, then put them into the bank, got some more, and not long after, i was level 40.

    7. Smithing is a good way to make money, although it takes a long time to get your levels up. Once i was level 3, i stopped trying, but then i did the knights sword quest, which got my level from 3 to 30, and i was really chuft , so now i can make full iron, and some steel (level 36.)

    8. If anyone says follow me for drop party, FOLLOW THEM! they might take you to thw wildy, but you cans top following once you get near it, but when i followed someone, i got 75 cosmic runes, addy platelegs, mith chainmail, black kiteshield( these are quite rare,) and 5k.

    I hope these will be helpful to you and if i get the chance, i will send in some more
    Spider Egg summoning
    10 summoning

    1.Buy spider pouch and spider scrolls
    2.Use the special and bank

    This can make you 600-1mil a day!
    stronghold of security
    go to barbarian village and go into the hole you can get lots of money if you do the whole thing plus emotes books and a pair of fancy boots you can even train you skills there and level up and you can go back anytime.
    summoning gets you loads of money. infuse a pouch with whatever depending on your level. dont make scrolls and dont summon the creature, sell iinfused pouch at GE for loads. 100k = 140 infused pouches with raw chicken.
    tailsman quest
    Teleport to Lumbridge (home) and go to 2nd floor. The duke gives you an air talesman. Go behind shop outside and follow path. When faced at a split go in grayer direction. Find a castle and go to the basement. Give tailsman to the wizard and he gives you a gift. Bring to aubury in varrock.
    The BEST Place to Sell Magic Supplies
    YOU SEE,
    I just discovered a game in Runescape; called the Fist of Guthix Game.

    *The Fist of Guthix Game is a game that's power is based on Magic.

    if you have alot of Magic supplies that you don't need OR want to sell, DON'T use the Grand Exchange.

    -Take all of your magic supplies and put them into your inventory.
    -Go to the Fist of Guthix Game cave.

    ~If you DON'T know where the Fist of Guthix Game is held, do the following:

    -Go to the middle of Varrok; were the Gypsy, Staff shop, and fountain is.
    -Ask someone if they will take you to the Fist of Guthix Game.

    When you arrive at the Fist of Guthix Game, people are going to be asking for Staffs, Runes, ect.



    *If the player that is asking for supplies is getting impatient, they may offer more than what the object is worth.
    Egg them on.
    Wait until they get super-impatient, and then give them what they need.

    - If you give enough players supplies, you can get up to 10K! -

    <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Enjoy

    OK the requirements are 43+ runecraftin and must be in heros get about 10 or so fully charged glories then beat the side quest zamorak complete the side quest then go to the abbissels and get a large pouch then go tele back to egvil and then fill ur inventory with essences and ur pouch then go to the zammorak mage and go to the abbisel go into the nat - law - death tele and make them then tele back to egvill and repeat when your glories ran out of charges go recharge them and repeat after a few hours you will have gotten about 2k of ea then u sell about 300 and and then you have around 600k in a few hours
    The easy money makin way
    Go to the silk stall in adrougne and steal the silk and put it in your bank and keep doing this for a while until you get and good amount. Then wait a little bit (kill some guards or somthing), go to the silk trader and sell him the silk 60gp each (the good thing about him is his price never drops you got to bargan with him). Its real easy and fast you can make about 15k just off 200 silk, imagine 1000 silk!
    The Easy Way To Make Money
    The best way to make moeny for members is FLAX everybody buys flax in Catherby Bank for 100-150gp Keep selling flax for about a week thats about 100-110K in a month thats like 1mil.
    The best way to get money for non members id say is probbably Mining and smithing. if you mine coal thats like 100-200gp each and if you can get to be able to mine mith ore thats like 500gp each you can either sell the mith ore or you can make mith stuff out of it(if your smithing is good enough) and when u make full mith thats like 12k for each set you make and so you get alot of mony every week if you do that. for more help on runescape add me- my user name is fty337 or add my friend hes a master at money making his name is hockeyd44
    Things to kill.....
    Hill Giants:
    Kill these and bury their bones, collecting all the other good items.
    This will get your prayer up, and they can drop:
    law runes (2)
    natures (6)
    cosmics (8)
    body talismans
    half a key!!!

    Lesser Daemons:
    Kill them with: rune hally (kaminjara dungeon, behind the stalagmites), mage, or close combat (bring field rations or lobbies) I killed them when i was lvl 60 in ful rune
    they can drop: rune meds, dragon spears (very rare), runes, up to 500gp, and i think clue scrolls.

    Elemental Wizards
    I have uhhum, ...forgotten... the whereabouts of these wizards, but they are lvl 13 wizards, who when killed drop runes of their type.

    tips for non-pures
    Hi, I'm the guy who submitted the tip about dragon bone money-making. Anyway here is a guide for leveling on non-pures in rs. One thing to look out for is your defence, strength, and attack level. Youy always want your attack lower than your strength but higher than your defence.In the end you might want 80+ strength 70 attack and 60 defence, but if you really want, 70 defence for barrows and 75 attack for godswords.At 99 strength you can possibly have only 96 combat.So, you might have 99 strength 75 attack and 70 defence.We're all set now right?Haha,WRONG!WHHat about magic prayer and range? For range I suggest u keep it 10 levels below your strength level and keep magic between 5 and 10 levels below your strength level. Now, prayer comes last. You might want to keep it at 52,but when you're over say 100 combat you wwant 70 prayer for piety and chivalry.As you keep on training skills except strength you want this for ultimate ownage. 99 strength, 90 attack 94 magic and 90 rangeï80 prayer.WITH THESE SKILLS YOU CAN OWN ALMOST ANYONE! Don't train summoning until your a master in other combat training levels.Hope this guide helped,GOOD LUCK!
    Training is easy as 123...
    ___----__------_____Membership Required


    Find your self stuck with no place to train?
    Well here is the answer.

    First get your Attack and Strenght to add up to 130 (seens boring but its worth it)
    After head up to the warrior's guild in buthorpe with your best Armor some food and a spare set of armor better then black.

    Now use the animator in the guild to bring your armor to life.
    Kill it and colect the tokens.When you have about 1000 go up stairs and upstairs agian.

    Enter the roob with the Cyclopses and kill them untill your desired level is reached.

    They also drop the following.
    Gold: 13-189
    100%: Big bones
    Weapon: Black 2h sword, Iron 2h sword, Steel 2h sword, Adamant 2h sword, Black sword, Black dagger, Steel dagger, Mithril dagger, Steel sword, Steel longsword, Black longsword, Mithril longsword, Steel mace, Adamant mace, Steel battleaxe, Black knives(4-13), Rune javelin(5), Dragon spear
    Armour: Steel med helm, Iron chainbody, Steel chainbody
    Runes/Arrows: -
    Misc: Herbs, Uncut gems, Half keys, Nature talisman, Shield left half(dragon), Clue(lvl 3), Long bone, Curved bone, Defenders(Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune)*
    Seeds: Herb seed (1), Limpwurt(1), Strawberry(1), Whiteberry(1), Jangerberry(1), Poison ivy(1), Mushroom spore(1)

    When you first enter the Cyclopes room, the cyclopes will have a possibility of dropping a bronze defender. Once you get that drop you must leave the room and tell Kamfreeka that you have the bronze defender. Once Kamfreeka knows you have the bronze, and you reenter the room, the cyclopes will then have a possibility of dropping an iron defender. This pattern continues and you must talk to Kamfreeka every time you get a new defender in order to get possiblity of the next defender drop in line. Once you have and show Kamfreena a rune defender, though, she will only make the cyclopes continue to possibly drop rune defenders. Defenders are equipped in your shield space and increase your attack potential.
    Your attack and strength levels must add up to at least 130 to get into the Warrior's Guild.
    As with all monsters inside the Warrior's Guild, mage and range attacks will not damage this monster.

    With that i got 70 strenght and attack in 2 days.
    training places 3-55
    Ok if level 3 and want to train go to lumby also know as Lumbridge.Then start fighting goblins until u reach lvl5 .Then go to varrock then go behind varrock too barbarian villiage and attack barbarains until 34 then go get some food a theirs
    a house by barbarains vill. Than ask people for a brass key.And unlock the door and attack hillgiants until lvl42 .Then go around the corner and fight hobgoblins until lvl 55 the rest of the training you'll have to do it on your on .

    Using the Grand exchange for profit and other Tips
    The Grand exchange is a new update where you buy and sell items at the same time without even being there while they buy/sell. For information on how the Grand exchange works, ask one of the tutors there (located in Varrok).

    Steel Bar method
    *NOTE: like real stock markets prices may change for somethings worth, and depending on these changes this method could either make you money or nothing. Also you must be able to make steel bars in order to use this method

    First check the price of steel bars
    Then check the price of coal
    now check the price of iron (*you may also mine the coal/iron for maximum profit but slower and sometimes dreary)
    Now if the prices for 2000 coal and 1000 iron do not add up to the steel bars for a generous all around profit do not use this method.

    2000 coal = 160 gold each = 320k gold (320,000 gold)
    1000 iron = 88 gold each = 88k (88,000 gold)
    TOTAL: 408k (408,000 gold)

    1000 steel bars = 550 gold each = 550k (550,000 gold)
    If i used this method i would make 142k (142,000 gold) from one day of turning iron and coal into steel bars.

    Of course you already need at least 408k for this method to work, but if you mine your own coal and iron ore you make 550k pure profit! (You can make more or less than this according to the Grand exchange price of the day)

    Random Object Method

    With this I cant help you since I don't really use the Grand exchange this way, but it is basically getting a item that is high in demand and either buy it bottom or "middle" price (Middle is default) and then re-selling it at either middle price or highest price.

    Even in a had found a killer item to make money from I could not tell you it because then it would be ruined and you couldest make a single gold because everyone would be using this method at the same time. This happened to the object: fire rune. now you cant make much from it

    To wrap this up if you dare, experiment with different items until you find one that makes you money or nothing at all.

    Non-members aka F2P (free to play)
    from 60-65+ woodcutting you can make good profit cutting yew tree's although that depends on the grand exchange price.

    Member's aka P2P (pay to play)
    You can also cut yews, or at the right level cut magic trees whicj can sell for 1000 gold each.

    P2P and F2P
    You can make steel bars, sell iron ore alone, sell coal ore alone or sell silver and gold ore separately at the lower levels
    At level 70 mining you can mine addy ore which currently sells for 1200 each in the grand exchange. *NOTE: you must hop from world to world to mine addy.
    At 85 Mining one of the ultimate ways to make money awaits you. Rune ore sells for 10,000+ coins each is hard to mine, easy to sell and the only spot in free to play is the wilderness to mine it.
    Thats 280k a inventory.

    Well thats not the only ways to make money but is the only ones I will list, you have 4 choices varying on the amount of money you have. go make some money

    Vampire Slayer Quest Guide
    1.Find Morgan in Draynor; its not that hard, it's a small village. He'll tell you about the Vampire and that he wants you to kill it. He'll also tell you to go find his friend Dr. Harlow at the Blue Moon Inn.

    2.First, go upstairs and search the wall cupboard for a clove of Garlic. Then go South of Varrock center to the Blue Moon Inn.

    3.Talk to Dr. Harlow and get him a beer when he asks for it. He'll tell you how to beat the Vampire and give you a Stake.

    OPTIANAL: If you go upstairs in Morgan's House open and search the cupboard You will find Garlic when i beat this Quest i was lvl 39 Melle
    my friend with garlic beat the quest at lvl 27

    4.Get everything you need and go to Draynor Manor. Head to the stairs that go down. Open the coffin and the Count (level 34) should jump out and start attacking you.

    5.Attack him until he's full red bar and the Stake should automatically stab him. If not make sure you have a Hammer with you and the Stake. [If it still doesn't work try stuff like using Garlic on him and manually stabbing him with the Stake.]

    Once he's dead you have finished the quest (Congratulations).
    VERY Easy Mage Leveling
    MAKE SURE MAGE IS LEVEL 1!!!!!!!!!
    An easy way to raise your mage is to first do the Imp Catcher Quest. This can be started by talking to the Wizard in I think the third floor of Wizard Tower. It is the Wizard in the room right next to the one with the Lesser. He will tell you he lost four beads(red white yellow and black, one of each. You can get the beads by killing level 2 Imps. These are very irritating, as they teleport away sometimes when at low health, and sometimes don't even drop the beads. An easier way, in my opinion, is to buy them from various banks or popular locations(Such as Lumbridge Square and Varrock Square)from other players. Offer about 50-200gp for each bead. I'd recommend saying this,"Glow2:wave2: Buying all colored beads 50-200gp each!!!" It takes a while to type but is effective. If you have quite a bit of money then buy for 1k, you will get them quite fast. After getting all beads talk to the wizard who started you on this quest and he will give you enough mage exp. to put you up to level 9 in mage. You will also get an amulet of accuracy and 1 quest point.

    Once done with Imp Catcher Quest do Rune Mysteries Quest. Start this bug talking to the Duke or Kind(I forget which, but one is members only so yo should find out easily enough) ont he second floor in Lumbridge Castle. Further instructions are then given. When finished, mine as much ess as you can handle mining.

    Once done, craft air runes(You need an air tally or Tiara, the temple is south west of Faladore. Once you have about 500 airs, get the same amount of minds(You can craft them by now) You need mind tiara or tally, and the temple is east of Goblin Village, right before you enter the Wilderness.

    After you have 500 minds and 500 airs, sell them in varrock, either at the rune shop or bank, your choice.(Bank you get mroe money but takes longer to sell usualy)Sell the 500 airs and 500 minds for 10gp each, I'm going to ask you to do the math, sorry.(at the shop you will get 2.5k for the 500 airs and 2.5k for the 500 minds, equaling 5k).

    Once you have your money, buy a blue WIZARD robe, not the one you can buy in Varrock Clothing shop, leather vambraces, leather chaps, BLUE wizard hat, any color cape(I think blue looks cooler, it matches) and leather boots, with anti-dragon shield and an air staff, and finaly an Amulet of Magic. Sell the Amulet of Accuracy.

    Now craft mind runes again, and get as much as you possible can stand to get, and then craft earth runes(You should be able to now, and with your level 9 mage, that's the highest you can cast). Rememberm gets as much of those as you can stand to get.

    Go to Draynor VILLAGE, not manor(Draynor Village is North West from Wizards Tower) and hide behind the wooden fence that is on either side of the sidewalk path, and cast Earth Strike(Go to where you choose your type of attack and click the option SPELL and select the Green Orb, which is Earth Strike) and attack the jail guards. MAKE SURE YOU ARE HIDDEN BEHIND THE FENCE. I find that if you step back one space you hit more often.

    Once you can use Fire Strike craft fire runes(Fire temple is a little south east from the entrance to the mines in Al Kharid) and get as many as you can. Then use Fire Strike until your mage is about 15 on the jail guards.

    After go a few steps south east of the jail guards and go behind the big rocks, exactly opposite of the black knight that is always there, and attack him. He will move towards you but can't get to you.

    After this you're on your own. Good luck Contact me on fight4angel.
    Want some tips about easy cash?
    I've been playing runescape for over two years now. I've discovered some ways of getting easy cash when you just want that new pair of boots, or that new item every ones talking about, or if you're dedicated enough, even a party hat.

    Tip 1#: This tip goes for the lvls 5 - 20; Kill Cows and take their cow hides. If you're a free member, the cow pen will be filled with newbs, or even a wizard or two along with a ranger. If you're a member, the cow pen will be less occupied with users. Which gives free space for you to kill instead of waiting for a cow to spawn. But for both users, GO TO THE LESS POPULATED WORLD YOU SEE. These worlds have a better chance of getting a free pen to yourself. Sell the hides for atleast 100gp each, but try to sell them for 140gp each, who knows. You might get more then you bargained for.

    Tip #2: For people fishing lvls between 40 - 60; You can fish lobsters and swordfish. People buy raw lobsters for cooking experience, and cooked ones for food appearently. People buy raw lobsters for 150 - 175 gp each, and cooked for 200 - 250 gp each. But with sword fish is a different story. Each raw swordfish is around 300gp - 350 each While the cooked ones are at a wopping 400 gp each. Be careful for water trolls as they are tough. Also, I've seen them cause death before so I suggest using prayer against them.

    Tip #3: For People Woodcut level above 30 - 99; Willows sell for 40 each since people fletch at the member world, if you're lvl 30 wood cut ( WC ) cutting willows will be tough, but after a while you'll get used to it. People above 65 wood cut can cut yews that sell for 230 gp each. If you're lvl 75 wc or above like me, you can cut mage logs, but these are only found in members servers, and they sell for 1,000 gp each. Yes, 1,000 gp each. But these take a horrid ammount of time to cut. I'm just 77 wc now and I'm having a hard time cutting these logs.

    Tip #4: For people with Crafting above 43 and magic above 60; People with these requirements can make...RING OF LIVES. Ring of lives are members only items and can only be enchanted if you're a member in a members server. Step 1: Have atleast 1 cut diamond. Step 2: Buy a ring mould (I prefer Al-Kharid since you can mind gold at the mine and buy moulds at the shop). Step 3: Mine gold (Note: you must have the appropriate mining lvl to mine gold). Step 3(continued): You don't need to mine the gold, you can buy them off a player for about 180 gp each. Step 4: Make a gold bar by using gold ore with a furnace. Step 5: Use the bar with the furnace to make a diamond ring (Note: You must have a cut diamond along with the mould to make the ring). Step 6: Enchant the Diamond Ring to make...THE RING OF LIFE. You need about 10 fire runes and 1 cosmic I think. Ring of lives sell for 10k each. Don't let anyone else say anything different. They save you if you have below 10 HP and teleport you to either Lumbridge, Varrock, or White Knights Castle.

    Tip #5: In order for this to work, you need to be a member and have a reasonable ammount of wc lvl, and cash.; This tip can really get you good profit. Step 1: Cut Normal Logs, or Oak Logs. Step 2: Go to the Saw Mill NPC at varrock, he is near the lumberyard. He cuts every normal log for 100gp each and 250gp each for oak. Then buy bolts of cloths, sure they are 650gp each, but well worth the cost. Then buy NAILS LIKE CRAZY. Then go to Remmington World 6 or 2, and say " SELLING PLANKS, 500GP EACH, or, SELLING OAK PLANKS, 750GP EACH. Then say SELLING BOLTS OF CLOTH, 3K EACH! Last but not least say SELLING NAILS (Bronze sell for 5gp each, Iron for 10gp each, and Steel for even 30gp each) At the end, you'll find a reasonable ammount of money in your pocket. Trust me, this works. I buy materials, and I already lost 200k which means someone has 200k in their pocket right now by doing this, so don't give up merchandising.

    Hope you enjoyed my tips, and enjoy...being rich!
    Want to make mills? make up to 3m in 2 days!!!
    this cheat is for members only!

    first of all, u need a starting budget of around 100k-200k.
    you also need any type of hatchet & 15 woodcutting. i have 99 <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    location: varrock

    head to the small west bank of varrock.
    take out 100k to start of with.
    then head west out of varrock and you will see around 3 oak trees.
    chop these until you have a full inventory.
    then head north until you reach the sawmill
    right click on the man there and select make planks.
    then an option screen will appear and this is wear u right click on the oak planks option and select "make all"

    head back to varrock west bank and bank all your planks,
    keep doing this until you run out of money
    then go to the G.E and sell your planks.
    you will have made a big profit.
    then go back and do it over and over again
    after about 2 days you should have 3m.
    good luck <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    add me if you like : ULSTNIUBN
    Ways to Make Money
    Free members-

    1. Get a brass key and fight the Hill Giants (Lvl. 28) in Edgeville Dungeon. While you are there, grab a couple Brass Keys and sell them, because people will buy eventually.
    2. Get 99 Smithing and sell Rune Platebodies. (Not easy)


    1. Kill Unicorns and sell their horns.
    2. Sell red spider eggs from Edgeville Dungeon.
    3. Battle Chaos Druids from Tavalery Dungeon and sell the herbs that cost over 1k. Practice Herblore while hanging down there. You could also battle Black Knights down there for some more experience.
    First cut tons of trees till lvl 15.......
    Than u have to cut oaks near the general store and when u have a full inventory sell them. You dont get a lot of money. Than get ur wc up to lvl 30 and cut willows. Keep cutting willows and put it in your bank. Make sure u keep it no matter who buys it. Than cut till lvl 60. By than u would have like 5k willows which 1k willows is 30k. When u can cut yews keep savin up the yews. By when ur lvl 75 u would have like 5k yews which is 1.5mil! Think of that. So than keep doing it. Im lvl 3 with 55 wc help me too! Like i helped u.
    If your about level:35 go to the wilderness and go to the grave yard with zombies level:28.Then get around 100 planks then every time you run out of room go to the bank on the big hill.Then when you have about 100 planks go to the grand exchange and sell your planks you will get about 20k.
    If your about level:35 go to the wilderness and go to the grave yard with zombies level:28.Then get around 100 planks then every time you run out of room go to the bank on the big hill.Then when you have about 100 planks go to the grand exchange and sell your planks you will get about 20k.
    If your about level:35 go to the wilderness and go to the grave yard with zombies level:28.Then get around 100 planks then every time you run out of room go to the bank on the big hill.Then when you have about 100 planks go to the grand exchange and sell your planks you will get about 20k.
    If your about level:35 go to the wilderness and go to the grave yard with zombies level:28.Then get around 100 planks then every time you run out of room go to the bank on the big hill.Then when you have about 100 planks go to the grand exchange and sell your planks you will get about 20k.
    If your about level:35 go to the wilderness and go to the grave yard with zombies level:28.Then get around 100 planks then every time you run out of room go to the bank on the big hill.Then when you have about 100 planks go to the grand exchange and sell your planks you will get about 20k.
    If you want an easy way to make money then woodcut!

    All you have to do is get your woodcutting skills to lvl 60 then you can cut yew trees. Doing this if you get 1000 yew logs and sell them at the Grand Exchange your minimum you could get for them is 412k!

    But when you cut magic trees - it may be slower but you get more xp and money, when you get 1000 logs of that you can earn over 1mil!

    There an easy way to make money
    ♫♪MADDDD MONEY♫♪ -Fishing F2P-☺
    ~u need to finish all non-member achievements in order to get the lvl 3 explorers ring.
    ~get your fishing lvl up to level 40 to fish lobbies (lvl 50 for swordies) then catch a full inventory.
    ~use the cabbage-port teleport from your ring and bank all your fish in either draynor villiage or falador.
    *remember not to cook the fish because they're worth more raw*
    ~go to the G.E. when u hav a good amount of fish and sell them all for lots of $MONEY$☺