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Good Vanatge Point

If you select the covert Ops Class and you are seeking to be "The Ultimate Sniper" Then i suggest you pay attention to theese tips:

1)using The FG42 is good for sniping but it does not kill 1 shot even if its a head shot. Multiple kills with this will increase your light weapons skill.

2) if you select the other Sniper gun, not the Sten, It is alot more effective for Sniping. This gunna isint that great for upclose dogfights, but if youa re able to picksomeone of with it, it will kill them one shot to the head.

Also in such levels as FeulDump Or Goldrush. Fueldump espically, try to hide behind anything you can or try to eleavet yourself as much as possible, wether it be on a slented hill, behind a rock or on a mountian, stay hidden for aslong as possible. Whenever You Snipe, Lay Down so it makes it more difficult for the Target to Return Fire.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Pro_Rapper123 on January 16, 2005


By laying down on your stomach, you can shoot like that, and then, it will again make you difficult to hit.
Verified by: Staser Submitted by: jack on September 18, 2004


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All of the cheats i know

/god: invincible
/give all: all weapons
/give skill: gives u a promo for each class
/give health: gives u full health
/set g_speed x: set a speed(x is ur # of speed)
/set g_gravity x: set a gravity(x is ur # of gravity
/give ammo: gives u 9999 ammo for all weaps. and 15 gren.
/g_debugbullets 1: shows red lines where u shoot
/noclip: spectator mode but u can go thru things
/cg_thirdperson 1: u can see ur body
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Scott on December 23, 2006

God Mode

By pressing ~ and typing in /god you will be in god mode.
Verified by: ciacho16 Submitted by: Benjamin on November 06, 2004