RPG Maker XP Cheats

RPG Maker XP cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Debug Menu
To open the Dubug Menu, press the F9 Key during test play. You can activate and deactivate any switches, and alter any defined variables.
Delete All Database Info Quickly
When you're on a tab of a hero or monsters etc, to delete all the monsters, go to Array Size, then change it to 1.
Then change it back to the number you want, and delete number 1 if desired.
Display Frames per Second
While in window mode, press F2 to show the FPS in the title bar.
Full Screen
Because the full screen option no longer shows up in RPG Maker XP, you can get your game full screen by simultaniously pressing Alt+Enter, when playing your game.
Instant reset
During Game Play, press the F12 Key to return to the title screen.
Reduce Lag
One way of reducing lag during gameplay, is by opening the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) during a Game Play, and selecting the Processes tab.

Locate the Game.exe process, right click and select 'Set Priority' (under Windows XP Home) and increase it to 'High'.

This will need to be done on every Game Play, though it should remove a lot of lag and slowdown.
Script View
You are able to zoom in and out of the script editor in order to increase visability and maintain good structure.

You do this by holding ctrl and scolling the mouse wheel.
Don't use too many scripts, some can intercept with others and cause an error.
Pressing "F1" During play acesses a menu where you can change gameplay settings for peak preformance. You may also edit controls and sounds.
Walk through objects and no encounters.
If you keep the CTRL key pressed during test play you'll be able to walk through all objects and you also won't have any random encounters.


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Search and replace in script editor
If you need to search for a certain line in the script editor, press ctrl+f to open the search window.

If you need to quickly replace lines/words with others, press ctrl+h. You can enter what you're searching for and what you'd like it to be changed to. You can change them all at once or one at a time - making the 'script integration' process alot easier if there are duplicate methods.