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Fixing Transparency

If you are having trouble with transparency, go to the Resource Manager, and find where your files are located. Make sure that the transparent color (i.e, blue, pink, green) around the character/chipset is selected by clicking on it. This is a problem that causes many people headaches but in actual fact is very easy to correct.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Key zer on August 01, 2004


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Change Switches during gameplay

While in test mode, press F9 to show a list of all switchs in your game. You can turn them on and off from there.
Verified by: Excalibur Submitted by: MXracer on August 12, 2003


Hold down Shift in Test Play to walk through solid objects.
Verified by: Dark Chao Master Submitted by: Key zer on June 10, 2003

Have a 'god mode' cheat

Make a common event with the command 'full recovery' and fix it to all party members. make sure the common event is triggered by a switch and make sure it is also a parallel process. You must make a room with a switch inside in order to turn the cheat on/off and you also must have a way into that room. You can also do it by making a custom menu, but that alternative is difficult and NOT for the inexperienced.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: David Johnson on September 08, 2003

Weapon Passwords (nekura hitodama)

Enter these into the password box whenever you find it...

nitefever - Cloak Device
noodleface - Tank
happytree - Rocket Launcher
megademonisfit - Fire Breathing Chicken
omgwtfbbq - Frying Pan
gruntilda - Yokoshima Buredo form #1
stinkyhat - Yokoshima Buredo form #2
morrissey - Yokoshima Buredo form #3
spistakes - Yokoshima Buredo form #4
pancakes - Yokoshima Buredo form #5
kisstheduck - Yokoshima Buredo Ultimate
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Key zer on August 08, 2004