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ABout the Money Cheat
For the new 1.2 patch, I have found that the denarii value for the "money" cheat can be increased to 40,000. Hope that helps.
Battle tip
At the beginning of the battle, this is what you do...

First, select your whole army and click ONCE on the enemy units. This will start marching the towards them. Eventually, your Artillery will start firing. Then, your archers will start firing, at that point, feel free to make any one you wish to charge attack.

It basically wears down and intimidates any enemy units before the battle even starts.
battle tips
when using elephants send them out separate from the rest of your troops so that if they run amok they can't harm your troops but still do great damage your opponent's.
Best way to conquer Rome
Rome is probably the toughest city to take over, since it's the main bigshot of the game. This is how to conquer it:

1. Start a custom battle. Have 10000 Denerii (maximum).
2. Choose a team that has Onagers, or at least Heavy Onagers. Both are fine.
3. Fill one row of units with Onagers, the rest fill it up with strong infantary. I suggest 3 armored elephants, 3 war elephants and 3 normal elephants.
4. In the battle, use your row of onagers to fire at a piece of wall. Enable Fire Ammo for better use.
5. Wait until the wall is destroyed.
6. Use your infantary to take out the men inside the city! Don't forget to take out the archers!
big chevron army
this works best as the julii.gather a huge army at the start of the game.use it to keep the gauls at bay. then,march them around gaul destroying their armies.when an army stops outside atown, attach and the garrison inside will attack. in the end you'll have a gold and silver chevron army.
Captain Adoption
If you have a captain eading an army of yours, and he earns a certain number of victories, you get the option to adopt. Very useful if you're low of generals.
Centerfuge Defense/Offense
In a city battle, you defending, somtimes when out numberd, it is best to not defend your wall. This tip only works when your wall is only a wooden wall. Put all your units in formation in the center of the city and make sure all vantage point to the center are covered then use your calvary if you have any, as charge and retreat units to intice the enemy. When done so the enemy will always and most likey will attack up the main road, this tip can work really will with phalanx units on campaign. When the enemy attacks the center they will most likey attack in full with their general at the front. at first make sure your units are all in offense mode without phalanx. Then when the enemy is in range of your men put them all in phalanx and the enemy will be obliterated. The enenmy general will mostly be in the front so when he retreats his men that are with him will retreat, making a sort of vacuum with his other men. when this is done make sure you have your commander/general on hand to mop the enemies retreating forces. They will be innalated mostly the rest will retreat then your commander will receive high honors for the feit. And there you have thats my version of that sort of battle.
death gate
When defending against wooden walls, and your enemy only has one ram which is attacking your gate, deploy bfore the battle, pikemen, or anyone that can go in phalanx formation, deploy them right in front of the gate, so you can see their spears slightly going through the gate, not on, through the gate, so you can see the spear tips and some of the metal on the other side.when they are done ramming they will charge in and will be cut down by your pikes.I tried this with one unit of silver shiled pikemen against a full army of berserkers, I did not lose a single person and killed all of them, but when I faced a whole army of peasants, their sheer numbers broke through the lines, so If you are facing mass units, try to double layer your pikes so if they break through they will get mowed down even more, even triple layer it if you can.
Easy Defense
This only works if you have units in a city and only on gates or wooden walls or walls about to be knocked down. Use long spears, only long, not like a warband, and is best when used against infantry, although it may work against lesser cavalry. Put one or two units of spearmen on phalanx formation in every section of wall that you think they're going to knock down. If they attack a wall you didn't expect them to attack, quickly run spearmen in normal formation
to that section of wall, then put them in phalanx formation. If it works, they will have to charge into a wall of spears to get inside your city, and most likely die trying.
Easy siege victories
If you ever have a city which is under sige by a much larger and superior force which you can't beat in a fair fight, you can still win easily without having to resort to cheats.

All you have to do is draw the enemy troops to your walls and they'll be annhiliated by the towers on them. It's basically an AI exploit, the computer doesn't think to move its troops back from the wall and all of them die.

I found that the best way of getting the enemy to run close enough to your walls is either to exit your entire army out of a gate on the opposite side of the city to the one the enemy are facing, then the AI marches around your walls very close to them in order to reach you. Or, you can send one unit to attack the enemy head on, then rush it back to your city to make it look like you're routing. The AI pursues, and gets destroyed.

Yeah it's kind of cheap, but it's saved my settlements time and time again.
Gaius Marius Revolution!
The games manual says that the mannual well happen at a random time well I figured out when it happens!!!
The Gauis Marius Revolution happens when your capital makes an imperial palace!!!

Thus, you would be able to create cool units that can form a tortise shell which is ideal for protection against arrows and better flanking defense!
How to play as another faction the easy way
There are simple steps to playing as a faction without having to complete the game and here they are.

1.Train up an army that fills a town.
2.Take half the army(and general incase you need to hire mecernaries)
3.take out the certain faction you want to play as e.g.egypt,parthia and britania.
4.then go to the menu and hopefully it will be there for you to play as.

Then you can start a campaign as them. This will not work for certain factions such as the SPQR or Dacia.
how to stop a rebel against your city
what you have to do is get a diplomat and give that city or town to the enemy and they will say thank you or whatever jazz... and it will work and your army will be outside the walls of the town or city and then you tkae it back and you can choose enslave or exterminate.
Low public order? I've got a solution!
If public order is low in any of the towns you occupied and didn't start with, simply remove your whole army from the town and set the tax rate to Very High.

Eventually, hopefully by the next turn, the town will completely REBEL! When this happens, retake the town with the army you took out of it. Then, you have to either enslave or exterminate the population after taking it.
Mass Destruction
If playing on a bridge level and tou have any Phalanx capable men get your men close to the bridge but leave a gap of about 1 unit inbetween. because their faster the cavalry will get across first, they will gain enough speed in the small gap and will be forced on the spears by their other men behind. Did a custom battle of Hoplites vs Chariots and alll I had to do was form them up!
Outnumber when defending, no problem
if your taking on a big faction and they have a huge army and you have say....4 caverly units and you can't escape, try this, TAKE OUT THE GENERAL, for 2 reason, 1 if you kill him lower moral of the enemy and you could win, but if not, 2 at least you took out a leader

Easter eggs

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"All your base belong to us"
Play as the selucids, and sure enough, the egyptians will declare war on you. After a couple of turns, a Egyptian Diplomat will come to you with an interesting proposal and an even more interesting message.
The Amazons
In the very northeast area of the map, there is a "hidden settlement" blocked off by trees and only accessable from the West. It leads to Hyperboria, a rebel settlement with VERY powerful Amazon chariots.


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Conquer a city, any will do, and build a Colessium or an Arena. Then, move all your troops out of the city and let it revolt. The leader of the Rebel army will be called Spartacus. He is very difficult to defeat so make sure you're strong and use good tactics!

Good Luck!
easy money, population, and public order without cheats
In the imperial campaign of rome total war its hard to make money and population, but you can change the rate for your income. Go to program files/Creative Assembly/Rometotalwar/data/buildings, then look for the buildings that relate about farm, trade,mining, and population health bonus and change the numbers to the right from 1 or 2 etc... to 1000000 then change the cost of the buiding so your enemy will have a hard time building it. Hope it helps!!!11 enjoy
how to get any thing you want (almost)
First go to your activision folder (float your mouse over your rome total war icon) then data/world/campagin/imperial/desr_strat.
Open the file and there will be a technical read out of everything in the thet will happen in the campagin. At the start you have a list of the factions in the game. Choose a faction even the the end_non-playable and delete from the orginal list after type it in correctly in the area marked. If you want infinate money scroll down to the faction you want to play as type in the area marked 'denaii' the max you can put in is 999999999 any higher it will add a minus on to your treasury total. Remember if you want to change to a different faction change the money to the orginal total unless your want a potential enemy to have 999999999 in there treasury. The last one that I know is go to the faction you want and you can modify the bulidings inthe settlement. The settlements names area instead in the name of the land e.g. tarentum=brutiium. The main ones you can change are the population. You will need to know what the population needed for next level. Change the governors buliding to imperial_palace and you will have everything unlocked. e.g. when you have finished making a barracks milta barracks will appear instanly in the settlement construction queue. Plus in the Roman factions imperial palace can produce the preatorian cohort the second best unit for the Romans. The last when changing the walls you can only change it to stone wall like this stone_wall.
Population problems
Having problems with your population? Forget getting your city to riot or handing it to the enemy...

Use add_population...

Type ~ to open the romeshell, then type add_population (city) (negative number ex: -2000).

Two things will happen. One, your population will decrease, and two, your cash flow will increase.

Does not work the same way for Medieval 2 though (cash flow is dependent on a higher population), but for Rome: Total War... You can go to town!
The Money Cheat
i found that the money cheat worked for me as many times as i wanted. Also just to clarify the Process_rc does not work (well it didn't for me) but you can edit a file to make as many units as possible in 1 year.
go to Crogram FilesThe Creative AssemblyRome - Total Wardata (or whatever drive you have installed it to) then enter the file "export_descr_unit" then edit the build times of whatever unit you want. it also says how to create and edit the units in there at the top.
Unlimited Build
First,open the Rome Shell,and type in process_cq Sinope,For example.Anything in the city's build que will be built.(Combine it with add_population and money and Chaching!!!!!)
Unlocking and editing features.
There are some features you can add or edit by going to your Rome Total War folder. (Default: C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War). Click on the word document named Preference, And You Can Mess Up The Game
Waters of Darkness Glitch
Not exactly a cheat, as it doesn't effect the actual gameplay. To do this, during your turn press the ~ key and type in toggle_fow. There is now no fog of war, so you can see everywhere. After you do your turn, end it with the cheat still on. Because you see everywhere, it will take forever, so you should turn the fog of war back on. Open up the ~ when it cycles through the other empires, and enter toggle_fow again. The water will turn black! If you save and exit it won't be there anymore, and the water will return to being blue if you put the fog of war off again.