RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (PC) Cheats

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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If you pick someone up and shake them a lot and put them down, they will stagger a bit.
Exploding Shuttleloop Cars
Set it to custom and make it 70mph. When people get on it, it flies off the track and explodes!
Free Grass Cutting
Find all your handymen and untick 'grass-cutting' as their duties. Then, get a landscaping tool and click everywhere and it cuts the grass for free!
Higher Productivity of Stalls/Booths
Location is the key. Put stalls/booths at the back of the park instead of the enterance ( a restroom here and there is fine, but put most of the food places in the back ). They will be more than willing to pay high prices since they walked all the way to the back.
Ironicly Increase Your Park Rating
Sadly, you need to kill off your unhappy guests as they are keeping your park rating down. Make a lake, etc, and drag them into it and drop them. Watch them die..
Name one of your parkgoers "Jon Roach" and all of your rides will be irrisistable to your guests.. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
make a ride which the guests love!
To make a good ride, which the guests love, customize your own ride. Make the ride go straight up and then drop down, keep on doing that then make the ride come back to the beguining. It really works, the guests really like these rides which go straight up!
Mega Park!
In order to get the mega park with no objectives/limits, you must complete ALL the other scenarios.
more money
at your entrance remove some path so that no one can get in or out. build a monorail or other transport ride with entrances and exits on both sides. lead the lines so that in order for people to get in or out of the park they must go on a ride. make the cost like 10-50 cents so that you still make money.
Moving people around.
If your park is big, don't try Transport Rides, just make pathways. It seems peeps like to walk around.
Name Cheats
You know how if you change a guest's name, you can make it do certain things? Well, you think you can only change one guest's name to a cheat name? Wrong!

Change the capitalization of the name to gain the ability to use it multiple times. Example: Guest #6 = Melanie Warn, Guest #7 = MeLaNiE WaRn, and so on.
Pop balloons
Left-click on the guests balloons to make them pop. But be careful as this may enrage the guest.
Scary Ride's Popularity
In order to retain a scary ride's popularity, close it for a moment. Delete one section of the track and build it back. Open it again and all the guests will think that it is suitable for them and possibly pay high ammounts of money to ride it.
THE ULTIMATE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go into sandbox mode and put 1 of each type of coaster (if there is a preset coaster) along the fence. DO NOT OPEN THEM YET. IT WOULD BE BEST TO KEEP THE PARK CLOSED. This way, while you build, if the park is closed for a year while you are building still, you'd get $1,000,000 and the grand opening of "The Ultimate Park" (your park) if you wanted to call it that. Keep up the building until 1 of each coaster, only the ones with presets, are through. Then begin with the next set of rides along the inside of the park. Keep the rides as close as you can to the other rides without blocking the entrances or exits. When you are in the very center of your park, put an observation tower all the way up. Elevators are also helpful for the peeps when you have high paths. If the elevator doesn't go high enough, put in the unlimited heights cheat. When all rides are in (including water rides), make room for shops and stalls and ATMs, and Health offices, and so on. Then connect all the paths to the main path or to other rides paths. Then hire staff. Open your park by going to the menu where you can open the all at once. Watch the peeps explore the wonders of your park and have the time of their lives! Zoom out all the way and you will see barely any green (grass) within the parameters of your park. Just a huge tangle of rides, rides, and rides galore! Congratulations, and welcome to [your park name here]!
If you click on a guest multiple times, it makes them mad. Avoid clicking guests numerous times.
You must stay!
To keep guests from leaving your park, put a 'no-entry' sign at the gates facing the way guests would be exitting to keep them from leaving. If they become unhappy, use the Melanie Warn cheat.


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Footpath Tunnels
Okay, in RCT3 you can't build tunnels, but with footpaths you (somehow) can. There won't be a nice tunnel-shaped hole, but the footpath will vanish into one side and pops out of a solid wall on the other side. Guests can still walk it.


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Close your park for your year and you will see a man in a leather suit who will give you $1,000,000.
Type in "Chris Sawyer" as a guest's name and they'll take pictures of the park with a camera.
Double Pay!
Type in "John Mace" as one of your park guests' names and they will pay double for rides.
Dune Buggy attack
In Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, type in James Hunt as a guest's name and a dune buggy will spawn. Crash into people and watch them fly!
Note: Tires will blow if you run into a fence or support.
In order to hire einstein, which will increase your research a lot ( you want to do this so you get new rides quickly ), rename guest #1 to "E=MC2" and rename guest #2 to "E=MC3" They will then meet and start talking, and then ask to become part of the research team. Say yes.
Faster Go-Karts (2)
Type in Damon Hill as a guests's name and he'll drive fast go-karts.
Faster GoKarts
Make a park guests' name Michael Schumacher and he'll drive faster go-karts.
Free Money
Hit 'F' to go to the Finances section, and then hit M and Enter at the same time. Do $5,000 and you can do this unlimited times. However, you may only go to this meny once a month.. but you can get unlimited money each time!!
Type in 'John Mace' as a guests's name and he can ride rides for free.
Get Ballon Money!
If you buy a balloon stall and people buy balloons then raise the price. If you see the balloons on people pop them and they will run or walk back (espessaily kids) and buy more.

I would say put the price as £1.50.
And pop every balloon in the park.
This Tip/Cheat will not work all the time
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Type in Tony day as one of your park guests' names and they will eat a lot of hamburgers.
Melanie Warn will increase a guests's happiness [type it in as the name]
Katie Waves..
Type in Katie Brayshaw as a guests's name and they'll wave at a lot of people!

Change peep's name to John D Rockefeller. You can do it as many times as you want.
Naked Birds
If you click on a bird its feathers fall off
NOTE:it may take multiple clicks, Try the neck
Other cheats
To activate the following cheats, rename one of your guests as the code.

Rides never break down: Frontier

Access to advanced fireworks editor: Guido Fawkes

No height restrictions on coasters: John Wardley

Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds: David Braben

More money (can be done multiple times): John D Rockefeller
Type in Simon Foster as a guest's name and he'll paint numerous pictures of the park.
Peep Cam
To look at the park in a peep's eyes, change their name to Jonny Watts. You can then "walk" around the park, in their eyes; Peep Cam.
Strange Guests
To make the following cheats come true, rename one of your guests as the code.

All guests laugh: Atari

All guests jump for joy: Chris Sawyer

Guests ride all roller coasters: Sam Denney

Guests rida all non-coasters: Jon Roach
Trained Staff
Click on a peep and re-name it "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" All your staff will be trained but it will cost you £350 to hire them. Best to use it on Sandbox mode because you have unlimited money!!!
Turn water rides into lan rides and land into water
To get waterland rides make awater ride any way you want then take away all the water and switch the land back to normal then you will have a water ride on land and to get a landwater rides make a land ride lower the ground until the entire coaster(exept the entrance/exit)is in the lowered terrian then fill it with water and BINGO!(then you can start being a hotshot show off and start bragging to your friends and when they say "how did you do it?"in there scimpy voice say "not telling" until they give like a dollar or somthing).
Unlimited Cash
Type "big bucks" in as one of your park guests' names and they'll have unlimited cash.
Type in John Wardley as a guests's name and he'll say 'Wow!' everytime he sees a good coaster.