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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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How to import you OWN music into the game
To play your own music on RCT2, download audacity (Free audio program) it is reliable and easy to find.

Once installed, import your music into audacity and do nothing to it. Now, click "File" and export as WAV. Find the RCT2 directory (Normally "C:\Program fliles\infrogrames" enter the "Data folder" find the list of files beginning with CSS (and then a number)

Chose anything after CSS3 and save it as the following example "css5.dat" remember the .dat. Overrite the previous file. Now go to the game and search through all the music on a ride. If you dont find yours, go back to audacity and choose another css file to overite!

PasswordWhat it does
cssOverrite with your song to replace the current song (Easy instructions provided)


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All Hot Keys.
[HOLD] 'Floppy drive in the upper left corner' then go to options.
Under Controls, click the 'Shortcut keys...'

Here you can see all the hot keys (or change them if you want.)
Another Tip to Avoid Crashes
If you have a coaster with 2 or more trains, at the end, put some brakes, slowly working your way down to 9 mph. This way, if the station brakes fail, the cars will simply bump into each other instead of exploding and killing some guests.
Avoiding Crashes
If you don't want your rollercoaster to crash, then follow these tips:

Set check up time to every 10 minutes

Whenever the rollercoaster breaks down, check the malfunction. If it says brakes failure or station brakes failure, then the rollercoaster might crash.

Save often, because you never know when the rollercoaster may crash.
Best Rollercoaster
To design a fantastic rollercoster, follow these tips:

Have the rollercoaster go underground many times. Guests love the thrill.

Make the ride fly down over water then shoot back up. Water is great ride scenery.

Have many drops, but be careful with the G forces.

Place Jurassic Scenery in creative detail. Jurassic seems to be a very exciting scenery if used properly.

Place scenery and walkways as well as other rides near or over your track. Make the pieces fit the scenery for maximum effect.

Have some parts of the track hidden do your guests will be surprised.

Place On Ride Photos in the best spots for maximum sales.

The Giga coaster works best. Make tall drops and smooth hills and the intensity will only range from 5-7.

Following these tips will create a fantastic coaster. My best is this:

E: 13.98
I: 7.02
N: 2.06
candy apple stalls
If it rains a lot at your park don't get the candy apple stalls. When it rains the guests won't buy them.
Why? It's still a mystery!
Cut Unnecessary Costs
In most of the scenarios, you do have a loan taken out. Each month, you will have to pay some interest, which depends on how much of a loan you have taken out and what the interest rate is. Once you get some steady cash flow, focus on getting rid of your loan, and you will get more cash in your pocket for greater flexibility.
Dinghy Slides Jam
When you have a dinghy slide and lots of people in line and a jam happens when the people on the ride get stuck so instead of closing the ride and all the people in line leave just pause the game and double clik the close flag so that the ride resets to open then when you unpause the game all in line will remain and the ride will resume as normal.
Easy bathroom money
When you play the game you will see people needing to go to the bathroom. Make a little island of footpath. Place people on the path, then build bathrooms surrounding them. Raise the prices as much as you want for all of the bathrooms. Eventually, the people will use them.
exploding lift
First build the thrill ride 'launched freefall' then set the launch speed to 144km. Watch as the car shoots up the tower and off to the top, to explode when it hits the tower again. If you dont want to kill any guests (always a good idea) set it to 'test' then once it has exploded, just close and open it again and its ready to go.
Fixing a crash
If you change the number of cars, or edit the track, then usually it is fixed!
Get more guests on rollercoasters
When one of your rollercoasters has no guests or close to none, take part of the coaster and then put the SAME EXACT PIECE. Everyone would think it is a new ride and then a lot of guests will get on it.
Get more money than you started with
First build a 5x5 block with the base blocks, then make it 10 blocks high, then build a ride on it. (e.g. bumper cars).

Build the entrance and exit then remove the ride and all the blocks and you will see that you have more money than you started with.
Guest Eats ONLY Popcorn!!!
Click the "tag" thing in the guest window.
Then type in "Orville Redenbacher".
NOW the guest will eat TONS of popcorn!
Happy Guests
If your guests keep leaving because they aren't happy, a simple remedy is to make a 3X3 footpath island, fill it up with entertainers (BIG HAPPYNESS BOOST- BUT THE ONLY PROBLEM ARISES WHEN PAYDAY COMES) and attach toilets, stalls and (possibly) a ride. This can also heal sick people quickly, as long as you have enough facilities.
Heal Sick Guests Quickly
Dig a 3x3 hole. Place paths and benches everywhere in the hole. When a guest gets sick, put him/her in the hole. They will recover much faster than normal. (this is a good heat to use when you don't have the first aid room)
How to get money easy
First, get a square block from the scenery section. It can be any type of block eg. normal, wooden, metal. Next, place a stack of these bocks in any number (preferably more than 5). Now, do an 8x8 patch of these stacks, all the same height as the first one. Then select the Enterprise ride (if it is available) from the 'build an attraction' section. Place this at ground level 'inside' the 8x8x? (height) square. Place the ride down and it will delete the scenery. This will give you money and then delete the Entereprise to get more money and start again!
keep their food in
if you notice a guest is sick, monitor him/her, and just before they pass up their lunch(they sort of bend down), pick them up and then drop them again(best at a first aid building). this always works, it just needs good timing
Make More Money When Raining
Make sure you have many Information Kiosks areound your park. Go to pricing and make the Umbrella Price as much as you want in a reasonable range (up to $6). If it rains for long enough you make lots of money, because most guests buy Umbrellas when it's raining no matter the price (in reasonable range).
Make person go faster
If you name a person Micheal Schumacher, then, when they go on the go-karts they will double or triple in speed!
More Guests
If you put a no entry sign in front of the exit facing into the park the guests can't leave but they still can come in through the entrance.
more money
when you have heaps of people in the park but little spending money close the park then open it up again and lowere the park entrance fee.
Park Rating Up
If your park rating has started to lower, look around. Check messages. If the guests are complaining about "the disgusting state of the paths in your park," then hire more handymen. If litter, more bins. If vandals, more security guards. Also, straighten the paths the best you can, and hire entertainers.
Park rating up
If you put flowers (different kinds) around your rides and footpaths the guests will say great scenery. Then your park rating will go up fast.
Put me down guest
While in the game, grab any person in your park and hold him for a while. Then release him. When he is free, look at his thoughts there will be a thought like this one:"Help! Put me down!"
(PS:Sometimes it does not work.)
if you want to make a flying duck quack, just click on it!
save money by organising staff
you can save 50% of your money just by assigning a patrol area to one of your staff. engineers should be assigned to patrol next to rides so when they break down/need inspection they are right next to it. this tip is great for security guards. where there are seats/bins, assign a patrol area for a guard. handyman and entertainers should be organised as needed
See Underground
If you want to see underground during gameplay, just tap the 1 key. To get it back to normal, press the 1 key again.
Stall tips
Place salty food stalls next to drink stalls. Guests get thristy after eating salty foods (ie: popcorn, pretzels, fries)

Place restrooms evenly throughout your park. Place them near intense or nauseating rides and food and drink stalls.

Place information kiosks evenly throughout your park. Don't place too many, but a good idea is to place them by transportation rides.

Have fun with your stalls. Make building over them and create food courts. Creativity is the key to a successful park.
the exalted one
If you name any person, the exalted one, they will not leave your park.
Transparent Trees
To make trees see-through, press 4.

Easter eggs

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Winning Balloons
If you make balloon stalls and the people buy the balloons,when you win the scenario all the people with balloons in their hands will let them go,and when you click on the balloons they pop!


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Extra money for custom scenarios
To get extra money in a custom scenario so that you can have more then 10,000 currency add lots of useless scenary. once you saved the scenario then go into it and sell off all the scenary that you put there for money and then save the game.

Once that is done do a convert save game to scenario then save the scenrio and it wil have the money that the saved game had. Becareful some scenary like trees and buildings cost money to remove. Walls and Gates get a Massive 0 currency.
Guests Wonder...
Click on a guest and have his window open for a while. If you wait long enough, he will be thinking "I have the strangest feeling someone is watching me".
happy guest
type in melanie warn as a guest's name
Kill Guests Without Anybody Knowing
To kill a guest without anyone knowing, raise a piece of land a few squares high. Put a guest or a hundred on it. Now raise and lower the land piece up and down quickly and the guests will fall underground into oblivion. The guests die, but no messages appear on the message board, nor does your park rating go down.

Negative Money

To get negative money, you will need to have the Mechanical Style scenery available. Once it is, make a 4x4 platform of metal blocks. Then, stack it so it is 4x4 high. Then, build a Gentle or Thrill ride. You may notice it will cost you negative money to build. Well, this negative money goes directly into your COH, which means you make money. The more expensive the ride is, more money you make.
The Name Cheats
Type the cheats as guest names:

Melanie Warn – Maximizes happiness for that guest
Chris Sawyer – Photographs
Katie Brayshaw – Waves at other guests
Simon Foster – Paints
John Mace – Pays double for all rides
Tom Cruise – Visits all attractions NOTE: Unconfirmed.
Damon Hill – Drives Go-Karts very fast
Michael Schumacher – Drives Go-Karts even faster
Mr Bean – Drives Go-Karts really slow. NOTE: If it doesn't work try Mr. Bean
Bill Gates – Gives all guests unlimited money NOTE: Unconfirmed.
Tony Day - Hungry guest NOTE: Unconfirmed.
John Wardley – Constantly thinks: "Wow"
Elissa White – Thinks: "I'm so excited - It's an Intamin ride!" while riding on a Giga Coaster
Andy Hine – Thinks: "Nice ride! But not as good as the Phoenix..." upon exiting a coaster.
David Ellis – Thinks: "... and here we are on [ridename]!" while on [ridename].
Use same cheats more
You can use the same cheat many times on different persons. Use this for an example:

Melanie Warn = MELANIE WARN = MeLaNiE WaRn......

You can use that method with every cheat.