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When building a robot, select the "Domed Disc" chassis and (if you have enough credits) buy Titanium armour. To prove this theory, go onto Training Ground and choose robot battle. Go up against "Fatty" and marvel at the way it doesn't lose armour!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Vulture on October 05, 2005


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flip frenzy!(not the level!)

get a robot(including house robots and yourself)
on the flipper in the first arena.
then press the button marked ALT, then press it again after 20 seconds, the flipper will activate!

note; your battle time goes down during the frozen period, but the battle never finishes during the said period!
Verified by: cheat freeeeek Submitted by: cheat freeeeek on November 13, 2003

unlock all robots, arenas and trophies

log in with the name "JPEARCE"
Verified by: wempiepepaer Submitted by: matt 308 on October 01, 2003