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   (last update - Apr 16 2000)

Reverse a turn
Begin game play against the CPU. If you get into a bad situation, open the game menu, select to quit, then immediately resume the game. The game will return to the beginning of your previous turn.

Skip turn or level
Win half of the level or turn, then press 3 when you want to skip the current level.


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Risk 2 saves the game for you here = c:drive, program files, microprose, Risk 2, GameSave. This will show you a GSV file.

When you finish a game, copy this winning GSV file. If you get stuck later on, paste this file into the slot! You will win on the difficult level.

It is worth saving them all as you go along. They sometimes have particular requirements to get through, happy winning!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: zzanderuk on September 28, 2008