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Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Cheats

Rainbow Six: Raven Shield cheats, and Codes for PC.

Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Cheats

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In game help
When playing the game bring down the console with " ' "(same keys as @) and enter these cheats below.

GOD - Invincible
GODALL - Invincible for All
GODTEAM - Invincible to all Team
GODTERRO - Invincible for Terrorists
GODHOSTAGE - Invincible for Hostages
GHOST - Enable No-Clipping Mode
WALK - Resume Normal Gameplay
FULLAMMO - Give Full Ammo
KILLPAWNS - Kill/Remove Opponents
SGI - Game Modes
RAINBOWSKILL - Rainbow 6 Multiplayer Version Mode
PAGO - All Enemys Will Attack (Developers Music)
RESETMEALL - Resets All Cheats, Gameplay
QUIT - Quit Game

These codes need to be submitted at the start of each mission.
Submitted by: kerplunkuk on October 21, 2003
Invincibility for ALL except enemies
During game press the ~ or to what you configured it to to bring up the console the type in this code below
Submitted by: anonymous on March 30, 2003
Open console "~" type in:
god -player can't die
godteam -player's team can't die
godhostage-hostages can't die
ghost -go through the wall
fullammo -ammo change to 250 perclip
Submitted by: leong on August 23, 2003