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Portal 2 cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, and Codes for PC.

Portal 2 Passwords

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Console Commands
Enable the in-game console by checking the "Allow Developer Console" option found in Keyboard/Mouse menu. Note that some cheats require the following code to be entered in the console first: sv_cheats 1
Alters overall speed of gamehost_timescale # (default=1, 0.1 = 10% of original game speed, 2 = twice the original game speed)
Alters acceleration of the speed gelsv_speed_paint_acceleration (default = 500.0f)
Alters maximum speed obtainable from speed gelsv_speed_paint_max (default = 800.0f)
Alters rate at which portal gun can be fired (in seconds) by clicking buttonportalgun_fire_delay (default = 0.20)
Alters rate of fire (in seconds) for portal gun when firing button is held down (affected by portalgun_fire_delay)portalgun_held_button_fire_fire_delay (default = 0.5)
First person view modefirstperson
Third person view modethirdperson
Creates Companion Cubeent_create_portal_companion_cube
Creates reflector cube for lasersent_create_portal_reflector_cube
Creates Weighted Sphereent_create_portal_weighted_sphere
Creates 1900s version of Weighted Storage Cube (from "The Fall" chapter)ent_create_portal_weighted_antique
Creates normal Weighted Storage Cubeent_create_portal_weighted_cube
Creates basic portal gun (upgrade with upgrade_portalgun)give_portalgun
Alter gravitysv_gravity # (600=normal)
Fly through wallsnoclip
Place portals anywheresv_portal_placement_never_fail # (1 or 0)
Player takes damage but cannot diebuddha
Shoots conversion gelent_create_paint_bomb_portal
Shoots propulsion gelent_create_paint_bomb_speed
Shoots repulsion gelent_create_paint_bomb_jump
Shoots waterent_create_paint_bomb_erase
Show FPScl_showfps 1
Turns Cheats on/offsv_cheats (0=off/1=on)
Turrets won't shoot at younotarget
Used to see your position and speedcl_showpos 1
Submitted by: anonymous on May 13, 2014

Portal 2 Easter eggs

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end music easter egg
when you get to the chamber with the ariel faith plates and the 2 ramps and the garbage button when the garbage comes to you try catch the radio
(it wont land in the acid anyway!)
and listen to the music!!!
the music is the end song!!!
Submitted by: coolkidemo on September 11, 2011
Singing turrets
At the beginning of the test chambers, locate a turret in a ventilation shaft. Destroy it using the laser and reflector cube, then go through the opening where it used to be. Inside you'll find other turrets rehearsing a song.
Submitted by: anonymous on May 16, 2014
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