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Plants vs. Zombies (PC) Cheats

Plants vs. Zombies cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Plants vs. Zombies cheat codes.

Command codes

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Special Codes
While playing, you may get bored of the same zombie face. The same ugly, horrifying face. Well, it can change! While playing, type the word "future" and all zombies will have futuristic glasses. Use these codes to change gameplay:

Future: add futuristic glasses to all zombies
Dance: makes the zombies dance
Daisies: grows daisies where zombies die
Mustache: gives all zombies mustaches
Pinata: candy pops when a zombie's head falls off
Trickedout: makes the lawn mower look cool
Sukhbir: Changes the zombies' call for brains

If you get a "Your tree of wisdom isn't tall enough", then you will have to buy a wisdom tree from Crazy Dave and grow it some.


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Final Boss Trick!
When facing the final boss in the game, he will launch massive fire balls and ice balls at your plants. The crush everything in their path except zombies(basically, all plants in that row), but there is a way to stop them! To destroy the ice ball, you must use a Chili Pepper in that row. To destroy the fire ball, you must use an Ice Shroom, but with a Coffee Bean, too, or else it'll fall asleep.
In the fog
When you are in the fog and you need light, and you dont have a lantern, use the torch wood if you have the sun, because it shows you the space in front of it.