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Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance Cheats

Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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A bit of help
Heya guys
Ok i haven't played this game for ages but it was by far my fav, the other 2 were far too follow orders all the time and you couldn't just have fun. Any way
For the sheep.
It's best to walk, yes they are VERY frustrating aim the horse in the direction you want the sheep to go. If you want the sheep to go straight bump it from behind and if you want the sheep to turn then bump it from the side at the front of it's head. It seems this doesn't always work though and i pretty much murdered the pc the first time i used it hehe.
For the quad bike.
Before the quad bike bit always use the first horse you get, build her stamina up as much as possible while raising her jump width + length enough for her to still be able to compete. Then while chacing the quad, you can either gallop and then get in his way (this may take practice) or you can actually do it in canter if you know all the short cuts, i suggest taking the path before you have to do the quad.

The rest of the game is pretty simple. I very much enjoyed it
How To Jump The First 2 Jumps In 2nd Show.
To jump the jumps your horse needs to have his/her height of jump raised to 1 mertere 60. Then you can move on.
the quadbike
To stop the guy on the quadbike (its davy) when you get to where you start chasing him, follow him and if you know any shortcuts to go towards blacklocks then use them, but when you get to the end of each shortcut stand sideways in the middle of the path. It might not stop him the first time but keep on trying and it will work eventually. If you dont know any shortcuts or havent got enough to stop davy at all then wide bits of grass that you can cut a corner off by going across gallop until you reach the path at the other side and stop sideways across the path.
after 3 or 4 times you will stop him.

To find the horses, go towards blacklocks house but dont turn onto the lane that leads to his gate. Carry straight on until you get to the river otter and go thrugh the chain. the first horse is hidden in the trees directly to the right of the entrance where you come in.
after that run round all the paths until you find them all.
The Sheep
When you get to the sheep remember to trot into them facing the way you want them to go. So to go straight ahead, trot straight into the back of them.
The sucker on the Quad Bike
Before I tell you anything, it's Davy. To stop him, on the first grassy bit go over on medium gallop. Slow down near the path and stop in the middle of the path. She'll say something then use the nearest short cut. When you've got past the second bit of path round there go on medium gallop and do it again. (If you need some endurance make sure you have some. Trot whilst going near the second tiny path.) You should have stopped him. Keep going straight on when you've done and go to the River Otter (When going to Blacklock's don't go down his lane, go to the gate.) Then just keep searching and you'll find the horses.
Trick for the quad bike
Stop him once by going across the grass and stopping in the middle of the road.Estelle will say something.Go on until you can cut across him again and when your in jumping distance of the roads centre press space and esc together but space slightly before.This pauses the game but the horse keeps jumping.Click continue and youve stopped him again.It mightnt work the first time so keep trying!


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sheep and quad bike
To get the sheep in to the pen go to the top of the field where the mountains are and herd those 2 in and then the easiest ones will be at the top of the field