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   (last update - May 07 2001)

Hidden bonus
At the Mission Select screen, look for the airplane shadown on the right side of the display. Click on it and you will unlock an extra mission and 3 bonus airplanes (including Raptor and UFO).
submitted by Johnny Wu


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The battleship

On any level, press "enter" then type bigboy then press enter again.

You should control a battle ship that can submerge under anything (up arrow key) and come flying up into the air (submerge then press the down arrow key). It has 9999 torpedos (fired in pairs) and 999999 ammo for the four big guns (to rotate to the left press 1, to rotate right press 3, to rotate to the back, press 4 and to put them back in the front, press 2).

All other controls are the same.

The battleship is hard to destroy, and anti aircraft guns fire automatically + they are very powerful, and they will also fire at enemy structures+others. The battleship can go through land and has unlimited fuel.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: mrbongo on April 24, 2004