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Neverwinter Nights cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Being Immortal (Without Cheating!)
When you open NWN it will come up with a menu screen saying: play, toolset, readme, etc.
Click on toolset and make a new level of your own (microsets are good).
In that level you made, make your own ring (or weapon), right click and go to it properties, in it's properties there will be another properties button, click on it, then give your item everything (but you can only give it 255 properties so be wise on what you pick).
Save The level with the item lying somewhere near where you spawn and play that level.
Pick up your item and hold it or put it on, then press: Esc and it will come up with the save/load menu, and the final step click "SaveCharacter", you character will be saved with the item and you can be immortal on the campain when you use that character.
Easy XP in Chapter 1 zoo
When completing the druid quest in the first chapter (the rescue of animals in the zoo) you must "talk" to the animals in order to let them move. You get XP for talking, as usual when completing a task. One of them will not move, so you have to talk again, and again... Once you reached the next experience level, it moves away. Complete the task when starting a new level, to maximise the amount of XP you obtain.
Fighting method.
You should be aware of your room advantages. Try not to be a hero [well, duh you are but I'm referring in something else]. This means: Try to focus in one enemy at a time; don't attack to a herd head-on.

So try this:

Not this:

Also, if you encounter a large party of enemies in a room, open the door and face them one at a time.

Instant Discount to Persuade Mercenaries
Whenever you rent mercenary, first you must talk to him about his/her stories so that he/she will understand you. Be nice so that you can persuade him/her to lower the price the mercenary cost.
unlimited xp
in charwood, when u get into that wierd place with those strange people and quint at the gate, go past quint and every time u kill one of the townsfolk another one comes. They dont fight back and it dosent get boring. do it until about lvl 10


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Better Treasure
Save right before opening trapped chests, because the game randomizes the contents. If you get something uselss, reload the game for a possibility of something better.
Console cheats
Before you use these codes in single player mode:
You must modify your nwnplayer.ini

In the nwnplayer.ini find the line:
Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=1
and change it to read:
Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=0

For Multiplayer use make sure the Enforce Leagal characters option is off. If you are running Version 1.19 you must be the server to use the codes.

To enable Neverwinter Nights cheats, you will need to hit the tilde (~) key and type in "DebugMode 1" (case sensitive). Then hit the (~) key again and press [TAB]. This should show you a list of the different functions available. Hit [TAB] again to scroll down the list. NOTE: All Neverwinter Nights codes are case sensitive.
dm_god - God Mode
dm_givegold X - Give Gold Amount X
GetLevel X - Adds X # of Levels to Your Char
SetCON X - Set Constitution to X
SetWIS X - Set Wisdom to X
SetINT X - Set Intelligence to X
SetSTR X - Set Strength to X
SetCHA X - Set Charisma to X
SetDEX X - Set Dexterity to X
NOTE: On some of the Neverwinter Nights cheats, it will simply give you a message saying "success" after you type the code and press [ENTER]. Other ones, such as the SetCHA will say "Entered Target Mode". You must click on your character to enable the changes to your character. Check out the Neverwinter Nights in-game listing, since it contains a whole bunch of different functions.

To use a command line action, you can bring up the console using the tilde key. You can also enter console commands into the chat widow by prefacing them with a double pound "##" .

ModAge #
ModAttackBase #
ModSTR #
ModDEX #
ModCON #
ModINT #
ModWIS #
ModCHA #
ModSpellResistance #
SetAge #
SetAttackBase #
SetSpellResistance #
GiveXP #
GiveLevel #
runscript NAME
Easy Gold
When you begin a new game, you can sell your class suit for 1gp, and you can buy it for 0gp, so if you buy and sell it over and over again you can get unlimited amounts of gold.
Free armor/weapon alterations
Go to the menu for changing the appearance of your character (it doesn't matter if you choose robe, armor, or weapon) and make whatever changes you want all at one time. Once you do that, don't make the changes, just save the game, and load it. This will bring your current game back up with your character that had the previous changes, minus the menu. The character won't be able to move until you go back into the menu for altering armor and weapons and click "abort" in any topic. That being done, you have a whole new outfit or weapon appearance for no cost and no hassle.
Hacking NWN
Press ~ and type in DebugMode1 to enable cheats.

Type dm_allspells 1 to be able to cast all spells, all levels, all classes, even if you aren't a magic user.

Type dm_giveXP 0 (fill in the zero with a number) to get that amount of exprience points.

Type dm_givegold 0 (fill in the zero with a number) It doesn't take brain surgery to figuire out what this does.

There are tons more, from setting the age of anything you wish, to modifiying the enemy's faction so they don't attack you. When you want to make it so the cheats don't work again, type in DebugMode 0.
Lots of XP
If you don't like going the console cheat way, in the first stage of the Charwood you can find the Gor-Tan Ruins, where you have to push three runes in the correct order to open the portal to the ruins. If you don't push the three runes in the right order, you get two Skeleton Warriors to fight, which are worth a fair bit of XP early on. If you're strong enough to demolish the Warriors, hit the wrong runes again... and again... and again... can probably get up to 13th level this way before the XP value drops low enough that it's not worth it. Note: As soon as you enter the correct runes, you can't trigger the warriors anymore.
Mummies Gallore
When you finish cleaning out the Great Graveyard in the Begger's Nest and step into the Warrens of the Damned, you'll meet a chatty Mummy. While this mummy is running it's jets, save your game. When the save sequence is finished the mummy will stand there doing nothing. Attack it. After a couple of hits it will drop and you will get a small handful of xp. Usually 18 to 34xp. All of the mouthy mummies do this.
Also, if you enter the room with the sarcophagus and 7 locked chests, I've noticed if you put something IN the sarcophagus you'll get a mummy. And when you take out the armor, you'll get another mummy. You can keep doing this until you level up once or twice. Or you get sick of killing mummies. Doing this several times works very well if you have area affect spells that damage lots of mosters at once. I wonder if a Clerics repell undead spell works here?
One Hit Kills
Enable cheats by hitting ~ and typing in DebugMode 1
and hitting Enter.

In any area, hold the cursor at a point where you want
to go and hit + on the number pad.

To instantly kill a tough enemy, hold the cursor on it
and hit the y key.

You can even use the instant kill cheat to break most
doors, chests, and boxes.
Your own personal vault
If you don't mind playing with the level editor, you can make your own personal equipment shack. Just fire up the Aurora Toolset, build a room, and drop in as much equipment as you like. Then start a new character in that module, export it (click "Save Character"), and start a new campaign game with the save character.