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Need For Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition (PC) Cheats

Need For Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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extra cash at beginning of the game
If you have Need for Speed Underground 2 installed on your PC, you will get 40,000 dollars instead of the regular amount of money that you would normally get.
increase money in nfs mw black edition
you want loads of cash in ur hands for your game and thats very hard. there are just two ways. one is the long and boring method where you keep on racing and keep getting first, but i'll tell u the shortcut method.

first u gotta have a cheat engine, like Cheat Engine 5.6.1(cause i use this version only).

secon' u gotta open ur game in window and ur engine in another

then u will havta select ur process as nfs mw

after that type the original amount you have right now in your value bar and select scan type as exact value and value type as 2 or 4 bytes(i'd like 4)

if you get more than 1 address in ur address bar, go into the game, change the amount of money by buying something like another paint coat etc. and type the value now.

when you will have 1 address left, double click the address and it will appear down in a place where there is written "memory view"

then double click the no under "value" and change its value to maybe 999,999 (dont be 2 greedy or it might not work)

open your game and ta-da, u will have ur money as 999,999
The NEVER get impounded trick
NFSMW:Black Edition is really tough rite?but gettin bounty is the most hardest thing to get in nfs.well, i have an awesome trick in which if u get busted, u do not get busted.

suppose u need really high bounty to beat the nex' rival, its tough without getting busted.
but if u just eject the CD( u need it for playing the game.rite?) as soon as u get busted,it will ask u the normal questions like do u wanna pay with markers or cash.but after u hav paid the marker or cash,DO NOT click the save button, and just quit to the main game menu.then again put the CD back and load ur career.
u wont hav loosen a marker or any cash, n ur car wont be impounded which means u nevr got busted at all!!!

a VERY VERY IMPORTANT thing(Plz read it or u will suffeer badly...):
always, if u want to use this hint, then PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ save ur game n ONLY THEN start the game or u will loose all u hav done before the pursuit.

this trick happens 'caz the game requires the CD to save ur career upto how much u completed.but if u remove that CD rite after u get busted, it wont be saved!!!

Hope this will help u all.if u hav ny questions,then Message me if possible.
i wont be cheking my mail freqeuntly but just in case...


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Burger King Challenge
At the start screen type in Burgerking. Once you complete the BurgerKing challenge you unlock all the junkman performance parts.
Ford GT Castrol Car
At the start screen type in Castrol.