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MVP Baseball 2003 Cheats

MVP Baseball 2003 cheats, Easter Eggs, and Codes for PC.

MVP Baseball 2003 Easter eggs

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Broken Bat Players
Create a player named Ziggy Patersn, Jacob Patersn, or Keegn Patersn, and when they come to bat it will break when they hit the ball.
Submitted by: GoBraves95 on September 28, 2008

MVP Baseball 2003 Cheats

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Home Run Hero
When creating a player, type in Erik for a first name and Kiss for a last name. This player will hit moonshots EVERY time. You can have more than one Erik Kiss on a team. So, if a player gets injured, create an Erik Kiss and sign him for 100 points. Hell, you could have an entire team of Erik Kisses...but I'm getting too far ahead of myself...TIME FOR MVP DOMINATION! ;-)
Submitted by: Nemmy on November 05, 2004